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The Hypocritical Statue Obsession of a ‘Smug Generation’

Victor Davis Hanson slams progressives who ‘pick and choose their type of outrage for political purposes’

Military historian and political columnist Victor Davis Hanson said the “moral smugness” of this current generation allows it to “pick and choose their type of outrage for political purposes,” all the while adhering to a “double standard,” during an interview Wednesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”


Hundreds of migrants accompanied by armed gang of leftie anarchists storm France’s borders

Helping them sneak into the country was a group called No Borders, whose members have been at the centre of shocking scenes of violence in Calais.

The anarchists accompanied the mob of migrants in the face of a heavy police presence.

In an attempt to remain anonymous the troupe wore black balaclavas, and after at least four were arrested, officers discovered three of them, all French nationals, were armed with bats and knives. 


Chaotic Protests Hold Up Lawmakers Outside GOP Convention Complex

Among the most chaotic scenes was a tense, midday standoff at an intersection close to where GOP congressmen and others do interviews at the TV networks’ makeshift studios — halting traffic and sending nearly a hundred police officers to the scene.

The incident involved Trump and anti-Trump protesters, Black Lives Matter members and self-described anarchists.


Canadian Government Websites Attacked

The Hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility Wednesday for what Treasury Board President Tony Clement says was a cyber attack on the Government of Canada’s computer servers. Some federal emails and several department websites crashed early Wednesday afternoon.

Federal cabinet ministers were being briefed about the matter, with sites for Justice, Public Works and Government Services, the main page, Shared Services Canada (the government’s super-IT department) and even the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) among some of those that were down.

“Confirmed today that Govt of Canada GC servers have been cyberattacked. Until full service is restored please use 1-800-OCanada,” Clement tweeted.

Government email access for some department and ministerial staff was also down, with political staffers handing out their personal email addresses to media.

A number of sites have since come back online as federal officials look to identify the source of the attack.

Internet hacker group Anonymous posted a YouTube video and statement Wednesday claiming responsibility for the attack. The video said it’s in response to the government’s anti-terrorism Bill C-51, which was recently passed in Parliament.

“Greetings citizens of Canada, we are Anonymous. Today, this 17th of June 2015 we launched an attack against the Canadian senate and government of Canada websites in protest against the recent passing of bill C-51,” the group says.


What a pack of douches.


Toronto Anarchist Bookfair: If you have to reserve a table, how can you be an anarchist?

The 2015 Toronto Anarchist Bookfair: July 18 – 19

Whether you’re new and curious about anarchism, or you have been an anarchist for decades, come join us for a jam-packed weekend of books and zines, workshops and discussions, good food, good friends, and more. On Friday July 17, the night before the bookfair, we’ll meet up for games night in the park. July 18-19, the sixth annual Toronto Anarchist Bookfair takes place at the Steelworkers’ Hall at 25 Cecil Street just south of the University of Toronto main campus.

All anti-authoritarians are urged to get involved to make this year’s Bookfair a success. We need to hear from you about:

TABLES – if you are an anti-authoritarian publisher, a zine creator or distributer, an artist, an activist group, a community organization, an infoshop, a distributer or none of the above who has something to share, get in touch. Let us know if you want to reserve a table at the Bookfair for one day or both. You will be able to store your books and materials overnight in the locked Steelworkers Hall if you’d like.

WORKSHOPS – if you have an idea for a workshop or conversation that you would like to facilitate, please email us a title and a short description. We will accept as many as we can fit. Workshops are 90-minutes long. Our goal is to have one stream of “introductory” workshops and one stream of “in-depth” workshops running simultaneously. Please let us know which stream you think your workshop would fit better in.

The deadline for workshop proposals is Sunday, June 15…

In Solidarity,

The Toronto Anarchist Bookfair Collective

h/t Marvin


Join OCAP at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair! (May 23-24)

Join a bunch of OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) members and anarchists from all over North America the weekend of May 23-24 for the 2015 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair! OCAP will be tabling on Saturday, so be sure to come say hi and grab a button or two. There are also fantastic workshops and cultural events all weekend. Hope you can check it out!


Saturday, May 23 & Sunday, May 24
10am-5pm on both days

Note: Booksellers and vendors will be displaying only on Saturday, May 23.
Workshops, theme rooms, films, art and more will take place on both days.

The Anarchist Bookfair takes place in two buildings across from each other in Parc Vinet:

–  Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier (CCGV), 2450 rue Workman
–  Centre d’éducation populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (CEDA), 2515 rue Delisle. A short walk from Lionel-Groulx metro.

No gods, no masters, no bosses, no borders.

FREE. Welcome to all!

For people curious about anarchism and wanting to learn more.

  • Participants from all over Quebec and North America, booksellers and vendors, workshops, films, discussions, kids activities, art exhibits and more!
  • Part of the month-long Festival of Anarchy held throughout May 2015 at venues and locations all over the island of Montreal.
  • Tabling will take place on ONE DAY only: Saturday, May 23 between 10am-5pm. Workshops, theme rooms, films, art and more will take place on both days.
  • Tabling will take place in the main auditoriums of both our locations: Centre d’éducation populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (CEDA) and the Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier.

Statement of Principles
Accessibility Policy and Commitment

From a newsletter.

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Anarchists storm Greek ruling party HQ

Anarchists occupied Greece’s ruling party headquarters on March 8 in support of hunger strikers protesting against conditions in the country’s maximum-security jails.

A group of 50 anarchists burst into the offices of the radical left-wing Syriza party in downtown Athens on Sunday, forcing staff to leave the building, party officials said.

“I was inside my office giving my first official interview to a radio station,” the party’s new spokeswoman Rania Svigou told AFP. “I had locked the door so I wouldn’t be disturbed. Then I heard banging and shouting.” she said.

“I finished the interview and went out to see what was happening and they told us to get out,” she added.

Svigou said party workers did not call the police. Syriza has often criticised heavy-handed policing of anti-austerity protests in the past.

The anarchists hung banners from the building’s balconies calling for the abolition of the controversial C-type jails, where the country’s most notorious criminals and terrorists are held…