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Muslim terrorist Omar Khadr to ask for Canadian passport to travel, permission to speak to sister

EDMONTON—Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr wants to be granted a Canadian passport to travel to Saudi Arabia and permission to speak to his controversial sister.

Khadr, who is now 32, will be back in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Edmonton Thursday to apply for changes to his bail conditions which were imposed while he appeals war crime convictions by a U.S. military commission.


Nelson: Trudeau’s heaven will be Alberta’s hell

We hear enough from politicians these days so it’s with trepidation I step aside for a few paragraphs to provide a platform for our prime minister to regale us with his worldview.

You see, while hardly Churchillian in tone or content, his expressed view is vital in gaining true insight. Therefore it needs reading and pondering, word for word. So, here it is in all its glory: Trudeau’s reply to a puffball question about Canada’s moves on gender equality, asked at an inconsequential sideshow panel during the recent G20 shindig in Argentina.

Brace yourself.


Justin Trudeau’s Diversity: “No kafir can touch me” says returned “Canadian” jihadi

As government prepares response to calls to bring ISIS members to justice, some walk free

On Facebook, the Pakistani-Canadian described himself in a recent post as a “Mujahid residing in Dar al Kufr” — a jihadist fighter in the land of disbelief.

But more than two years after flying back to Toronto and telling reporters he had served in the brutal ISIS police in Syria, he has not been arrested.

“No kafir can touch me,” he said in a recent text message to a former friend, who shared it with Global News. Kafir is an Arabic term for nonbeliever.

Sane governments simply strip their Muslim psychopaths of citizenship, Trudeau likes to lick Muslim ass.


Deficits, Saudi Arabia, Trump and oil: 4 key takeaways from CBC’s interview with Justin Trudeau

  1. Justin is a deficit fighter who is growing the economy and showin that Harper what for
  2. Justin really showed those Saudis what for
  3.  Justin really showed that bad Trump what for
  4. Justin is real serious about that place that has oil somewhere in Canada

Empty room, empty heads.



Canadians clash over Trudeau’s carbon emissions tax in months before election

TORONTO — Wading into treacherous political waters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to dramatically increase taxes on carbon emissions to combat climate change is dividing the country, pitting six of the provinces against Ottawa and setting the stage for a bitter and partisan federal election next year.

“Scrap the jobs-killing carbon tax,” has become the rallying cry for Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford and his political allies across the country, who are revving up to defeat Mr. Trudeau’s center-left Liberal Party government in the national vote in October.


Time for Trudeau to pay piper on border chaos

Justin Trudeau has a new headache, one with a dollar sign at the front and a lot of zeros at the end.

Ontario and Quebec are demanding half a billion dollars from the Trudeau government to cover their costs for his bungled border policies and the illegal crossers still streaming into Canada.

So far 17,120 people have been intercepted by the RCMP as they crossed illegally into Canada this year. That’s up from 16,992 in the same January to October time frame last year.


Trudeau’s neglect of the nation has led us to this place

In an astonishing statement to the New York Times in 2015, Justin Trudeau declared, “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” and consequently that “makes us the first post-national state.”

This kind of talk would have been horrifying to Peter Lougheed, Alberta’s premier from 1971 to 1985. He believed in Canada. He had faith in our national institutions. But the intransigence of the federal government led by Pierre Elliot Trudeau tested that faith.

And now we have Justin Trudeau, a prime minister who, like his father, has odd ideas about the country, the world, and Alberta’s place in it.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gives $8 Million to World’s Biggest Abortion Business

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration just promised a huge chunk of taxpayer funding to help the world’s largest abortion business expand its work.

Canadian Catholic News reports Marie Stopes International will receive an additional $8 million from Canada for “reproductive health care” projects in Africa and other parts of the world. The news comes as two African nations investigate Marie Stopes for allegations of illegal abortions.

Taxpayers in Canada have given the British-based abortion chain $24.3 million since 2017, after the Trudeau administration pledged to help plug a funding gap left by President Donald Trump’s Mexico City policy. The pro-life policy prohibits American tax dollars to groups that promote or provide abortions overseas.


MacDougall: Our ‘sunny ways’ PM has turned into Trudeau the Divider

With the forces now being applied to politics pushing populations further apart, leaders face a choice: be a bridge builder or a ditch digger.

For his part, Justin Trudeau is happily toting a spade.

That’s right. Mr. Sunny Ways, the brightest symbol of global liberalism, is a divider, not a uniter, to put it in terms Trudeau wouldn’t understand, so unfamiliar is he with the cannon of the centre-right.

To be sure, Trudeau certainly speaks like a bridge builder — indeed, he does little else — and he probably even thinks he’s a builder, but the record is one of ditch and division.


Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Push Finds Critics on All Sides

ESTEVAN, Saskatchewan — Crews are hard at work these days on the oil rigs that rise above the horizon in southeastern Saskatchewan. At least for now.

Dylan Gilliss, the owner of a company that provides workers and equipment for drilling, sees plans by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada to impose carbon taxes on the province as a threat to his business — and to those jobs — as well as a cash grab for the government.

“It’s going to come on the backs of the men, that’s who’s going to take the brunt of it,” Mr. Gilliss said while driving his white pickup truck along a gravel road lined with pump jacks.

“We’ll do layoffs or we’ll do wage cuts,” he said. “If none of that works, we’ll close the doors. That’s the sad and simple truth.”


Like father, like son — Justin Trudeau just as dismissive with provinces as PET at First Ministers Meeting

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acted just like his daddy on Friday, in all the wrong ways.

Trudeau was hosting a First Ministers Meeting in Montreal and at once was both dismissive of the provinces and premiers, as his father had been, and even tried to pit East against West.

Trudeau set an agenda for the meeting that initially gave premiers little time to raise their issues.