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Refugees in Germany demand everything, contribute nothing

Asylum, thought of as a temporary tool to ensure the safety of people until a threat is no longer prevalent, is no longer what it used to be. Simply being safe, fed and having a roof provided over your head isn’t enough anymore. Refugees are making many demands and claims, which are hardly reasonable if not laughable to a sane person.


Ahmed Hussen, federal immigration minister, criticizes Ontario Tories’ language on asylum seekers


Ahmed Hussen, the federal minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, told a news conference today in Halifax that he’s “very concerned” by the comments made by Ford and Lisa MacLeod, the provincial cabinet minister responsible for immigration.


Canada tracking Trump’s border crackdown to see if U.S. remains safe for asylum seekers

Global outrage is growing over Trump’s hardline approach to people crossing illegally into the U.S. from Mexico — a policy that puts adults through the criminal justice system while sending their children to detention camps. The Trump administration also has eliminated the option of citing a risk of domestic or gang violence as grounds to seek protection.


Germany: Ramadan Fasting Triggers Migrant Riot in Dresden

These people “gathered and attacked officers by throwing lit cigarettes, then kicking and beating them,” Dresden police said. The fight took place in the courtyard of a refugee shelter with asylum seekers using “knifes, chairs and fire extinguishers” as weapons, a German newspaper reported. Two police officers and a security guard were injured during the riot. Additional police units were called to defuse the situation.


End of Welcoming Culture: Germany Sets Up Centers for Asylum Seekers

The welcoming culture of Germany, which came about in 2015, when its citizens applauded the arrival of trains filled with migrants and asylum seekers, vanished as the new government announced plans to accelerate the processing of asylum applications and establish holding centers to ensure consistent deportations.

The bacon test would insure consistent deportations.