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Why am I not surprised by displays of anti-Semitism in Sweden?

Why am I not surprised by the anti-Jewish protest held last week in the town of Helsingborg in southern Sweden? I wrote “anti-Jewish” and not “anti-Israel” because the main slogans that were shouted there—such as “the Jews are offspring of apes and pigs”—have nothing to do with the Middle East. This is blatant anti-Semitism of the ugliest kind.


Syrian migrants visit Swedish family who sheltered them, one rapes their 14

In the Swedish region of Västmanland, a woman lived in a house in a town, together with her children. Her house had previously been the home of a so-called ‘unaccompanied refugee child‘.

According to Västmanland District Court records, this former resident, accompanied by his brother and three other men aged 20 to 25, went back to his old house in November 2016, to greet the family which had sheltered him. They stayed two nights, after which the mother reported to the police that her 14-year-old daughter had been raped by one of them, a 25-year-old from Syria.


National Trust tells workers to wear gay pride badge or they will be BANNED from meeting the public

The National Trust has told workers they will be banned from meeting members of the public if they refuse to wear a rainbow lanyard throughout their celebration of the legalisation of homosexuality.

Staff at Felbrigg Hall, in Norfolk, which was gifted to the Trust by Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, have been asked to wear a badge or lanyard with the rainbow flag and told they will not be able to meet and greet guests if they do not.

More faggotry afoot… Backlash After Sweden’s Army Says Purpose of Military Is to Defend Gay Rights


Afghan refugees videotaped gang rape of mentally handicapped man. Prosecutor didn’t seek deportation

The Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reports that on 16 February 2017, a mentally handicapped man was lured into an institution for the care and accommodation of those in need, a so-called HVB-house (HVB-hem). These are used in Swedish municipalities for the care of children, adolescents, but also adults or families with children if they are in need of treatment or care, support, or education. They deal with substance abuse, but they also provide shelter for unaccompanied minors.


Sweden intensifies its crackdown on illegal immigrants with sweeps on workplaces after a failed asylum-seeker killed five people in Stockholm attack

Sweden has stepped up efforts to deport illegal immigrants after a failed asylum-seeker killed five people in the Stockholm truck attack.

Police have been carrying out raids on workplaces to check migration documents, with $95million added to the police budget this year to bolster the effort.

It comes after failed Uzbek asylum seeker Rakhmat Akilov killed five and seriously injured 14 when he drove a truck into shoppers in the capital back in April.

In 2016, police made about 1,100 unannounced workplace checks, almost three times more than in 2015, and caught 232 illegal immigrants.


The Terrifying Way Sweden Is Killing Itself

I could be writing every week about Sweden. Every day. Every hour. For reasons that will be analyzed by historians for a long, long time – provided the Western world doesn’t become so thoroughly Islamized that the possibility of objective historical scrutiny is utterly obliterated – the Swedes have chosen a path of cultural and societal suicide that puts all other countries in the shade.

For anyone curious about self-destructive psychopathologies, it is a grimly fascinating phenomenon.

Why, of all places, Sweden?


2,000 Islamist extremists in Sweden: security police

Two thirds of some 3,000 violent extremists currently in Sweden are believed to have Islamist motives, the head of the country’s security police Säpo said on Monday.

Speaking during Almedalen Week, Anders Thornberg mentioned the figure following an interview last month in which he stated that extremists had soared from a couple of hundreds a few years ago to thousands.

Although “few extremists” have “the will and ability” to carry out attacks, they must be found and closely followed. “It’s important that everyone in Sweden takes responsibility to end this trend,” he said.


Man in car emblazoned with Nazi symbol plows into refugee demo in Sweden

A man suspected of having neo-Nazi links has confessed to driving his car into a crowd of rejected Iraqi asylum seekers who were protesting against their deportation in the Swedish city of Malmo. Police have opened a hate crime investigation.

The man, 22, whose identity has not been revealed, admitted that he had driven his car into the crowd of asylum seekers, who rallied outside the Swedish Migration Agency office in Malmo on two occasions last weekend.

The perpetrator’s car had a Nazi symbol on it, police confirmed to local media. A video obtained by Swedish national public broadcaster SVT Nyheter shows the car with a Nazi eagle and swastika on its front.


Swedish Islamophobia Expert Who Joined ISIS Now Calling For Attacks In Sweden

Swedish former “Islamophobia” expert Michael Skråmos, who joined the Islamic State and travelled to Syria, has now called for Islamists to attack targets in Sweden.

Michael Skråmos, an Islamic convert, is one of the many Swedish residents who has travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic State terror group. Living in the ISIS capital of Raqqa, Mr Skråmos has not only tried to recruit for the terror group but has now called for jihadists to attack Sweden itself Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.


Shocka! ‘Thousands’ of violent Islamists in Sweden: security police

The number of militant extremists living in Sweden has soared from a couple of hundreds a few years ago to thousands today, the security police Säpo believes.

“We have never seen anything like it before,” said Säpo chief Anders Thornberg in an interview with Swedish news agency TT.

The vast majority of the extremists support violent Islamist ideologies, according to Säpo, whose security experts in a report in 2010 estimated that there were around 200 such sympathizers in Sweden.

“We would say that it has gone from hundreds to thousands now,” said Thornberg.

How did this happen? It’s a real puzzler!


Sweden: Muslim Stabs Passengers Cries ‘Racism’ When Woman in Hijab Asked to Show Train Ticket

An Iraqi man travelling from Stockholm to Hallsberg by train launched a brutal attack on passengers after a Muslim woman was asked to show her ticket, accusing them all of racism.

Karim Alaa Hussain, 25, became infuriated when the unnamed woman, who was wearing a veil, was asked to show her rail ticket by a female conductor.


Leaked Report: Sweden Sees More Than 50 Per Cent Rise in ‘No-Go Zones’

The number of areas classed as “vulnerable” by Swedish police has risen from 15 to 23 in two years, according to leaked documents held back from release by Sweden’s national police chief.

Police hoped that increased resources would have reduced the number of “vulnerable” areas — typically migrant-dominated neighbourhoods which have been turned into virtual no-go zones as a result of rampant drug trafficking, gang crime, and religious extremism.


Christian Convert Faces Death-Sentence Deportation from Sweden to Iran

An Iranian actress who left Islam for Christianity has twice been denied asylum in Sweden and could be sent back to Iran where the penalty for conversion includes death.

Aideen Strandsson told CBN News she secretly converted to Christianity while still living in Iran.