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Canada Takes a Turn With Doug Ford

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been able to maintain popularity at home during his three years in office despite a challenging, at times combative relationship with the Trump administration since 2017. But amid a conservative rise at home, the young leader of the country’s Liberal Party is about to face a new front from Canada’s most influential province.


Only In Canada Would We Pay $4.5 Billion For Something That Could Have Been Free

The investment is a bold move by the federal Liberals. The decision will be wildly popular in Alberta. The Liberals are unlikely to improve upon the four seats they won in Alberta in 2015. However, this investment may prevent the Liberals from being wiped off the electoral map in Alberta next year.


Grits pledge major investment into NOHFC

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne stopped by the Nickel City on Wednesday as part of a northern Ontario campaign tour.

The premier, who said hers is the only party that really cares about northern Ontario, pledged to increase funding to the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation to $150 million per year by 2020 — an increase of 50 per cent, Wynne said.


Unlike Ontario, there is a path to power for Liberals in Quebec

As Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals go in Ontario’s spring election, so too will go Philippe Couillard’s ruling party in Quebec in the fall? Given the turn of the campaign for the Ontario Liberals there certainly are too many parallels to comfort their Quebec cousins. But there are also striking differences.


Henderson: Liberals are mortgaging Ontario’s future

It’s hard to grasp the level of contempt Premier Kathleen Wynne and her downtown Toronto-centric Liberal inner circle, desperate to hold onto their cushy positions after the June 7 election, must hold for this province’s taxpayers.