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Spygate and The Steele Dossier Were The Cover Story – The Real Issue is Years of Obama-era Surveillance and Political Spy Operations

The Obama administration (U.S. government intelligence apparatus) needed an external source of information that could cover their domestic surveillance and spy operations. That’s why Fusion GPS was hired, and why emphasis was put on using European and Australian intelligence contacts to create the plausible process to continue surveillance that was always taking place.

This corrupt weaponizing of the U.S. intelligence apparatus is MUCH BIGGER than anyone currently absorbs. The Steele Dossier was an eventual part of the cover-story.


Your phone and TV are tracking you, and political campaigns are listening in

Welcome to the new frontier of campaign tech — a loosely regulated world in which simply downloading a weather app or game, connecting to Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or powering up a home router can allow a data broker to monitor your movements with ease, then compile the location information and sell it to a political candidate who can use it to surround you with messages.


U.S. military aircraft have landed outside Bogota


‘If the shoe were on the other foot, it would be treason.’ Trump rips into Obama’s administration for ‘spying’ on his campaign, telling Corey Lewandowski in AUDIO RECORDING the former President knew about surveillance

When asked if he believed Obama knew that his appointed CIA chief John Brennan and director of national intelligence (DNI) James Clapper were conducting surveillance on citizens, specifically members of his campaign, Trump said he believed the former president was aware of what they were doing.

Trump responded: ‘Personally, I think he knew. Yeah. Just remember what they did.

‘Let me put it this way: if the shoe were on the other foot, and the same thing happened to him, it would be treason and they’d be locked up for 100 years.’


China and Russia ‘are eavesdropping on Trump’s personal iPhone calls’: Foreign spies are taking advantage of the president’s ‘casual’ approach to electronic security and have a list of his ‘friends’ they hope they can turn

Current and former members of the intelligence community say that the president has been repeatedly warned about the use of his personal cellular device, The New York Times has reported.


David Cameron gave MI5 agents ‘licence to kill’ in secret letter saying they should not be prosecuted for crimes, tribunal hears

The authorisation gave spooks James Bond-style clearance to murder and torture threats to national security free from any possible criminal repercussions.

The policy, known in the industry as the ‘third direction’ and in existence since the early 1990s, was so secret that when a retired judge was introduced to oversee the policy in 2012, he was instructed by the then PM not to comment on its legality.