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Why the Press Pays Less Attention to the Murder of Journalists Not Named Khashoggi

While the October 2 murder of the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, continues to be discussed across the world, the November 23 assassination of a Syrian journalist, Raed Fares, and his devoted friend and cameraman, Hammoud al-Jneid, gunned down in Fares’s home village of Kafrandel, Syria.

This neglect is noteworthy: Fares was among the most prominent critics of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s brutal regime.


The News Media: A Hazardous Product With No Warning Label

To be most useful, information must be accurate, straight and uncolored. This applies to news reporting as well as to any other form of communication involving the transfer of information, whether it be street directions, how to assemble a knocked-down product, programming a computer, or what-have-you. But with news channels owned by or beholden to corporate media moguls, the information gets to the recipients through filters that lead the public to sponsor-endorsed conclusions and choices. Such doctored information in the news creates a public whose “public opinion” is in fact corporate opinion. This is a corruption of the “democratic process” big time.


Our Betters: Investigators heard that a CBS employee was ‘on call’ to perform oral sex

‘Transactional’ Sex and a Secret Resignation Letter: Takeaways From a Report on Les Moonves

Leslie Moonves, the former chairman and chief executive of CBS, repeatedly lied to investigators about his behavior, according to a draft report by outside lawyers hired by CBS’s board to look into sexual misconduct allegations against him.

The 21,666-word draft, dated Nov. 27, is filled with new details about the conduct of Mr. Moonves and others at the company. The lawyers spoke to Mr. Moonves four times during the investigation. A final version of the report is expected to be presented to CBS’s board next week.

Here are four new revelations in the report, which was reviewed by The New York Times.


World watches as Australian regulator rules on Facebook and Google

A titanic struggle is taking place between some of the world’s largest corporations.

In one corner is Google and Facebook. In the other is News Corporation. It’s not alone. It stands with most of the established media companies which have watched with growing horror as their advertising revenues have migrated into the coffers of the digital behemoths.

Alphabet, Google’s parent, reported worldwide revenues of US$33bn in the third quarter and is on track to top US$120bn in 2018, mostly from advertising. Facebook’s revenues topped US$40bn in 2017 and have continued to grow during 2018. In just 10 years, the platforms have gone from nothing to hoovering up the majority of advertising dollars in Australia.

In contrast, News Corporation and most media companies have seen their revenues draining way. It began with what used to be known as print media, but are probably now better described as news media sites.


Tristin Hopper: Really want to help print journalism, Ottawa? Stop CBC from undercutting us

This week, Ottawa unveiled its plan to save Canadian journalism. As expected, the plan essentially boils down to throwing money at the problem; $600 million worth of money.

But there’s a much easier and more egalitarian solution to all of this: Stop subsidizing a competitor that is viciously undercutting independent print media.

Over the last few years — fuelled in part by a $675 million boost to its funding by the Liberal government — CBC has pursued an aggressive policy of expanding its online news site.


President Of Liberal Party’s Journalist Union Tells Ford F-U

Unifor president says ‘F*** You’ to Premier Ford in televised speech

The leader of Canada’s largest private sector union ratcheted up tensions with Ontario Premier Doug Ford Saturday as concerns about the future of auto manufacturing in Oshawa continue to fester, telling Ford “F*** you” in a televised speech.

“You know Doug, F*** you,”Unifor President Jerry Dias said after dismissing Ford’s complaint that he shared the premier’s personal cell number to his members, who then inundated Ford’s phone with calls and messages.


Conrad Black: How to make Trudeau’s media bailout work for Canada

The federal government’s proposed measures to assist Canada’s largely beleaguered media industry have attracted a good deal of criticism. A promise in the run-up to a general election next year of $595 million over five years to the media was bound to incite considerable suspicion about the disposition of the government to dispense such money to such needful, financially vulnerable, and politically influential people on an impartial basis. The terms of the program, as outlined, are quite defensible and whether it is a good thing or not will, like most assistance programs, depend on its administration and the integrity and intelligence of the people who dispense the funds.

