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Sweden is Being Islamized Through the Food Jihad

In many Swedish stores halal food is sold without customers’ being aware that they are buying these products with Islamic marking. I decide to go and visit some of our most common grocery stores, ICA, COOP and Hemkop. I find halal labels on the popular Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Frosties, K-Special and other varieties under the Kellogg brand covering several shelves.

The halal marking is tiny and must be photographed and enlarged to be able to read the Arabic.


Stockholm-based Iraqi newspaper reporter arrested for ‘operating as an Iranian spy’

Swedish police have arrested a prominent Iraqi journalist on suspicion of operating as an Iranian spy, the latest in a series of police actions against alleged Iranian plots in Western Europe.

Raghdan al-Khazali, a journalist based in Stockholm, is suspected of spying on members of an Ahwazi opposition group which has been repeatedly targeted by Iranian assassins in Europe.

The Ahwazi are an Arab minority from western Iran and one of their main dissident groups, the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA), has been the subject of a coordinated Iranian killing campaign.


Western Muslims More Extremism-Prone Than Migrant – Swedish Study

Muslims born and raised in the West are more prone to harbouring Islamist beliefs that their peers who have immigrated, a research from Uppsala University has shown.

The survey indicated that a majority of Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States have been planned and implemented by people born and raised in the West, rather than the foreign-born. The researchers also found that Western Muslims had a stronger Muslim group identity and displayed anger at how Muslims are treated.

“The most important finding, however, is that Western-born Muslims have a greater willingness to use force to defend their fellow believers across the world”, the research said.


‘Hardly Surprising’: Every Third Daesh Returnee Commits Crimes in Sweden

About 150 Swedish jihadists who had travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Daesh cause have returned home, and more are currently trying to come back as their self-proclaimed “caliphate” in the Middle East nears total defeat.

About a third of Daesh returnees have turned to crime after arriving in Sweden, according to a survey conducted by the national broadcaster SVT.

The broadcaster has surveyed 41 of the returnees and found that 13 of them have been convicted of crimes or a currently under investigation.

Drug offences, theft, handling stolen goods, fraud, abuse, extortion, money laundering and tax evasion are among the crimes listed.


Sweden: Still More Migration

Sweden’s reintroduction of the right to family reunion for people granted asylum in Sweden without refugee status, entitles so-called “unaccompanied children” to bring their parents to Sweden. Many of these “unaccompanied children” turned out to be adults, not minors. (The dentist who contributed to exposing this inconsequential detail was subsequently fired).

Canada is run by the same sort of ingrates who are running Sweden into the ground.


Sweden debates fate of returned Muslims who joined ISIS

None of the 150 Swedish citizens who have returned home after joining the terror group Islamic State have been convicted of crimes committed while abroad. While some European countries are investigating all returning foreign fighters, Sweden is not.

But the country’s leading terrorism expert, Magnus Ranstorp, said investigations are the only way to “bring these people to justice.”

In an interview with news agency TT, Ranstorp, who is the head of research on terrorism and countering violent extremism at the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish Defence University, said the idea of investigating all returning fighters should at least be discussed.

“There is very little opportunity to bring these people to justice unless there are preliminary investigations of them. And it is necessary if you are to have access to go through, for example, their phones and social media accounts,” he said.


Sweden Has Become for Jihadis ‘What Argentina Was for Nazis’ – MP

During a televised debate on jihadis retuning to Sweden, Moderate MP Hanif Bali has lashed out against the government’s passive attitude toward extremism and the lax laws allowing terrorists to go unpunished.

“These [jihadist] trips have been happening for several years now, but you haven’t done anything”, Bali told Green Party spokesman Rasmus Ling, whose party has been part of the Swedish government during Europe’s migrant crisis and enacted laws that led to the current situation.

Bali called it offensive that there are people whose parents have been slaughtered by terrorists and who are stuck in refugee camps in Syria, and Sweden chooses to take care of terrorists instead.


Swedish woman who sabotaged deportation of wife-beater migrant gets off with small fine

Elin Ersson – Swedish for asshole.

