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‘Queer Space’ course examines ‘bathhouses,’ ‘cruising grounds’

Tufts University is offering an experimental course this fall titled “Queer Space: Explorations in Art and Architecture” exploring how those concepts have shaped “queer understandings and experiences of space.”

According to the syllabus, students will “navigate spaces of queer world-building,” including “bathhouses,” “nightclubs,” and “cruising grounds.”


Liberal prof tries to ban book about Robert E. Lee’s horse

On March 9, the Washington and Lee University Bookstore and the Lee Chapel Museum Shop removed a book from their shelves after a Washington and Lee (W&L) professor accused the book of painting a sympathetic picture of the Confederate States of America and the Old South.

The book in question was a children’s book written about Robert E. Lee’s beloved companion and most trusted warhorse, Traveller.


“Woke” Evergreen U faces plunging enrollment

Must cut $6 million from budget. From Adam Sabes at Campus Reform

The cuts were outlined by President George Bridges in a May 8 memo to the Board of Trustees, and are accompanied by plans to raise various student fees by hundreds of dollars, The Olympian reported last week.

The announcement comes nearly a year after the college was rattled by riots following former professor Bret Weinstein’s decision to question the school’s “day of absence,” which involved asking white students to leave the grounds for a day of off-campus programming while students of color participated in on-campus workshops.

After besieging Weinstein in his classroom, student protesters proceeded to hold Bridges and several other administrators hostage in the president’s office, temporarily refusing even to let Bridges use the bathroom unless he agreed to adopt their demands for additional diversity-related initiatives.More.

Reality check: What kind of degree should the students who do this stuff get awarded? What kind of jobs should they look for?

By the way, the profs who taught the students to behave this way – are they safely ensconced somewhere, passively expecting a bailout from progressive governments? They may need that to survive.

See also: My comment as an alumna, for WLU Task Force on Freedom of Expression


At Quillette: Who will the Evergreen mob (targeted biology teacher recently) target next?


The Tenured Enemy in Our Midst

In 2007, I sat down for a brief interview with an FBI agent. While we sat in a coffee shop in Wilmington, North Carolina, I outlined the case against Professor Julio Pino of Kent State University. My accusations were serious but irrefutable: Julio Pino was an Islamic jihadist who was actively conspiring with other terrorists seeking to murder American troops and innocent civilians. The FBI eventually got Pino. Unfortunately, it took them eleven years during which Ohio taxpayers were forced to pay the salary of a man who was openly planning to wage war on his own country.


Reed Students Say Humanities 110 Should Not Include White or European Authors

Reedies Against Racism, a student group at Reed College, is demanding that the school’s Humanities 110 course remove all European texts and replace them with non-European reading materials as “reparations for Humanities 110’s history of erasing the histories of people of color, especially black people.”


Christie Blatchford: Wilfrid Laurier professor withdraws from free speech task force in protest

The only free speech stalwart on Wilfrid Laurier University’s free expression task force has temporarily resigned.

Liberal arts associate professor David Haskell stepped aside Thursday after learning that the university is demanding $5,473 for unspecified “security costs” for a Lindsay Shepherd-organized free-speech event.


Victory for free speech: UK Universities Minister bans student trend of censoring controversial speakers

Sam Gyimah, the universities minister

Student zealots will be banned from censoring controversial speakers on campuses following the first ministerial intervention on free speech in 30 years.

Sam Gyimah, the universities minister, has announced tough new guidance which will see institutions disciplined if they allow valid debates to be shut down.

He vowed to stamp out the ‘chilling’ trend of speakers being blocked from campuses simply because there is institutional hostility to unfashionable views.


Christie Blatchford: Nothing free about Wilfrid Laurier University’s free speech policy

In the space of mere weeks, Wilfrid Laurier University found a back door out of having to host a controversial speaker and thereby rendered toothless the “draft statement on freedom of expression” a university task force released on Monday.

In fairness, the draft statement is so filled with pro forma bows and nods to diversity, the marginalized and the “distress” that some individuals might feel if exposed to certain viewpoints, it is essentially meaningless anyway.


University requires viewpoint diversity group’s events to pass ‘health and safety’ review

A Canadian university that investigated a graduate student for showing a debate in classis now imposing “health and safety” requirements on her student club, requiring it to move its next event to a different university.

“As far as I know, no other clubs are subject to this review,” Lindsay Shepherd told The College Fix in an email, describing the “increasingly complicated” measures that Wilfrid Laurier University is taking to regulate the Laurier Society for Open Inquiry.


Judge rules Ohio State Title IX official can be personally liable for helping rape accuser lie

Natalie Spiert, not likely to smile much in future.

A year and a half after a federal judge let a due-process lawsuit continue against Ohio State University officials, one of them may face personal ruin for her decisions during a Title IX proceeding.

“A reasonable jury could find that Natalie Spiert,” sexual violence support coordinator and advocate for “Jane Roe” during the proceeding, “knew or should have known that Jane Roe lied or misled the disciplinary board” and did not correct the record, U.S. District Judge James Graham ruled Tuesday.


University of Southern California unveils “dismantle whiteness” mural

Students majoring in communications and journalism at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles are now being forced to walk beneath a giant anti-white billboard that was recently placed above the threshold to the building where their classes are held, according to shocking new reports.


Wave of Campus Race Hysteria Hits DePauw University

Things sure have changed on college campuses since I was a student. Back when I was a youngster, the craziest thing we ever did was take Pa’s Model T down to the malt shop and see how many of us could fit into the phone booth while shouting, “This is the bee’s knees! 23 skidoo!” But the young people of today have found a much better way to pass the time: Screaming about systemic racism and making ludicrous demands because somebody left graffiti in a public restroom.