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Violent asylum seeker jailed THREE times as he battled for ten years against deportation is awarded £4,000 compensation because he was ‘unlawfully’ held under curfew after he was released from jail

The award comes in the wake of a string of hearings since 2006 before immigration tribunals, the county court and the High Court and criminal courts.

Stick a fork in it, Britain’s done.


Immigrants Are A Huge Net Cost To Canadians

This article provides easy access to a powerful set of facts showing that immigrants are a net cost to Canadians rather than a net benefit.

These facts were researched and tabulated by Herbert Grubel, Professor of Economics (Emeritus), at Simon Fraser University, a rare critical thinker in academia who questions the economic merits of mass immigration. He understands well why so few are willing to speak out negatively about immigration, and why the academic establishment is packed with sheepish conformists.


Germany: Migrant crime is totally out of control in Berlin

Stabbings, robberies, sexual assaults and fights are frequent in the beautiful city that once separated Eastern and Western Europe. There’s also a large drugs market violently controlled by Arab clans who want to add parts of the city to their territory. This definitely has a relation with signals of developing no-go areas and parallel societies in several migrant suburbs. 


Domestic violence case against ‘culturally incompetent’ defendant dropped

A judge has ended efforts to reinstate a domestic-violence prosecution against Augustin Bahati, the Congolese refugee deemed culturally incompetent to stand trial earlier this year.

Circuit Court Judge Kimberly Chabot said she wouldn’t grant city prosecutors a do-over of the case and dismissed the misdemeanor charges against Bahati, 33: four counts of domestic violence and one of sexual assault.

Four counts of domestic violence and one of sexual assault are misdemeanor charges?! And if he’s ‘culturally incompetent’ then why is he living here?



German psychiatrist: “Migrants bring huge potential for violence and have different values. It’s a time bomb.”

On 18 September, German Public Broadcaster ZDF showed an interview by Peter Hahne. It posited the idea that Germany has been living in fear for quite some time and asks the questions:

“Is that right? Are we Germans fearful in our own country for violence, terrorism and war? Or is this mood promoted, exaggerated by the media? What is the truth about ‘German angst’?“


UK: Five foreign criminals a day are freed on to streets instead of being booted out

Five foreign criminals a day are being freed on to Britain’s streets instead of being booted out of the country, figures reveal.

Some 1,885 offenders – including sex attackers, killers, robbers and drug dealers – were released in the year to June after finishing their sentences.

The figure is up 10 per cent on the previous year, raising concerns that ministers are failing to get a grip on the problem.


ICE not alerted when sex assault suspect released from jail in 2016, official says

According to court documents filed in March 2017, Martinez has a history of illegal entry into the United States. He has been a transient in the Portland area for more than a year and has been deported 20 times.

You’d think after, oh, maybe by the tenth time he came back that someone would realize “This isn’t working.”


Red Cross to monitor Canada’s immigration detention centres

The federal government has signed a contract with the Canadian Red Cross for the monitoring of Canada’s immigration detention centres to ensure they comply with domestic and international standards, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced Thursday.

The two-year contract between the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the CRC will include regular visits throughout the year to detention facilities across Canada where immigration detainees are held, the government said.

“The government said”? Now that’s accountability!