My view? Nothing will really change within the Canadian media landscape as it currently stands other than it will have a little more money available to promote the industry prevailing liberal-left ideology. If anything their bias may get worse.


Trump hatred fueled media’s yearlong obsession with Avenatti and Stormy

2018 was the year the mainstream media willingly handed whatever was left of their credibility and dignity over to an aging porn star/stripper and her odious, ethically challenged attorney.

Night after night, webpage after webpage, social media post after social media post, the American public was inundated with sordid, tawdry details ranging from the size and likeness of President Trump’s phallus to … well … there doesn’t really need to be an outer range of this coverage for you to get the point.


Take the money, journos! You’ve already shown us who you are

…When it comes to the independent panel that will decide which news organizations will get funding, naturally the government will fill it with respected figures from journalism and news publishing. As with the funding, some journalists are claiming that no self-respecting journalist will participate in such a panel.

I wouldn’t be so sure.


The mainstream media are not independent anyway

Because they are no longer needed. The recent news of the half-billion that Justin Trudeau is paying to buy the Canadian media establishment needs to be set against the fact that they aren’t needed anyway.

We will all need to use our internet accounts to construct our own news services but we will probably do just fine, especially if we assume that whatever they say is what the guy who pays them wants them to say. That was always true; it just didn’t used to be the government who owned them.

But how independent are the traditional media anyway? Here’s an observation on the American media from Brandon J. Weichert at the UK Spectator:

Nearly every news organization is opposed to Donald Trump’s presidency. More importantly, most billionaires despise Trump. What’s more, they are antipathetic toward the average Trump voter (who, according to their media, are all uneducated, middle-aged, white racists). Every resource has been brought to bear against Trump in an endless echo-chamber reinforcing their false narrative against Trump and encouraging greater levels of #Resistance. Meanwhile, the “independent” media all but ignores actual, grievous violations made by Trump’s Democratic opponents.

It’s not just DNC crimes the “mainstream” media refuses to cover. Look at how the media has ignored the sexual abuse scandal of the Catholic Church now that a noted Leftist is reigning as pope. My colleague George Neumayr has led the fight to expose the corruption in the church with little backup from the deep-pocket mainstream media.More.

Reality check: So you can guess what coverage of scandals that suit the interests of the Liberal party will be like once they all get their hands on the bailout money.

See also: Background on pepper-sprayed Catholic parishioner, protesting clergy sex abuses He has now had, one suspects, an eyeful of Pope Francis’s compassionate social justice church. Generally, conservatives diddle around and progressives play for keeps. No reason to suppose he’ll be the last to find that out.


Andrew Coyne: Liberals’ $600M aid package for news media will irrevocably politicize the press

In August, 1981, the Kent Commission — appointed to investigate the Canadian newspaper industry in the wake of the simultaneous closings of the Ottawa Journal and the Winnipeg Tribune — issued its report.

Among other recommendations for government intervention in the news business, it called for tax credits to be given to newspapers with higher-than-average editorial budgets. Of course, the money came with a few strings, but never mind. The publishers rose up against the report, en masse — possibly the only example on record of a Canadian industry rejecting an offer of government aid.


$600M in federal funding for media ‘a turning point in the plight of newspapers in Canada’

The government is pledging nearly $600 million over the next five years to help news organizations struggling to adapt to a digital age that has disrupted traditional business models.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the government wants to protect the “vital role that independent news media play in our democracy and in our communities.”

And in disseminating Liberal Party talking points…


An “independent” panel will decide who gets the Liberal Party Propaganda Producer stipend

Ottawa bolsters struggling media with $600M in tax measures

“The goal is for the program to be funded by the government but have no role for politicians to decide what constitutes a media outlet or who would be eligible. That way, the government hopes to avoid the appearance of conflict between a free press and government influence.”

Hahahahahaha! They’re killin me.