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Minneapolis Police Chief Harteau: ‘Justine didn’t have to die’

“Justine didn’t have to die.”

Those were the first public words from Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau on Justine Damond, a 40-year-old Australian woman who was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer responding to a 911 call by Damond herself.

“Based on the publicly released information from BCA, this should not have happened,” Harteau told reporters Thursday evening, referring to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is investigating the shooting at the request of Minneapolis police.


Justine Damond: Killed by “Islamophobia”

Mohamed Noor is not a jihad terrorist. This was not a jihad attack. He is just a trigger-happy, panicky, reckless individual who held his job not because he was fit for it, but because of what he symbolized. And in the wake of his failure, Minneapolis multiculturalists aren’t about to reconsider their religion. On the contrary, they are doubling down.


Black Lives Matter slams invite-only meeting — Police chief says meeting was productive

Members of Black Lives Matter, a group of activists that released data on carding people of colour in Edmonton, including Bashir Mohamed and Reakesh Walters, along with representatives of community organizations, were invited to a “private, secret” meeting with Chief Rod Knecht on Wednesday at the police information checks building in the Nexus Business Park on 118 Avenue to speak about carding.


Shot dead in her pyjamas: Australian woman, 40, is gunned down by a cop whose body camera was TURNED OFF in an alleyway behind her house after she called 911 to report an ‘intruder’

Ms Damond reportedly walked up to the car and began talking to the driver when an officer in the passenger seat pulled a gun and shot her through the drivers side door. No weapon was discovered at the scene, the Star Tribune reports.

Update: Officer who shot unarmed white homeowner in her own yard is black Somali-American Mohamed Noor