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Sweden: Abdul from Iraq gets off on rape charge – his suspected ADHD makes it hard to understand “No”

Can a bout of common ADHD make it excessively difficult for immigrants to refrain from raping Swedish girls? Yes, says Court of Appeal for Western Sweden and acquit a previously convicted Arab for rape despite a video showing how the girl says “no” repeatedly during intercourse. According to the Court of Appeal, the man namely a “suspected ADHD problems” resulting in “difficult to interpret” what a no means.

Abdul from Iraq extorted sex with a 14-year-old girl in her own apartment October 4, 2016 in Gothenburg. He threatened the girl to distribute offensive images and movies to her brother if she did not come across, and then had intercourse with her.

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Swedish security police want Muslim accused of terrorism for Islamic centre fire to be deported

Sunni vs. Shia civil war in Malmo Sweden.

Sweden’s security police (Säpo) want the suspect in a terror trial related to a fire at a community centre in Malmö last year to be deported, as they consider him a security risk.

The 30-year-old Syrian man is accused of terror offences for a fire which caused smoke damage to a Shia Muslim community centre in October. In a detention hearing at the end of the man’s trial on

April 7th the judge ruled that there was no longer any need to keep him in custody, pending the final judgement in the case.

But the man’s freedom didn’t last long: security police Säpo detained him immediately afterwards. According to newspaper Sydsvenskan, it has now emerged that Säpo opened a case under Sweden’s Act on Foreign Immigration Control arguing that they believe there is evidence he has links with Isis and should therefore have his residence permit revoked.

The Destruction of the West by Left-wing Globalists

Ultra-liberal Sweden is becoming a shell of its former self because liberalism has turned this once peaceful country into a chaotic, multicultural cesspool of violence and unrest.

Swedes have always taken pride in their open-mindedness, believing their good intentions and big hearts would overcome a collision of cultures when it comes to immigration without assimilation. Swayed by purely emotional thinking, they assumed their kindness and generosity would be reciprocated, believing their sophistication and universal outlook would elevate them above the consequences of what happens when Third World mindsets reside at First World addresses.

‘Swedish Conditions’ – Diagnosing a deadly disorder.

Rakhmat Akilov – pleased with himself for having fulfilled his duty to Islam.

Will last Friday’s terror attack in Stockholm change Swedish attitudes toward Islam? Not likely. Pretty much all of Europe has spent the last few decades undergoing (steady) Islamization, but the invasion has progressed so much further in Sweden than in almost every other country on the continent – and has occasioned so much less frank reportage, commentary, and criticism, that brave souls in Sweden’s Scandinavian neighbors, Denmark and Norway – routinely make disparaging reference to “Swedish conditions.” What this term refers to is not only the drastic social and economic changes currently underway in the country that once proudly called itself Folkhemmet, “the people’s home,” but the mentality – a mentality not unique to Sweden, but certainly more fully developed there, in the government, media, academy, police, and the public at large, than anywhere else in Europe – that has made this dread transformation possible.

A few recent news items provide illustrative examples of what it means to be living under “Swedish conditions”…

A Civilization of Zombies

Rustam Akhmedov Muslim Mass Murderer

I remember watching a drone video during the height of the immigrant influx to Europe in 2015. The scenes were absurd. With the huge masses of people on the move, it resembled a film of some kind. At one point, I thought it looked vaguely like a zombie movie.

Then the thought occurred to me: If this is a zombie movie, who are the zombies here? We, or the migrants?

While not being a huge fan of the genre, I have seen a couple of zombie movies. Zombies are often portrayed as creatures with very limited remaining functioning brain capacity. Basically, they move around aimlessly and make incoherent sounds. Apart from a desire to feed, they have no clearly discernible goals.

Sweden will ‘never go back’ to the days of mass immigration

Muslims did this. In the name of Islam.

The Prime Minister of Sweden has vowed his country will ‘never go back’ to recent levels of mass immigration after it emerged the terrorist who killed four people in a truck attack was a failed asylum seeker.

Stefan Löfven pledged to change his country’s liberal attitude, insisting the massive influx allowed during the 2015 migrant crisis would never happen again.

Rakhmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan, hijacked the lorry and deliberately drove into pedestrians on central Stockholm’s main shopping street on Friday afternoon.

I don’t believe a word the commie bastard says.

Was Donald Trump right all along about Sweden’s crime and immigration problems?

Just over six weeks after Donald Trump was mocked across the world for suggesting that Sweden was the victim of a terror attack, at least three people have been left dead when a hijacked truck ploughed into pedestrians.

The American president’s proclaimed attack – which turned out to be fictitious – was linked to high levels of immigration and rising levels of crime in the country he said, later clarifying that he had based his comments on a Fox News report.

He was immediately ridiculed, with Carl Bildt, the former Swedish Prime Minister asking “what has he been smoking?” and the country’s US embassy appeared to mock him on Twitter. 

Farmer Jessica, 42, is accused of racism after one of her animals kicked to death

A family visited the Angel farm in Ösarp outside Lahholm last weekend began hitting and kicking animals on the farm. They shall also have spit in the farm’s owner, 42-year-old Jessica Wendel, in the face. One of the animals died in the violence, writes Expressen.

Swedish Paper Intentionally Blurs Faces Of Sexual Predators Sought By Cops

“The police often have information, photos and video with the suspects, but have not yet arrested or convicted. We seldom publish such material. Police investigations are police thing and not the press. Our job is to keep an eye on how the police working. Not to cooperate with them.”

h/t mauser 98

Swedish Feminists Flee Suburbs Due to Islamic Fundamentalists

Nalin Pekgul is a self-described feminist and former member of parliament for the left wing Swedish Social Democrats. For over 30 years, she lived in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta but says that she no longer feels safe there. She claims Muslim fundamentalists have taken over and she doesn’t feel she can visit the centre of Tensta without being harassed, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

Swedish women in tears as Afghan ‘boys’ are deported

Middle aged Swedish women weep and protest, as Afghan men who have been denied residence in Sweden, are being returned to Afghanistan. Tuesday night a plane with 10 (ten) persons left Gothenburg, which the local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, writes was ‘forcibly’.

Ten! Well Sweden’s safe now, eh?

‘What does a Swede look like?’

Apparently this was released by “Swedish state television” (h/t). Why do the Swedes hate themselves so much? I get the German national self-loathing. I don’t understand this. (@1:50 – I thought this was just an American thing. WHY do black women think white people want to touch their hair? I have never in my entire life known any white person express an interest in this. Have you? Has anybody? Who goes around pawing at people’s hair FFS?)

Is the Muslim Brotherhood Moving to Sweden?

According to the news channel, based in the United Arab Emirates, the Muslim Brotherhood is considering moving its international headquarters to Sweden. In security policy circles in the Middle East as well as into the White House, rumors have been going around for some time, and they picked up on January 21 when Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Makes sense to me.