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Media avoid discussing own approval ratings

For good reason. From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

The media talk about [Donald Trump’s] unpopularity all the time.

It’s an obsession with them actually. The guy has only been at his desk for about two months.

But here’s what they don’t talk about: their own numbers. Only 37 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of their job performance. A whopping 50 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

Look at the numbers by party identification. Republican unfavorable opinion of the media? It’s 78 percent. Only 10 percent have a favorable opinion. The Democrats are the opposite: Sixty-nine percent hold a favorable view, and 19 percent hold an unfavorable view. More.

Reality check: In short, traditional American media are the Dem’s party newsletter. The problem is, the Dems already have a party newsletter. The traditional media are not aiming at a wider base than the well-served Dems because they are cultural relics and do not have the creative power. Watch for migrations from dying traditional media into the Dem party apparatus.

See also: New York Times markets the “truth” Thanks, but I’ve already got the Bible. I’ve also got fifty different sources of news (not “truth”) who do not have the effrontery to pretend they are unbiased.

The Media’s Maddow Disease

Its loss of perspective grows under hatred of Trump.

For decades the media carefully cultivated an aura of “objectivity” in order to preserve its propagandistic authority. It was always a sham, but it worked as long as Republican presidents paid homage to it. Trump hasn’t, and the media hates him for it, even as its unhinged behavior confirms the truth of his stance.

How dare you treat us as liberal partisans, they pout, before trotting off to the latest anti-Trump gala. Guess who is one of this year’s winners of the “Walter Cronkite Award”? Jorge Ramos, the open-borders activist who pretends to play a news anchor at Univision. Perhaps Rachel Maddow can snag the award next year.

Trump releases 2005 tax info ahead of MSNBC report

The White House says President Donald Trump made more than $150 million in income in 2005 and paid $38 million in income taxes that year.

The acknowledgement comes as MSNBC host Rachel Maddow says she has obtained part of Trump’s 2005 tax forms.

The White House is pushing back pre-emptively, saying that publishing those returns would be illegal.

It says, “You know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago.”

The White House adds that it is “totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns” and is bashing the “dishonest media.”

Rachel Maddow says she has the returns – According to federal law, unauthorized publication of other individuals’ tax returns is a felony punishable by up to a $5,000 fine and five years in prison.

Islamediaphobia: The fear of identifying Islam as the “religious right”

Vladimir Putin and Russia rigged the 2016 election and swept Donald Trump into the White House. As it continues to push that narrative, the old-line establishment media (OLEM) has revived a familiar villain.

The “old guard religious right” once determined to stop Trump, explains Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times, but once he gained the nomination, “religious conservatives realized that their only path to federal influence lay in a bargain with this profane, thrice-married Manhattan sybarite. So they got in line, ultimately proving to be Mr. Trump’s most loyal backers.”

‘Los Angeles Times’ Puzzled at Lack of Trump Hatred

As leaders of the “Resistance,” America’s declining newspapers see their jobs as educating ignorant Americans about the dangers of That Man in the White House. Case in point, this piece in the Los Angeles Times. Ostensibly, it’s about the poor turnout (anybody surprised, given L.A.’s electoral makeup?) in the recent municipal elections — but, of course, it’s about you know who…

The Ancient Laws of Unintended Consequences

Eight years of a fawning press have made the Left reckless.

The classical idea of a divine Nemesis (“reckoning” or “downfall”) that brings unforeseen retribution for hubris (insolence and arrogance) was a recognition that there are certain laws of the universe that operated independently of human concerns.

Call Nemesis a goddess. But it was also simply an empirical observation about collective and predictable human behavior: Excess invites unexpected correction.

Something like hubris incurring Nemesis is now following the frenzied progressive effort to nullify the Trump presidency.

Media Misfeasance Exposed in “Eyeless in Gaza” Documentary

Hamas operatives burst into the Associated Press (AP) Gaza bureau during the 2014 war with Israel, angered by a picture shot by an AP photographer. Gunmen threatened the AP staff, which never reported the incident.

The incident shows that Hamas can control what journalists report, and what they don’t, former AP Middle East reporter Matti Friedman says in a new documentary, “Eyeless in Gaza.”

Producer Robert Magid’s 50-minute film, which is screening via pay-per-view online, examines the flaws and challenges in reporting on the 50-day war.

The Left’s great Russian conspiracy theory

The chattering classes have officially lost it. On both sides of the Atlantic. Of course they’d been teetering on the cliff edge of sanity for a while, following the bruising of their beloved EU by 17m angry Brits and Hillary’s loss to that orange muppet they thought no one except rednecks would vote for. But now they’ve gone over. They’re falling fast. They’re speeding away from the world of logic into a cesspit of conspiracy and fear. It’s tragic. Or hilarious. One or the other.

Did Democrats Aid and Abet Terrorists Seeking American Secrets?

Why isn’t the MSM interested in the Awan Brothers: the three IT specialists fired for rooting through House Democrats’ sensitive files?

Since Donald Trump took office there has been ubiquitous media coverage of what can most properly be termed crap.

There was the fake story about the bust of Martin Luther King that was supposedly removed from the Oval Office. There was the New York Times’ slanted report claiming contacts of some frequency between the Donald Trump campaign and The Russians! And more recently, there was the pitiful Associated Press piece screaming about the new administration’s plans to use the National Guard to deport illegal aliens. Those are just some highlights of what the president has taken to gleefully term “fake news” as he skewers the Democrat-leaning media.

Six corporations control 90% of US media, down from 50 in 1983

That’s part of what makes it comparatively easy to keep off the agenda things the rest of us want to talk about and to portray as abnormal the concerns we hear from most people we know. From Lee Stranahan at Breitbart,

As Business Insider reported five years ago, six corporations control 90% of the media in America, which puts a huge amount of power in the hands of a very few people. That number is down from 50 companies back in 1983.

Who runs things? A ranking of the world’s largest media companies of 2015 says that Comcast Corporation is the largest media conglomerate in the U.S., with The Walt Disney Company, Twenty-First Century Fox, and Time Warner in the second, third, and fourth slots.

The members of the media, the “opposition party at the back of the room,” are really just cogs in this machine — the front-line foot soldiers who’ve been put through a rigorous program of indoctrination in journalism school. These members of the progressive left not only face corporate pressure to conform to certain narratives, but members of the modern American media have also been taught that they possess a moral superiority and are on a mission to help make the world a better place. More.

Reality check: No question about the sense of moral superiority. But don’t overlook the desperation. Their product isn’t needed and isn’t selling.

If we are trying to help someone who is “really worried” by information from Big Six sources, one could talk to them about how much worse everything seems to them because it is part of a pattern associated with their decline.

See also: Time Magazine editor’s emotional meltdown over Trump vs. Obama This Satan vs. Jesus meltdown is a measure of the woman and of her low level of commitment to actual government as opposed to an endless progressive revolution. Which is likely why her medium is doomed, in a world where most people will tolerate the one far more readily than the other.


New York Times markets the “truth” Thanks, but I’ve already got the Bible. I’ve also got fifty different sources of news (not “truth”) who do not have the effrontery to pretend they are unbiased.

4 Recent Examples Show Why No One Trusts Media ‘Fact Checks’

The media can’t get enough of ‘fact checks.’ But why do they do such a horrible job with them? Here are a few particularly bad examples.

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump responded to Meryl Streep’s insults by calling her overrated. Some fact checks came out saying that Streep, in fact, had won many awards. The Associated Press’ “Meryl Streep overrated? Donald Trump picks a decorated star,” was one such example. Four of the seven paragraphs to the story listed awards and honors she’d received.