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‘VietPong’ beer pong team too ‘insensitive’ for UPenn frats

The University of Pennsylvania’s Interfraternity Council is adding a “diversity chair” to its executive committee in response to a fraternity member naming his beer pong team “VietPong.”

At a date night in February, a member of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and his date named their beer pong team “VietPong” and wore camouflage with war paint on their faces, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Canada’s Universities A Hotbed Of White Supremacist Trump Supporting Racist Homophobes Says CBC

‘The rose-coloured glasses are off’: Why experts, students suspect racism under-reported on campuses

So let’s see, one girl was upset about a Hip-Hop themed party where students imitated rappers or whatever they’re called and another girl was upset because students mocked her Halloween costume demands.

My God! It’s like Hitler’s Germany out there!

Your dating preference makes you a racist probably

Why black women and Asian men are at a disadvantage when it comes to online dating

This is basically a rehash of an article that’s been kicking around since 2014, I guess the Star couldn’t find any real racism again and decided to recycle this tripe.

I note the article seems to avoid mentioning the dating preferences of black males… Ooops this article suggests they may not be that keen of dating Black women.

The Exhaustion of American Liberalism

The recent flurry of marches, demonstrations and even riots, along with the Democratic Party’s spiteful reaction to the Trump presidency, exposes what modern liberalism has become: a politics shrouded in pathos. Unlike the civil-rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s, when protesters wore their Sunday best and carried themselves with heroic dignity, today’s liberal marches are marked by incoherence and downright lunacy—hats designed to evoke sexual organs, poems that scream in anger yet have no point to make, and an hysterical anti-Americanism.

All this suggests lostness, the end of something rather than the beginning. What is ending?

America, since the ’60s, has lived through what might be called an age of white guilt. We may still be in this age, but the Trump election suggests an exhaustion with the idea of white guilt, and with the drama of culpability, innocence and correctness in which it mires us.

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Illiberal, censorious and ugly: the modern left will drive you to drink

Once upon a time, the causes of tolerance and diversity meant throwing off the yoke of old prejudices and being open to new ideas and different opinions.

Nowadays, those who preach diversity have less in common with their progressive forebears than the puritans they used to pit themselves against.

The imbroglio surrounding the now infamous Bible Society video featuring a few close ups of Coopers Premium Light Beer exposes the ugly authoritarianism behind many who pay lip service to toleration while waving a rainbow flag.

Scholar: White people who acknowledge their white privilege actually show their white privilege

Admitting to white privilege actually builds up white privilege, a graduate student suggests in a scholarly article published in “Feminist Philosophy Quarterly.”

In the article, “Unhappy Confessions: The Temptation of Admitting to White Privilege,” author Claire Lockard argues that confessions of white privilege or racism are “pleasurable to enact but ultimately reinforce white people’s feelings of goodness and allow them to avoid addressing this racism.”

Deterrence and Human Nature

Deterrence is the strategy of persuading someone in advance not to do something, often by raising the likelihood of punishment.

But in the 21st century, we apparently think deterrence is Neanderthal and appeals to the worst aspects of our natures. The alternative view insists that innately nice people respond better to discussion and outreach.

History is largely the story of the tensions between, and the combination of, these two very different views of human nature — one tragic and one therapeutic.

Why Must Women Choose between Feminism and Zionism, but Not Other “Isms”?

On March 8, women abstained from work as part of the International Women’s Strike (IWS) – a grassroots feminist movement aimed at bringing attention “to the current social, legal, political, moral and verbal violence experienced by contemporary women at various latitudes.” But these positive goals were distorted by the inclusion of anti-Israel rhetoric in the platform of the IWS.

There are many countries and movements throughout the world that treat women as second-class citizens: Israel is not among them. Yet this platform singles out for condemnation only Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people. There is a word for applying a double standard to Jews. That word is anti-Semitism.

College tells students that saying ‘homosexual’ is offensive

Emerson College now considers the term “homosexual” to be an offensive reference to gay or lesbian people, deeming only the latter two terms sufficiently inclusive.

According to a series of “Guidelines for Inclusive Language” published on the Boston school’s website, students should “avoid the use of homosexual and homosexual relationship” and rather “use gay or lesbian when describing people who are attracted to members of the same sex.”

WTF? The BBC pundit’s children video is NOT FUNNY. It’s patriarchy in a nutshell

“Hello, it’s me! I’m the Media Mole’s killjoy spinster aunt, and I am here to disagree with my nibling and drop hot feminist takes all over your internet. Just call me Millie Tant. Moley Tant. Whatever. We’ll workshop it.

Today, the internet has been on fire with hilarity over this video of a BBC pundit being interrupted, first, by a toddler. Then a baby in a wheeler. Then a woman desperately trying to retrieve both so that the pundit can get on with delivering his take about North Korea.”

Trigglypuffed? Carleton University removed scale from gym so SJW’s wouldn’t be offended

Carleton University is feeling the burn from students on social media for removing a weight scale from its gym to promote a more holistic approach to a healthy body image.

The recent move isn’t sitting well with several students who are accusing the school of kowtowing to a small group of gym users who are easily offended.

“Next it will be the mirrors. #bringbackthescale,” wrote one Carleton student on Facebook, while another said online, “Are you for real, Carleton? What a sick joke.”

The Dangerous Safety of College

Social Justice Warrior Students

The moral of the recent melee at Middlebury College, where students shouted down and chased away a controversial social scientist, isn’t just about free speech, though that’s the rubric under which the ugly incident has been tucked. It’s about emotional coddling. It’s about intellectual impoverishment.

Somewhere along the way, those young men and women — our future leaders, perhaps — got the idea that they should be able to purge their world of perspectives offensive to them. They came to believe that it’s morally dignified and politically constructive to scream rather than to reason, to hurl slurs in place of arguments.

They have been done a terrible disservice. All of us have, and we need to reacquaint ourselves with what education really means and what colleges do and don’t owe their charges.

When even the New York Times thinks the batshit crazy SJW’s are batshit crazy…

‘Day Without Women’ Was A Bit Of A Bust. Here Were Its Worst Misfires

Striking from smiling, hurting the poor, and suppressing male authors were some of the genius ideas of ‘Day Without Women’ activists.

Despite the tremendous amount of free marketing for the day provided by media outlets, and the major funds devoted to the effort, the day was a bit of a bust. A “day without women” turned out to mostly be like every other day, with a few notable exceptions.

Let’s look at a few of the mis-steps organizers and other activists took.

Obama’s Snowflakes

As President Trump focuses on jobs, Barack Obama’s oddness as a President is thrown into relief. How little we heard about jobs during Obama’s two terms — not even jobs in the inner city. We did hear a great deal about racism and sexism and homophobia on college campuses. On college campuses?

The media created the impression that Obama didn’t do much as president besides fundraise and play golf. He was actually both busy and effective in radicalizing his chosen identity groups.

Sounds awfully like that idiot in Ottawa.