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The 3 Western plagues: Post-God, Post-national, Post-family

In the West, marriage is no longer considered essential for raising children, nor is having them at all, while God and national identity are mostly irrelevant.

Marriage, which was the default way to form a family in the West regardless of income or education, has become another part of US life reserved for the privileged. One of greatest Western institutions is now increasingly reserved for middle and upper classes.

The British weekly magazine The Economist now explains that marriage is no longer considered essential for raising children. A once universal institution has become the brand of those “who made it”. 48 per cent of children in the UK today are born out of wedlock, compared to 8 per cent in 1970. One third of new borns in Italy come from de facto unmarried couples. In 1960, three quarters of American adults were married. Half of them are today.


How the West deluded itself with the ‘end of history’

Fukuyama, in 1992, wrote that Western liberalism had triumphed and helped disarm the secular West mentally. But he was wrong.

Ten years ago, after the massacre at Virginia Tech, African-American libertarian intellectual Thomas Sowell, an economist at UCLA and Stanford, wrote an article in which he explained that mass shootings in America might be the consequence of the Sixties. The first of these massacres took place in 1966, in Austin, Texas, where sixteen people lost their lives when Joseph Whitman, stationed on the university tower, started shooting.

James Alan Fox, author of “The Will to Kill”, blamed the eclipse of the traditional community, too many divorces and the rapid church decline as the cause of the insidious violence in America. Other scholars pointed at the “fatherless America”, the illegitimacy and the destruction of traditional family.


MALLOCH: Europa, Eurabia and the Last man

Europe is full of ‘Last men’ (and perhaps women, I suppose we are now forced to say, given the incessant demand for political correctness).

Why is this so and who will come to dwell in these territories we have hitherto called — home?

We are not talking about some imaginary seven kingdoms, as in the legendary but fictional television series, Game of Thrones, either. The point of contention is about a real place, with real peoples, and real nations that have existed for centuries on end, perhaps thousands of years—called Europa.


The Gender Obsessed West Sets Itself Up for the Rise of Islam

Welcome to the progressive “next frontier of ‘liberation'”, where the most urgent question in Western democracies is “genderism”.

North Carolina was subjected to a year of being boycotted, until it withdrew its transgender bathroom law. Last month, the National Union of Teachers in Great Britain asked the government to teach children as young as two new transgender theories. New York recently presented the first “trans-doll“. American universities are wracked with hysteria over the correct use of neutral pronouns. Even National Geographic, instead of writing about lions and elephants, started covering the “Gender Revolution”. One of the first announcements of Emmanuel Macron, as the French President-elect, was that he would appoint officials from a “gender equal” list.

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The Suicide of the West

A treasonous, self-lacerating and nihilistic worldview is now institutionalized throughout academia, the press and political class, which funds with taxpayer dollars the very activists and agitators whose goal it is to sow the ideological contagion of shame and self-loathing

Can the West save itself? Or will it decline and collapse, like all the great civilizations of the past? There are many components of civilizational decline, but one of the most important is demography, involving a plummeting birthrate and a large scale invasion of legal and illegal immigrants, as I pointed out in an earlier Quadrant article, “How Civilisations Die”. This is complemented by another component, which involves the collapse of the culture that sustains the civilization, usually involving the treason of the intellectual and political elites. These become cultural quislings, turning their backs on the very culture that sustains them in their privilege, proudly declaring themselves enemies of their own civilization, and working actively to undermine it, effectively handing over control to the aggressive invaders.


Christianity is Rattling: “Lights Out” in Germany

“Contemporary historians … right now, have failed to find a single historical example of a society that became secularised and maintained its birth rate over subsequent centuries,” the former UK chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, recently argued.

“Falling fertility has coincided so closely with massive secularization that we must at least ask whether the two phenomena are related, even if not in a neat one-to-one relationship”, the scholar Philip Jenkins also said.

This is also true apparently for Germany.


The Sacking of the West

If you’re looking for a good reason to vote Clinton this November, let me point you in the direction of this video. Movie director Joss Whedon has set up an organization dramatically labeled Save the Day, and is making some short videos staring an assortment of celebrities, mostly from his Avengers movies, with a few “ordinary” people thrown in the mix for good measure and implied humility. While the video starts by discussing the importance of voting, it doesn’t take long to realize that the only votes that Whedon values are those against Trump. That’s how the day will be saved, if Trump loses.

For the sake of this discussion, I am not concerned with the politics of who is more likely to save (or ruin) the day. What interests me is the mode of the communication.


Are we seeing the end of Europe as we know it?

European demographic decline has been a topic that has been canvassed a lot on this blog. Looking at our more recent posts this year, we have written about Italy’s demographic “apocalypse”Hungary’s fight against depopulationEurope’s dying villages, the migrant crisisRomania’s longterm demographic decline, and Finland’s historically low birthrates. We even saw Lord Sack’s warning that we are seeing the fall of western civilisation due in large part (or perhaps evidenced by) low birthrates.

Today I want to share a viewpoint that I’m sure many in Europe share (as I know people outside of Europe who hold it) from Italian author and journalist, Giulio Meotti. Writing for the Gatestone Institute website, Meotti describes a “population substitution” that is happening in Europe.


Sandy “Dox in me Sox” Berger is Dead – The Clinton Curse Keeps On Killing

U.S. President Bill Clinton (L) is passed a note by National Security Advisor Sandy Berger in this October 16, 2000 file photo.

U.S. President Bill Clinton (L) is passed a note by National Security Advisor Sandy Berger in this October 16, 2000 file photo.

Former national security adviser Sandy Berger, who helped craft President Bill Clinton’s second-term foreign policy and later got in trouble convicted of a felony over mishandling removing and destroying classified documents [that implicated the Clinton administration in 9/11], has died.

That word comes from his consulting firm.

Berger died Wednesday. He was 70 years old and in ill health.

The cause of death was not immediately available [cancer].

Berger was White House national security adviser from 1997 to 2001 [in the run up to 9/11].


The Liberals and Debt

You voted for it, Liberal voters:

The federal Liberals are only one week old as a government and are already being forced to face up to the realities of power. The pleasant portrait they painted on the campaign trail, of limited, short-term deficits averaging $10 billion a year for three years, is already in serious doubt. A report issued Tuesday by the Parliamentary Budget Office indicates that, before the Liberals could borrow a single extra cent, the anticipated deficit was likely to be $4.3 billion a year worse than expected over the next four years. It’s based on new revenue estimates that project slower growth for oil prices. The PBO expects the economy to produce $32 billion less income than predicted next year and $43 billion less in 2017.


Alberta to Table Largest Deficit in Province’s History

Albertans, you broke it, you bought it, as they say.

The collapse of crude oil prices that had former Progressive Conservative premier Jim Prentice warning Albertans to brace for a $7-billion hole in provincial revenues will result in his NDP successors tabling a budget Tuesday that forecasts the largest-ever deficit in the province’s history.

Finance Minister Joe Ceci hinted this week the deficit will be just shy of $6.5 billion — nearly $1.5 billion more than Prentice forecast last March in a budget that was never passed.


The Academic Paper That Broke the Volkswagen Scandal

Every day since the story first broke a week ago, the ripples of Volkswagen’s scandal have extended further and further. Initially, the Environmental Protection Agency ordered Volkswagen to recall nearly half a million vehicles after discovering illegal devices intended to cheat emissions testing. Then, Volkswagen announced the number of vehicles affected is closer to 11 million worldwide—and that the company has set side $7.2 billion to fix the problem. Volkswagen’s CEO at the time, Martin Winterkorn, soon resigned.