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Concordia University Disinvites Harvard Professor Harvey Mansfield Over His ̷C̷o̷n̷s̷e̷r̷v̷a̷t̷i̷v̷e̷ ̷ Normal Gender Views

Concordia University in Canada had invited Harvard University Professor Harvey Mansfield to give the spring commencement address for its Liberal Arts College. The college’s students study great books and Western thought, and Mansfield teaches these subjects, so one might think he was a good fit.

But then the university rescinded its invitation. Principal Mark Russell sent Mansfield a weaselly letter expressing regret that faculty and alumni “were unable to reach consensus as to what we wanted to achieve with this event.” Russell lamented that the selection committee “acted in good faith but rather precipitously” when it invited him in the first place.

This is clearly doublespeak…


The Left Officially Loses its Mind

This past Thursday night, Daily Wire writer Michael Knowles came to speak at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). A mob of thirty or so students and hangers-on heckled him, and one sprayed him with what proved to be a nontoxic substance. While the campus police wrestled the student to the ground, his or her or “hir” colleagues chanted the lethal and long since discredited mantra, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

For conservative speakers on college campuses, the disruption was business more or less as usual. What was not usual, at least not in this part of the world, was the “official” response. As quickly became clear, there are no “liberals” any more. Their young have cowed them here and elsewhere into a cringing, uncritical embrace of the progressive menu du jour.


Massachusetts Campus Police Chief on Leave After Liking Tweets by NRA, Trump

The new joint campus police chief for Mount Holyoke College and Smith College in Massachusetts has been placed on leave after his personal Twitter account sparked outrage among students. The police chief had allegedly “liked” tweets from the National Rifle Association and President Donald Trump, which caused students to question whether their campus community is “safe.”


Terrifying video on antisemitic conference at the University of North Carolina

Ami Horowitz, the investigatory filmmaker who often exposes campus madness, has produced a video that ought to terrify anyone familiar with the history of Weimar Germany. Then, as now, universities were among the leaders in whipping up Jew-hatred and actually persecuting Jews. One of the neglected aspects of the origins of the Holocaust is that the purge of Jews from Germany’s famous universities opened up new career possibilities for those faculty and students who remained once their institutions were Judenrein.


So Yale Law School endorses anti-religious bigotry now?

…One might expect an event with a successful Supreme Court advocate to be welcomed at an elite law school. But before the event had even taken place, more than 20 student organizations publicly condemned the event and speaker.

The problem? Waggoner’s orthodox Christian beliefs and a commitment to religious liberty. Parroting Southern Poverty Law Center talking points, protesters claimed she worked for a “homophobic, transphobic hate group.” Never mind that Alliance Defending Freedom has won nine Supreme Court cases in the past seven years.


The Horror! The Horror! Jordan Peterson said that the idea of white privilege is a “Marxist lie.”

Cambridge University withdraws visiting fellowship of academic who refuses to refer to transgender people by chosen pronouns

Cambridge University has rescinded its offer of a visiting fellowship to controversial academic Jordan Peterson, who refuses to refer to transgender people by their chosen pronouns, after outcry from faculty and students.

The Canadian psychologist, who has hundreds of thousands of fans, styles himself as the “professor against political correctness”, and has argued for enforced monogamy, and pushed the view that men are victims of gender discrimination.

He has also said that the idea of white privilege is a “Marxist lie.”

Not to be outdone by rival Cambridge Oxford ups the ante!

Oxford University hires staff to investigate college’s colonialism and British Empire links

An Oxford college is to investigate its connections to colonialism and the British Empire in the wake of the university’s Rhodes Must Fall movement.

St John’s College has posted a job advert on its website for a researcher to work on a project called St John’s and the Colonial Past.

The college said there were “compelling intellectual and ethical reasons for institutions of higher education to face up to the role they played in the British Empire.”


Spoiled Students Insist Uber-Left Sarah Lawrence Is Racist Because Tuition Is Expensive

The newly formed Diaspora Collection, a group of students, has taken over the main administrative building on the Sarah Lawrence College’s campus, the Dutch-inspired Westlands, and issued a list of demands. The students at this longtime deeply leftist institution allege that the college is racist, based on the college president’s backing of a professor who wrote that college administrations are politically far left and a huge list of other grievances.


Lecturer who came under fire for tweets about Islam & being fed-up marking essays about ‘oppression of women’ leaves role

One of his tweets said: “I know the media haven’t told us but I suspect these terror attacks were carried out by Muslims because of Islam.”

Another added: “Thank God all those papers going on about patriarchy and the oppression of women are out of the way for another year.”

Who can blame him?


Duke University professor removed over ‘Speak English’ email

A US university professor has been removed as director of a graduate programme, amid a furore over an email she sent urging students not to speak Chinese.

Megan Neely, an assistant professor at Duke University in North Carolina, said in an email to students that two unnamed faculty members of the biostatistics Masters programme had complained to her about students speaking Chinese in public areas in the department.

She said that not speaking English could lead to “unintended consequences” for international students.

She’s right. I have decided I hate them, back to communist China they go, even if they’re not from there. There’s some fault here, for the prof who sent a poorly worded email and the profs who suggested it but as some students themselves have pointed out the prof is not considered “racist.” As you read the article the university SJW’s backing her ouster will remind you more and more of participating in a Maoist “Struggle Session” during the cultural revolution.