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Canada protestor tears Quran to protest preferential treatment

h/t Avi Sion

A regular board meeting in the Peel region northwest of Toronto was disturbed by by rioters protesting the board’s decision to be more tolerant of religion in public schools, and to allow Friday prayers for Muslim students in those schools.

“You are making Islam dominant in this country,” the protesters said. “That’s what you’re doing. We support Canadian values, not beheading people, female genital mutilation, or the marriage of minors, which are all things the Quran says to do.

“We don’t want religion in our schools. The Saudi dollars in your pocket are what is making your decisions for you. Mohammed was a pedophile, a warmonger, and a rapist.

“There is no room for religion in our schools. Go to Pakistan! We will end up a Sharia country. The Quran is a book of hate. Islam will murder you! Islam will rape you! We are for the freedom of expression.”

One of the protesters tore a Quran and threw its page on the floor. 

The protesters sure look like KKK members, don’t they?

France: Lease for temporary Mosque terminated in town of Clichy. Local Muslims respond in a civilized and reasonable manner

If you haven’t heard of Clichy yet, you likely soon will. The town of 60,000 inhabitants, minutes north of Central Paris, is the latest flashpoint between the secular French Republic and its burgeoning Islamic population, members of which were involved in a tense stand-off with police Wednesday morning over the closure of a temporary mosque.

The mood was extremely taut during the police operation which saw members of the mosque removed from the building, the doors of which were later soldered shut. As news of the eviction spread, crowds re-assembled in front Clichy’s town hall to demand a meeting with the mayor, their protest overflowing onto the main thoroughfare, Boulevard Jean Jaurès, blocking afternoon traffic.

The short-term lease of a public building had been agreed with local Islamic associations in 2013 by Clichy’s then socialist mayor. Two years later, in 2015, the newly elected center-right mayor announced the termination of the lease for the opening of a planned media library, setting the stage for the legal wranglings culminating in this week’s eviction.

In extraordinary scenes – particularly for a country in a state of emergency after two years of Islamist terrorism – police looked on as defiant chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’ were heard in front of the town hall and traffic was blocked by over a hundred members and supporters of the mosque staging a sit-down protest in the middle of busy Boulevard Jean Jaurès.

…Police, reinforced with a heavy presence of anti-riot CRS, stood back despite the outlawing of such street prayers several years ago, choosing instead to negotiate with community leaders who are demanding a longer-term formal lease on the building with a view towards its purchase.

A replacement mosque in a newly opened Islamic cultural complex is too far from the center of town, protestors complained, and lacks the space to accommodate Clichy’s growing Islamic population.

So This Is The Thing Now

The Westminster terrorist, Khalid Masood, was born in Britain! That proves that immigration is nothing to worry about!

Seriously. This is the line they’re going with. Check out any of these hashtags: #londonattack #LondonAttacks #Westminsterbridge #LondonIsOpen #westminsterattack Khalid Masood

As I tweeted to an intelligent-seeming man who was grimly determined not to comprehend the bleeding obvious point:

“This is what political correctness does. You understand perfectly what I’m saying – lots of Muslim terrorists, irrespective of… birthplace – but U feel the need 2 pretend you’re struggling with a concept that’s so out there it’s nearly impossible 2 grasp.”

(Oh, and also, The Jews really pulled the whole thing off to prevent the Palestinians testifying about Israeli war crimes.)

Sweden! 16-year-old Ali sentenced to 40 hours of community service for sexually assaulting a 13-year old. The family is appealing the decision

h/t mauser 98

’16-year-old Ali was convicted in February of child rape after he printed up a 13 year old girl against a wall at Toleredsskolan in Gothenburg and forced her to oral sex. The crime took place in July, 2016.

…During the rape, he took out his mobile phone and filmed the assault, prompting the girl to ask him to put it away… After the rape, Ali according to the judgment spread the film to other people “who began to speak ill of” girl. Despite this, Ali has not been convicted of either child pornography or defamation.

If anything, the kufr slut is the one who should be serving the community or being stoned to death for leading a poor innocent lad astray.


Vile wench whinges in the appalling Guardian about how “The far right wants to exploit the Westminster attack” – but, like, London’s too cool to let them, man

‘When the first news of the attack in Westminster began filtering through, I, along with many others, felt that familiar knot in our stomach – the kind one feels when braced for a predictable battle to separate fact from hysteria, plead for a sense of proportionality and entreat the hurt and the angry not to generalise. Despite being poised for the response, something felt different this time. Seemingly within minutes, former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was at the scene stirring hate while the shock was fresh. Nigel Farage was on the radio a few hours later, spewing predictable bile. Katie Hopkins published her usual MailOnline column, its tone sharpened to meet the high-octane moment, and was hosted on Fox News. Twitter abuse flooded towards Sadiq Khan, unleashed by Donald Trump Jr, who criticised London’s mayor hours after the attack for a perfectly reasonable and responsible claim he made six months ago that terrorist incidents were now part of the experience of living in a large city. We can only assume he singled out Khan because he was Muslim. All this happened in less than 24 hours after the attack.’

