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France Is Investigating Russia’s Supposed Role In Promoting Yellow Vest Riots

French security services are looking into whether Russian outlets boosted hashtags promoting the protests, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a Sunday local radio interview. His comments come after reports showed that 600 Twitter accounts pushed the anti-carbon tax protests.

Anti-carbon tax protests would have ended when the carbon tax was rescinded.


The Riots In France Aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline

While protests and car-burnings are actually common in France, what’s happening now is much worse than usual and will not go away anytime soon. What observers should know is that this is not about fuel prices or Macron’s incompetence; this is about the fall of the West.


Paris Is Burning – EU Press Asks Whether Macron ‘Can’ Continue?

The German tabloid Bild is the bestselling newspaper of the largest economy on the European continent, and thus one of the biggest newspapers being read daily. During the weekend, it normally runs front pages about anything the Germans are interested in, which means that today you would expect Merkel or the Bundesliga (German soccer league) to be the headline.

Unsurprisingly however, they went with the question that many European newspapers are asking today given the three straight Saturdays of rioting seen in Paris.


Germany: Ramadan Fasting Triggers Migrant Riot in Dresden

These people “gathered and attacked officers by throwing lit cigarettes, then kicking and beating them,” Dresden police said. The fight took place in the courtyard of a refugee shelter with asylum seekers using “knifes, chairs and fire extinguishers” as weapons, a German newspaper reported. Two police officers and a security guard were injured during the riot. Additional police units were called to defuse the situation.


Police in Paris Allow Antifa to Destroy Buildings and Set Cars on Fire to ‘Avoid Casualties’

For normal human beings, capable of feeling and experiencing love, May Day is a day for flowers, and celebrating the coming of spring. For Anarcho-Communists and Antifa, It is workers day, aka a day for throwing bricks, smashing windows and causing chaos. This isn’t surprising after all, as May Day has communist roots going as far back as 1881 during a series of labor day protests in Chicago’s Haymarket Square, that started on May 1, and ended when a bomb exploded, killing 7 policemen. The police then opened fire on the crowd wounding 200 people and killing several people as well. This was known as the The Haymarket tragedy, and in commemoration of this affair, The International Socialist Conference declared that May 1 would be known as a ‘holiday for workers.’