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Useful Idiot Justin Trudeau Meets with Amin El-maoued, PR Rep for the anti-semitic Palestine House

On April 20, 2018 Amin El-Maoued posted photos featuring himself with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and MP Iqra Khalid at the conference. He added the following statement: “we belong to one family .. Canadian family! Never have shame for doing the right things.”

Amin El-Maoued’s statement was published a few days after the Palestine House (and MP Iqra Khalid) were publicly criticized for inviting Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna for the annual Land Day event held by the Palestine House on April 15, 2015 in Mississauga, ON.


Trudeau has failed to resolve pipeline crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is traveling through Europe this week, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with world leaders as he charmingly promotes Canada as a nation that is open for investment.

Meanwhile, we at home are left to muse about Trudeau’s seeming inability to ensure that such opportunity truly exists in Canada and for Canadians.

Despite his many promises, Trudeau has done nothing to ensure the Kinder Morgan pipeline will become a reality.


Rex Murphy: Radical environmentalism has containment problems of its own

For now your straws and swizzle sticks are safe. Prime Minister Trudeau is not (yet) going along with Britain’s Theresa May in her fierce campaign to ban the drinking straw. It is a tribute to the wily manoeuvres and insidious influence of the international straw lobby that our PM “refused to be pinned down” and remained “noncommittal” on the menace of the common drinking straw to the planet’s ecosystems. On so grand a question he felt it better to defer till at least a full convocation of the world’s great economies, the G7.

Wise man.


Justin’s returning Jihadis pose potential chemical weapons risk to Canada: internal government documents

ISIS members who return to Canada from Syria and Iraq could have knowledge of chemical weapons and put it to use in a terrorist attack, according to internal government documents obtained by Global News.

The documents said the so-called Islamic State had repeatedly used chlorine and mustard gas in Syria and Iraq, raising the prospect of their use in Canada by returning foreign fighters.


BONOKOSKI: No immediate $10.5 million payout, but don’t hold your breath

Get out the taxpayers’ chequebook, because we are about to write another whopper to yet another suspected terrorist on the grounds, as our prime minister loves to tell us, “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

A guess? Probably $10 million or so.

In other words, the usual sum.


Deal reached allowing Quebec to dump Justin’s Illegal alien invaders in the ROC

…A working group has been struck to reach an agreement on how Quebec will be reimbursed for $146 million in unanticipated costs it says it has shouldered as a result of the influx of border crossers last year.

A triage system will be also set up to ask asylum seekers arriving in Quebec where in Canada they are ultimately hoping to stay — something Heurtel said he has also been pushing for.

He wants Ottawa to help those aiming to settle outside of Quebec to get where they want to go. For those who want to stay, work permits are now being issued faster thanks to a recent cut in wait times.

Which begs the question; Why are we giving these invaders a “choice” of where to live to begin with? Don’t we have an uninhabited, storm tossed island in the Atlantic that’s lacking shelter, food, water and sanitation where we could dump them until we send them home on a raft?


PMO email raises doubts about Jean’s testimony

A statement exclusive to the Sun appears to contradict National Security Advisor Daniel Jean’s recent testimony in front of a parliamentary committee.

On Monday, Jean testified that “inaccurate information being circulated” compelled him to provide a “background briefing… not for attribution” to journalists amid Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India.


Trudeau’s carbon scheme takes our money for nothing

Small wonder the Trudeau government waited to release its annual report on Canada’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions until the prime minister was in France, boasting about Canada’s efforts to fight climate change.

That’s because Canada’s latest report on emissions submitted to the United Nations shows an insignificant drop for 2016, the first year for which the Trudeau government is entirely responsible, and the last for which figures are available.


Conservatives urge crack down on Justin’s illegal alien invasion

As ministers from the Quebec government prepare for a meeting with federal officials Wednesday over fears of a spring spike in illegal migrant border crossings, the Conservatives are doubling down in their call for the Liberals to crack down and put an end to the flow.

Justin’s handlers seek to make Canada a 3rd world nation, the illegal alien invasion isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. 


Rift exposed between Quebec, federal government over handling of asylum seekers

The Premier of Quebec and the federal Immigration Minister have each accused the other level of government of ducking responsibility for an anticipated summertime surge of asylum seekers from the United States, cracking the united front they presented in last summer’s migration crisis.

The rift was exposed as officials from the provinces were set to meet with the federal government Wednesday evening to discuss their strategy for coping with an influx of irregular border crossers, particularly in Quebec. Some 25,000 asylum seekers arrived in the province last year, 75 per cent of whom walked across the border. Quebec normally receives about 3,500 claimants.

Quebec raised the alarm this week, saying the number of people crossing at a makeshift border post between New York State and Quebec is already at 6,074 for the year – three times greater than last year’s pace.


Trudeau greeted with Trans Mountain pipeline protest in London

LONDON — The explosive debate around the Trans Mountain pipeline followed Justin Trudeau to Britain’s capital on Wednesday, as environmental activists confronted the prime minister with calls to cancel the contentious project.

The activists from Greenpeace UK sought to make their point with an elaborate protest that included erecting a fake pipeline around the Canadian High Commission next to iconic Trafalgar Square that was labelled “Crudeau Oil.”