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Put on trial for sarcasm: Man who was prosecuted with the help of counter-terror experts is cleared by jury

England has gone mad.

A 25-year-old man who was prosecuted with the help of counter-terror experts was cleared by a jury in just one hour over his ‘satirical’ Facebook post where he called for ‘national batter gypos day’.

After he was cleared of inciting racial hatred Joshua North, from Cleethorpes, blasted the decision to prosecute him as ‘political correctness gone mad’.

He said: ‘I told the police, if you check all my other Facebook posts, it indicates that I’m very friendly to immigrants, other races and religions.’


Conrad Black: There can be no real justice when everyone is a victim

It is becoming steadily more difficult to maintain morale in the face of the tidal wave of political correctness that inundates Canadian life, drowns resisters, and sweeps away any trace of them. Sen. Lynn Beyak is a perennial lightning rod, and the last bolt to strike detached and evicted her from the Conservative Senate caucus for posting correspondence on her website. The party leader, Andrew Scheer, is a very reasonable and tolerant person, who understands that there are real problems with native affairs policy, and he is not given to flying off the handle. He is as he appears — an affable and thoughtful and civilized individual. He was a popular speaker of the House of Commons, and though he won the Conservative leadership narrowly over Maxime Bernier, because each constituency had equal weight in the selection process regardless of the likelihood of the Conservatives winning the constituency in a general election or the numbers of paid up Conservative association members in each constituency, he won by a significant margin among those who voted in the leadership process.

Yet he gunned Beyak out of the Senate Conservative caucus with a stern assertion that his party would not abide racism. This is commendable, but Beyak is not a racist.


Lynn Beyak, ousted from Tory caucus, goes after ‘inexperienced’ Scheer

Sen. Lynn Beyak denies that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer asked her to remove letters from her Senate website supporting her view on the residential school system before kicking her out of caucus.

The senator, who’s now an Independent, said she found out about her removal in Scheer’s media statement sent late Thursday.

In it, Scheer said he demanded Beyak remove some of the comments, but she refused. Scheer’s spokesperson, Jake Enwright, said the conversation took place over the phone.

“Contrary to his statement, that he asked me to remove content and I refused, neither I nor my staff ever spoke with Andrew Scheer or anyone from his office, at any time,” said Beyak in a statement Monday.


Leftworld: WLU’s Lindsay Shepherd’s stand against bullying just “white women’s tears”

From Uri Harris at Quillette:

It seems incredible that someone could listen to the recording of the meeting between Shepherd and the three faculty members and come away thinking that she was using ‘her white woman tears’ to bully Rambukkana. It seems far more plausible to me that she’s crying because she’s upset and intimidated by three superiors accusing her of transphobia and gender violence. Presumably, she would have responded similarly if Pimlott, a white man, had done most of the talking. Or for that matter, if she herself had been of colour.

Here are the relevant quotes in an article shared widely on social media that made these claims:

“Shepherd seems almost willfully blind to the ways by which speech acts, including the loaded history of white women tears, can indeed, incite physical and verbal violence. […] Others, myself included, who reached out to her to highlight the way in which historically rooted theatrics of white tears were mobilized to ultimately dismiss an untenured professor of colour, she dismissed and lampooned these allegations, questioning the basis of claims that she might be transphobic or racist. […] It’s true that Laurier did a rather poor job of handling all of this, but I do think they threw an untenured professor of colour under the bus to avoid media scrutiny. His only mistake was comparing Jordan Peterson to someone who committed genocide, when in reality, he is better compared to someone who denies genocide ever happened.”

Karl Marx based much of his work around a historical narrative, known as historical materialism. Critical Theory seems to rely on the same type of approach, explaining societal phenomena through historical narratives, in this case race and gender. And as with Marx’s narrative, they are far too simplistic to provide a good account.More.

Reality check: If history matters and the WLU Gestapo types remain unchecked, they will be in all of our lives.

Lots of useless people would go fulltime into snooping and bullying today if only more openings were created.

By the way, re the WLU-style “apologies”: Who wants their disgusting apologies? How about just being left alone to do a job?

Added, in response to a comment below suggesting that only violence would dislodge self-appointed Gestapos: No. Either the public is with them or against them. If with them, killing them would only make their opponents murderers in a lost cause. If the public is against them, let’s use the system to flush them all out.

