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To Fight Patriarchy, Female Cornell Student Presents Thesis in Her Underwear

A female student at Cornell University stripped down to her underwear—twice—before presenting her senior thesis to professors and other students.

The student was attempting to strike a blow against the patriarchy, repudiating her media arts professor’s advice to dress up for the presentation. Yet I can’t help but wonder: On what planet is this not a violation of Title IX, the federal anti-harassment statute that so many college administrators cite when cracking down on problematic, sexually charged behavior?


Your Culture is My Underpants

Your culture is my underpants.

I mention this because, earlier this week, a young lady named Keziah Daum tweeted a picture of herself in a Chinese-style prom dress. In the picture, Keziah was standing with her date. She looked absolutely adorable in the pretty dress and her date was obviously wondering how he got so lucky. It was a photo to inspire a smile in anyone who feels pleasure at the sight of youth, beauty, life, love, joy or the harmless delights of just being human.


Actress Sierra Boggess quits BBC Prom’s ‘West Side Story’ amid complaints of ‘whitewashing’

Broadway star Sierra Boggess has withdrawn from a BBC Proms production of ‘West Side Story’ amid claims of “whitewashing.”

The caucasian American actress was supposed to play the main character of Maria, a young Puerto Rican woman. The musical – based on Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet – is set to be a centerpiece of this summer’s BBC Prom.

See also – Daily Mail’s Quentin Letts accused of ‘racist attitude’ in theatre review

And… Term of Affection? Ethnic Slur? Theater Union Decides That ‘Gypsy’ Must Go.


The ‘Factual Feminist’ Takes On The Ridiculous Notion That Speech Is Violence

On April 13, the American Enterprise Institute uploaded a new episode of the “Factual Feminist” with Christina Hoff Sommers. In this installment, Sommers talks about campus free speech, specifically as it relates to her recent lecture at a law school during which she was shouted down by hecklers.

In the video, Sommers makes a salient point about our culture increasingly equating speech with violence.


Women’s March Leaders Slam ADL, Call Group ‘Islamophobic,’ Anti-Minority

Leaders of the progressive Women’s March movement slammed the Anti-Defamation League on Tuesday as an organization that “constantly” attacks minorities of color around the world after Starbucks announced that it enlisted the civil-rights group to lead sensitivity training for its employees.


Give me a vente of “lovin it when they eat their own”

Women’s March Leader: Boycott Starbucks Over Partnership With Jewish Group

Tamika Mallory, well known Women’s March Harpy and Louis Farrakhan aficionado has unleashed her hate on the ADL, the Jewish Anti-Defamation league.

Why? Because the ADL hates blacks! That’s what Tamara says and given her mentor-ship by the Reverend Farrakhan who are we to question her expertise?

Even worse, Starbucks has recruited the ADL to assist in their employee race indoctrination training which apparently is designed to teach baristas how to properly talk to Black people in a non cis-gendered white privileged plantation owner manner.

But the ADL hates blacks so watch out Starbucks, you’re about to be caught in an intersectional crossfire.

And I’m lovin it, a cat fight between the wretched racist Tamika, the woke Starbucks and the left-wing propaganda organ called the ADL.

Think I’ll have a biscotti with that coffee .


The Left Loses It Over Two Black Men Arrested in Starbucks

Lately it’s become amusing to watch the left hold itself up to impossible, ridiculous standards. This time they are calling for a boycott of Starbucks over the arrest of two young black men who were hanging out in the coffee shop without ordering anything. They were reportedly waiting for a friend to show up for a meeting. When police asked them to leave, they refused, so the police arrested them. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who is black, defended his officers, saying the pair were asked three times by police to leave. 

Starbucks tries to be the most Woke of corporations yet during every liberal-left street riot their stores are singled out for vandalism. You’d think they’d learn.


Democrat Says More Black Facebook Employees Would Have Stopped Russian Trolls

The exalted wizard of Silicon Valley and controller of what has become a freaking veritable Death Star that is just ticking down the days until advanced Artificial Intelligence programs can like Skynet, become self-aware and police the nebulous “hate speech” has been harassed by racist Democrats who are in the process of hijacking the whole, shitting shebang for their own racial grievances.

Sheer poetry. You’d think Kathy Shaidle had written that sentence.


Police force severs all ties with its own male voice choir because it does not promote gender equality

Gender criminals.

A police force has severed all ties with its own male voice choir because it doesn’t promote gender equality.

Since 1956 The Derbyshire Constabulary Male Voice Choir has performed at events across the country raising hundreds of thousands for charity.

But they have found they are no longer singing from the same hymn sheet as the force’s Chief Constable Peter Goodman says he can no ‘no longer support’ the organisation

Now that’s Crazy.


A distinguished law professor is publicly shamed for pointing out truths about race preferences.

Deep-Freezing the Truth at Penn

The diversity imperative demands dissimulation and evasion. The academic-achievement gap, the behavioral differences that produce socioeconomic disparities, and the ubiquity of racial preferences must all be suppressed in public discourse, since they undercut the narrative that white racism is the driving force in American society. This dissimulation was on display last week at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, when Dean Ted Ruger announced that law professor Amy Wax would no longer teach mandatory first-year law courses at the school. In a memo announcing his decision, Ruger accused Wax of “conscious indifference” to truth. It is Ruger, however, who has distorted facts.