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The crushing of Wilson-Raybould and Philpott is proof Canada is run by a Liberal cabal

It was no coincidence that the current unravelling of the Liberal party was caused by the principled objections regarding SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. by two political newcomers against a concerted attempt to subvert justice.

It is also no coincidence that both were female and both from outside the Quebec-Ottawa power centre that has controlled postwar Canada for generations.

Clearly, they failed to realize the party’s lengthy tenure in Ottawa is based on putting all things Quebec or Liberal above everything else. Instead, they collided with this coven of Liberal civil servants, corporations, media sympathizers, law firms, lobbyists, and caucus colleagues who salute first and never ask questions.


‘Eco-colonialists’ blocking jobs and prosperity on First Nations, businessman says

Businessman Calvin Helin wants to bring jobs to his impoverished hometown on the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation on the northwest British Columbia coast, but there’s a powerful group blocking his dreams.

Helin sees a new kind of colonialism — this time imposed by wealthy, big city environmentalists and their allies in the Trudeau government — thwarting the desire for work and for dignity for his old community.

Eco-colonialism, Helin calls it, led by “elitist, latte-slurping white people.”


Liberal Party in freefall with Trudeau at helm

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in freefall in the polls, provinces after provinces voting in right wing governments and Canada alienated by world powers, the Liberal Party’s future is not looking rosy.

Add to all of that the departure of former clerk of the privy council Michael Wernick (not a great loss) and Trudeau’s longtime pal principal secretary Gerald Butts (separated at birth), as well as two of his most performing ministers, over LavScam and it’s pretty dark in Liberal corners.


GOLDSTEIN: Provincial elections refute Trudeau’s carbon tax claims

Elections in Alberta last week and Ontario last June mean Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna have lost a key talking point in support of carbon pricing heading into the Oct. 21 federal vote.

Last year at this time, they were able to boast, as they did incessantly, that more than 80% of Canada’s population (86% actually) lived in the four provinces that already had carbon pricing — Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and Quebec.


With 6 months to go, Justin Trudeau is up against history

Half a year is a long time in politics, but when you’re trailing in the polls it might not feel like it’s long enough.

That’s where Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government finds itself with six months to go before the fall federal election.

And when past prime ministers have been in this spot before, it generally hasn’t ended well for them.


Trudeau’s race baiting may be bad for Trudeau says Trudeau’s race baiting newspaper

From where else… The Star

Trudeau painting Scheer as extremist has risks for PM, say experts

OTTAWA—Justin Trudeau is framing the next election in stark terms.

The prime minister told Liberal volunteers and supporters last week the Oct. 21 vote will be “about what kind of country we want to live in, and who we want to be.”

But in the wake of the past two months of controversy over the SNC-Lavalin affair, a new, edgier tone has emerged. It isn’t all sunshine and light. Trudeau has moved, inside and outside the Commons, to link Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to white supremacism and the alt-right.

Justin, he’s stupid as a sack of shit.


It’s time the feds realized the carbon tax must go

Now that Albertans have elected the United Conservative Party as their government, that brings the number of provinces fighting the carbon tax up to five.

Incoming Premier Jason Kenney will see his government join Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick in opposing the deeply unpopular tax.

A tipping point has been reached. With the population of Alberta tossed in to the mix, these five provinces now represent more than half the population of Canada.


Corbella: Kenney vows to use Krause’s research to crush Alberta’s enemies

During his rousing victory speech Tuesday night marking the United Conservative Party’s majority mandate, premier designate Jason Kenney talked about Vivian Krause and her research.

While he didn’t mention Krause by name — just hearing Kenney mention the concerted U.S.-funded campaign to landlock Alberta oil — was like hitting the release valve on a pressure cooker.

Finally, the lies that have been spread about Alberta’s world-leading, ethical energy industry over the past decade were mentioned for the first time by a Canadian premier on a national stage.


Justin’s Base Mobilizes: Ahead of federal election, imams at 69 Canadian mosques deliver message that every vote counts

When Canadians go to the polls in October, a non-partisan group hopes Muslim voter turnout will be higher than ever — and seized one of the year’s most-attended days of prayer to mobilize the community with a single message: every ballot counts.

On Good Friday, imams at 69 mosques in five provinces — Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec — delivered a coordinated sermon in four different languages, emphasizing the importance of voting.

Non-partisan? Bullshit. This is the LPC base, this is tribalism, this is LPC identity politics and this is the CBC issuing a clarion call for a desperate Trudeau.

The upside is that the Liberal Party is rapidly beginning to mirror Britain’s anti-semitic Islamist harboring Labour Party.


PM’s use of jet for family vacation emitted as much CO2 as average Canadian per year

The use of a military jet for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s two-week family vacation on the Aga Khan’s private island pumped about as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as the average emitted per capita in Canada each year.

Trudeau’s use of the Challenger to fly his family and a nanny from Ottawa to Nassau, Bahamas over the New Year holiday and back consumed about 9,100 litres of jet fuel, according to the Department of National Defence.

Christopher Surgenor, who runs the environmental aviation website GreenAir, calculated that the trip would have therefore created about 23.3 tonnes of CO2 .


Jason Kenney and the New Alliance on Canada’s Right

Unlike many other governments in Canada, including the federal Liberals under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the United Conservative Party under Jason Kenney is about to take power in Alberta with the backing of a clear majority of voters, just over 55 percent.

And, as I learned while traveling around the province before Tuesday’s vote, it was clear that even though Mr. Kenney’s opponent was Premier Rachel Notley, the New Democrat who broke a decades-long tradition of Conservative governments four years ago, he was also running against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Trudeau punts on Trans Mountain Pipeline again

The construction starts now — that was Bill Morneau’s promise when he announced Canada was buying the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan.

It was May 29, 2018 when Justin Trudeau sent his finance minister to announce the purchase of the stalled pipeline.

One of the reasons Morneau listed off was to make sure construction went ahead.


Corbella: Politics of fear backfired on Notley and will backfire on Trudeau too

Tuesday’s election win that gave Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party a majority government holds many lessons for those who engage in the politics of fear and smear. Not only does it not always work, it can backfire big time.

The Alberta NDP ran a disgraceful, cynical campaign of attempted character assassination against United Conservative Party candidates who were called every name in the book, including white supremacists.