I bet things aren’t going so well just now for WLU’s Gestapo Trio. That was the point of “White Women’s Tears” Girl’s awful whine above: “Others, myself included, who reached out to her to highlight the way in which historically rooted theatrics of white tears were mobilized to ultimately dismiss an untenured professor of colour, she dismissed and lampooned these allegations, questioning the basis of claims that she might be transphobic or racist.”

I hope Shepherd told WWTG to go straight to hell. Shepherd has grounds for a constructive dismissal lawsuit (think Bret Weinstein at Evergreen) if not worse. If white women are really the only ones to realize that fact, the obvious solution is for the others to smarten up. And if Gestapo One loses his job, well, either 1) he could smarten up too or else 2) he could look around and notice that other thug forces are still hiring. For now.

I’d advise him to smarten up.

See also: Lindsay Shepherd case commonplace; she was just the one who complained loudly The real problem is that our neighbours are sleepwalking toward the free thought clampdown throughout society once the U thugs graduate and need government jobs. If no opposition arises, Canada will soon be swedens all the way down.


Free Speech Activist Lindsay Shepherd Does Not Teach At The Same WLU That I Attended 1967-1971


NYC Mayor De Blasio: Don’t stop with abolishing statues, go big!

On August 16, following the events over the previous weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced his intention to create a commission to review, within 90 days, all “symbols of hate on city property.” He said at the time that he had one in mind: a sidewalk marker in downtown Manhattan for Nazi collaborator Henri Phillipe Pétain. He named the members of his Mayoral Advisory Commission on City Art, Monuments and Markers on September 8. In October, the Commission opened a website so New Yorkers could participate in a survey. The Commission scheduled five public hearings between November 17 and 28.


‘Politically correct’ rules push people to extremism, says Islamic scholar

A leading critic of religious extremism today claimed excessive political correctness may push some people towards hate-filled views.

Dr Uamsa Hasan, head of Islamic studies at the Quilliam Foundation, said stifling debate was dangerous.

He said open discussions were the key to fighting extremism among young people – and he urged against a retreat to “safe spaces” as seen at some university campuses.


Self-censorship: the modern scourge

One of the greatest scandals of our times is the spectacle of biological men pretending to be biological women. Whether it be demanding entrance to changing rooms used by teenage girls, elbowing out females from women’s political organisations, or being allowed to shower alongside women, non-females are making ever-more invasive forays into areas that actual females once saw as their own.

There should be a national outrage at the escalating demands of the wilder fringe of the trans movement, who I like to believe are only a vocal minority, but there isn’t, and we all know why. People are scared of losing face, fearful of appearing bad and uncaring among their liberal friends. To criticise the trans movement is the equivalent of announcing at a posh party that you voted Brexit: it puts you on the side of stupid, evil reactionaries.


Declaring War on Trump’s Truthful Tweets

As many Americans will know, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, said that Donald Trump was “wrong” to retweet the videos which had previously been tweeted by the political group, Britain First. Indeed, Britain’s ambassador to Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, said he has raised the Government’s concerns with the White House.

PM May said that Britain First is a “hateful organisation.” Nonetheless, she didn’t have anything to say about the content of the videos themselves.


Epic Fail: The NFL Owners Try Bribing The Protesting Players

Faced with what amounts to a revolt from the protesting players on the one hand and the fans outraged at what they see as blatant disrespect for flag and country, the NFL owners decided to pursue several compromises, all of which failed…so now, they’ve resorted to what amounts to race based bribery.


Political correctness means no one in Britain DARE tell the truth anymore – Morrissey

The pro-Brexit musician launched a furious tirade on the political establishment claiming “nobody tells the truth about anything”.

He added: “If you tell the truth in England, you’ll lose your job”.

The former Smiths frontman claimed the UK was in a “state of cultural tragedy” as he tore in to Prime Minister Theresa May and opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The tide is turning I believe. Slowly but turning nonetheless.


Students study Mein Kampf in ‘unsafe space’ as ‘antidote to poison of political correctness’

A school notorious for inviting alt-right speaker Milo Yiannopoulos to speak has introduced a controversial new program called ‘unsafe space,’ where students will study Mein Kampf and learn that not all cultures, genders, and sexual orientations are equal.

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterbury, where Yiannopoulos was once a student, is causing another stir after creating the ‘unsafe space’ forum for sixth-form students. The program is described as the “antidote to the poison of political correctness” and will examine “the most beautifully disturbed and disturbing ideas, all of them presented without trigger warnings.”