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Sweden Isn’t Socialist

For years, I’ve heard American leftists say Sweden is proof that socialism works, that it doesn’t have to turn out as badly as the Soviet Union or Cuba or Venezuela did.

But that’s not what Swedish historian Johan Norberg says in a new documentary and Stossel TV video.

“Sweden is not socialist — because the government doesn’t own the means of production. To see that, you have to go to Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea,” says Norberg.


Religion of Peace: Three charged with planning terror attack in Sweden

Sweden’s prosecution authority said on Thursday it had charged three men with planning a terror attack in Sweden, warning the plot could have caused serious damage had it not been prevented.

The three are suspected of “obtaining and storing large amounts of chemicals and other equipment with the aim of killing and wounding other people,” the prosecution authority said in a statement.

“If the terrorist crime had been carried out, it could have seriously hurt Sweden.”

The trio were also charged, along with three other people, with financing terrorism. Prosecutors accuse them of sending money abroad to fund the so-called Islamic State’s operations.


Swedish National TV Under Fire for ‘Hushing Up’ Details of Hikers’ Brutal Murder

Not only did the state broadcaster run an article claiming that the bestial murder of two Scandinavian girls in Morocco “had nothing to do with Islam”, but it also put the emphasis on the fact that sharing the graphic video of the killing is illegal, while downplaying the sheer brutality of the murder itself, many viewers complained.

Virtually all western media is guilty of lying about Islam. Canada’s state managed broadcasters are no different than Sweden’s state funded news media – they’re free and independent so long as they tow the party line and continue to propagate the lies of diversity and multiculturalism. The truth about Islam is just too inconvenient to be told.


Swedish TV in a Pickle Over Celebrating ‘Christmas Classics’ With Muslim Cook

For its Christmas cooking session, SVT invited a hijab-wearing Muslim celebrity cook who doesn’t celebrate the Christian holiday to bake “Christmas classics”.

“Of course, you don’t celebrate Christmas, because you are a Muslim”, program leader Anders Pihlblad told his guest Camilla Hamid.

“No”, Hamid replied, pointing out that she nevertheless appreciates the Christmastide atmosphere. “One can choose what one can relate to, what one likes. I love everything that has to do with Christmas baking”, Hamid declared.


Sweden’s Parallel Society

I don’t go to those places without security,” a Swedish journalist tells me when I ask whether she would accompany me to some of her country’s “especially vulnerable” areas. The label is given by police to neighborhoods where crime is rampant and parallel social structures compete for authority with the state. To the politically incorrect, these are also known as “immigrant ghettos.”


‘Beyond Belief’: Swedish Capital City Turns a Blind Eye to ISIS Returnees

The city of Stockholm does not keep track of Daesh returnees who have come back to the capital city after fighting for the terrorist cause in Syria and Iraq, national broadcaster SVT reported.

About half of the 300 jihadists Sweden has produced in recent years are estimated to have returned to Sweden from the Middle East, SVT reported citing Sweden’s Security Service (Säpo). Of them, up to 40 have returned to Stockholm, whereas others have returned to Gothenburg, Örebro, Malmö and Borås. However, the Stockholm municipality hasn’t contacted a single one of them, despite there being a plan against violent extremism in place since 2016.


Sweden’s Parliamentary Election Crisis

Sweden has always been extremely stable when it comes to our governments and the time it takes to form them.

After the election in 2014 (we have elections every four years) the government took office 19 days later. Until this year, in fact, it has never taken more than 25 days after an election to form a government; the average time is just six days.

Today, however, 86 days have passed since Sweden’s last election without a government having formed – a record by a wide margin.


Muslim Brotherhood Work Purposefully to Infiltrate Swedish Politics – Researcher

The Muslim Brotherhood* and other Islamist organisations ‘work purposefully’ to infiltrate Swedish party politics, Sameh Egyptson, a researcher of interreligious relations at Lund University, wrote in an opinion piece published by the Expressen tabloid daily.

The Islamists negotiated with Swedish political parties about voting in the 1980s, Egyptson claimed, citing a little-known report in Arabic by the Swedish Muslim Council (SMR) from 2001. The report, he claimed, highlighted collaboration between SMR and IFIS to ‘cooperate with Swedish parties to educate political cadres and fight for Muslim rights through these parties’.

Egyptson stressed that ‘infiltration’ is not his personal interpretation, but the exact word used by former chairman of the Swedish Islamic Federation (IFIS) and current head of Stockholm Mosque, Mahmoud Khalfi, in an article for the Tunis News web magazine.


Sweden: Women Raped, Authorities Too Busy

“Sweden,” stated its government in November 2015, “has a feminist government. We place gender equality at the heart of both national and international work… The overall objective of the Government’s gender equality policy is equal power for women and men to shape society and their own lives. This is ultimately a question of democracy and social justice.”

Wait a minute. Shouldn’t women living under a “feminist government” be able — at a bare minimum — to leave their homes without the fear of becoming victims of sexual assault?


Swedes ‘Give the Finger’ to Gov’t Plan to Sign ‘Headless’ UN Migration Agreement

Sweden’s transitional government led by Stefan Löfven has voiced a readiness to sign the Global Compact for Migration, triggering resistance from fellow Swedes who called the agreement ‘headless’ and claimed it undermined their sovereignty.

The Swedish government claims that the framework is important for Sweden’s economic development and that there is a ‘great potential’ in even more immigration to the country whose migration policy already is one the most generous in Europe. In recent years, Sweden has taken in over 200,000 asylum seekers, mostly from the Middle East and Africa.


A Glimpse Into a World Without Men

Ah, to have an all-female workplace, full of sugar and spice and everything nice and absent #MeToo turpitude and transgressions. Are you in, ladies? Well, before signing on that dotted line, you may want to consider the experiences of the sugar-and-spice girls at Sweden’s new Gender Equality Authority.


Illegal migrant vandalises grave of Stockholm terror victim 30 times – Swedish police do nothing

11-year-old Ebba Åkerlund was brutally murdered by the illegal migrant Rakhmat Akilov in a terror attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm last April.

Now another illegal migrant has vandalised Ebba’s tomb on more than 30 occasions.

On several of these occasions, the man has been arrested by the police, but then released after an hour’s interrogation instead of being expelled from the country in accordance with the expulsion order.