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Inmates across the country will go on strike by refusing to eat and work to protest ‘prison slavery’ and poor conditions

Prison inmates across the country are preparing to go on strike by refusing to eat or work, as a way to protest what they call ‘prison slavery’ and poor conditions.

Though the extent of the planned strike is not known, prisoners in at least 17 states say they will be taking part in coordinated action, which will begin on Tuesday and last through September 9.

Organizers say the strike is partly in response to the April riot in South Carolina’s Lee Correctional Institution, where seven inmates were killed by other prisoners when gang tensions boiled over.


BULLETS AND BLOODSHED: Smoke and mirrors won’t stop gangs and guns

…In fact, only about 20% of the crime guns seized last year were domestically sourced and less than 9% of all the firearms seized in 2017 were sourced to Canada.

The misleading 50% figure is based on the total number of traceable “crime guns” seized by cops between 2014 and 2017, which on average accounted for 31% of all firearms seized.


Germany – Offenburg Doctor Killed In Front Of Daughter (10) By Somali Asylum Seeker (26)

The police arrested a suspect after the murder of a doctor in his medical practice in the German city of Offenburg in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg. The suspected killer, an asylum seeker (26) from Somalia, probably took the life of the doctor around 8.45 am, fled afterwards on foot and could be caught a good hour after a massive police action in the area.


Was Las Vegas Itself the Motive?

Pathological gambling shouldn’t be ruled out as a contributing cause of last year’s mass-shooting massacre.

Las Vegas police can’t figure it out. Their ten-month review of the life and habits of gunman Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people when he sprayed bullets on an outdoor concert last summer, does not suggest a motive, they say. Could it be that the motive lies in the industry that is the city’s reason for being? Paddock’s high-stakes gambling habit had cost him some $1.5 million over the two years before his rampage, according to the police report.


Chicago police under fire after ‘bait truck’ used to lure thieves

Video posted on social media last week showed residents confronting police officers about a white unmarked truck.

You entrapped me!

Activists say it was filled with designer shoes and left partially open to entrap groups of young people.

But the police say the truck was used to target thieves who had been breaking into freight containers at a rail yard.

“At the end of the day, just because it’s out there and it’s not yours, that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to take it,” police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said at a news conference on Thursday.


Chicago’s Gun Violence Is So Bad That Parents Resort To “Hiding” Their Children

Gang violence and crime in the Windy City have not gone away under Rahm Emanuel’s leadership, though some progress has been made in specific categories of crime. Still, the endemic problems are enough to have altered the lives of many of Chicago’s residents, seemingly in a permanent fashion. The local CBS outlet looked at the effect this has had on some families and discovered some truly heartbreaking stories. In Lawndale, on the City’s west side, some parents report that they’ve become so desperate that they’ve taken to “hiding their children” rather than risking their being injured or killed in the act of simply playing or enjoying a normal childhood.


LEVY: Mayor and council helped create crime mess in Toronto

Nine hours after he’d made his predictably weak-kneed virtue-signaling statement to council on Sunday’s tragic Danforth Ave. shooting, Mayor John Tory had not deviated from his ban-the-illegal-handgun message as the root of gun violence in Toronto.

The Danforth shooting is about Islam and the cost of importing Islam to this country.