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If you are a migrant fleeing war & persecution, why is it you decided to leave your wife and children behind?

Seven French mayors have written an open letter saying they are saturated with migrants, a record 100,000 of them claimed asylum in France in 2017, and in Germany, 90% of the surge in violent crime is attributable to young migrant men.


German police now advise people to walk in pairs after series of street robberies

Elderly women are the preferred targets of the robbers and they are advised not to fight back, but rather call for help. The police do not believe it’s a serial offender and says descriptions of the thieves differ. Strangely police have not given a profile of the possible perpetrators.


Brussels police officer says we are at war with immigrant youth

We constantly clash with young, lefty judges who believe that we are racists. The leftist anti-racist “don’t want to know” government policies are causing the extremely frustrated Brussels police to lose the street war. The police chiefs do not dare to take risks. They have no experience with enforcement of the law. They are supposed to be capable of leading a squad in a street war but are more likely to need a change of underwear when faced with a street battle situation.

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Violent asylum seeker jailed THREE times as he battled for ten years against deportation is awarded £4,000 compensation because he was ‘unlawfully’ held under curfew after he was released from jail

The award comes in the wake of a string of hearings since 2006 before immigration tribunals, the county court and the High Court and criminal courts.

Stick a fork in it, Britain’s done.


Immigrants Are A Huge Net Cost To Canadians

This article provides easy access to a powerful set of facts showing that immigrants are a net cost to Canadians rather than a net benefit.

These facts were researched and tabulated by Herbert Grubel, Professor of Economics (Emeritus), at Simon Fraser University, a rare critical thinker in academia who questions the economic merits of mass immigration. He understands well why so few are willing to speak out negatively about immigration, and why the academic establishment is packed with sheepish conformists.


Germany: Migrant crime is totally out of control in Berlin

Stabbings, robberies, sexual assaults and fights are frequent in the beautiful city that once separated Eastern and Western Europe. There’s also a large drugs market violently controlled by Arab clans who want to add parts of the city to their territory. This definitely has a relation with signals of developing no-go areas and parallel societies in several migrant suburbs. 


Domestic violence case against ‘culturally incompetent’ defendant dropped

A judge has ended efforts to reinstate a domestic-violence prosecution against Augustin Bahati, the Congolese refugee deemed culturally incompetent to stand trial earlier this year.

Circuit Court Judge Kimberly Chabot said she wouldn’t grant city prosecutors a do-over of the case and dismissed the misdemeanor charges against Bahati, 33: four counts of domestic violence and one of sexual assault.

Four counts of domestic violence and one of sexual assault are misdemeanor charges?! And if he’s ‘culturally incompetent’ then why is he living here?