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Boys sit for their exams as AK-47-wielding guards stand over them at Afghan Islamist school

Images showing the next generation of Taliban militants pouring over their exam papers – as armed invigilators patrol above them – have emerged from Afghanistan.

Taliban chiefs have been setting up a string of of schools in their strongholds in Afghanistan and remote parts of Pakistan to indoctrinate boys into their fundamentalist teachings that embrace Sharia law.

The Imam Ghazali School is in the Hindu Kush mountain range north of the capital Kabul and the pictures were released by the Taliban’s official TV channel.

The Taliban has a TV Channel?


Taliban ‘Special Forces Unit’ Bursts Into Spotlight With Deadly Attacks

On the increasingly crowded battlefields of Afghanistan, a feared, commando-style Taliban unit is gaining attention for a series spectacular, deadly attacks on Afghan security forces.

Known as “Sara Kheta” — Red Unit or Danger Unit in Pashto — it is said to be the Taliban’s elite special-forces group. Unlike regular Taliban fighters, analysts say the outfit is better trained and armed and is sent on special operations targeting bases and posts of the Afghan National Army and police force.


Taliban hack off 85-year-old woman’s limbs before killing her after accusing her of ‘supporting the government’ in Afghanistan

An 85-year-old woman has reportedly been brutally murdered by Taliban militants in Afghanistan as punishment for supporting the country’s government.

The elderly woman was kidnapped by militants in Garamsir, Helmand province, local government officials said.

The Taliban reportedly accused her of working with the government, and cut her limbs off as punishment before killing her.


Taliban terrorist is caught trying to drive 2,500 kilos of explosives hidden under tomatoes into Afghan capital Kabul

A failed Taliban bomber was caught with a lorry packed with bombs hidden under boxes of tomatoes as he drove through Kabul.

Afghan police shot and wounded the jihadi carrying 30 yellow and orange plastic containers filled with explosive material and two bombs weighing 100 kilogrammes each.

The man was caught after he failed to stop at a security checkpoint late Saturday, the interior ministry said.


Taliban fighters promise to ‘play with the skulls’ of dead American soldiers

Taliban fighters boasted that they would “play with the skulls” of dead American soldiers and promised that Afghanistan will remain “the land of Islam and Jihad.” The fighters made the statements in a newly released Taliban propaganda video that promotes a training camp named after one of their leaders who was captured by Afghan forces two years ago.


Taliban ‘open letter’ to Trump urges US to leave Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD — The Afghan Taliban on Tuesday released an “open letter” to President Donald Trump, reiterating their calls for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan after 16 years of war.

In a long and rambling note in English that was sent to journalists by Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman, the insurgents said Trump has recognized the errors of his predecessors by seeking a review of the U.S. strategy for Afghanistan.

However, Mujahid said Trump should not hand control of the U.S. Afghan policy to the military but rather announce the withdrawal of U.S. forces — and not an increase in troops as the administration has planned.


Dozens of civilians killed in ‘brutal, inhumane way’ in Afghanistan

The religion of peace strikes again.

Insurgents attacked a village in the northern Afghan province of Sar-e Pul, killing as many as 50 people, including women and children, according to officials.

Zabihullah Amani, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said the fighters, who included foreign militants, attacked a security outpost in the Mirza Olang area of Sayaad district overnight, torching 30 houses.

He said fighting was still going on but as many as 50 people, including children, women and elderly men, most of them members of the largely Shia Hazara community, may have been killed, according to local village elders.


Bogus Afghan refugee is charged in Germany with murdering a US soldier while fighting with the Taliban

An Afghan refugee has been charged in Germany with murdering an American soldier while fighting with the Taliban in his homeland.

Identified only as Abdol Moghada S., 20, he is also charged with the attempted murder of two other US troops wounded in the same ambush.

He was arrested at an asylum seekers home near to Traunstein in February this year and will stand trial in Munich in the autumn.

Moghada is alleged to have joined the Taliban in the Logar province in 2013 and carried out attacks on military convoys in 2013 and 2014. The charges stem from the latter.


Jihadi Glamour: Pakistani Taliban launches women’s magazine

The Pakistani Taliban on Tuesday released the first edition of a magazine for women, apparently aiming to convince its target readership to join the militant group and take up jihad.

The first edition of “Sunnat E Khaula” — which translates as ‘The Way of Khaula’, referring to an early female follower of the Prophet Muhammad — published by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) features a picture of a women veiled from head to toe on its front cover.

Inside is an interview with the TTP’s leader’s wife, who is not named, in which she talks about being married to the head of the militant group, Fazlullah Khorasani, at the age of 14.

“I ask you why now everywhere there is hue and cry about underage marriages…


Russia ‘could be arming the Taliban’, according to newly emerged video

New footage adds weight to previous suggestions made by Afghan and US officials that Moscow is helping fuel renewed insurgent offensive

The Russian government may be providing Taliban militants in Afghanistan with sophisticated weaponry to assist in its fight against the US-backed government, it has emerged.

New photos and video footage obtained by CNN shows insurgents armed with sniper rifles, heavy machine guns and Kalashnikov-type guns which weapons experts who looked at the video said had been stripped of any symbols or insignia which could identify their origin.

In one video, a fighter wearing a mask says he received the arms for free from over the border in Tajikistan.


Taliban carry out mass kidnapping in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province

“The Taliban abducted 70 people from their houses in a village along the Kandahar-Tarinkot highway, Friday. They killed seven of them today,” Abdul Raziq, the head of Kandahar provincial police, told AFP news agency on Saturday.

“Their bodies were found by villagers this [Saturday] morning,” Raziq added. “They released 30 and are still keeping around 30 others.”

The motive of kidnappings is unclear. Islamist militants usually abduct government officials and security personnel for ransom or to bargain for the release of detained jihadis.


Afghan Police: Children Kidnapped To Be Suicide Bombers For Taliban

Afghan police have arrested members of a human trafficking ring they say kidnapped 25 children and tried to smuggle them into Pakistan, where they were to be trained as suicide bombers for the Afghan Taliban.

At least one of the children who was to be trained as a suicide bomber was 4, a regional governor said, and they may have been drugged as well.