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FUREY: Here are some necessary changes to the ‘media bailout’ plan

The small section of the budget omnibus bill concerning new tax measures to support Canadian media has already caused controversy, coming from both regular Canadians and individuals within the media.

Canadians are wary of the idea that their government would in some way favour, influence or direct the media. And not only are media professionals, so it seems, wary of this happening they are also concerned by the mere perception that this is happening.


Disney writes off 400 million on Vice Media

From Peter Kafka at Vox:

Just a few years ago, big media companies were falling over themselves to bet on Vice Media. Disney made the biggest bet, by putting more than $400 million into the swashbuckling digital publisher.

Now, Disney says all of the money it put into Vice has been incinerated: In investor filings Wednesday, Disney said it no longer thinks it will ever get any return on the investment it made in Vice — a company that at one point was supposedly worth $5.7 billion.

Vice is still worth something, in some investors’ eyes. Last week, a group of lenders said they put a fresh round of $250 million into the company.More.

Reality check: Apparently, a righteous female CEO has been hired to clean up the swashbuckling ethos. which will doubtless make the product more interesting than ever.

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Stossel: The Rise Of Citizen Journalists

Tim Pool is part of what some call the new media—citizen journalists who work for themselves.

Increasingly, John Stossel says, such journalists cover things the mainstream media misses.

That brings them viewers. More than a million people subscribe to Pool’s online channels.

Pool leans left and supported Bernie Sanders. But he reports whatever he sees.

Via Instapundit


WaPo, Atlantic Rush To Change Stories After Labeling Louis Farrakhan ‘Far Right’ In Facebook Ban Story

Two major media outlets on Thursday described Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan as “far right” in stories about Facebook and Instagram’s most recent platform ban.

Before changing their stories later, both The Washington Post and The Atlantic at first lumped Farrakhan in with right-wing figures Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Paul Nehlen and Laura Loomer in stories describing the social media giants’ latest attempt to regulate online speech.

Louis Farrakhan and his “Far Right” cronies….

Police line-up?


Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann sues NBC for $275 million

Attorneys for Nicholas Sandmann filed a $275 million lawsuit Wednesday against NBCUniversal over its coverage of the Kentucky teen, accusing the network of creating a “false narrative” driven by its “anti-Trump agenda.”

The lawsuit, the third filed by the Sandmann attorneys against major media outlets, alleged that NBC targeted the Covington Catholic High School student in its reporting on his Jan. 18 encounter with Native American activist Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial.


Terence Corcoran: Facebook isn’t to blame for news media’s decline (but CBC kinda is)

So much for the antique news media’s claims that the evil social-media giants face a growing consumer backlash and are at risk of losing momentum. Or so they hoped.

In the heat of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the relentless political moves to cut Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other tech billionaires down to human scale, the owners and managers of mainstream news outlets last year enthusiastically entertained theories that Facebook, Google and other Silicon Valley twits could face consumer hostility, lost market power and sliding revenues. Legacy media owners cheered on more rules to restrain social media’s growth.


Get Ready for a Paradigm Shift on Russia, Climate Change, Everything You Think You Know…

It may now sound ridiculous, but Nikita Khrushchev once told America “we will bury you” and Washington believed him. For years the intelligence community thought the U.S.S.R. was on the verge of overtaking the U.S. as the world’s largest economy before the Soviets unexpectedly collapsed. Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s book, Secrecy: the American Experience, tries to explain how such a tremendous intelligence misjudgment could take place.


“Reporting” on the Sri Lanka Jihadist Massacres

If possible, it’s even worse in Norway than in the U.S.

If you think the mainstream media in America are shameless in their devotion to leftist orthodoxy – well, of course you’re right. But there are exceptions: at least some major outlets in the U.S. don’t march in ideological lockstep. Even the New York Times has a good, honest reporter or two. In any event, you don’t have to pay to read these people’s claptrap if you don’t want to.

