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Foreigners start petition demanding GoFundMe drops fundraiser for Gerald Stanley’s family

An international advocacy group says it has collected thousands of names in a campaign calling for GoFundMe to remove a page that’s raising funds for Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley’s family.

The online petition launched by the group SumOfUs says the crowdfunding website is profiting from the death of Colten Boushie, an Indigenous man who died on Stanley’s farm in 2016.

A jury acquitted Stanley of second-degree murder in Boushie’s death earlier this month and a GoFundMe campaign to assist Stanley’s family has raised more than $200,000.


Making Laws Against Hurt Feelings

We live in an age of ideological self-awareness, a world of identity politics and human rights activism, where those among us with any common characteristic or condition, or particular cause or opinion, can coalesce into active pressure groups each demanding recognition of its perceived “cotton wool” rights


Don’t Feel Sorry for Cathy Newman, She Deserves the Mockery

…Cathy Newman was outclassed, outsmarted, and overpowered by a polite, soft-spoken Canadian who answered every acid-laden question she threw at him and was still respectful to her. It becomes clear to even the most sympathetic viewer that the whole interview was a set-up from early on as she tried — more than once — to trick him into saying something “bigoted” or hateful so Peterson would able to be labeled as at best a fool at worst a far-right bigot. Thankfully Jordan with his politeness and straight-talking not only destroyed her arguments but made it so that the interview backfired on her. So much so that the brilliant English conservative journalist Douglas Murray said she should take out a super-injunction on the video.

Related… Scott Adams on the Cognitive Dissonance of Cathy Newman


Cornell student says Fox appearance led to campus harassment

Last year Cornell University undergraduate Neetu Chandak appeared on “Fox and Friends” to share her objection to a course description that seemed overly critical of President Donald Trump while glorifying former President Barack Obama.

Now, in an essay in The College Fix, Chandak says her remarks on Fox expressing concerns about liberal bias at the college and the explicit agenda of the course led to threats on her life and such constant harassment that she sought therapy and was afraid to leave her apartment.


Genius Professor Blames Asian Students Desire To Hang Out With Other Asians On White Racism

While international students responded that self-segregation was a “preference,” Kwon was troubled by the notion, casting doubt over whether their choices are based on “past historical injustices” and “contemporary racism under normative whiteness.”

In other words, Kwon’s theory suggests that “normative whiteness” in America actually causes Asian students to self-segregate. For instance, when a student named Sam expressed an “inability to make friends beyond his fellow circle of Asian Americans,” Kwon observed that he didn’t stop to consider that this issue is caused by “forms of racial discrimination.”

The fact that international Asian students didn’t see self-segregation as a problem was troubling for Kwon, who argued that their passivity can serve to “reinforce colorblind racism.”

Maybe they could make white students wear these Made in Hong Kong glasses to coax the Asian kids to hang out with them!


London, Ont., police officer ‘forever remorseful’ for wearing blackface costume 10 years before she became a cop

Anti-racism experts are raising eyebrows after a rookie London police officer whose photograph in blackface surfaced online said she wants to become “an ambassador of change” within the force.

Const. Katrina Aarts, who wrote in a letter of apology that she’s “forever remorseful” for the costume she donned before a 2006 Halloween party — more than a decade before she joined the force — won’t face punishment for her actions, which London police Chief John Pare on Thursday deemed racist and unacceptable.


Collision with Reality: What Depth Psychology Can Tell us About Victimhood Culture

When Carl Jung was a 12-year-old schoolboy, he was shoved to the ground by another child, hitting his head on the pavement, and nearly losing consciousness. Instantly, he grasped the opportunities created by this attack.

At the moment I felt the blow, the thought flashed through my mind: “Now you won’t have to go to school anymore.” I was only half unconscious, but I remained lying there a few moments longer than was strictly necessary, chiefly in order to avenge myself on my assailant….

From this point forward, Jung began having fainting spells whenever he returned to class or attempted homework. For six months, he did not attend school. His worried parents consulted doctors, and sent him away to convalesce. Jung described this period as “a picnic.” Beneath the his giddiness, however, he sensed something was amiss.


Pronouns professor Jordan Peterson on the Lindsay Shepherd affair

The apology to Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd does not mean free speech is now flourishing in post-secondary institutions, outspoken Professor Jordan Peterson says.

The University of Toronto psychology professor, whose opinions on gender neutral pronouns provoked a fierce debate about social justice and free speech in universities, says the legislative framework that sparked the Shepherd affair remains in place.


‘Snowflake students’ get University to apologize for calling snow white

University College London was forced to apologize after a “dreaming of a white campus” tweet was deemed racist by “snowflake students.” The tweet had been intended to let students know the campus was still open as some parts of Britain remained covered by 13 inches of snow.

The tweet said: “Dreaming of a white campus? Our campuses will be open and operating fully today, Monday 11 December, so please make your way in as planned. (We can’t guarantee snow but we’ll try!) #snowday #londonsnow.”

One twitter user replied: “You know who else dreamt of a white campus? Hitler, that’s who. Disgusting.” Kumail Jaffer, a PPE student at Warwick University urged UCL to “retract and apologize.” He added that if anyone does not understand why the comment is offensive, they should “look into the history of the oppression of the PoC [People of Color],” according to the Telegraph.


Experts hope to deprogram your racist 5 year old

Kids as young as 5 show racial bias, research suggests

“”It’s still a racial bias, but it just gives us a little more information about the nature of that bias, which then can allow us to reflect a little bit on what an appropriate intervention might be or what might benefit kids if we’re just trying to increase a positive attitude toward a diverse group of kids in a classroom, for example.”

Note that only “racist” white children were subjected to this Quackery.


Link fixed.


Don’t call us snowflakes – it damages our mental health, say young people

Being called a “snowflake” is damaging to mental health, young people say. Figures show that the majority of young people think the term is unfair – and even more think it could have a negative effect of its own.

The “snowflake generation” is a disparaging term now commonly used to refer to young people, who are perceived to be over-sensitive and intolerant of disagreement.


Get yer kids that BB Gun this Christmas… SJWs Want Us All to Read Nonexistent Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia into ‘Rudolph’

On Saturday, Huffpost published a hit job on a 53-year-old movie, based on nothing more than unthinking animus (a.k.a. “bigotry”) toward a popular children’s tale. Huffpost accused the film of racism, sexism, homophobia, and every sort of bigotry — not realizing that the movie actually condemns these attitudes toward “misfits.”