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British public would accept three-minute social media delay to tackle extremist content

In an extensive survey on the future of technology, Demos asked their 2,003 respondents how long of a delay – if any -they would be prepared to put up with between pressing “send” and their post appearing online if it meant technology companies such as Twitter and Facebook were able to better police the content uploaded to their sites.


Facebook Banned Me for Tying Islamic Terror to…Well, Islam

A week or so ago I was banned (again!) by Facebook for critical comments I made about Islam. I was reported by a Muslim female called Farnaz Javed. This Muslimah frequently carries out Islamic Da‘wah on a Facebook discussion page called “The Great British Political Debate.” In other words, she does very little politics; and what politics she does do is always connected to Islam in some way.


YouTube Finally Blocks Al-Alwaki Videos

YouTube has finally taken a step toward blocking jihadist recruitment videos from being shown. The company blocked most of the 70,000 videos posted by Anwar al-Alwaki, the leading English-speaking jihadist recruiter on the site.

Did I mention that al-Awlaki has been dead for seven years, after being killed in a drone strike in Yemen?


Twitter to label election ads after US regulatory threat

Twitter said on Tuesday it would add labels to election-related advertisements and say who is behind each of them, after a threat of regulation from the United States over the lack of disclosure for political spending on social media.

Twitter, acting a month after Facebook launched a similar overhaul of political ads, said in a blog post it would start a website so people could see identities of buyers, targeting demographics and total ad spend by election advertisers.

Silicon Valley social media firms and the political ads that run on their websites have generally been free of the disclaimers and other regulatory demands that US authorities impose on television, radio and satellite services.


Report: Google, Facebook, Twitter ‘Scrambling’ to Stop Regulation

According to Bloomberg, “Google summoned about 200 policy staff from around the world last month for a debate on whether the company’s size has made it too attractive as a target for government regulators,” while “Twitter executives have been in frequent contact with Congressional committees,” and “Facebook has hired two crisis PR firms.”


YouTube and Twitter STILL Haven’t Removed Vile Ad Showing Decapitated Pig-Cops

University of Wisconsin student Eneale Pickett directed and produced a short advertisement for his new clothing line called “Insert Apparel.” The video depicts a black man being lynched by police officers wearing pink rubber pig masks, followed by a group of masked men holding weapons and the bloodied, severed heads of the pig-cops over the course of one minute and 45 seconds. As of this writing the video is still available on YouTube and Twitter.


Anti-SJW Trans Commentator Theryn Meyer Permanently Suspended from Twitter

Theryn Meyer, a popular transgender commentator and anti-SJW activist, has been permanently suspended from Twitter.

Meyer announced the suspension in a post on Facebook, where she declared, “Just had my Twitter account suspended… Out of nowhere… It’s the #2 way I connect with my audience (after Youtube)… gone.”

In a message to Breitbart News, Meyer claimed the suspension could have been due to an incident where she called a radical feminist a “c*nt,” however given that Twitter did not inform her of the reason for her ban, it is unclear.


Both parties to move on Facebook and other tech giants

Members of Congress in both parties have begun exploring possible legislative action against Facebook and other tech giants, setting the stage for a potentially massive battle in the midterm election year of 2018.

Why it matters: Following revelations about fake news and paid Russian propaganda on Facebook during last year’s election, big tech has become a big target, with politicians across the spectrum declaring on Sunday shows that more scrutiny, transparency and restrictions are needed.

The shift against the companies has been sudden, and is one of the biggest stories of the year.


Saudi calls for social media informants decried as ‘Orwellian’

“When you notice any account on social networks publishing terrorist or extremist ideas, please report it immediately via the application #We’re_all_security”, it said, referring to a mobile phone app launched last year to enable civilians to report traffic violations and burglaries.

Totalitarians will subvert anything to control the masses.


Report: Tech Companies Working with Iran to Block ‘Immoral Content’

The Independent reports that social media companies such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have come under criticism for appearing to collaborate with the Iranian government to remove “immoral” content from their platforms, content that defies the Iranian government’s strict religious codes. Many of these apps are blocked within Iran but can often be accessed through the use of proxies and VPN servers.


Twitter, Instagram and YouTube urged to address ‘lack of transparency’ over relationship with the Islamic Republic

Several social media companies in the West have been criticised for a perceived lack of transparency in alleged talks with the Iranian authorities on censoring content to the approval of the country’s strict religious authorities.

Instagram, currently available in the country – as well as Twitter and YouTube, which are blocked but widely visited by Iranians using proxy servers – have all been reported by local media in recent weeks as as co-operating with the authorities to aid them in blocking or censoring “immoral” content.

Newly installed communications minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi has been clear that he intends to shake up the status quo, promising citizens easier access to the internet and app platforms.