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Anti-immigrant party takes first place in Sweden, poll shows

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are the most popular political party in the Nordic country, according to a new poll.

The YouGov poll showed nearly a quarter – 23.9 per cent – of people said they would vote for the party if an election were held now, meaning its support is at nearly double the level of what it was during 2014’s general election.

Results put the Sweden Democrats ahead of the Social Democrats, who form the larger part of a coalition government under Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, and well ahead of the Moderates. Support for those parties has fallen by nine and eight points, respectively, since 2014, YouGov found.

Sweden! 16-year-old Ali sentenced to 40 hours of community service for sexually assaulting a 13-year old. The family is appealing the decision

h/t mauser 98

’16-year-old Ali was convicted in February of child rape after he printed up a 13 year old girl against a wall at Toleredsskolan in Gothenburg and forced her to oral sex. The crime took place in July, 2016.

…During the rape, he took out his mobile phone and filmed the assault, prompting the girl to ask him to put it away… After the rape, Ali according to the judgment spread the film to other people “who began to speak ill of” girl. Despite this, Ali has not been convicted of either child pornography or defamation.

If anything, the kufr slut is the one who should be serving the community or being stoned to death for leading a poor innocent lad astray.


Swedish police may use secure buses to get to work at new station thanks to the vibrant diversity in Rinkeby

Police officers may be bussed to the new police station in Rinkeby

The new police station in Rinkeby lose after all. But police are worried about how the work should be in the violent immigrant area. Therefore, they offered a lift to the station.

The planned police building in Rinkeby sounds more like a military installation. Bullet proof windows, walls reinforced with sheet metal and fencing around it. So it will look like, the newspaper reported the midst of Stockholm.

In addition, the building is classified as protected, which means that you can get a year in prison if you even photograph the facility.

According Amidst however, there are problems. Police officers are worried how the work will be.

Those who will be working in Rinkeby do not want to use public transport and take the subway. It’s too dangerous. One suggestion is secure parking for police personnel of private cars. Another is that the police will be driven to and from work. Local Police Area Manager Niclas Andersson hope however that it will be needed.

Swedish Paper Gives Migrant Crime Whistleblower Cop New Column

Whistleblower police officer Peter Springare, who exposed the extent of migrant crime in Sweden, has been given a new column by newspaper Nyheter Idag.

Officer Springare has become a household name in Sweden after using his Facebook account to tell the public about the level of migrant crime police have to deal with but that otherwise goes unreported by establishment media or the government.

Two Afghan migrants who allegedly raped a woman in Sweden as their friend laughed and livestreamed it over Facebook are charged over the assault

Three young men are to go on to on trail accused of gang raping a woman in Sweden and livestreaming the attack on Facebook.

Two of the men, aged 18 and 21, who are both Afghan citizens, have been charged with raping the victim in turn in an apartment in Uppsala, 45 miles north of the capital Stockholm in January.

A third man, a 24-year-old Swedish national, has been charged with being an accessory to rape by filming the attack and posting it on Facebook, and failing to try to stop it.

Sweden Can’t Find Contractor Willing to Build Police Station in Migrant Suburb — ‘It’s Too Dangerous’

Plans to build a new police station in Rinkeby have been put on hold because construction companies fear for the safety of their workforce in the migrant-dominated Stockholm suburb.

The city earmarked the site of a former nursing home as the location for the new station. But construction companies failed to bid for the project, not wanting to risk having to work in a neighbourhood notorious for gang and gun crime.

Mass brawl breaks out in Sweden – police find AK47 assault rifle

Around 15 people clashed in Fittja, to the south of Stockholm, in a huge fight broken up by police.

Officers found an AK47 assault rifle on a footbridge near the brawl.

Local media say police shut down the metro station to passengers and stopped trains running through the station as they searched the area.

Sweden: Migrants Riot At High School

This Monday, riots broke out at the Alléskolan high school in Hallsberg, Sweden. The riots started when police (and journalists) arrived at the high school. The goal of the police visit to Alléskolan that day was to talk to the teachers after a major brawl occurred there the Friday before, when two groups of men fought heavily in the lunchroom area, throwing chairs at each other. Upon arrival on Monday, police were met by a gang of youths throwing stones at them. The police then immediately asked for reinforcements and three buses from Örebro arrived, who blocked all entrances to the school.

Swedish Forensics Departments Understaffed

One of the factors hampering investigations into sex crimes and other felonies is the inertia of the forensic divisions of the police. According to Sveriges Radio, several hundred of the country’s prosecutors are dissatisfied with the detectives’ work, a recent survey has proved. Sweden’s National Forensic Center (NFC) sometimes needs more than a year for a DNA analysis, while offenders go free.

“The problem is approaching the size of legal scandal,” one of the commenting prosecutors said, while another stated that “serious criminals are set free because we’re awaiting the response of the NFC.”

Swedish Integration Minister Admits Lying About Rape Statistics

Ylva Johansson was giving an interview on the BBC News channel when she said there was no connection between crime and immigration and the level of rape in Sweden is “going down, and going  down, and going down.”

“The level of rapes is not actually high in Sweden”, she also said, after attacking former UKIP leader Nigel Farage – who recently said Malmo was the “rape capital of Europe” – claiming he “doesn’t really know what he is talking about.”

However, it appears Ms. Johansson isn’t so well informed herself. The latest figures show a 13 per cent increase in reported sex crimes in Sweden in 2016, and there has been a general increase over the past ten years.

Government Report: Islamists Building ‘Parallel Society’ in Sweden Aided By PC Culture of Silence

Aided by a politically correct culture of “tolerance”, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is secretly building a “parallel” society in Sweden by infiltrating organisations and political parties, a government report has concluded.

Surprisingly, the document takes aim at “political elites” for fostering a doctrine of multiculturalism and silence, which can help and facilitate the nefarious ends of anti-democratic organisation like the Brotherhood.