I swear they type these pieces in their sleep. She probably has ten on file, ready to go. But I guess she forgot, no doubt in a rare access of honesty, to mention the part where she felt bad for the maimed and murdered victims. Oops.

Robert Spencer: Why Is Donald Trump Doing This?

‘I have never met Donald Trump, and probably never will, but I have known him all my life. He was always part of the media landscape: the billionaire playboy, the scandals, Marla Maples, the bankruptcy, the comic grandiosity, the glamour – but ultimately, he seemed trivial. A rich man enjoying his riches. He didn’t have anything to do with me, or with the problems facing the nation and the free world that I was concerned about.

…In a wide-ranging 2004 interview in Playboy magazine, Trump demonstrates that his thinking has evolved a great deal since then: he calls John Kerry “a great guy…a very smart guy…highly underestimated.” But he also manifests the perceptiveness and acumen that has taken him this far, and that his detractors have never acknowledged. Of Iraq he says: “No way will there be a normal democratic government in that country, in my opinion. The same with Afghanistan. If anybody thinks Afghanistan will become a normal, wonderful democratic country where everybody walks in on a Tuesday and votes, it’s not going to happen.”

Indeed. And when asked if he thinks that Trump Tower and the other buildings that bear his name will still bear that name in 100 years, he answers: “No, I don’t think so…I don’t think any building will be here—and unless we have some very smart people ruling it, the world will not be the same place in a hundred years.

…The interviewer persists: “You categorically don’t want to be President?” Trump answers: “I don’t want to be President. I’m one hundred percent sure. I’d change my mind only if I saw this country continue to go down the tubes.”

Personally, I was always vaguely aware of Trump, and Vulgar Childish Buffoon would have summed it up. It’s why I initially – although only for the first month or so of the primaries – vehemently opposed his candidacy. I assumed it was a selfish publicity stunt, and I didn’t think we could afford one. Which just goes to show that sometimes, rarely, people can wildly exceed expectations, rather than catastrophically let you down which, obviously, is much more normal.

I can’t resist posting this: it cracks me up, although it only works if you’ve seen Futurama.

Sean Spicer Ambushed At Apple Store By Crazy Girl

The aptly-handled @shreec has apparently blocked half of twitter, including moi.

UPDATE: Wait, there’s this!

Monday Morning – Best Of The Weekend Posts From BCF


France’s Marine Le Pen Criticizes Canada’s Immigration Policy

The head of France’s right-wing Front national party says Canada is on the wrong path with its immigration policy.

Jews Form A Human Chain Around An Islamic Community Centre In Vaughan, Ontario

More than 100 people formed a “ring of peace” outside of the Jaffari Community Centre in Vaughan, Ontario on March 3 while the congregants attended Friday prayers inside the mosque. The human chain commemorated the January 29 killing by Alexandre Bissonnette of 6 Muslim worshippers at a mosque in Quebec City.

Several Injured After Gas Attack Reported On A Train In Hamburg, Germany

At least six passengers were injured during the incident, all refused to be transported to local hospitals after they were treated at the scene.

Scotland: Muslim Teacher Forged Letter From Colleague Saying “Don’t Trust Muslim Teachers”

Hate crime is a booming business today: both Leftists and their Muslim allies are making as much of use of hate crimes as they possibly can in order to discredit foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression as racist, redneck, violent yahoos who deserve no place in the public square.

CBP Data Shows ‘Unprecedented Decline’ In Illegal Border Crossings, Kelly Says

This week, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly announced Customs and Border Protection (CBP) illegal border crossing data through the month of February “show an unprecedented decline in traffic. From January to February, the flow of illegal border crossings as measured by apprehensions and the prevention of inadmissible persons at our southern border dropped by 40 percent.”

Brampton, Ontario: Mayor Calls Criticism Of Muslim Prayers In Public Schools “HATE SPEECH”

Brampton, Ontario Mayor Linda Jeffrey is dismissing critics who object to Muslim students having Friday prayer sessions in public schools as purveyors of “misinformation and hateful speech.” Jeffrey was responding to critics in a letter she released Thursday as Toronto-area parents in the Peel District School Board are preparing a full-scale protest on Saturday to demand that public schools not promote one religion over another.

Muslim Claims “Islamophobia” After Being Handcuffed For Refusing Staten Island Ferry Bag Check

A religious and political activist on Staten Island claims he was placed in handcuffs, frisked and issued two summonses by NYPD officers based on the way he looks.

Hesham El-Meligy, a Muslim who was born in Egypt, was temporarily detained and searched by police at about 8 a.m. Wednesday at the Staten Island Ferry terminal in St. George, after he refused a random bag check.

Nancy Pelosi: American People Have Right To Know What’s In Healthcare Bill Before It Passes

Presented without comment.

