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How Dare The New York Times Highlight Campus Insanity!

A New York Times columnist had the audacity to write about a college student declaring white DNA an abomination.

Frank Bruni, by all accounts a standard liberal, noted in a Sunday column how universities are increasingly promoting a disturbing animus for white people, taking as his inspiration a recent op-ed by a Texas State University student that garnered national attention.

“It used to be that when someone called me an abomination, I was in the presence of a homophobe,” Bruni began his Times column. “But a recent opinion column in Texas State University’s main newspaper damned me for a different reason. I’m abominable because I’m white.”


Profs see criticism of their far out views as “violence”

From Toni Airaksinen at Campus Reform:

A group of education professors recently claimed that Campus Reform “attacks” and commits “violence” against “faculty who represent historically marginalized groups.”

In the most recent issue of the Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 11 professors signed onto a joint statement condemning the “violence” perpetrated by news outlets that report on higher education, including The College Fix and Campus Reform.

“The attack on critical scholars within US universities has greatly accelerated with the election, statements, and actions of Donald Trump,” the professors write, later adding that “We know these attacks are only going to grow, and we know we cannot just be in a defensive mode.”More.

Reality check: Of course, to them it must seem like violence. They are not used to people who can defend themselves by reasonable argument, evidence, and moral suasion.

Let’s just hope they don’t plan to attack fellow profs or institute a reign of terror, such as happened at Evergreen State. On the other hand, if they do…

See also: Biology prof Bret Weinstein’s persecutors face sanctions from Evergreen State College


Leftworld: WLU’s Lindsay Shepherd’s stand against bullying just “white women’s tears”

From Uri Harris at Quillette:

It seems incredible that someone could listen to the recording of the meeting between Shepherd and the three faculty members and come away thinking that she was using ‘her white woman tears’ to bully Rambukkana. It seems far more plausible to me that she’s crying because she’s upset and intimidated by three superiors accusing her of transphobia and gender violence. Presumably, she would have responded similarly if Pimlott, a white man, had done most of the talking. Or for that matter, if she herself had been of colour.

Here are the relevant quotes in an article shared widely on social media that made these claims:

“Shepherd seems almost willfully blind to the ways by which speech acts, including the loaded history of white women tears, can indeed, incite physical and verbal violence. […] Others, myself included, who reached out to her to highlight the way in which historically rooted theatrics of white tears were mobilized to ultimately dismiss an untenured professor of colour, she dismissed and lampooned these allegations, questioning the basis of claims that she might be transphobic or racist. […] It’s true that Laurier did a rather poor job of handling all of this, but I do think they threw an untenured professor of colour under the bus to avoid media scrutiny. His only mistake was comparing Jordan Peterson to someone who committed genocide, when in reality, he is better compared to someone who denies genocide ever happened.”

Karl Marx based much of his work around a historical narrative, known as historical materialism. Critical Theory seems to rely on the same type of approach, explaining societal phenomena through historical narratives, in this case race and gender. And as with Marx’s narrative, they are far too simplistic to provide a good account.More.

Reality check: If history matters and the WLU Gestapo types remain unchecked, they will be in all of our lives.

Lots of useless people would go fulltime into snooping and bullying today if only more openings were created.

By the way, re the WLU-style “apologies”: Who wants their disgusting apologies? How about just being left alone to do a job?

Added, in response to a comment below suggesting that only violence would dislodge self-appointed Gestapos: No. Either the public is with them or against them. If with them, killing them would only make their opponents murderers in a lost cause. If the public is against them, let’s use the system to flush them all out.

I bet things aren’t going so well just now for WLU’s Gestapo Trio. That was the point of “White Women’s Tears” Girl’s awful whine above: “Others, myself included, who reached out to her to highlight the way in which historically rooted theatrics of white tears were mobilized to ultimately dismiss an untenured professor of colour, she dismissed and lampooned these allegations, questioning the basis of claims that she might be transphobic or racist.”

I hope Shepherd told WWTG to go straight to hell. Shepherd has grounds for a constructive dismissal lawsuit (think Bret Weinstein at Evergreen) if not worse. If white women are really the only ones to realize that fact, the obvious solution is for the others to smarten up. And if Gestapo One loses his job, well, either 1) he could smarten up too or else 2) he could look around and notice that other thug forces are still hiring. For now.

I’d advise him to smarten up.

See also: Lindsay Shepherd case commonplace; she was just the one who complained loudly The real problem is that our neighbours are sleepwalking toward the free thought clampdown throughout society once the U thugs graduate and need government jobs. If no opposition arises, Canada will soon be swedens all the way down.


Free Speech Activist Lindsay Shepherd Does Not Teach At The Same WLU That I Attended 1967-1971


Universities strive for ‘Christmas’-free campuses

As another Christmas quickly approaches, colleges across the country are issuing their annual guidelines on how to make the season as inclusive as possible.

At the University of California, Irvine, for instance, individual departments are encouraged to “focus on celebrating a special occasion, instead of a specific holiday,” suggesting that they have a “year-end celebration” or celebrate “seasonal themes such as fall, winter, or spring.”


Experts hope to deprogram your racist 5 year old

Kids as young as 5 show racial bias, research suggests

“”It’s still a racial bias, but it just gives us a little more information about the nature of that bias, which then can allow us to reflect a little bit on what an appropriate intervention might be or what might benefit kids if we’re just trying to increase a positive attitude toward a diverse group of kids in a classroom, for example.”

Note that only “racist” white children were subjected to this Quackery.


Link fixed.


‘Victims of Socialism’ event triggers Bernie-loving students

Members of the University at Buffalo’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter were recently blamed for vandalizing their own flyers, only for a liberal student to confess responsibility.

“Just 2 weeks until our speaker event! Some of our flyers were missing today, so we graciously replaced them for your convenience!,” YAF tweeted on November 20, accompanied by a picture showing numerous gaps where posters were removed.


GOLDSTEIN: Hypocrisy defines university safe space argument

When Canadian universities claim to strive to create “safe learning environments” for their students, they overlook the obvious.

That is, the seriousness with which they carry out this task often depends on the views of the students who feel unsafe.

And whether those views fit ideologically with the left-wing and politically correct attitudes that typically dominate among the faculty teaching in the humanities and social sciences.


Admin slams ‘homonormative whiteness’ of LGBTQ Centers

In an academic journal article published Monday, Assistant Director of LGBTQIA Programs & Services at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Jonathan T. Pryor argues that LGBTQ students feel marginalized on his campus, even in spaces designed to support them, such as Greek Life and the school’s LGBTQ Center.

Such students feel marginalized, Pryor says, because those institutions intrinsically perpetuate “homonormative whiteness” by “upholding power for White, Christian, able-bodied, and middle-class people.” [that’s the social justice target list, btw – ed]

Isn’t “homonormative” an oxymoron?


Brown University to allow students to ‘self-identify’ as persons of color

The policy comes as a result of complaints made by graduate students on the Graduate School advisory board that international and Asian American students are not treated as members of historically underrepresented groups by the university, according to The Brown Daily Herald.

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