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Tech Needs to Explain Why Its Algorithms Hate Republicans

Left-wing media bias has a blatant Google & Co. equivalent.

By now, nearly everyone who pays any attention to the politics of American business knows full well that tech companies are committed cogs in the Leftist machine. What becomes increasingly, and ever more scandalously clear with each passing month, is the extent to which they devote themselves to that task, even in areas that one might think would avoid politics simply for the sake of business.

The most prominent example to come out recently emerged last week in a story by Jeff Mordock of the Washington Times. As Mordock reports, we can now almost conclusively say that if you search for a Republican using Google or Yahoo, you’re far more likely to find out dirt about them than if you search for a Democrat. Though, unsurprisingly, the effect is at its most dramatic when using Google.


Facebook, Social Media, Aiding Jihad; Censoring Those Who Counter Jihad

For the past few years, large social media and other online companies have been seeking to restrict or even criminalize content that could be construed as critical of Islam or Muslims, including when the material simply exposes the words and actions of radical Islamists.

The recent attempt by the digital payment platform, PayPal, to forbid two conservative organizations — Jihad Watch and the American Freedom Defense Initiative — from continuing to use the service to receive donations, is a perfect case in point. Although PayPal reversed the ban, its initial move was part of an ongoing war against the free speech of counter-jihadists — those working to expose the ideology, goals, tactics and strategies of Islamic supremacists, and who are trying to defeat or at least to deter the Islamic supremacist global agenda.

Examples of this kind of censorship abound. 


Drudge, Facebook, NYT readers could face libel suits for sharing ‘fake news’

In a broad proposal that adds threatening libel suits to regulatory plans already pushed by Democrats on the Federal Election Commission, ex-chair Ann Ravel believes that there is support for expanded regulation in the wake of reports foreign governments spent $100,000 on 2016 political ads on Facebook.

She would include “fake news,” not just paid ads, to be regulated, though it’s never defined other than the Democrat’s description of “disinformation.” And anybody who shares or retweets it could face a libel suit.

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France: Facebook Islamists Hunt in Packs

Fatiha Boudjalat, the co-founder of the secularist movement Viv(r)e la République, is a prominent figure of anti-Islamism in France. She is interviewed regularly on television and radio, and her op-eds are regularly published in Le Figaro. Recently, on Facebook, Boudjalat criticized strongly an Islamist government employee, Sonia Nour, for calling the Tunisian Islamist murderer of two women in Marseille, a “martyr”. A few weeks after that, Boudjalat’s Facebook account was deleted.

She is not alone in having been targeted by Islamists on Facebook. Leila Ourzik, an artist who lives in Grigny, a predominantly Muslim suburb not far from Paris, is a Muslim who eats and drinks openly during Ramadan and resists wearing the Islamic veil. Because of her un-Islamic behavior, she is openly insulted and threatened daily, as well as on social networks. On Facebook, Ourzik became a target. Islamists harassed her with insults and threats, posted her picture on pornography websites, and finally succeeded in obtaining the deletion of her account on Facebook. Suddenly, without warning, her Facebook account was shut. “Not once, many times” she says to Gatestone. Why? “I do not know, they never tell you. But one day, it is over, everything is deleted”.


UK Government Targets Internet ‘Trolls’ With Specialist Police Unit

The government is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash on the first-ever national police unit dedicated to tackling internet ‘trolls’.

The Home Office has dedicated £200,000 towards setting up the ‘hub’ in the hope it will see more web users tracked down and prosecuted for causing offence on social media.

A small team of officers will be dedicated to assessing reports of perceived abuse made to the police’s True Vision ‘hate crime’ reporting platform, which was used by pro-EU campaigners to claim Brexit had caused a wave of ‘hate crimes’.


YouTuber Demonetized Hours after Rush Limbaugh Reads Her Article on His Show

Yesterday, October 5, after Rush read my article on his show, I made a video that included my reaction to him talking about it on the air. It wasn’t up for three hours before my videos started getting the dreaded yellow dollar signs — which means YouTube just took away my ability to be paid for them. YouTube made sure that whatever bump in subscribers or views I got from Rush would not benefit me in any way.

Time to regulate the YouTube Nazis.


YouTube and Twitter STILL Haven’t Removed Vile Ad Showing Decapitated Pig-Cops

University of Wisconsin student Eneale Pickett directed and produced a short advertisement for his new clothing line called “Insert Apparel.” The video depicts a black man being lynched by police officers wearing pink rubber pig masks, followed by a group of masked men holding weapons and the bloodied, severed heads of the pig-cops over the course of one minute and 45 seconds. As of this writing the video is still available on YouTube and Twitter.


Conflict censorship? YouTube deletes footage of coalition airstrikes

Footage of coalition airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq has been removed and restricted by YouTube, sparking a furious censorship row for the video sharing site.

Videos allowing the world to see the devastation of the war have been deleted by YouTube – videos which offer press and public alike a rare window of transparency on the behavior of coalition forces.

This is in spite of jihadist propaganda remaining rife on the web.

Official coalition videos, released by the US Central Command and International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve, have been taken off the sharing platform or had age restrictions applied.


Anti-SJW Trans Commentator Theryn Meyer Permanently Suspended from Twitter

Theryn Meyer, a popular transgender commentator and anti-SJW activist, has been permanently suspended from Twitter.

Meyer announced the suspension in a post on Facebook, where she declared, “Just had my Twitter account suspended… Out of nowhere… It’s the #2 way I connect with my audience (after Youtube)… gone.”

In a message to Breitbart News, Meyer claimed the suspension could have been due to an incident where she called a radical feminist a “c*nt,” however given that Twitter did not inform her of the reason for her ban, it is unclear.


The Long Night Ahead

Facebook just declared war against “disruptive” information.  In addition to hundreds of new human censors, they are training AI censors capable of identifying and deleting ‘unacceptable’ information found in the discussions of all two billion members in real time. This development highlights what the real danger posed by a socially networked world actually is.

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