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Victoria filmmakers face death threats for charging white males extra

The filmmakers behind a comedic web series in B.C. are facing fierce backlash after they tried to tackle economic disparity with ticket prices.

Organizers for the Victoria premiere of “Building the Room” used “justice pricing” when tickets went on sale last week, with white males being charged $20, while others paid $10.

Sid Mohammed, a spokesperson for the production, says organizers wanted to address the fact that white males tend to have more purchasing power than other demographics.

Frankly I suspect the promoter of cooking up publicity, this smacks of news created by the CBC for the CBC.


University President Apologizes For Hosting Black Students In Home With Cotton Decoration

Cotton – worse than Hitler.

A university president in Tennessee apologized Friday for hosting black students in his home, which displayed a cotton decoration.

Randy Lowry, president of Lipscomb University, apologized for showing centerpieces bearing cotton stalks while hosting black students at his home in an email sent to the school Friday and posted on Facebook.

“The content of the centerpieces was offensive, and I could have handled the situation with more sensitivity,” said Lowry. “I sincerely apologize for the discomfort, anger or disappointment we caused and solicit your forgiveness.”


Pumpkin Spice Lattes fund ‘white supremacy’ in Trump White House, according to feminist group

“Pumpkin spice just doesn’t taste as good when you add a shot of racism,” a feminist leader explained as the fall flavor began to pop up in coffee shops around the country. This is a shockingly weird claim, but it shouldn’t be surprising.

In an editorial published last month, we wrote about the Left’s effort to broaden the boundaries of concepts such as white supremacy and racism in a way that impugns the conduct of well-meaning people. Now, a feminist nonprofit is running a campaign to convince festive imbibers of Pumpkin Spice Lattes they’re unknowingly boosting the cause of white supremacy.


New York Magazine: White Audiences Must ‘Examine Their Racist Failings’

Relics of the past should be preserved, for the sake of history, art, and future generations. But the current frenzy to demand removal of (and in some cases actually violently destroy) Confederate monuments, and even American monuments threatens to erase large swaths of American history — noble and deplorable alike.

The arts are certainly not immune to the hysteria.


“Activist” suggests Quebec City is too racist for him to receive a fair trial

QUEBEC — A well-known left-wing activist suggested Wednesday he can’t be tried fairly in Quebec City because people there are too racist.

Jaggi Singh is facing a charge of obstructing justice after his arrest in connection with an Aug. 20 demonstration in the city.

He was also charged with impersonation after he jokingly identified himself to police as former NHL star Michel Goulet.

Leave our horrible country Jaggi, it’s best all round.


All-Female ‘Lord Of The Flies’ Provokes Fauxrage Over Implication Women Can Be Bad

Amid their male privilege, these Hollywood directors apparently forgot that a sizeable segment of the population has gone barking mad.

“Wouldn’t it be a good idea to write a story about some boys on an island showing how they would really behave, being boys and not little saints as they usually are in children’s books?”

That’s William Golding, author of “Lord of the Flies,” explaining his sudden inspiration to write his now-legendary book. This week, the world learned that two plucky Hollywood directors thought it would also be a good idea to remake Golding’s classic into a film starring an all-female cast.


Traveler’s checks: Innocent names under attack

From Victor Davis Hanson at Townhall:

Recently, there were progressive calls at the University of Southern California to rename the school’s mascot, the white Andalusian horse “Traveler.” Members of the left thought that the mute animal’s name too closely resembled the name “Traveller,” the favorite horse of Confederate general and sudden demon of 2017 Robert E. Lee. More.

Reality check: This furore cannot stop on its own. It feeds on itself and requires ever more victims. Who knew Lee’s horse was named Traveller until SJWs started screaming about it? People must either start saying no or acknowledge our new masters, with ever more unbalanced demands.

See also: ESPN loses money amid attack on hapless jock announcer Robert Lee… for now


Discarded Banana Peel Causes Racial Hysteria at Ole Miss

There is a raging controversy within the University of Mississippi’s Greek Life community regarding race relations and bananas.

A Greek Life leader accidentally sparked mass hysteria after he placed a banana peel on a tree in the woods — because he could not find a trash can.

The Daily Mississippian reports that three black students found the banana peel — and were apparently triggered by what they saw.


Not so Cool Runnings: 4 revellers who ‘blacked up’ to look like Jamaican bobsleigh team during carnival investigated by police for racism

Four carnival revellers who ‘blacked up’ to look like a Jamaican bobsleigh team are being investigated by police for racism.

The four men covered themselves in black bodypaint and Lycra bodysuits to dress up as characters from the 1993 cult comedy film Cool Runnings.

But the men who used a wooden bobsleigh sparked a police probe after complaints that their outfits in the street parade in Aberaeron, West Wales, were racist.


Memphis theater pulls Gone with the Wind after complaints that the Civil War classic is ‘racially insensitive’

‘Gone With The Wind’ has been pulled from a Memphis theater after patrons complained the 1939 Civil War classic is racially insensitive.

The Orpheum Theatre Group made the decision after patrons took issue with the screening of the movie starring Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara on August 11.


College Professor Wants to Limit Free Speech on Campus — for One Side

Earlier this week in the Washington Post, Skidmore College professor Jennifer Delton wrote an opinion piece in which she challenged university administrators to confront the notion of free speech on campuses because the alt-right engages in “weaponizing the concept of free speech.” She argues that conservatives on campus have led to the anger-tinged tactics of the alt-right, while ignoring the fact that the left has its share of violent actors who take free speech to its extreme just as often.

Oddly enough, Delton spends much of her piece patting the left on the back for weeding out communists from its ranks in the mid-2oth century by denying them the right to speak out and assemble.


The left’s fear of neo-Nazism has become a McCarthyite moral panic

The fascism delusion

To see how unhinged the fear of fascism has become, look no further than the 40,000-strong counter-protest against the far right in Boston on Saturday. In their thousands, placard-ready, primed for a fight, so-called progressives showed up to face down white supremacy and America’s resurgent Hitlerism that we’ve heard so much about since the Charlottesville disturbances on 12 August. They ‘turned out against white supremacy’, said Vice. But there were no white supremacists. Far less fascists. The Nazis who stalk the nightmares of ostensibly liberal columnists and leftists in search of a mission were not there, or anywhere. As one counter-protester asked a Boston Globe reporter: ‘Excuse me, where are the white supremacists?’


The pretentious scrubbing of Sir John A. Macdonald

Drunk, in heaven.

One of the many inconvenient truths about history is that a lot of crap happened that would not be tolerated today.

There is no question, for example, that John A. Macdonald, if looking through today’s prism, was a gin-swilling, racist and bigot who a 21st century progressive would tsk-tsk and leave to sleep it off alone in the gutter.


Canadian town refuses to remove swastikas from park

A Canadian town says it will not remove swastikas from a public park because it has historical significance.

The Nazi symbols adorn an anchor that was on display in Pointe-des-Cascades, Quebec.

Corey Fleischer, who goes around Montreal removing hateful graffiti, tried to paint over the swastikas.

But the mayor stopped him and had police remove him from the park, arguing the anchor is a part of local history.

Asshole dogooderism…