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Conrad Black: The forces of America’s left were no match for Canadian intellect and English wit

The last Munk Debate, on May 18 in Toronto, was on the complicated question: “What you call political correctness I call progress,” thus inviting disagreement both on the meaning of the term “political correctness,” and on its merits, whatever its meaning is. The participants upholding the view that political correctness was progress were Michael Eric Dyson, an African-American professor of sociology (at Georgetown) and Baptist minister, and Michelle Goldberg, a columnist for The New York Times, the Daily Beast, and Slate. Opposing them were University of Toronto professor of psychology (and successor to the late mayor Rob Ford as the most famous Canadian in the world outside Canada) Jordan Peterson, and English comedian and actor Stephen Fry. It was as much an exercise in cultural anthropology as a debate of the merits of political correctness. Professor Peterson was the only contestant who seriously attempted to address the issue.


AGO renames Emily Carr painting to be more culturally sensitive

The painting depicts a colonial structure in an Indigenous setting, but it’s the name of the work that’s spurred a debate about how the art world should address reconciliation.

The Art Gallery of Ontario has renamed a painting by Canadian artist Emily Carr as part of a broader effort to eliminate culturally insensitive language from titles in its collection, a curator says.


12-year-old boy with autism arrested for brandishing imaginary rifle at Texas school

Amy Sims was not informed of the incident until her son was already in custody, FOX 26 reports. The mother states that because of her son’s condition, he does not understand that “make believe” gunplay on school grounds has become a sensitive matter.

But actual threats, like Parkland, are ignored and the police refuse to do their jobs.


How Freud birthed political correctness

From Spengler at PJ Media:

By 1897 Freud had concluded that all neurotics repressed memories of childhood molestation. The shameful witch trials of the 1980s that sent Kelly Michaels, the Amiraults, and many others to prison on fabricated child molestation charges marked a new summit of Freud’s influence. Tireless reporting by Dorothy Rabinowitz (reprised in her 2003 book, No Crueler Tyrannies) and others publicly discredited the theory of recovered childhood memory—but not before hundreds of lives were ruined and scores of communities traumatized.

Political correctness is a generalization of Freudian theory; it presumes that the waking consciousness of women as well as ethnic, racial, and sexual minorities consists of a minefield of traumatic memories. Public policy must prevent the triggering of these minds. Public institutions, starting with universities, must be converted into the functional equivalent of psychiatric hospitals and all communications censored to minimize trauma. More.

Reality check: Another factor to consider: In an era when unaccomplished people are needed less and less, due to automation and the digital revolution, the marketing of grievances, one’s own or others, becomes what the marketing of fish and wool was centuries ago. It’ll get worse.

See also: Constitutional scholar fears he would not like living in a police state Right. So? Progressivism always leads to a police state. The pace differs depending on what the system it overthrows was like. Subverting the United States is taking longer than subverting Tsarist Russia did.


Halifax councillors start group cultural sensitivity training, municipality mum on details

The vote came after a debate over what to do about complaints against councillors under their code of conduct. The complaints were against councillors Matt Whitman, David Hendsbee and Shawn Cleary.

Whitman used the word “Negroes” during a TV interview, Hendsbee made a series of insensitive comments about Indigenous people on the radio and then in emails exposed by the Coast, and Cleary used the F-word in a Twitter debate with Whitman.


UK Proposes Six Year Prison Sentences for Online Posts Against Religion, Transgender

The Sentencing Council for England and Wales has drafted changes to public order offences, including anyone perceived as targeting online a “protected characteristics” including “race; sex; disability; age; sexual orientation; religion or belief; pregnancy and maternity; and gender reassignment.”


Police Warned Over Legality of Gang Crime Database Because Majority of Entries are Black Males

Britain has been told to scrap its “racialised” war on youth violence after an investigation accused the nation of breaching human rights law with police use of an anti-gangs database featuring predominantly black, male suspects.


High school passes rule that everyone makes cheerleading squad, or no one does

After seeing this picture. I’m supporting the ‘no one does’ option.

The controversy began with cheerleading tryouts at Hanover Park High School in East Hanover, New Jersey, in April, some cuts were made.

When a parent complained about their child not being allowed on the team, the athletic director changed the policy to allow anyone who wants to be on the team to join. The school administration said that the change came due to an irregularity in the selection process.