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A Glimpse Into a World Without Men

Ah, to have an all-female workplace, full of sugar and spice and everything nice and absent #MeToo turpitude and transgressions. Are you in, ladies? Well, before signing on that dotted line, you may want to consider the experiences of the sugar-and-spice girls at Sweden’s new Gender Equality Authority.


Illegal migrant vandalises grave of Stockholm terror victim 30 times – Swedish police do nothing

11-year-old Ebba Åkerlund was brutally murdered by the illegal migrant Rakhmat Akilov in a terror attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm last April.

Now another illegal migrant has vandalised Ebba’s tomb on more than 30 occasions.

On several of these occasions, the man has been arrested by the police, but then released after an hour’s interrogation instead of being expelled from the country in accordance with the expulsion order.


Syrian “refugee” raped teacher at Swedish high school after threatening to kidnap her family if she did not have sex with him

A 19-year-old man from Syria has been charged with raping a teacher at a high school in southern Sweden.

The teenage student allegedly pushed the mother-of-two into a room, locked the door and sexually assaulted her at the school in Nässjö, near Jönköping.

In the weeks before the incident, the student allegedly sexually harassed the teacher, after which he sent her a Snapchat message in which he threatened to rape her, court documents reveal.


Swedish media and churches cover up ‘Jihad’ against Christian places of worship because it could shock the public

Alhemskyrkan Church in the town of Skellefteå was vandalized with threats of Jihad and death spray painted on the church. A church representative brushed off the threats as “innocent” vandalism, after admitting that this wasn’t the first incident of Islamic hatred toward Christian church’s in Skellefteå.


Car attempts to plough into ‘crowd of 100 children and teachers’, 2 injured – police manhunt underway

…A spokesman for Sweden’s police service said children “threw themselves” out of the way of the car, which appeared to have aimed directly for the group of 100 people.

He said: “The car accelerated into the group of students and teachers.

“The car increased speed and drove straight towards them.

“He drove into two of the students. One was injured on the wrist and possibly the other student was also injured.”


Swedish Watchdog Rings Alarm Over ‘Sharia Banks’ After Reported ISIS Transfer

The informal banking system, which has roots in middle-age Islamic beliefs, is notoriously hard to supervise, which makes the exact extent of terrorism financing almost impossible to calculate, a senior Swedish terrorism researcher noted.

So-called hawala banks were used to finance notorious Swedish-born Islamist and Daesh* terrorist Michael Skråmo, who in 2014 took his wife and four children to Syria and joined the outlawed Islamist group, Swedish terrorism watchdog Doku reported, noting that terrorist networks in other parts of the world may be financed using the same or similar channels.


Swedish satirical show’s toilet jokes spark ‘diplomatic crisis’ with China

An episode of a Swedish show, mocking Chinese tourists and advising them not to ‘poop’ in public places, has angered Beijing. After China’s furious statement, the host said that his show might have sparked a “diplomatic crisis.”

The Svenska Nyheter political satire program, broadcast last week by Swedish national broadcaster SVT, struck a nerve with the Chinese, as the show featured a ‘guidebook’ of ‘do’s and don’ts’ for Chinese visitors.


Multiculturalism killed the Swedish utopia

The horrific statistics here show that Sweden, once a country where one could walk the streets at night safely, has become a crime-ridden country with no-go zones. But connect that with Muslim migrants at your own peril.

On August 30th, Sweden hosted the first “women only” music festival in the world. Entry to Gothenburg was forbidden to men. It was a “safe zone” reserved for women, trans and “non-binary people”, as they call them.

The idea came to comedian Emma Knyckare a year ago, after the Bravalla festival ended with numerous complaints of sexual violence. And many of those cases involved refugees.

Now Sweden is preparing for the “most important elections in history” and the “women’s solo concert” illustrates well the crisis of that “moral superpower”, as the New York Times calls it.


Sweden: Anti-Immigration Party Becomes Kingmaker

A strong showing by the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats in the Swedish elections on September 9 drained away so many votes from the establishment parties that the two main parliamentary blocs were left virtually tied and far short of a governing majority.

The Sweden Democrats won 17.5% of the vote and emerged as the third-largest party in the country, according to the official election results released on September 16. The result, a 4.6% improvement on the 12.9% it won in 2014, placed the Sweden Democrats into a situation of holding the balance of power in the next parliament.


Father of Swedish Terror Victim Demands Immigration Investigation To Prevent Future Attacks

The father of terror victim Ebba Åkerlund has demanded a new commission be set up to look into Sweden’s migration policies and answer why terrorist and failed asylum seeker Rakhmat Akilov was allowed to remain in the country.

Stefan Åkerlund lost his 11-year-old daughter Ebba during the Stockholm terror attack in 2017 and is now demanding more action be taken to hold politicians and others accountable for not doing enough to prevent the attack, writing an opinion article for Swedish newspaper Expressen.

No sane individual would ever consider inviting violent supremacist cult members to live in their home. Why have western governments encouraged Islamic immigration?


Sweden (Still) Resists the Right

Don’t know why, there’s no sun up in the sky, stormy weather. The concern about an increase in the popularity of the far-right political party and national populism was the theme song of forecasters and commentators of the parliamentary general election on September 9, 2018 in Sweden. The general belief was that the far-right Sweden Democrat party, anti-immigrant and anti-establishment, would increase its share of the vote, perhaps to about 30%, and become the leading party in the country. The forecasts were only partly correct. The party did increase its share of the vote by 4.7% but obtained only just under 18%. Different conclusions may be drawn; the optimistic one is that Sweden only partly followed the path of far-right parties in other European countries in recent years.