Police Close German Shopping Centre Over Potential Terror Threat

Officers claimed the closure was due to “concrete indications about a possible attack.”

In a statement, a North Rhine Westphalia Police spokesman said: “The current state of our investigations points to the threat being exclusively at the shopping centre.”

Muslim Headscarves In Europe: The Battle Heats Up

EU To Force Countries To Receive Refugees/Migrants

All EU countries should be forced to accept refugees, suggests the Swedish EU parliamentarian Cecilia Wikström in her report on the future refugee situation, now to be negotiated within the EU.

Canada’s Bishops Blast Trudeau: $650M Global Abortion Fund Is ‘Cultural Imperialism,’ ‘Exploits Women’

Canada’s Catholic bishops have slammed Justin Trudeau and his Liberals for their $650 million commitment to increase global access to abortion as “a reprehensible example of Western cultural imperialism” that “exploits women.”

Surprise! Dusseldorf Axe Attacker Who Injured 7 At Train Station Is ‘Mentally Ill’ Muslim From Kosovo

The attacker was identified last night as Muslim Fatmir H. from Kosovo but authorities are not calling this a terror attack.

“That’s Not How We Do Things In Australia”

Bill Leak, the great cartoonist of The Australian, died of a heart attack in the early hours of Friday morning. He was 61.

Women Kicked Out Of Women’s Shelter To Make Room For A ‘Transgender’ Man

The women objected when they were told they would have to share a bedroom and live in the shelter with the man, and so “both were asked to leave the shelter for good,” said the TV reporter.

Swedish Minister Under Fire After Twitter Pic

Sweden’s Minister for Justice and Migration, Morgan Johansson, is criticised and ridiculed in social media after he on Twitter posted a picture of himself and a group of unaccompanied refugee children.

Johansson had wisely (and suddenly) termed the “children” youths on Twitter, or the ridicule would probably be even more relentless.

A Grand Forks Man Has Been Charged With Harassment After Police Said He Called Dispatchers 47 Times To Say He Supported ISIS

On Feb. 3, dispatchers said (Mohamed Aweis Mohamed) called 44 times to express his displeasure with President Donald Trump, according to court documents.

Muslims Call For Marriage To Christian Women To ‘Strengthen’ Islam In Spain

Hundreds of posters displayed in a migrant-dominated part of Barcelona are urging Muslim men to marry Spanish women in a bid to spread Islam, and inviting members of the community to an “information meeting”.

Hillary And Obama Robo-Calls Urge Americans To “RESIST TRUMP”

Actor Scott Baio was one of the first to report twitter users who have been receiving “Robo-Calls” from Hillary and Obama urging all Americans to “Resist Trump”.

A Woman On Trial For Rape? Really? No. ‘She’ Was Born Male, But That’s A Secret Because Even Our Courts Are Gripped By Misgender Madness

Woman, 26, appears in court charged with raping man twice.’ I thought this was a traffic-stopper of a news story, too. How did that work, I wondered.

Details, though, were oddly scant.



So this is the thing you have to be outraged about this evening

Senior Republican congressman Steve King has sparked a backlash on social media after tweeting his support for the Dutch anti-Islam politician, Geert Wilders.

“Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny,” Mr King wrote on Twitter.

“We can’t restore our civilisation with somebody else’s babies,” he added.

So, you know, he’s a Nazi and everything. Boo! Hiss!

A Grand Forks man has been charged with harassment after police said he called dispatchers 47 times to say he supported ISIS

Mohamed Mohamed

Mohamed Aweis Mohamed, 30, was booked Thursday into the Grand Forks County Correctional Center after 911 dispatchers said they received 47 calls from him in less than a week in early February.

On Feb. 3, dispatchers said the suspect called 44 times to express his displeasure with President Donald Trump, according to court documents.

…Court documents detail conversations between Mohamed and dispatchers, including his claims that Trump fueled “morale” of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Mohamed reportedly said he felt he had no freedom in the U.S. and that he wanted to go “home” or to Canada. He also allegedly said he supported ISIS and “dislikes” women.

…Mohamed said he called 911 because “he knew his rights and because he loved America,” the complaint state.

During the meeting with the officer, Mohamed cited drinking for the calls the complaint described as “rants about U.S. President Trump.”

…Mohamed faces two other harassment charges… in the other case, he allegedly told dispatchers he needed an ambulance but later admitted he only wanted a taxi…                                            h/t

Switzerland: Gunmen on the run after two dead and one seriously injured in cafe HORROR

At least two people have been shot dead and another left seriously injured following an attack in a bustling cafe, police have claimed.

…A manhunt is now underway after two men were reported to have entered Cafe 56 in Basel, Switzerland, and opened fired on the customers at 7.15pm GMT (8.15pm local time).

The attackers then fled the cafe, based in the Kleinbasel region of the city, and headed towards the Badischer railway station.

…   A police spokesman said: “The reason behind the attack is not yet known and will be investigated.”      h/t