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Notre Dame to cover up murals depicting Christopher Columbus in the New World because they portray stereotypes of Native Americans and hide ‘the darker side of this story’

The University of Notre Dame will cover 19th century murals on campus that depict Christopher Columbus in America due to their stereotypical portrayal of Native Americans.

Notre Dame President Rev John Jenkins announced the news on Sunday, saying the murals’ depiction of Columbus as a ‘beneficent explorer and friend of the native peoples hides from view the darker side of this story’.

The decision comes more than 20 years after Native American students first fought for the removal of the murals, which were painted in the entrance of Notre Dame’s Main Building by Italian artist Luigi Gregori from 1882-1884.


Oxford college bans octopus from menu in bid to make disadvantaged students feel more ‘comfortable’… At the pagan witch orgy?

An Oxford college president has demanded that octopus is removed from the menu as part of a drive to make disadvantaged students feel more “comfortable”.

Baroness Jan Royall, head of Somerville, said she wants to “change the culture” of the college to make sure it is “welcoming for all”.

The Labour peer told how after receiving a complaint from a first-year student about an octopus terrine dish, she instructed Somerville’s catering staff to replace it with a less adventurous alternative.

Oxford University society holds ‘pagan witch orgy’-themed party at Airbnb mansion leaving elderly neighbours shocked

A notorious Oxford University society held a ‘pagan witch orgy’-themed party at an Airbnb mansion – shocking elderly neighbours.

Around 50 students partied at the rented house. Some revellers were semi-naked and dressed in fetish gear, while one wore a plastic horse’s head.


Watch: Radical University Professor Defends Using Anti-White Remarks

In a video provided to the college campus watchdog group ACT For America, a man identified as University of Georgia Professor Irami Osei-Frimpong is confronted by a student over racist comments the professor made on social media. Rather than deny he made the comments or apologize for the behavior, Osei-Frimpong defended his use of stereotypes to negatively describe white people.


Thoughtcrime and Punishment: A Year Of Shunning and Law Suits at a Canadian University

In late 2017, I found myself at the centre of a controversy at Wilfrid Laurier University, where I was an M.A. student and teaching assistant (TA) in the Communication Studies department. In the class for which I was serving as TA, I played part of a panel discussion that had aired on Ontario public television. As many readers will know, this material featured University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson making the argument against alternative gender pronoun usage, as well as Sexual Diversity educator Nicholas Matte’s arguments encouraging their use.


Oxford students call for professor’s removal over alleged not nice opinions

Students at Oxford University are demanding that a Catholic law professor be sacked for alleged homophobia.

Nearly 400 students have signed a petition calling for John Finnis to be removed from teaching, citing a “a long record of extremely discriminatory views against many groups of disadvantaged people” including the LGBT+ community.

…His Collected Essays, published in 2011, include an assertion from a paper published in 1994 that homosexuality is “never a valid, humanly acceptable choice and form of life”. It is “destructive of human character and relationships”, he wrote, because “it treats human sexual capacities in a way which is deeply hostile to the self-understanding of those members who are willing to commit themselves to real marriage”.

…Migration is another theme in his writing. In a paper published a decade ago, he wrote: “European states in the early 21st century move … into a trajectory of demographic and cultural decay … population transfer and replacement by a kind of reverse colonisation.” He warned of coming “ethnic and religious inter-communal miseries of hatred, bloodshed and political paralysis”.

Finnis, who converted to Catholicism in 1962, has advised the Vatican and mentored the conservative US judge, Neil Gorsuch, who Donald Trump appointed to the US supreme court in 2017.

Whoa, heterosexual, Catholic, white, that’s 3 strikes, interesting though that he was discussing the Great Replacement a decade ago.


Men Who Identify As Women Will Be Able To Attend This All-Female College, But It Doesn’t Go The Other Way Around

Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, updated its admissions policy to open it to students not born as girls, “but identify or live as women” as long as there is legal proof that the man is transitioning over to become a woman or is legally a woman. Those identifying as neither male nor female, known as binary students, will also be eligible to apply, according to the college’s revised admissions policy.


Writing is Racist

“This plenary will argue against the use of conventional standards in college courses that grade student writing by single standards. Inoue will discuss the ways that White language supremacy is perpetuated in college classrooms despite the better intentions of faculty, particularly through the practices of grading writing.”


How Academia’s Unhealthy Obsession With Diversity Creates Social Unrest

The idea that a section of academia is preparing for a soft coup within the West is not a new thesis. Recently, several articles and books have been written on this, including by Joy Pullmann, Michael Shermer, Peter Hitchens, Roger Kimball, and Victor Davis Hanson. Mac Donald’s book, however, is the first that provides case after case explaining how this is playing out, chronicling a cancer which has metastasized and spread across institutions and professions, from media, to think tanks, to activism, to campus censors, to government bureaucracy. It’s often easy to discard the idea of a “long march through the institutions” as a right-wing conspiracy theory, without evidence. Mac Donald provides the evidence in this book.


Measuring Left-Wing Authoritarianism in America

In January of 2017, when the political controversy over Donald Trump’s perplexing win over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 national election was at its peak, my professor began his political psychology course by asking the lecture hall the following: “How many of you wish Hillary had won the election?” The question was voluntary, yet nearly every hand in the room shot up. “Okay, and how many of you supported Trump winning the election?” The room was quiet as not a single hand was raised, followed by a few chuckles. “Next, how many of you feel that liberals are safe walking across campus expressing their political views?” Every hand once again went into the air. “And how many of you feel that conservatives are safe to walk around campus expressing their political views?” The room filled with laughter as nobody raised their hand.

While most thought little of the exercise, this was one of the most frightening experiences I’ve had throughout my academic career. Here was an entire lecture hall of young adults laughing at the recognition of political suppression at a university founded on the principles of free thought and discourse.


The Liberal Arts Weren’t Murdered — They Committed Suicide

The great culture wars on the campuses of the 1980s were largely lost by traditionalists. And the question then became not if but when the liberal arts would die off as a result. What is strange nearly 40 years later is that the apparent outrage over what was clearly foreordained is now becoming fact. What did academia expect, given its years of academic specialization and politicized indoctrination?


Colleges in Ontario develop free speech policy ahead of government deadline

TORONTO – Ontario’s colleges have developed a free speech policy ahead of a government deadline for post-secondary institutions to come up with one or face funding cuts.

The policy applies to all of the province’s 24 colleges, and defines freedom of expression as “the right to speak, write, listen, challenge and learn.”


Universities are setting targets to recruit more white male students after numbers fell so low they were classed as a ‘minority’ group

Universities are setting targets to recruit more white male students after numbers fell so low that they were classed as a minority group.

Aston and Essex universities have pledged to boost numbers in their latest ‘access plans’ submitted to the Office for Students (OfS), the higher education regulator.

Aston says it will focus its energies during 2019/20 on white males, black British students and women studying engineering and science-related subjects.