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In Justin Trudeau’s Canada they walk among us…

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Justin Trudeau gives funding to Muslim hate preacher’s group

Using the politicized Canada Summer Jobs grant, the Trudeau government recently gave funding to a controversial hate preacher who’s the subject of a criminal complaint.

The Islamic Humanitarian Service in Kitchener, Ont., was approved by the Trudeau government to receive the grant in 2018, according to the government’s public registry of approved organizations.


GUNTER: The Canadian economy is hurting thanks to poor government decisions

May was not a good-news month economically.

Canada shed 7,000 jobs, bringing the drop in employment since December to nearly 50,000 jobs. Projected growth in our GDP was downgraded to under 1.5% for 2018. And Statistics Canada found Canadian firms intend to invest less than they did last year in new locations, new equipment, new hires — the fourth straight year of decline.


Canada in for fight of its life in NAFTA talks

“I’ve argued that if we want to have a trade agreement, our overarching strategic objective must be not to protect the dairy farmers, not to protect the telecom, not to protect banks, not to protect airlines,” Lee said. “Our strategic objective should be to obtain clear complete access to the totality of the U.S. $20-trillion economy without any tariffs whatsoever and with a dispute mechanism.

“And if we have to put those protected industries on the table as bargaining chips, so be it,” he said.


Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau starts a trade war for political points. We’re the casualties

Canadians who think Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is standing up for Canadians against U.S. President Donald Trump over dairy tariffs have it wrong. Trudeau is standing up for Quebec against the Rest of Canada. It is Trump who is standing up for Canadians.

Canadians are also wrong to think the U.S. has been unreasonable in the NAFTA negotiations, as would be evident if not for our sense of entitlement. Americans don’t owe us a living and they do owe it to themselves to look after their own.


Trudeau Earmarks Billions Overseas While Canadians Plead For His Help

It started as an angry response to the latest giveaway from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Just a few days ago, our prime minister earmarked $3.8 billion of Canadian taxpayers’ money to fund girls’ education overseas.

I wrote a comment on Facebook’s Help Canadians First page when someone posted the story at the The Hill Times.

“And 30,000 of our people are without a place to sleep every night in this country. Disgusting!” I wrote.

Several hours later, I received a response that floored me.

“Like Me,” a homeless Canadian wrote.


Muslim hate preacher gets summer jobs grant from “social justice” Liberals

A hate preacher calling for the genocide of Jews on the streets of Toronto, or an evangelical church group trying to feed the hungry – guess which one got the summer jobs grant funding from the Liberals?


GUNTER: Donald Trump is trying to make Justin Trudeau blink

I think what U.S. President Donald Trump is doing with all his anti-Justin Trudeau bombast is seeing whether he can make Canada blink first in trade negotiations. He’s trying to frighten us into thinking we might lose easy access to the U.S. market – a move that would be disastrous for our economy – in the hope we’ll give more concessions in any renewed Canada-U.S. free trade deal.

Will Trump walk away from a trade deal with us entirely? I doubt it. But he wants us to believe he might so that we negotiate from a position of weakness.


What Trudeau did to set Trump off. It will surprise you!

I was puzzled, truly puzzled at what Justin Trudeau could have said during his closing news conference to set Donald Trump off. I watched long enough to be bored that our PM was repeating himself, saying the same old things that he had said before.

So why would Trump get so angry that he would go on a Twitter tirade and threaten to bring on new tariffs on Canadian automobiles


LEVY: Next on tap for Toronto: Refugee camps

Following fast on the heels of using hockey arenas, hotels and buying $7-million buildings to house the homeless and refugees, Toronto’s shelter officials have come up with yet another bright idea.

I’d like to introduce you to Toronto’s version of a refugee camp — one which will cost $10-million and will be comprised of pre-fab structures erected on vacant city property.


Trudeau’s charm meets Trump’s offensive

You can say one thing about this year’s G7 that you couldn’t say about most of the previous ones: it was newsworthy. Sunday gave interested parties and observers the opportunity to react to and analyze the bad feelings and ugly words that erupted after the G7 meeting of world leaders in Charlevoix.

And there was a lot to analyze, because Sunday was like those tell-all shows The Bachelor/Bachelorette does after the finale, so the contestants can say what they really think of each other, in case their passive-aggressive antics during the competition didn’t make that clear.


FUREY: Trudeau just made a major pivot towards toughness with his Iran policy

“While Tuesday’s vote was just a motion, the fact the PM and his cabinet voted for it tells you it’s basically now government policy. What exact form that policy takes and when it will be put into place remains unclear.”

“Just a motion” -That’s all you need to know.

This was simply posturing.