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Covering up of half-naked warrior statue for Islamic conference in Italy criticised as cultural censorship

The covering up of a marble statue of a muscular, half-naked Greek warrior for a conference on Islam in Italy has drawn accusations of overly-zealous cultural censorship.

The reclining statue of Epaminondas, a fourth century BC general who fought for the liberation of the Greek city-state of Thebes, was draped in a red satin sheet to spare the sensibilities of Muslim delegates.

Conservative politicians seized on the case, claiming it was an example of Italy going too far to accommodate the feelings of immigrant communities.


Useful Idiot Justin Trudeau Meets with Amin El-maoued, PR Rep for the anti-semitic Palestine House

On April 20, 2018 Amin El-Maoued posted photos featuring himself with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and MP Iqra Khalid at the conference. He added the following statement: “we belong to one family .. Canadian family! Never have shame for doing the right things.”

Amin El-Maoued’s statement was published a few days after the Palestine House (and MP Iqra Khalid) were publicly criticized for inviting Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna for the annual Land Day event held by the Palestine House on April 15, 2015 in Mississauga, ON.


Muslims Inadvertently Call for Ban on Islam

The very same logic that Muslims cite in their ongoing efforts to criminalize anti-Islamic speech in Western nations would require the criminalization of Islam itself.

Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Mohammed al-Issa argues that “Europe must do more to … criminalize religious hate speech.” In an April 9 interview with Reuters, this prominent Saudi said: “We believe that European countries, where there is much debate now, and other countries around the world … need to … criminalize hatred and contempt for adherents of religions because this threatens the safety of the community.”


Muslims beat up German boy for eating pork

After German daily newspaper “The Tagesspiegel” asked their readers to tell about incidents of school violence and bullying, they received a lot of replies.

“Our son is in fourth grade at a middle school and has been bullied since the first year. He was abused, beaten and kicked because he is German. Classmates call him ‘German pig’, ‘pig’ and ‘German potato’. At his school are mainly children with a migrant background. Most are Muslims,” one family says.

h/t Exile


German extremist suspected of recruiting 9/11 terrorists for Al-Qaeda is captured while fighting in Syria

A Syrian-born German national accused of recruiting 9/11 terrorists has been arrested while fighting in Syria, according to a senior commander.

‘Mohammed Haydar Zammar has been arrested by Kurdish security forces in northern Syria and is now being interrogated,’ a top Kurdish commander said, without providing further details.

Zammar, a career extremist in his mid-fifties, was mentioned several times in the 9/11 Commission’s report, which said he encouraged worshippers at a Hamburg mosque towards terrorism and alleged 9/11 financer Ramzi Binalshibh.


The perils of normalizing sharia

An article with the lengthy title Yes, Non-radical Sharia can and does Adapt to New Cultureswritten by American academic Jeffrey Bristol, was recently brought to my attention on Twitter.

Oddly, the writer does not even attempt to define what he means by non-radical sharia.

The phrase itself appears to be a contradiction in terms, but I’ll attempt a definition. Non-radical sharia would abandon the doctrine of jihad, a defining tenet of Islam. For sharia to be non-radical, it would also have to abandon many orthodox practices like disdain for dissenting beliefs, polygamy and wife battery.


Muslim Corbyn supporter who starred in a Labour TV campaign calls Jews ‘evil’

A Jeremy Corbyn supporter who starred in a Labour Party political broadcast referred previously to ‘evil Jews’ and denied the right of Israel to exist.

Lassaad Laouini, the general manager of Leeds Grand Mosque, was featured in a Labour promotional film broadcast on the BBC and ITV earlier this month.


Austria shifts further to the right with hardline asylum policy

Austria’s far-right FPÖ is still adjusting to its new role in government, moderating its language but not its positions. The party’s anti-immigrant stance still seems to resonate with many people in the country.

As the CBC is to Justin DW is to Merkel. The scorn for Austria’s asylum policy and the government is evident throughout the article, primarily because they’re doing exactly what they said they’d do and gosh darn it the Austrian people support them for it!


Syrian asylum seeker, 19, hands himself into police after Israeli filmed himself being assaulted in anti-Semitic attack in Germany

The next frontier in victimhood: Arrested while Muslim!

German police have arrested a teen suspect in an anti-Semitic attack against two men who were wearing traditional Jewish skullcaps while walking central Berlin.

A video of the assault, filmed by one of the victims, went viral on social media and sparked fears of a resurgence of anti-Semitic violence.

Police have revealed that a 19-year-old suspect they had already identified from the footage and from witness statements had presented himself with a lawyer.

More… Victim of Berlin anti-Semitic attack was an Israeli Arab who ‘wanted to see what it was like’ to be Jewish


Justin’s returning Jihadis pose potential chemical weapons risk to Canada: internal government documents

ISIS members who return to Canada from Syria and Iraq could have knowledge of chemical weapons and put it to use in a terrorist attack, according to internal government documents obtained by Global News.

The documents said the so-called Islamic State had repeatedly used chlorine and mustard gas in Syria and Iraq, raising the prospect of their use in Canada by returning foreign fighters.


American ISIS widow whose son appeared in propaganda videos defends buying Yazidi sex slaves

Evil bitch Sam El Hassani should be shot.

An American ISIS widow whose son appeared in propaganda videos has defended buying Yazidi sex slaves in Syria and says she dreams of returning to the US with her four children to eat McDonalds.

Sam El Hassani, also known as Samantha Sally, is currently in a Kurdish prison in Syria with her children after being taken into custody following ISIS’s collapse in Raqqa.

The 32-year-old’s ISIS-fighting husband Moussa El Hassani was killed last year in a drone strike.


York Regional Police addressed by Imam who says marrying 9 year old girls is just swell

That’s Moulana Sayyid Muhhamad Rizvi of the Jaffari centre addressing an assembly of York Region’s finest.

Rizvi is a devout Shia Muslim who believes marrying 9 year old girls is a swell idea and whose school utilized a text comparing Jews to Nazis.

You can get a good run down of Rizvi’s devout Muslim faith from my prior work exposing this vibrant addition to our mosaic of diversity , here and also here and here too.

No matter how despicable, the useful idiots continue to push the lie that Islam is compatible with civilization.


Muslim child rape gang treated victims as young as 13 ‘like trophies’

A sex gang who sexually abused vulnerable girls have been jailed and banned from using Snapchat after a court heard they treated their victims like ‘trophies’.

Taiyab Hussain, Shaheem Ratyal and Sohail Ali, all aged 19, and 18-year-old Mohammed Rizwan, were arrested when a teenager realised she had been groomed after watching a sex education video.

A judge took the unusual step of banning them from using the Snapchat messaging app for eight years as he jailed them for between four and five years each today.