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Liberals planning to rubber-stamp potentially dangerous asylum seekers

The Trudeau government is planning to quietly introduce new measures to rubber-stamp the approval of many asylum seekers — including people from dangerous and war-torn countries who may pose a threat to Canada’s national security.

To deal with the unprecedented spike in landed asylum claims from aspiring refugees to Canada, Trudeau government officials are working on a plan to accelerate refugee applications by bypassing some of the important screening and vetting measures currently used by Canadian officials.

How is this different from his Cabinet?

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Trump has ‘agreed not to terminate NAFTA at this time,’ Canada and Mexico told

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday told the leaders of Mexico and Canada that he will not pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, just hours after administration officials said he was considering a draft executive order to do just that.

The White House made the surprise announcement in a read-out of calls between Trump, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Documentary Pulls Back The Curtain On Communist China’s Global Soft Power Outposts

The riveting new documentary ‘In the Name of Confucius’ examines China’s controversial practice of planting outposts at more than 1,100 universities and K-12 schools across the world.

“I didn’t think that going abroad, a place I thought to be free, that I’d still be restricted.”

Sonia Zhao was a college student in China when she learned she could teach Chinese abroad through centers called Confucius Institutes. She signed up and finished the training, but recoiled when she saw the final contract. It required her to pledge nonparticipation in Falun Gong, a meditative practice banned in China, in part because its massive popularity threatens loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party.

Me and Michel Trudeau: The story of two drug busts

“My father had a couple of connections,” said Justin Trudeau.

“No s—!” cried the peasants.

These would be the same peasants, by the way, with no connections whatsoever, whose father was not a former prime minister still worshipped by the progressives and the elites, who wouldn’t know a good lawyer from an ambulance chaser (and could not afford either), and who have no strings to pull in either law enforcement or the judiciary because they are just another sad face in a teeming court system overflowing with sad faces.

Liberals make things easier for immigrant marriage fraudsters

Liberals repeal Conservative immigrant residency requirement targeting marriage fraud

‘The Liberal government is repealing a measure brought in by the Conservatives that required newcomers to live with their sponsoring spouse for two years or face deportation.

The conditional permanent residency status policy, which kicked in October 2012, was designed to clamp down on marriage fraud. But immigrant advocates immigration fraudsters said it had the effect of trapping some people in violent, abusive relationships.

Immigration is a violent abusive relationship with Canada the victim.

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PM Useful Idiot photographed with former VP of group on Canada’s terror list

Stupid Justin Trudeau and former VP of World Tamil Movement Veluppillai Thangavelu – a designated terrorist group in Canada

TORONTO — A photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posing with Veluppillai Thangavelu, the former vice-president of a group on Canada’s list of outlawed terrorist organizations, has underscored the pitfalls of selfie politics.

Thangavelu, who was a senior official in the World Tamil Movement when it was the target of an RCMP investigation, posted a photo on Facebook showing he and Trudeau in Toronto last month.

Justin is not your run of the mill vote whore, he is the most stupid vote whore ever.

Supply management is unfair to Canadian consumers

“…Because of our highly regulated, government-enforced dairy market, put in place by Pierre Trudeau in 1971, Canadian families pay about 40% more for milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and other items from the dairy case than they would in a freer market.

And please, spare me the nationalistic hogspit that our closed-door policy is needed to protect Canada’s little-guy dairy producers from Big Milk. The truth is our antiquated, Trudeau-socialist, dairy policies are mostly just protecting a shrinking number of ever larger and larger Canadian producers, mostly in Quebec and Ontario.

When Daddy Trudeau brought in our closed-border rules (rules that come from the same mindset that gave Canada the National Energy Policy and the Foreign Investment Review Agency), there were over 100,000 dairy farmers in the country. Today, there are just over 11,000. And they produce more litres of milk per year than all the farmers did when there were 10 times as many.”

Quick Justin sic Malala on em! Two Muslim terrorists from Canada added to U.S. most-wanted list

Farah Mohamed Shirdon & Tarek Sakr – Muslim Terrorists and Poster Children for Justin Trudeau’s Islam

Once thought killed while fighting alongside ISIS forces in Iraq, a Calgarian is now one of the United States’ most-wanted terrorists.

In a decision by the U.S. State Department, Farah Mohamed Shirdon, 24, of Calgary, has been dubbed a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist.”

Filed last month by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the decision was published on April 19 and said the former Calgary man is a risk to national security.

“I hereby determine that the individual known as Farah Mohamed Shirdon … has committed, or poses a significant risk of committing, acts of terrorism that threaten the security of U.S. nationals or the national security, foreign policy, or economy of the United States,” the decision read.

RCMP in Alberta laid terrorism charges against 24-year-old Farah Mohamed Shirdon in 2015, including participation in the activity of a terrorist group and instructing others to carry out terrorist activity.

The decision also added Canadian Tarek Sakr to the most-wanted list, believed to be part of a group of Quebecers who left for Syria between 2011 and 2012.

Lawrence Solomon: Trump just might make us put on our big-boy pants and make Canada great again

“Let’s not pretend we’re in a global free market when it comes to agriculture,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally told a persistent John Micklethwait, Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief, in an interview Thursday. Trudeau had been bafflegabbing Micklethwait’s inquiry into Canada’s position on NAFTA and free trade, in an attempt to avoid admitting Canadian hypocrisy in preaching free trade while practicing protectionism.

The interview demonstrated Trudeau’s inability to counter the essential truth of President Donald Trump’s assessment that Canada has not been acting honourably.

Canada weakens citizenship while Australia strengthens it

Canada now has the weakest immigration rules in the English-speaking world.

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has reduced the barriers for citizenship while others across the West are heading in the opposite direction. Our allies are strengthening citizenship rules to meet the new reality that our borders—and, increasingly, our values—are under siege.

Rex Murphy: If the eco-fanatics hate Justin Trudeau this much, imagine what they think of you

That Justin Trudeau is a genial and pleasant-tempered man may not be “a truth universally acknowledged,” but that he is as close to that perfect status as any human being is likely to get is not a proposition inviting dissent. From Flare to Vogue the oracles agree that our Prime Minister is the very model of a modern Major-General … er, Prime Minister.

Trudeau in denial about border crossers

The Trudeau government is missing in action when it comes to combatting illegal immigration along the 49th parallel.

The problem is getting worse, and we now have evidence — courtesy of investigative reporting by the Rebel Media — that human smuggling rings are aiding and facilitating these illegal crossings.

And yet the Trudeau government has barely acknowledged the issue.

Justin Trudeau is suddenly the new enemy of the militant climate crusade

Another day, another disappointment for Bill McKibben. The eco-activist, author and co-founder of the anti-carbon lobby group, confessed Monday that he’s been let down yet again, this time by our own prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Worse, McKibben wrote in the U.K.’s Guardian, Trudeau has proven himself to be phonier than even Donald Trump. The Liberals must be mortified.