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Sweden: New ‘No Go Zone’ Police Station Rammed by Car, Attacked by Masked Arsonists

Police believe that the attack, which occurred at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, was directed at the police station which is in the process of being built in the troubled Stockholm suburb. They claim the masked men involved smashed a gate with a car filled with fireworks which they then proceeded to set on fire, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.


Police walk without uniforms at London Pride parade

In April, Pride London Festival announced officers would be barred from the parade, unless they chose to ditch the uniforms and marked cruisers. The decision was made in order to ensure members of the Indigenous community and people of colour would feel at ease during the parade.

People who don’t feel ‘at ease’ around the police are usually criminals.


Paris hires Moroccan police officers to take back control of migrant ghetto

Four officers from Morocco are scheduled to help deal with young criminal migrants. They will be patrolling the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood of Paris, where many migrants live openly on the streets, in the hopes to combat their increased problems with violence, drugs, and prostitution, according to a report by BFMTV.


Survey reveals most Britons think the police have lost control of the streets

The shocking results of the Daily Mail survey show that Britons have no faith in the police. Violent crime rates continue to soar to the highest levels ever in the last two years and 25 per cent of the population don’t feel safe at night in their local area. A shocking 57 per cent say that officers have surrendered control of our neighbourhoods with criminals having no fear of consequence.


Student group tells ‘white folks’ to ‘STOP CALLING THE COPS’

A student organization at Marquette University is asking “white folks” to “STOP CALLING THE COPS” and instead try to resolve threatening situations on their own.

If the matter can’t be handled independently, Marquette Empowerment suggests consulting friends, neighbors, and professional mediators before contacting law enforcement.