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Katie Hopkins joins “far-right” Canadian website Rebel Media

Katie Hopkins, the former Mail Online columnist, has joined far-right Canadian website the Rebel Media, where Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, is also a contributor.

Hopkins will write a regular column through a new website called Hopkins World and will also contribute video commentaries and investigative reports.

She parted ways with Mail Online, the sister website of the Daily Mail, last year after the website did not renew her contract.

Hopkins rose to fame by appearing in the third series of the Apprentice and wrote for the Mail Online for two years after leaving the Sun. But her columns and tweets have led to her being accused of publishing deliberate provocation rather than legitimate commentary.


Finnish kids party moved over far-right march

The manager of the Tukkutori wholesale market in Helsinki’s Toolo area, Elina Siltanen, told the YLE public broadcaster that police warned of a “security risk” if the party went ahead, given the proximity of the far-right 612 movement’s torch lit procession.

And not a word from the BBC about why the right wing march is a security risk, i.e. it will be attacked by violent leftists. The media are truly the scum of the earth.


Facebook targets conservatives with 3000 new censorship squad members

After being blacklisted by dinosaurs in the mainstream media, conservatives have used social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to promote their views. But Zuckerberg wants to put an end to that.


Inside The Secret Facebook Group Of Quebec’s Far-Right “Wolf Pack”

The church basement started filling up at around 12:30 on a snowy Saturday afternoon last January. Though not parishioners of this place of worship in Montreal’s east end, they had the zeal of the converted. Islam, they believed, was infiltrating the politics of both Quebec and Canada, encroaching on their way of life and ultimately setting the stage for Sharia law.


Why Is the Former East Germany Tilting Populist?

Something has changed in Germany. A country that until recently was crowned the most popular in the world in various surveys has become consumed by self-doubt and mired in a quest for identity. The rapid rise of the AfD has rocked the nation, including in the states of what was once West Germany and where the AfD are now represented in all state legislatures. Mainly, however, it has been the case in the states of the former East, where the AfD is now the second more powerful party. In Saxony, it’s the strongest.


Britain’s most hated man isn’t all that hateful

Christ, I would be shot for buying this if people knew,’ says an anonymous fan in the comments below Amazon’s unlikely bestseller Enemy of the State. Which sums up how I feel before meeting the book’s author, Tommy Robinson. What if he turns out to be not nearly as bad as his reputation as ‘Britain’s most hated man’? What if, as some familiar with him have warned, I turn out to like him and want to plead his cause, and end up being tainted as a far-right thug by association?


Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and Racism panelists discuss how to combat the alt-right

The so-called alt-right is on a massive upswing that’s been exacerbated by the Trump administration and seeks to divide its victims at the very time they need to be united, say panelists at a seminar held by the Enhancing Social Justice Education Project at the Ontario Institute for Studies and Education (OISE).