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Fact check: Does the Liberal carbon tax leave 8 out of 10 families better off?

“Climate change is real and it requires real solutions,” Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said on Twitter on April 1. “It’s a fact that pricing pollution is the most cost-effective way to cut pollution. Our plan will also leave 8 out of 10 families better off, with an Ontario family of four receiving a #ClimateActionIncentive rebate of $307.”


Conservatives better hope Trudeau doesn’t resign

Now, by no means is this an endorsement of Justin Trudeau, a man I believe I once labelled the “Cryminister of Peoplekind” in this very publication. I am simply saying that Trudeau’s brand is so toxic that it represents the best, and possibly only path to a Conservative government going forward.


Trudeau announces Canada to partner with NASA to send Jody Wilson-Raybould to moon

The initiative will place former justice minister and attorney general Raybould on a station named ‘Cabinet Privilege’ that according to scientists building it at SNC Lavalin, will maintain a geosynchronous orbit out of radio contact on the far side of the moon for how ever many days there are left until the election is over.


Stunning: Only 27% Of Liberal Voters Believe Trudeau “Didn’t Do Something Wrong” In SNC-Lavalin Scandal

According to a Leger poll, 41% of Canadians believe Trudeau has ‘done something wrong.’

12% say he hasn’t done something wrong.

And 41% say they aren’t sure.

What this means is that 82% of Canadians don’t believe Trudeau, since Trudeau has claimed he’s done nothing wrong.


Former Liberal candidate accuses Trudeau and Liberal Party of rigging nomination contest in Milton, Ont.

A former Liberal candidate who came within a five percentage point-margin of unseating Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt in the 2015 election is accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of manipulating a nomination contest to make way for their preferred candidate, Olympic gold medalist Adam van Koeverden, for the 2019 election.


Finance Department predicts federal budget will be balanced by 2040

A balanced federal budget won’t land until at least 2040 — five years earlier than the government predicted last year — if there aren’t any major economic shocks or new government spending the federal Finance Department says in a new report.