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Portland’s Next Brainstorm: Cops Without Guns

The tagline “keep Portland weird” never really seems to go out of style. The Oregon city’s mayor will shortly be rolling out a new program designed to expand the city’s police force. Given all the Antifa violence they’re dealing with, that sounds like a good idea. But these new officers aren’t exactly cops. They’re Public Safety Support Specialists or PS3s, and they won’t be carrying firearms or responding to emergency calls. So what exactly are they going to be doing?


Women’s college students urge peers against calling campus police for help, call cops ‘dangerous’ for blacks

In particular, Wellesley Against Mass Incarceration co-president Rachael Labes told the Wellesley News campus paper that group members “think it’s important for students to recognize that calling the police should not be taken lightly. The police are dangerous, specifically for black and latinx students and those with mental illnesses.”


Here’s the secret details of 200 cities’ license-plate tracking programs

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Muckrock teamed up to use the Freedom of Information Act to extract the details of 200 US cities’ Automated License Plate Recognition camera programs (ALPR), and today they’ve released a dataset containing all the heretofore secret data on how these programs are administered and what is done with the data they collect.