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Historic Maclean’s Magazine is now a purveyor of childish ridicule

Talk about legacy media that should have died a natural death. Just look at this stupid attack on Prof. Jordan Peterson by Tabatha Southey:

Is Jordan Peterson the stupid man’s smart person?

My, isn’t that clever?

It was a video that brought J-man back into the news this week. In July, he posted a video on his YouTube page laying out a plan to launch a website on which students and parents could have courses rated for them by artificial intelligence that could detect a “postmodern cult course.” His aim, he explained, was to cut off “the supply to the people that are running the indoctrination cults.” Ultimately, the champion of free speech said, he hoped the project would shut down whole departments that upset him.

Anyone familiar with the Sokal hoax will understand exactly what Peterson is doing: Providing early identification of expensive academic rot. Whether his method works as well as Sokal’s is a different matter, but not one to be decided by a defender of rot …

She calls Peterson an astonishing variety of stupid names. One hopes that the people who say they think she is clever are just being kind.

What he’s telling you is that certain people—most of them women and minorities—are trying to destroy not only our freedom to spite nonbinary university students for kicks, but all of Western civilization and the idea of objective truth itself. He’s telling you that when someone tells you racism is still a problem and that something should be done about it, they are, at best, a dupe and, at worst, part of a Marxist conspiracy to destroy your way of life. More.

Reality check: As a matter of brute fact, post-modernists specifically do not believe that there is such a thing as objective truth, and they are beginning to invade the sciences. That does not bode well for the rest of us if we think that objectivity is a useful concept in science.

Note: I sat in on a public lecture by Peterson last June and suspect that Southey belongs to a growing crowd of urban Canadian intellectuals who are proud to label and dismiss what he is talking about without understanding it. Good news for them: Progressive government grants await. Massively. Like our national debt.

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BBC Lampoons Itself By Erecting Statue Honoring George Orwell

George Orwell

The BBC flatly rejected a previous attempt to erect a statue in 2011, on the grounds that Orwell was too left-wing. Irony is now officially dead.

On November 7, the BBC unveiled a new statue honoring Eric Blair, who worked as a “talks assistant” at the BBC from 1941 to 1943. He apparently spent quite a bit of time on the air before submitting his resignation letter on September 24, 1943. For reasons that will become apparent, the statue will be placed at the edge of the BBC property.

“Why,” you ask, “is someone who worked at the BBC for two years getting a statue?” You probably know Blair under his nom de plume: George Orwell. The BBC flatly rejected a previous attempt to erect a statue in 2011, on the grounds that Orwell was too left-wing. Irony is now officially dead.


Story Laundering: Fusion GPS, Fake News, Russians and Reporters

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns,” Ben Rhodes gloated. “That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.”

Rhodes, the White House’s “Obama whisperer”, was explaining how he had pulled the wool over the media’s eyes on the Iran Deal to a journalist. The media responded to the story by attacking the journalist who reported it, not Rhodes for viewing them as easily manipulated useful idiots.

The media knew that it knew nothing.


Corruption Is the Fruit of a Biased Media

I recall a friendly conversation with a colleague about bias in the mainstream media circa 2002. The discussion revolved around which news agencies were furthest from the political center. At that time, our consensus was that most broadcast and cable news outlets leaned left, but not as much as Fox News Channel leaned right. FNC became very successful showcasing biased opinions in addition to news reporting. It created a trend for all to emulate and a stigma for FNC. This stigma has stuck with them through the years and facilitated incessant marginalization rhetoric by an increasingly leftward biased mainstream media.


Progressive media’s latest censorship drive: “Constructive” journalism

From Scott H.Greenfield at Simple Justice:

Stephanie West Allen sent me a link to a wikipedia page the other day to alert me to a new “thing” called “Constructive Journalism.” At the top of the wiki page, it read, “This article has multiple issues.” That was an understatement.

Why? Because it was front loaded with malarky.

Constructive Journalism is an emerging domain within journalism that is slowly getting grounded within academia and involves the field of communication that is based around reporting positive and solution-focused news, instead of revolving around negative and conflict-based stories. It aims to avoid a negativity bias and incorporates findings from positive psychology research to produce novel frameworks for journalism.

Therefore, instead of solely reporting on conflicts and problems, constructive journalism aims to gain a more comprehensive portrayal of the issues at hand. It aims to expose core causes of problems but also to report on emerging ideas and developments to shift society towards more impartial and sustainable paths. Constructive journalism aims express how change is possible and highlights the role each member of society may play to foster it. Additionally, it strives to strengthen the ethics code of journalism by avoiding the distortion of information in order to provide a more real portrayal of the world. Constructive Journalism attempts to create an engaging narrative that is factually correct without exaggerating numbers or realities.

Or, to put it in TL;dr terms, “constructive journalism” wants to spin information to manipulate readers into believing it’s substantively legitimate while promoting an agenda. It’s part Happysphere, part bullshit, all rationalization for lying while calling it truth. More.

Reality check: In a progressive environment, malarky is pretty much the only news game in town.

