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MSNBC Panel: Trump Criticizing Mayor Is ‘Toxic Brew’ Of Racism, Incompetence, Egomania

Karine Jean-Pierre, a Senior Adviser at, said, “Just when you think the President hits rock bottom, he finds a way to take it even lower. And I think when you look at Puerto Rico, it really brings out the worst toxic brew of Donald Trump–which is the racism, incompetence, and the egomaniac that he is. We are talking about 3.4 million people who are really trying to survive and fighting for their life.”


Meghan McCain Officially Joins ‘The View’

Meghan McCain has officially signed on to join ABC’s “The View” as a regular cohost just a few days after she departed Fox News.

According to a report by Variety, McCain is expected to join the show sometime in October and will be a co-host alongside current panel members Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Paula Faris, and Sunny Hostin.


JOURNALISM ALERT: Washington Post Interviews Third-Graders Who Hate Trump

Unsurprisingly, the small children thought and spoke like small children, which meant they sounded like Leftists. As the Post acknowledged, “While the students were diverse socioeconomically, they were — like the Washington region as a whole — exceedingly un-diverse when it came to politics. In the three classes where I asked how many students would have voted for Hillary Clinton, all hands went up.”


MSNBC’s Mule-faced Maddow Insists Trump Criticism Of NFL Is Racist Conspiracy

Is it just me or is she morphing into Kathleen Wynne?

Democrat propaganda organ MSNBC’s star anchor Rachel Maddow’s grand Russian conspiracy theories may be running on fumes these days but there is always the old reliable fallback for the left when it comes to scoring political points – race-baiting.


Narrative Fail: Russia Facebook Ads Showed Support for Black Lives Matter, Clinton

The Democrats’ Trump/Russia collusion narrative took a major hit this week when Facebook leaks about Russia-linked ads forced disappointed Dems to walk back their anti-Trump messaging. Congressional leaders, in the meantime, have reportedly renewed their focus on Team Obama’s election-year political espionage.

The anti-Trumpers’ promising story-line — “Trump and Russia colluded on Facebook” — had to be downgraded to merely “Russia sought to create incivility and chaos” when it was discovered that the Russia-linked group in question promoted issues and groups on both sides of the political spectrum.


Tomi Lahren Takes on Michelle Obama’s Criticism of Female Trump Voters

‘You’re dang right I voted against Hillary Clinton.’

What do you think of this woman? Tomi is certainly attractive and has strong message although her delivery style puts me off a bit. She’s billed as one of the up-and-coming female Conservative commentators but is pro-choice. Thoughts?

P. S. I may be biased because no one will ever compare to Marissa from The Rebel.


When The Crazy Leader Of North Korea Calls Trump Deranged, It’s Time To Remove The President

In case anyone didn’t notice, Trump’s strategy of threatening N. Korea until they end their nuclear program is backfiring. The North Koreans are accelerating their testing and development of a nuclear weapon. Kim is widely considered to be one of the craziest people running a country in the world. He is a brutal dictator who has isolated, tortured and starved his own people, and he thinks that Donald Trump is deranged.

Synopsis: “Kim is insane and I am in total agreement with him.”

Which makes sense when you think about it.


Dying traditional media journalists’ arrogance is “beyond annoying”

From Bernard Goldberg at Townhall:

In 2001, when my book “Bias” came out, my focus was on liberal bias in the news and the refusal of mainstream journalists to either acknowledge its existence or try to tone it down.

But now bias is my second biggest journalistic concern. Arrogance is now No. 1. The snobbery of too many journalists is beyond annoying. It’s repulsive.

Take Stuart Rothenberg, a veteran political journalist and charter member of the Washington media elite.

While President Trump was speaking at a rally in West Virginia not long ago, Rothenberg took to Twitter to let everyone know that “Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.” More.

Reality check: The biggest blind spot is Rothenberg’s belief that he can say that without being a Republican and still be admired by those he insults.

At one time, that was true, because people like him were Cool. Many people are quite willing to be sneered at by those they thought were Cool. Gatekeepers of information.

But when everyone is on their handheld, Rothenberg’s Cool probably doesn’t matter to anyone but him. See Newsweek hit by layoffs after day of suspense (2016)

See also: Big conservative publisher Regnery cuts ties with New York Times


CNN Host Leads Antifa Mob In Violent Protest, Moments Later They Beat Up Prayer Group In Berkeley

The rally was organized in opposition to a “Patriot Prayer” event led by founder Joey Gibson, who has vehemently denounced neo-Nazis and white supremacists. The black-clad antifa protesters chased the small number of “Patriot Prayer” attendees out of the park and threatened and attacked right-wingers and journalists.


CNN: Fighting MS-13 Makes It Stronger

Apropos of my earlier post re  CNN’s headline about President Trump’s visit to Long Island to discuss immigration, here’s more from the anti-Trump network. Trump rightly attacked the scum known as MS-13, the feral, gang of tattooed savages who murder with impunity, but CNN permitted gang members to claim that Trump was only helping them.

The comments at the Twitter link are entertaining.