A Swedish woman who blocked the deportation of an Afghan asylum-seeker by refusing to sit down on an airplane has been fined 3,000 SEK (£250)

Elin Ersson, 21, has been found guilty of breaking aviation law when she failed to comply with orders from Turkish Airways crew at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg in July 2018.

She had purchased a ticket for the Istanbul flight with the intention of preventing the deportation of another Afghan man, however ended up stopping the expulsion of a 52-year-old convicted criminal.


Sweden Prosecuting Pensioners, Welcoming ISIS

“Violence-promoting Islamist extremism currently constitutes the biggest threat to Sweden,” according to a January 15 press release from the Swedish Security Service (Säpo). “The level of the terror threat remains elevated, a three on a five-point scale. This means that a terrorist act is likely to occur,” said Klas Friberg, head of Säpo.


Middle-Eastern, N African Drivers 270% More Accident-Prone, Swedish Study Finds

The Swedish traffic institute has identified migrants’ over-representation in traffic accidents, compared with the general population, and has singled out differences in background and psychology as the underlying reasons.

To counter immigrants’ over-representation in traffic accidents, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) will launch a study to propose ways of improving the situation. The cost of the project is SEK 3.5 million ($400,000), the news portal Samhällsnytt reported.

According to VTI’s press release, the goal of the project, led by Nils Petter Gregersen and Mohammad-Reza Yahya, is to increase the knowledge of immigrants’ traffic problems by analysing their mobility, safety and equality in the transport system. The study is expected to address concerns including immigrants’ inability to read bus timetables, their travelling habits, and driver training in their home countries.


Fare-Dodger Dragged Off Train in Sweden

Two guards have been suspended for their brutal intervention during which they dragged a heavily pregnant woman off a train in Stockholm for having no valid ticket, the daily newspaper Expressen reported.

The woman was kicked off a metro train at Hötorget in Stockholm and had to go to the hospital, the police and public transportation company SL reported.

According to SL spokesman Henrik Palmér, the woman had no valid ticket and was ejected after “making strong opposition” and making it clear she was not going to pay the fee.

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Tomorrow all the witnesses that came forth with their evidence will be making their own reports. . . In these two videos you can see the victim dragged out of the train, her child taken from her and whilst she attempts to stand up she is held down. The full video is over 5 minutes long and I will try and edit and put it up tonight or tomorrow. . . After everything the Swedish public was shown in the recent @kallafaktatv4 documentary about how aftiswedes are racially profiled and mistreated this shouldn’t surprise anyone even if the victim is pregnant. The victim is currently in the hospital and all I can do is hope the baby is alright because if anything happens to that child. There will be hell to pay.

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Swedish Party Founder Exposes ‘Islamist Infiltration’ Into Politics

The Swedish Green Party, which remains part of the “red-green” coalition government, has in recent years been shaken by a number of nationwide scandals involving Islamists and their sympathisers; the most recent involves Sweden’s freshly-minted Culture and Democracy Minister Amanda Lind.

Addressing the recent allegations directed against his party, Green Party founder Per Gahrton admitted that Islamists are trying to infiltrate Swedish parties and get a hand in Swedish politics.

“There are investigations that show that Islamists, unfortunately, are trying to get into almost all parties”, Gahrton said during a public debate on SVT with writer Sofie Löwenmark.


Sweden: New Government, Old Policies

On January 18, more than four months after Sweden’s September elections, Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven became prime minister for a second term, when he won the backing of the Swedish parliament: 115 parliamentarians from his own party and its coalition partner (the environmentalist Green Party) voted for his proposed government coalition, while 77 parliamentarians abstained and 153 voted against. There are 349 seats in the parliament.


Sweden Isn’t Socialist

For years, I’ve heard American leftists say Sweden is proof that socialism works, that it doesn’t have to turn out as badly as the Soviet Union or Cuba or Venezuela did.

But that’s not what Swedish historian Johan Norberg says in a new documentary and Stossel TV video.

“Sweden is not socialist — because the government doesn’t own the means of production. To see that, you have to go to Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea,” says Norberg.