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Police release 2,100 pages of Las Vegas shooting documents

The Police Department released about 2,100 pages of police reports, witness statements and dispatch records after losing court battles to keep them secret. Witness names were blacked out so their claims could not be verified.

The documents did not immediately yield new clues about the key unanswered question more than seven months after the attack: a motive.


12-year-old boy with autism arrested for brandishing imaginary rifle at Texas school

Amy Sims was not informed of the incident until her son was already in custody, FOX 26 reports. The mother states that because of her son’s condition, he does not understand that “make believe” gunplay on school grounds has become a sensitive matter.

But actual threats, like Parkland, are ignored and the police refuse to do their jobs.


Saarbrücken / Germany: Man shoots bystanders — Two people killed

Two people were killed in Saarbrücken on Saturday. A police spokesman said that there had been a police operation in the Brebach-Fechingen district this afternoon during which a suspect had been arrested. At first he did not give any further details. Several media had previously reported that a man had shot bystanders. The police spokesman did not want to comment.


London mayor Sadiq Khan and Metropolitan police asked to reverse appalling escalation in crime

This is after a report by the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee showing a 44% rise in homicides from last year, 30% rise in youth homicides and 36% rise in personal robbery.

Tough to stop crime when you can’t identify the criminals for fear of being prosecuted.


Germany’s Bavaria Expands Police Authority Amid Increase in Terror-Related Cases

The newly adopted state regulations give local police powers they haven’t had for over 70 years. Those in favor, including the head of Bavaria, insist that the law allows for more security, civil rights and privacy. Opposition parties claim the law to be “unconstitutional” and an “attack on freedom.”

Treating the symptom and ignoring the underlying cause.


British police threaten to prosecute Facebook users under Malicious Communications Act for mocking them

Britain’s police have stumbled into another public relations disaster after threatening to track down and prosecute Facebook users for ridiculing them.

West Yorkshire Police were derided by social media users after sharing a picture of a drugs bust on their Wakefield Rural page. The haul involved a comically small quantity of cannabis, MailOnline reports.

“Wow that’s put a dent in the war on drugs lol” commented one user sarcastically.

“Hope you manage to nail Pablo Escobar this afternoon” added another.

The police force did not see the funny side of the criticism, however, issuing a statement advising that it had banned a number of people from its Facebook page and would track down and pursue prosecutions against anyone being “insulting, abusive, or offensive”.

“Unfortunately we have had to ban a number of people from using this page today,” the statement began.

“I would like to remind everyone that this is a Police page and whatever your thoughts on one of my officers seizing drugs in the community, being insulting, abusive or offensive can and will result in a prosecution under the Malicious Communications Act 1988.”


Kansas City Antifa group brags about assaulting police officers

An antifa cell in Kansas City called the Red Guards Kansas City recently published a report on their blog detailing their May Day 2018 activities. As was typical for many antifa groups who participated in May Day, this cell masked up and marched through the streets waving communist flags and carrying a large banner honoring the legacy of communist dictators who butchered tens of millions of people in the 20th century.


Police Warned Over Legality of Gang Crime Database Because Majority of Entries are Black Males

Britain has been told to scrap its “racialised” war on youth violence after an investigation accused the nation of breaching human rights law with police use of an anti-gangs database featuring predominantly black, male suspects.


Police ‘suppressing’ case of teens killed by drunk driver because of ‘nationality’ ― father

The father of a 17-year-old teenager, who was killed by a drunk driver, is suing the police accusing them of cover up of what he said was either a terrorist or deliberate attack.