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72 percent say media ‘dividing Americans,’ spreading ‘hate’

Nearly three-quarters of the country believes that the media is “dividing Americans” along political, racial, and gender lines, a stunning condemnation of the press, according to a new national survey.

What’s more, the Zogby Analytics poll provided to Secrets said that the media bias is sparking hate and misunderstanding.

And while Americans also blame President Trump for dividing voters, the survey analysis said the media is worse. Those surveyed, said Zogby Analytics, “felt the mainstream media spreads hate and misunderstanding, also felt that President Trump is responsible for the spread of hate and misunderstanding, but more voters overall, and in most sub-groups, blame the media slightly more!” 


Globe writer pulls Bernier column from darkest place known to peoplekind… his butt

Maxime Bernier goes to a dark place

Maxime Bernier wants to win the Canadian Trump vote.

In a speech on Saturday at a conference hosted by the right-wing Rebel Media in Calgary, the leader of the new People’s Party of Canada questioned the science of climate change, pilloried the United Nations and insisted immigrants to Canada must embrace “Western civilization values.”

His language was not as extreme as Donald Trump’s – this is Canada, after all – but he made it perfectly clear, at least to this listener, that the implicit motto of the People’s Party is: Canada First. For however many believe that the Canadian economy and social fabric are being undermined by environmentalists, do-gooders and immigrants, Mr. Bernier promises he will be their voice.

And that’s a bad thing how?


GOLDSTEIN: Liberals no longer proud of third-party spending

According to The Canadian Press, the Trudeau Liberals are “bracing for an onslaught” of attacks on social media by Ontario Proud — a conservative advocacy group which campaigned for Doug Ford and against Kathleen Wynne in the recent Ontario election.

That’s because pro-Progressive Conservative Ontario Proud, which claims credit for helping to defeat the Ontario Liberals, is now setting its sights on next year’s federal election.

The original Canadian Press hit piece ran in the Star, CBC, CTV and Lord knows where else. Millions of dollars have poured into Canada from foreign donors to influence policy that favours the liberal-left agenda not to mention the financial clout wielded by our public and private sector unions for similar ends. Yet that gets a pass by the press. Nope no bias in our media.


An American Journalist Just Died After a Racist Beating, and the Washington Post Didn’t Even Report It

Search for Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi-Turkish Islamist activist who hated Jews and backed Hamas, and the results are legion.

Search for Jerry Wolkowitz, an American Jewish journalist, at the Washington Post and you get zero results.

While the Washington Post weeps and wails over Khashoggi, an anti-Semitic foreign Islamist, it has no interest in the murder of a Jewish journalist in the United States.


MSM Decries the Use of the Word ‘Mob’ to Describe Left-Wing Protesters

The optics of angry Democrat mobs banging on the doors of the Supreme Court, chasing Republicans out of restaurants, and bullying drivers on busy streets are not helpful ones for Democrats seeking votes from mainstream Americans ahead of the midterm elections, so the Democrat media complex is doing what it always does when the facts don’t line up with their agenda — they’re telling you not to believe your lying eyes.

CNN spent much of the day Tuesday recasting what looks to most eyes like political mob intimidation tactics against Republicans as patriotic Americans practicing their First Amendment rights.


The New York Times discovers a use for hillbillies

The hills have gone high tech. Sniff. Fetch the air freshener:

Traveling through eastern Kentucky, American sociologist Arlie Hothschild, “who studies work, family and the American right,” chronicles the changes in work patterns [toward careers in programming]:

“Worse, some saw rural Kentuckians as dubious recruits — tooth-free, grinning, moonshine-drinking hillbillies. “It’s a terrible myth,” an Interapt administrator who is the daughter of an unemployed Pikeville coal miner told me. “A hillbilly can do anything.””

At present, says Hochschild, Ankur Gopal and Interapt are sourcing as many new hillbillies as they can find: “For now, there is so much demand for I.T. workers — 10,000 estimated openings by 2020 in the Louisville metro area alone — that Mr. Gopal is reaching out to new groups. “We’re talking with the Department of Defense about a 16-week, eight-hour-a-day coding training program for vets returning from Afghanistan and Iraq to Fort Knox,” he said.” More. (Mind Matters Today)

See also: So lifelike … Another firm caught using humans to fake AI. Byzantine claims and counterclaims followed as other interpreters came forward with similar stories. According to Qian, something similar happened last year…


Maybe iGen really IS fragile Note: The point of the article at Mind Matters Today is not that the prof beaters and car rollers are somehow okay or justified but that they may really be as fragile as they claim. Of course, that may mean they are no use to themselves or anyone else. But consider what they have been raised with – and by whom – before you judge whether it’s true or not. – Denyse


Media double standard gives hijab-clad “coffee-tosser” at Marrisa Shen protest a pass

…While Thompson was speaking to media, a woman clad in a hijab threw coffee on her as she walked past!

A photo from Twitter confirms that media were right there, and yet there was no coverage of this incident. Why?


“Enemies lists,” then and now

The Trump-hating mainstream media claims that President Trump has an enemies list. It’s possible that he has one, but the list of people whose security clearance is under review isn’t it. An enemies list would be longer and would include, for example, Jim Acosta. The list in question is simply a group of people who may not deserve the privilege of having a security clearance now that they are not in government.

Calling the list an “enemies lists” has its uses, though. It enable aging liberals to gloat about being on Nixon’s enemies list — the real thing. And it enables the Trump-hating mainstream media to push the Trump-as-Nixon theme.


The Savage Hypocrisy of the #FreePress Protest

…Let me start with something basic. Of course, I support freedom of the press, as well as all forms of peaceful expression and not just in words. My readers know that I have literally gone to jail for this and am fighting in several courts to protect that right, both as lawyer and citizen. They know I have defended the right to speak of people who cheered when my freedom of expression was suppressed. That’s not my problem with this #FreePress protest. My problem is the incredible hypocrisy involved and general stupidity about what freedom of the press and freedom of expression means.


End the Double Standards in Reporting Political Violence

Let’s take a short walk down memory lane. Not long ago, on January 2, 2016, a small group of armed protesters seized an unoccupied federal building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is located in a relatively isolated area in eastern Oregon, and the occupied building itself was far from any populated area. The protests were related to a long-running land dispute between the federal government and Steve and Dwight Hammond — a dispute that culminated in a vindictive prosecution against the Hammonds, under the federal Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, for two “burns” that caused a trifling amount of damage (less than $1,000) to public lands.

The occupation created a media firestorm.