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Some skeptical new holiday will help Canadians reflect on residential schools

The federal government’s intention to enact a statutory holiday aimed at remembering the legacy of Canada’s residential school system has drawn mixed reactions from Indigenous Canadians, with responses to the plan ranging from cautious optimism to open disdain.

Many have expressed concern that such an occasion — dedicated to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples — could simply devolve into another day off for most Canadians, and note that a lot of work will need to be done if the day is to achieve its goal.



Cautious conservatism in Canada won’t outshine Trudeau

Andrew Scheer, the head of Canada’s Conservative Party, is a nice man, a bright man, and by any objective standard, a man capable of running the country.

However, Scheer has 14 months to make the case that he would not merely make a decent prime minister, but a better one than Justin Trudeau. Only by doing so can he convince voters to make the relatively unprecedented move of unseating an incumbent Canadian majority government after a single term.


CLIMATE CLOWNS: Under Trudeau Government, A Record Amount Of Raw Sewage Is Flowing Into Canada’s Waterways

Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna want everyone focused on the demonization of Canada’s energy industry. They want to justify their anti-Canadian carbon tax (which they don’t apply to Saudi oil or other foreign oil imports), and they want to stop people from questioning why they’re destroying the Canadian coal industry.


Fredericton shooting widow says she called Trudeau a ‘piece of s**t’ during condolence call

The widow of a civilian killed in last Friday’s Fredericton shootings says she has no regrets about the profane phrase she directed at Justin Trudeau during his condolence call to her Wednesday.

Melissa Robichaud said her family was hurt the prime minister did not reach out to them Sunday while in the city, where he paid public tribute to Constables Robb Costello and Sara Burns at city hall.

Good for her.


Ontario ‘concerned’ Ottawa is putting domestic politics ahead of a NAFTA deal

TORONTO — Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government is “concerned” that Ottawa is mishandling trade talks with the United States and Mexico and putting partisan interests ahead of reaching a deal, according to senior sources.

The two provincial government sources who did not have clearance to speak on the record, said Premier Doug Ford’s government believes that there is a “body of evidence” that Ottawa isn’t taking trade talks with the United States seriously enough and is sceptical about whether Ottawa is acting in “good faith.”


Islamist 5th Columnist MP Iqra Khalid Must Rescind Certificate to Muslim Activist Linked to Hate Rally

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – A Member of Parliament with a checkered history has added to her list of controversies by presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to an activist who led a rally laden with hate-filled and antisemitic slogans, B’nai Brith Canada has learned.

Consequently, B’nai Brith is launching a petition demanding that Mississauga-Erin Mills MP Iqra Khalid rescind the certificate and apologize to Canadians for her insensitive and dangerous actions.

I’m loving it. Soon the LPC will be just like Corbyn’s Labour Party. That’s what you get for courting the Muslim vote.


Flow Of Trudeau’s Illegal Alien Invaders Increased In July

Irregular asylum claims increased in July after two months of decline

The number of illegal border crossers in Canada went up in July after two months of decline.

Newly published federal data shows a total of 1,634 irregular migrants were apprehended by RCMP between official border crossings last month.

That’s 371 more than the number of people who crossed illegally into Canada in June.


Petition to force government response on Trudeau groping allegation

OTTAWA — A new e-petition is set to force the government to respond to a sexual misconduct allegation against the prime minister from nearly two decades ago.

The petition, which first opened for signature on Aug. 1 and is buried in Parliament’s e-portal for official petitions, points out that since Justin Trudeau became party leader five years ago, four Liberal Party members have resigned or been removed from caucus over alleged sexual misconduct.


‘This has not been a good hour for Canada’: John Baird slams Trudeau government on Saudi state TV

As Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia remains on the rocks, ex-foreign affairs minister John Baird appeared on Saudi state TV over the weekend to denounce the Trudeau government for its “gratuitous attack” on the Saudi regime.

“For Canada to treat a friend and ally this way has been incredibly unhelpful,” Baird told the English-language arm of Al Arabiya, the Saudi-owned equivalent of Al Jazeera.


Cornwall designated as backup dumping ground for Trudeau’s illegal alien invaders

The federal government says that the city of Cornwall has been designated a backup centre for any potential influx of asylum seekers, a senior federal official said Monday night.

Louis Dumas, director general of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s domestic network, Louis Dumas, told Cornwall council the city’s well-prepared Nav Centre facility is the only city in Canada being kept on standby in this way.