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Alleged Canadian “journalists” hold emergency meeting over statement condemning Gaza violence

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression has called an emergency meeting to reconsider a statement it released earlier this month condemning “one-sided use” of military force against journalists and civilians in Gaza and asking Canada to pressure Israel to initiate an investigation into “the massacre.”

The statement triggered controversy over the journalistic organization’s mandate. In the days since it was released, critics have slammed the statement for overstepping the group’s role in defending free expression domestically and around the world, and for seemingly taking a position in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

At an emergency meeting Tuesday evening, the board was expected to determine its next steps and reconsider the process statements go through before being published.

Canadian Fellow Travelers is more like it… somewhere Walter Duranty is smiling


Racist Islamist excuses white privilege studies as legitimate but that Faith Goldy, she deserved to be silenced!

Faith Goldy’s talk at Wilfrid Laurier was cancelled. And a damn good thing, too

“Whiteness is an academic term that describes a system of race-based hierarchy. Whiteness does not mean white people. Whiteness does not mean white people are bad. You don’t even have to be a white person to subscribe to whiteness. Whiteness is a term that facilitates the understanding of racism as being not just personal ignorance but systemic discriminations.”

See? Whiteness is all about how white societies are intrinsically racist because well “white people”. But that’s not racist you H8tr’s!

By The Star’s resident Islamist who else?


California Brownout

…The reason the story didn’t go national is simple: The girl who recorded the video isn’t white. She’s Desirae Fernandez, a Latina. So the national media had no interest. The Elk Grove Unified School District announced that Ms. Fernandez was no longer part of their student body, and everybody went about their business…until this month, when the district decided to hold an “anti-racism” open meeting. A Pleasant Grove senior, Rachael Francois—who is black—caught the attention of the press with stories of antiblack racism she’d encountered at the school. Now reporters from bigger markets became interested, because the villains in Francois’ tales are white.

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Is there a genealogist in the house?

From Mark Steyn,

On Monday evening I joined Tucker Carlson to discuss what he and I regard as a public policy question and what MSNBC regard as Tucker’s genealogical hypocrisy over his refusal to admit that his immigrant Swiss great-great-grandfather in 1860 justifies mass illegal immigration on an unprecedented scale 157 years later. First up was Tucker: More.

Reality check: Tucker articulated his position well, though his position amounts to a rational presentation of one side of a debate in which the rational presentation of the other side is seldom or never articulated.

The progressive needs open borders in order to continue the endless revolution by doling out tax money to low-tech people who will become a voting base for mere sustenance in a high-tech culture. And to the “helping professionals” who are paid to look after them. Another powerful voting base!

The low-tech migrants may not approve of transgender-positive schools for their kids but they need EBT transfers, free medical/dental, and public housing. So they are exactly what the progressive needs. People who need him far too much to afford an opinion about whatever else he is doing.

A middle-class African American couple, by contrast, might be a hard sell for making young Jefferson wear a dress at school as part of a transpositive sex ed program. They might also be a hard sell for manipulating data about the economy or crime in order to pursue social justice goals because they need correct data for their businesses and lives.

But it doesn’t matter what they think. They are compelled to pay taxes to support newcomers who must put buying groceries before anything. That’s the rational case for what the progressive is doing – but we do not hear it discussed openly in traditional media.

Things may change over the generations, to be sure. but I for one do not have a crystal ball. I’d suggest looking at the next 20 years, as they are easier to forecast.

This is Donald Trump’s opportunity to blow. And plenty of people on both sides of the aisle will be happy to help him blow it. That’s because government itself wins as long as that African-American couple is compelled to forward money to the cause. And the Republicans’ dirty little secret is that so many of them are just in it for the government ops, win or lose, anyway. Decade after decade, Republican voters get taken in just like Conservative voters in Canada do. Recently, some tried to break away, hence US2016.

Mark’s key point is that even small cultural differences can matter, citing the Protestant vs. Catholic Irish and the Quebec separatist movement. Those differences arose from being on different sides of a given history. But what if the differences are not even small?

What if one culture genuinely believes that math and science education are not critical but the other side is a high-tech society? Anyone can blather that “Education is for everybody!” But does that mean that migrant teen Mary simply must get off Facebook and study her algebra?

Right now, there’s a big move in education to dumb down math and science for the sake of “diversity,” which essentially means that Mary doesn’t have to learn her algebra. Not learning it will put her out of the running for STEM jobs in a society where those are, increasingly, the good jobs.

