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The Fear of White Power

“…I told him that’s why we need to start taking on black thought leaders who yell “racism” for strategic reasons and leverage political correctness for psychological advantage. At this point, my friend’s tone changed. Well, actually he couldn’t agree with me on that one. He argued that while he personally felt it beneath him to play the race card, “Truth is, it’s the only card black people have to play in this country, so I don’t support what you’re suggesting.”

I asked what he meant. “Think about it,” he said. “If enough blacks started criticizing the victimhood narratives of black leftists who thrive on political correctness we’d be helping delegitimize [political correctness] itself. If PC is delegitimized in mainstream white society, what’s to stop things from going back to how they were in the 70s?”


A Few Little Things That You Can Do To Fight Back Against The System

As European population replacement is already well under way, the time to start discussing solutions has already passed. Topics such as repatriation and fertility rates cross our lips or fingers on a daily basis. We all have our own ideas about what must be done to reverse our forecasted demographics.

Until we reach the day that progress begins to take place, I thought I’d put together a selection of minor activities that we can do as individuals to fight back against the system. By no means are these ideas going to save the world. I’m not going to discuss increasing White birth rates or deporting foreign citizens, but we must recognise that apathy is holding us back and if we altered a few small habits (and encouraged others to do the same), then perhaps some sort of small-scale change can begin to take place.


Conrad Black: The forces of America’s left were no match for Canadian intellect and English wit

The last Munk Debate, on May 18 in Toronto, was on the complicated question: “What you call political correctness I call progress,” thus inviting disagreement both on the meaning of the term “political correctness,” and on its merits, whatever its meaning is. The participants upholding the view that political correctness was progress were Michael Eric Dyson, an African-American professor of sociology (at Georgetown) and Baptist minister, and Michelle Goldberg, a columnist for The New York Times, the Daily Beast, and Slate. Opposing them were University of Toronto professor of psychology (and successor to the late mayor Rob Ford as the most famous Canadian in the world outside Canada) Jordan Peterson, and English comedian and actor Stephen Fry. It was as much an exercise in cultural anthropology as a debate of the merits of political correctness. Professor Peterson was the only contestant who seriously attempted to address the issue.


AGO renames Emily Carr painting to be more culturally sensitive

The painting depicts a colonial structure in an Indigenous setting, but it’s the name of the work that’s spurred a debate about how the art world should address reconciliation.

The Art Gallery of Ontario has renamed a painting by Canadian artist Emily Carr as part of a broader effort to eliminate culturally insensitive language from titles in its collection, a curator says.


12-year-old boy with autism arrested for brandishing imaginary rifle at Texas school

Amy Sims was not informed of the incident until her son was already in custody, FOX 26 reports. The mother states that because of her son’s condition, he does not understand that “make believe” gunplay on school grounds has become a sensitive matter.

But actual threats, like Parkland, are ignored and the police refuse to do their jobs.


How Freud birthed political correctness

From Spengler at PJ Media:

By 1897 Freud had concluded that all neurotics repressed memories of childhood molestation. The shameful witch trials of the 1980s that sent Kelly Michaels, the Amiraults, and many others to prison on fabricated child molestation charges marked a new summit of Freud’s influence. Tireless reporting by Dorothy Rabinowitz (reprised in her 2003 book, No Crueler Tyrannies) and others publicly discredited the theory of recovered childhood memory—but not before hundreds of lives were ruined and scores of communities traumatized.

Political correctness is a generalization of Freudian theory; it presumes that the waking consciousness of women as well as ethnic, racial, and sexual minorities consists of a minefield of traumatic memories. Public policy must prevent the triggering of these minds. Public institutions, starting with universities, must be converted into the functional equivalent of psychiatric hospitals and all communications censored to minimize trauma. More.

Reality check: Another factor to consider: In an era when unaccomplished people are needed less and less, due to automation and the digital revolution, the marketing of grievances, one’s own or others, becomes what the marketing of fish and wool was centuries ago. It’ll get worse.

See also: Constitutional scholar fears he would not like living in a police state Right. So? Progressivism always leads to a police state. The pace differs depending on what the system it overthrows was like. Subverting the United States is taking longer than subverting Tsarist Russia did.