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GORDON: Refugee claimants staying at North York’s Radisson Hotel Toronto East have been told to not speak to journalists

“You know we have a lot of obligations to — before we get into this place they told us not to go for an interview, not talking to anybody,” says a Bangladeshi man staying at the hotel for the past four months after crossing illegally into Canada at Roxham Rd. and filing a refugee claim.


U.N. Agency Says Countries Must Take Anyone Claiming to Be a Refugee

Migrants in the first large caravan, who are hoping for a payday in the United States, are demanding “safe and dignified transport” to the United States. Some are returning home, others are seeking refuge in Mexico, but there are endless streams of young men not turning back.

It’s not just caravans any longer, it’s an endless stream of large groups.

The U.N., a worthless institution of dictators, says countries must allow people at risk to request asylum.


WARMINGTON: Facts don’t seem to matter in North York hotel fire story

There are still more questions than answers when it comes to the investigation into a suspected arson fire at a North York hotel two weeks ago.

But one thing Toronto Police want to make clear about investigation into the Oct. 2 fire on the third floor at the Radisson Hotel Toronto East at Victoria Park Ave. and Hwy. 401 is there is no evidence it was an attack on refugees staying there — a notion some have irresponsibly been floating and reporting.


Good Intentions, a Little Girl’s Murder and the Refugee Road to Hell

St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church is, in its own words, an “affirming church” with “diverse” members and a “progressive” faith. The Vancouver church is also very focused on bringing refugees to Canada.

Despite being in Canada, when Trump won the election, Pastor Dan Chambers compared it to 9/11. In another post, quoting Yoda, he claimed that Americans are “fueled” by “fear of Muslims”.

But it isn’t Americans, or Caucasians, the targets of Chambers’ rant who are protesting these days. It’s the Asian immigrants protesting the murder of one of the daughters of their community by one of Pastor Dan’s Syrian refugees.