But maybe Mary can get a job in social work or social justice education, encouraging other girls to feel good about being ignorant and helpless. And to feel good about being aggrieved too, provided they are aggrieved with the taxpayers who are forced to fund all this and not with the progressives who created it.

It gets worse. What if one culture genuinely believes that men have the right to beat their wives or have their daughters’ genitals excised? Or have those daughters murdered if they are a source of shame? These are not small differences and the progressive, accordingly, bends every effort – including attempts here in Canada at legislation – to keep them from being honestly discussed.

Progressivism does not shut itself down.

See also: Among “raging feminist fails” of 2017: Quebec feminists elect transgender man Feminism arose as a modern movement and is being killed by post-modernism. Modern movements depended on definitions; post-modernism dissolves them. If feminists cannot say that wife-beating is always wrong (that would be cultural appropriation) or that their concerns are for biological women who suffer inequities (that would be transphobia), they have nothing left but the fight for government grants among those who snatch the various pieces. There is no further coherence and none is sought.


Why doesn’t Europe resist? Their feminism will adjust; indeed, it already has. They traded everything for abortion and a bargain was sealed. Of course, they don’t enjoy being reminded of how far they have fallen. So they persecute those who remind them.


Daily Beast Reporter Resigns After Blatantly Plagiarizing Article

Lizzie Crocker, a reporter for The Daily Beast, has resigned after getting caught blatantly plagiarizing an article from The Weekly Standard.

Crocker, a veteran reporter for the outlet, appears to have copied and pasted multiple paragraphs from Alice Lloyd’s article for the Standard. Both articles focused on Kate Roiphe, a writer who stirred controversy by reportedly drafting a piece naming the author of the “Shitty Men In Media” list of male journalists rumored to have engaged in sexual misconduct.



Trump Declares Dreamer Program ‘Probably Dead’

I swear, wasn’t it less than a week ago when we were all running around with our hair on fire because the press was reporting that Trump was selling us out on compromises with Democrats on illegal immigration?

Seriously, the popular media in America when it comes to anything political is as unreliable as Pravda.

Prospects for a bipartisan agreement to protect young immigrants from deportation and prevent a government shutdown later this week faded Sunday as key lawmakers traded sharp accusations and President Trump said hopes for a deal were “probably dead.”

Negotiators spent last week seeking a solution that would shield young immigrants brought illegally to the United States as children, including the roughly 800,000 who secured work permits under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created under President Barack Obama.

But a tentative deal worked out Thursday by a small bipartisan group of senators crumbled in an Oval Office meeting in which, according to multiple people involved, an angry Trump asked them why the United States should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” such as Haiti, El Salvador and African nations over those from European countries such as Norway.


BONOKOSKI: Just a ‘young crying white girl’, says CBC panelist

There is little doubt I would be accused of all sorts of nasty things, including a racist, if I were to go on national public television and call Vicky Mochama “a young crying black girl.”

So, I won’t, although she is young, and she is black, and none of this should matter. Except it does in this case.

Who is Vicky Mochama, you ask?

She will likely be troubled you don’t know.


Journalists advised to pace themselves re fake Trump news

From Jon Gabriel at Ricochet of Ricochet at AZCentral,

One year ago, I counseled Trump’s many detractors to pace themselves. Following Donald Trump’s shock election, the permanent political class had gone through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, but the time had come for acceptance.

Twelve months on and acceptance is nowhere to be found. Every news cycle brings another round of hyperventilation – sometimes two or three rounds.

Yes, Trump was and remains a very different sort president, especially following a polished politico like Barack Obama. But, as I said back then, “It’s going to be a long four years, and there will be plenty of real decisions to get outraged about. If you keep losing your mind every time Donald Trump acts like Donald Trump, you’re going to guarantee a long eight years.”

I’m as shocked as you are that the D.C. press corps completely ignored my advice. More.

Reality check: What these legacy media in fact did was go out and solicit a market that wants to freak out with them. Freaking out is easier than adapting to hard realities while the money holds up. With a big enough base, they may survive, but they are all competing against each other…

Will it work? Well, these are strange times. Readers, keep in mind that the new freakout base doesn’t care about the coverage goofs. The goofs merely prove that the legacy media care about the right things.

Still, I am not hearing very many success stories so far, only a few “less failure” stories.

See also: It’s not clear that ABC News’ dud Mike Flynn bombshell is a “mistake” exactly Media that have long since stopped trying to report the news as if they or their readers care much about facts will simply sacrifice the current goat (Brian Ross) and fetch up another one. Eventually, they must hope, one of these stories will click, bring down Trump, and pave the way for a post-media paradise where facts won’t matter and they can all be celebs and opinion leaders again.