Real journalism, of course, is never constructive. It is transgressive by nature. It tells us what Top People do not want us to know.

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Good Riddance to ‘Rolling Stone’

I am sorry Tom Petty died. I truly am.

The outcry of hysteria upon his premature and tragic passing revealed that Tom Petty, a consistently likable B+/A– performer, personality, and songwriter, had somewhere along the way been promoted to the rank of superstar. Why did this happen? Tom Petty was good, and he has some great songs, but he was not one of the great men of rock & roll; he was one of the very good average men of rock & roll. Yet watching the way the world mourned, mewled, and rended their clothing upon his passing, you would have thought he was, like, the nazz.


Do big media have the most to lose from the fall of Harvey Weinstein?

From Ann Coulter at Townhall:

Longtime editor Tina Brown — ironically, one of Weinstein’s erstwhile clean-up gals — told Charlie Rose: “What I found really unsettling was how many journalists, frankly, were on his payroll. I mean, you know, Harvey would have everyone on his payroll. All the people at the (New York) Post and people in all the tabloids, people writing stuff, entertainment writers, gossip writers.” More.

Reality check: Serial predators come and go but here’s what stays:  Cool media scrapped huge scoops in exchange for payola. No wonder the Cool ones care less all the time about freedom of the press.

And why should they bother with subscribers if Harvey will pay them for the news he wants?

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Did Trump kill the New York Daily News?


Vanity Fair is taking a hit too Did Trump kill Vanity fair?


‘Harvey Weinstein’s Media Enablers’? The New York Times Is One of Them

The paper had a story on mogul’s sexual misconduct back in 2004 — but gutted it under pressure

A whole lot of fur has been flying since last Thursday, when The New York Times published a game-changing investigative story about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct that in lightning speed brought the mogul to his knees.

He apologized and took an immediate leave of absence from the company he co-founded, but that wasn’t enough. His board members and legal advisers have been resigning en masse. And as new, ugly details emerge of three decades of settlements for sex-related offenses, he’s quickly becoming a national pariah.


Media pearl-clutching over Trump’s re-tweet of a Hillary joke

When you start with the premise that Donald Trump is a monster and an outrage against public decency, practically any excuse will do to put on a serious face and intone gravely about the Future of the Republic under such a leader. And that is exactly what happened our friend Oleg Atbashian of The People’s Cube, who put together what he describes as a “silly animated GIF,” splicing together video of Donald Trump hitting a golf ball in a drive, and then film of Hillary stumbling over as she boarded a campaign plane, with a golf ball hitting her in the back.


Old time journalist regrets the loss of news coverage standards in US 2016 election

From Michael Goodwin at Imprimis:

I’ve been a journalist for a long time. Long enough to know that it wasn’t always like this. There was a time not so long ago when journalists were trusted and admired. We were generally seen as trying to report the news in a fair and straightforward manner. Today, all that has changed. For that, we can blame the 2016 election or, more accurately, how some news organizations chose to cover it. Among the many firsts, last year’s election gave us the gobsmacking revelation that most of the mainstream media puts both thumbs on the scale—that most of what you read, watch, and listen to is distorted by intentional bias and hostility. I have never seen anything like it. Not even close.

As we know now, most of the media totally missed Trump’s appeal to millions upon millions of Americans. The prejudice against him blinded those news organizations to what was happening in the country. Even more incredibly, I believe the bias and hostility directed at Trump backfired. The feeling that the election was, in part, a referendum on the media, gave some voters an extra incentive to vote for Trump. A vote for him was a vote against the media and against Washington. Not incidentally, Trump used that sentiment to his advantage, often revving up his crowds with attacks on reporters. He still does.

If I haven’t made it clear, let me do so now. The behavior of much of the media, but especially The New York Times, was a disgrace. I don’t believe it ever will recover the public trust it squandered. More.

Reality check: The biggest favor Trump could do the traditional news industry would be to violate the US First Amendment by persecuting them. They would be the new dope. It is hard to know who would or should otherwise care what they think, say or do.

This is not a punishment for their sins. They are just not needed anymore.

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Dying traditional media journalists’ arrogance is “beyond annoying”

From Bernard Goldberg at Townhall:

In 2001, when my book “Bias” came out, my focus was on liberal bias in the news and the refusal of mainstream journalists to either acknowledge its existence or try to tone it down.

But now bias is my second biggest journalistic concern. Arrogance is now No. 1. The snobbery of too many journalists is beyond annoying. It’s repulsive.

Take Stuart Rothenberg, a veteran political journalist and charter member of the Washington media elite.

While President Trump was speaking at a rally in West Virginia not long ago, Rothenberg took to Twitter to let everyone know that “Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.” More.

Reality check: The biggest blind spot is Rothenberg’s belief that he can say that without being a Republican and still be admired by those he insults.

At one time, that was true, because people like him were Cool. Many people are quite willing to be sneered at by those they thought were Cool. Gatekeepers of information.

But when everyone is on their handheld, Rothenberg’s Cool probably doesn’t matter to anyone but him. See Newsweek hit by layoffs after day of suspense (2016)

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