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Jaspal Atwal says Trudeau govt lying about ‘rogue elements’ in India over dinner controversy

Jaspal Atwal, the man at the centre of a controversy that led to a chill in India-Canada ties, has accused the Justin Trudeau government of “lying” in framing him as an agent planted by “rogue elements” within the Indian establishment to embarrass the Canadian prime minister during his visit to India in February.


Homeless Junkie Killed Jumping In Front of Robot Car Carrying Trans Armed Robber is the most 2018 story ever

This is the driver who was behind the wheel of a self-driving Uber car when it hit and killed a pedestrian – in a mugshot taken when she was serving a felony sentence for attempted armed robbery.


Russian Election Results Are In: Experts Say MOST CORRUPT EVER, Even Outshines Soviet Era!

I’m getting early impressions from Eastern European Internet, but apparently the election fraud was completely over the top and has even left average Russian scratching their heads.

Obvious ballot box stuffing broadcast LIVE and streamed over the Internet, real ballots found in trash, all sorts of bad stuff.

Traditionalist – 76.6%
Communist – 11.7%
Liberal-Democrat – 5.6%
“USA-paid clown”* – 1.6%

*Not my words

A Podcast in English from Latvia. He’s hoppin’ mad.



O.J. Simpson Admits To Murders While Laughing Like A Maniac

Twelve years ago, publisher Judith Regan sat with acquitted murderer O.J. Simpson for a Fox-hosted interview about the 1994 murders of his then-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and local restaurant waiter Ron Goldman.

During the interview, Simpson basically provided a “hypothetical” account of what had happened during the murder — the same account that reportedly later formed the basis of his 2007 book, “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.”

Due to backlash, the interview wound up being scrapped. But fast forward to Sunday, when, for whatever reason, Fox finally aired it.


Meghan Marxist! – Why the American soon-to-be princess thrills the left

The wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry has no precedent in the history of the Royal family. How will a relatively ordinary person, albeit a celebrity, cope with the rigid etiquette and stifling sense of entitlement of the culture into which they are marrying? I’m referring, of course, to Harry. From the moment he becomes Ms Markle’s husband, he will be expected to observe a code of behaviour designed to trip up the newcomer.

I’m not kidding, alas.


Need a North Korean Missile? Call the Cairo Embassy

AK-47 Statue, a gift from NOKO to Egypt.

CAIRO — On an island in the Suez Canal, a towering AK-47 rifle, its muzzle and bayonet pointed skyward, symbolizes one of Egypt’s most enduring alliances. Decades ago, North Korea presented it to Egypt to commemorate the 1973 war against Israel, when North Korean pilots fought and died on the Egyptian side.

But now the statue has come to signify another aspect of Egypt’s ties to North Korea: a furtive trade in illegal weapons that has upset President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s otherwise cozy relationship with the United States, set off a painful cut in military aid and drawn unremitting scrutiny from United Nations inspectors.


Pro-separatist Sikh Canadians praise Trudeau, slam Indian government and PM Modi

Sikh Canadian pro-separatist figures are hailing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to India as a success, and slamming the Indian government for its supposedly frosty treatment of Trudeau during much of his visit.

Trudeau, who was due to arrive back in Ottawa on Sunday, spent much of his time in India dodging and scrambling to address allegations that his government has helped nurture Sikh extremists, unwittingly or otherwise.


Black Dominatrix Uses Her White Male Clients for ‘Emotional Reparations’

A dominatrix is using her career to transform how white men see Black women. In what she describes as an “emotional sense of reparations,” Mistress Velvet employs Black feminist theory to help push her mostly white, male clients from fetishizing Black women to having a deeper understanding.

The Domme’s relationship with her submissive subjects has had profound implications for her clients.

“I describe it as a form of reparations ― not in a systemic way like we’re getting land back, but definitely on an individual level, it provides me with an emotional sense of reparations,” she told The Huffington Post in a Tuesday, Feb. 13 article. “That’s because of the nature of the dynamic ― that [my clients] usually are white men, that they’re straight, and they’re usually pretty well-off to be able to sustain a relationship with a Domme.

“I started to think more about my relationship with them,” the Chicago PhD student continued. “A lot of them were asking questions. Some people were saying, ‘This is really impacting me in terms of how I think outside of our sessions.’ A client said he started to notice he would only hold the door open for Black women. One client started an organization for Black single mothers in the South Side of Chicago.”

Still, Mistress Velvet said she wants more of a drastic shift in her clients and “just allowing them to be submissive” doesn’t always do the job. That’s when she employs Black feminist theory from books like Audre Lorde’s “Sister Outsiders” and Patricia Hill Collins’ “Black Feminist Thought.” The chapter on controlling images is one Mistress Velvet definitely has the men read.

“Then, it’s moving from them simply fetishizing Black women, to realizing: This is a systemic issue I’m contributing to by the virtue of being a white man and being rich,” she said.

“In terms of unpacking their way of fetishizing Black women and stereotypes about Black women, I ask them, ‘Why do you want to be in my presence, why do you find me attractive?’” she added. “And sometimes they might say things that then remind me of stereotypes of Black women ― like a jezebel or something ― so I’ll have them read a piece about how what they said is related to this historic phenomenon about thinking about Black women. I say, ‘Here are its roots. Here’s why it’s problematic.’ That way, I can say, ‘You can idolize me, but we need to have it be done in a way that isn’t also problematic.’”