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Money laundering inquiry will also expose problems in our immigration system

B.C.’s forthcoming public inquiry into money laundering is not intended to be any sort of examination or exposé of our immigration system, but it seems inevitable that there will be some overlap.

The inquiry was officially announced on Wednesday and is aimed at getting to the bottom of the scope of the money laundering problem and how it has affected the housing market, the luxury car market and casinos. The problem is clearly an enormous one; a report done for the B.C. government estimates that a whopping $5 billion last year alone was laundered through real estate.

Justin loves his China money. Nothing will come of this under his “watch.”


The Alleged Serial Killer You May Not Have Heard Of Yet, And The Media’s Astonishing Bias

Billy Chemirmir Illegal Alien Kenyan Serial Killer

Imagine if a Trump-supporting white man stood accused of committing one of the nation’s most prolific and disturbing serial killing sprees against, say, 12 elderly black females. Let’s say authorities claimed this Trump-supporting white man forcibly entered the homes of his victims, one at a time over a period of several years, then used a gun to kill them before leaving their lifeless bodies lying there for their families, friends, or neighbors to find.

Do you think there’s at least a remote possibility you might have heard about such a crime?


German police baffled by mysterious crossbow deaths

Police in Germany have admitted they are baffled by the mysterious deaths of five people at opposite ends of the country, three of whom died of crossbow injuries.

The first bodies were found at the weekend in a guest-house room in the Bavarian city of Passau. A man and a woman lay dead on the bed, while the body of a second woman was on the floor beside them.

All three were killed by crossbow bolts. Three crossbows were found in the room, two of which had been fired. Initial suspicions were that it was a suicide pact.


WARMINGTON: Killer doc stole their mom, left his three kids a single penny


Turns out slayer surgeon Dr. Mohammed Shamji didn’t leave his children penniless.

The Toronto Sun has learned a bank account under the Shamji name was opened for them.

In the wake of his recent conviction for killing their 40-year-old mother Dr. Elana Fric on Dec. 1, 2016, the concerned grandmother of the couple’s three kids wondered, with no mother and a father serving a life sentence in prison, what would the future look like for them?

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Redefining Success in Chicago

Outgoing mayor Rahm Emanuel presents his city as a leader in police reform and crime reduction by comparing it with . . . Baltimore.

Earlier this week, outgoing Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, took to the New York Times to tout the Windy City’s approach to police reform and crime reduction. The timing and tone of the mayor’s article are odd, to say the least. Emanuel seems to be trying to reposition himself as a thought-leader among mayors when it comes to crimefighting, but even a cursory look at the numbers indicate that his city is no model.

To hear Emanuel tell it, Chicago is leading the way on both police reform and crime reduction.


Billions in Dirty Cash Helped Fuel Vancouver’s Housing Boom

Vancouver penthouses, ski chalets at Whistler, and holiday retreats in the Gulf Islands are among the thousands of properties identified in a dirty money probe that estimates more than C$7 billion ($5 billion) was laundered through the western Canadian province of British Columbia last year.

The startling findings from two reports released by the provincial government Thursday illustrate how a torrent of suspicious cash has fueled casinos, luxury car sales and real estate in the Pacific Coast region.


Money laundering funded $5.3B in B.C. real estate purchases in 2018, report reveals

An estimated $5.3 billion worth of real estate transactions in B.C. last year were the result of money laundering, helping to fuel the province’s skyrocketing housing prices, according to a new report.

An expert panel on dirty money in the overall real-estate market estimates that five per cent of the value of 2018 purchases were for laundering purposes, contributing to about a five per cent rise in housing prices.

The effect could be more significant in certain markets, including Metro Vancouver, according to the panel, which was commissioned by the provincial government.

There’s a reason it has been allowed to flourish in Canada. Justin wouldn’t dare upsetting his Chinese donors in an election year.


Portraits of Despair in Chicago: The impact of urban violence on its survivors is incalculable.

Chicago has become an international byword for violence. Since 1990, murders in the city have claimed more American lives than the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined—and most go unsolved. Yet sensationalistic reporting tends to treat Chicago’s violence as a remote spectacle, like wars in distant countries. Local media, like now-closed DNAInfo, sometimes look closely at the communities affected by violence, but national and global coverage has often been lacking.

Alex Kotlowitz, author of the 1992 bestseller about Chicago’s housing projects, There Are No Children Here, reexamines the city a generation later in his new work, An American Summer. Kotlowitz spent the summer of 2013 reporting on the lives of those affected by Chicago’s rampant violence. Though its key events took place several years ago, the book feels fresh, as though it were describing recent events.


Colorado teen shooters lawyers asked that the pronoun “he” be used for their client.

Maya McKinney, second Colorado shooting suspect, identifies as male named Alec

The second suspect in the Colorado school shooting was listed in court records as 16-year-old female, but identifies as a male and prefers to be called Alec.

McKinney was shackled at the wrists and ankles Wednesday when he appeared in court and responded to the judge’s questions in a clear but quiet voice, saying, “Yes, your honor,” and, “No, your honor.” His mother sat at his side.

The teen’s lawyers asked that the pronoun “he” be used for their client.

What a bitch.


Suspect ordered deported shown in video of execution-styling killing

Here’s the chilling moment an ex-con immigrant pulled the trigger in an execution-style slaying in Miami, police say.

David Paneque, 29, of Cuba — who was under order to be deported — was charged Wednesday in the murder of pal Leandro Lopez on March 24 inside a Florida parking garage, the Miami Herald reported.

Police released surveillance footage Friday showing Paneque allegedly ambush his friend as he was trying to get into his car. The suspect shot Lopez multiple times, then stole from him as he was lying on the ground, authorities said.


Sherman murder case: Police have working theory and ‘an idea of what happened’

The Toronto Police homicide squad has a working theory in the Barry and Honey Sherman murder case and detectives have “an idea of what happened,” one of the lead investigators told a court Wednesday.

It’s the first public indication in the 16 months since the billionaire Apotex founder and his wife were strangled that the police are getting somewhere. The detective also told an Ontario Court of Justice hearing that within a week police are expecting a “high volume” of electronic records they have been trying to obtain since January, and that at least one person they want to interview has refused to speak to police. Others they want to speak to may have left the country or simply cannot be located, the investigator told court.


Police officers following orders to ‘tactically ram’ moped thieves could face criminal charges

Five police officers are reportedly facing criminal charges for ramming thieves off their mopeds under new policing tactics signed off by Scotland Yard.

The controversial move, introduced in 2017, sees officers using their vehicles to stop dangerous chases and arrest suspects.

Scotland Yard signed off on ‘tactical ramming’ after a surge in the use of mopeds in violent robberies and muggings.