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BONOKOSKI: Death knell beginning to toll for Trudeau Liberals

The 2019 federal election—coming exactly a year from this Sunday—does not look good for the Trudeau Liberals, with recent polls predicting the next government will be formed by Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives.

And it won’t even be close.


MALCOLM: Liberals’ planned voter ID changes ‘incredibly concerning’

The opposition Conservatives are ringing the alarm bell following an exclusive Sun report revealing that Elections Canada sent a voter registration card to an asylum seeker who has only been in Canada for 18 months.


PCs demand emails from Wynne and top bureaucrats in $15B deficit investigation

The sweeping call for the documents came Thursday morning as the committee kicked off hearings into the $15 billion deficit the PCs say the Liberals left behind. Ford ordered the creation of the committee last week, saying: “We’re not going to let Kathleen Wynne and her cronies walk away from their $15-billion scandal.”


Feds poised to beef up bill to prevent foreign election interference

Last spring the government introduced Bill C-76, aimed at preventing foreign interference in elections and regulating third-party advocacy groups, as well as undoing a number of controversial measures passed by the previous Conservative government.

But insiders say the Liberals now want to beef up the bill, which was being studied by the procedure and House affairs committee when Parliament broke for the summer.

Laying the groundwork to claim election tampering when Lil’ Potato loses.


Summer Of Action!

Keep a can by the front door.

Days of Action are mass mobilizations of our supporters – on the doorstep, on the phone, or at community events – so that we can engage Canadians in important conversations about building a better future. Having particular days set aside that you can plan for gives you time to engage and orient new volunteers, train your team leaders, and celebrate your success!

We want to give ridings time to plan and organize their teams with specific goals in mind – engage our movement of supporters, increase the number of active volunteers, engage with your community, and identify more Liberals for 2019.

The primary focus for Days of Action will be engagement with voters – to go knock doors! We want to engage with as many Canadians as possible – from coast to coast to coast.

3 coasts?


Canada Takes a Turn With Doug Ford

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been able to maintain popularity at home during his three years in office despite a challenging, at times combative relationship with the Trump administration since 2017. But amid a conservative rise at home, the young leader of the country’s Liberal Party is about to face a new front from Canada’s most influential province.