Imagine, by contrast, living in Norway, where the political left has a total lock on the mainstream news media, and the country’s five million people are forced to pay big time for their non-stop propaganda. TV and radio news are dominated by government-run NRK, to which the sheeple shell out $500 million per annum in compulsory license fees for the privilege of being brainwashed.

Then there’s the print press. In addition to scores of local papers, Norway has about a dozen national dailies, several of which receive generous taxpayer support – supposedly in order to ensure diversity of thought, even though they’re all left-wing.

My but doesn’t Norway look familiar…


Media Outlets Struggle With Christian Terminology During Holy Week

In the days leading up to Easter Sunday, both the New York Times and the Associated Press appeared to have a difficult time with Christian imagery.

The New York Times reported that Father Jean-Marc Fournier, who went into the still-burning Notre Dame Cathedral to rescue any relics he could, identified one of the objects Fournier saved as “a statue of Jesus.”

Something to bear in mind. The Catholic Church does not “own” Notre Dame. The French government took possession in 1905 and while the law says the cathedral is reserved exclusively for the Catholic rite expect an effort to re-purpose it into some sort of transgender islamic vegan community center.


A joint project by the Toronto Star and Buzzfeed news, two totally unbiased news sources, says you’re a gullible idiot

You can’t be sure what you’re clicking on when visiting this Facebook page

A popular Canadian political Facebook page that promotes the far-right Jewish Defence League uses a deceptive technique that evades Facebook’s content bans and drives traffic to anti-Muslim websites.

Never Again Canada, which has nearly 235,000 followers, posts dozens of images, videos and articles every day. The page says it is a platform to combat anti-Semitism, though its posts also stray into unrelated Canadian political topics, like the carbon tax.

They’re very worried you’ll be swayed by “fake news” in the upcoming election. Well it’s not as if The Star and Buzzfeed have ever suffered Trump Derangement Syndrome or trafficked in liberal-left fever swamp conspiracy theory like that Russian collusion stuff so thank goodness they’re here to warn us all to stay away from “bad things” on the internet on account we’re just too dumb.

What the Star and Buzzyfeed are really upset about is that Never Again Canada may have found a way to beat Facebook’s censorship of conservative sites. That is terrible, just horrible, won’t someone think of the children etc bad in their view.

But why don’t they go after Islamist sites or question foreign funding of anti-oil NGO’s or God forbid George Soros? Now there’s a mystery that needs solving.

h/t MP.


The Liberal Media ‘Matrix’

I used to laugh every time I heard someone like Elon Musk say that we are living in a Matrix-like simulation. These days, not so much.

Don’t call the funny farm just yet. On the major question of the nature of sense experience, I remain with Aristotle and against Bishop Berkeley. Matter is real. But there is also the question of how we perceive “the news”; how established media institutions present and frame information; how we are supposed to respond to the “takes” purportedly expert and knowledgeable voices serve up to us by the second on social media. And here, I’m skeptical.


CNN Sinks to 15th Place, Maddow Viewership Down Double Digits

CNN, the chief co-conspirators behind the Russia Collusion Hoax, has fallen to 15th place in primetime with fewer than 750,000 average viewers.

Throughout all of cable TV, during the week of April 1, Fox News grabbed the most primetime viewers with 2.3 million, MSNBC came in second with 1.6 million, and way below them, way below number one and number two, way below HGTV, the Food Network, Investigative Discovery, and the Hallmark Channel, sits the far-left CNN in 15th place, with only 745,000 primetime viewers.

That’s primetime.


Nick Sandmann v. Washington Post: The defendant countersues

Just under the 30-day limit for filing a response, the Washington Post has filed its response to Nick Sandmann’s defamation complaint. He alleged they defamed him, now they claim they didn’t, and in fact, printed a front-page Editor’s Note that absolves themselves.

We should expect relatively little additional comment from WaPo, since the traditional response to inquiries by corporate lawyers is “we do not comment on pending litigation.”