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Justin Trudeau refuses to answer questions in English

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused Tuesday to respond in English to several questions put to him in English in Sherbrooke, Que., telling the town hall meeting that because he was in Quebec he would speak French.

Ironically, one of the English questions put to Trudeau was about the availability of English-language mental health services.

Hypocritical silence after Trudeau’s game of hide-and-seek

There is no question that $500 is pocket change to our silver-spooned prime minister, and probably less than the cost of one well-tailored sleeve on one of his many bespoke suits.

It is, however, the maximum fine Justin Trudeau will incur if Canada’s Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson finds him guilty of breaking rules with his secretive fun-in-the-sun jaunt to the Aga Khan’s private Bahamian island over the New Year.

But surely it strips Trudeau of any claim to personal integrity.

The Kathy Katula story is just the start

Stinks – with a large carbon footprint

The emotional story of Kathy Katula’s appeal to Justin Trudeau is just the beginning of regular Canadians speaking out. Expect more to come, as the real harm of carbon prices hits people where it hurts.

On Friday, Katula attended the prime minister’s Peterborough, Ont., listening tour stop. Observers were concerned the tour would be little more than a Liberal pep rally. Katula proved everyone wrong.

Woman who blasted Trudeau gets online threats

The woman who told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau she could barely afford to eat after paying her carbon tax and hydro bills now says she’s been receiving threats online.

Kathy Katula, the 54-year-old mother of four and grandma of three, said after she was featured in the Toronto Sun about her Peterborough townhall appearance with Trudeau on Friday, trolls and haters have been flooding her Facebook wall with negative comments.

Justin Trudeau Asswipe

Lorne Gunter: Justin Trudeau’s ‘phase out’ oilsands gaffe a sign of naive, magic-wand thinking

At a town hall meeting in Ontario on Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada needs to “phase out” the oilsands. He then slipped into the standard save-the-planet gobbledygook about ending “our dependence on fossil fuels.”

No details. No timeline. No background info of any kind. Just a pledge to shutdown the biggest industry in Alberta offered up as casually as a quip about the weather.

Close down Status of Women Canada … because it’s 2017

Be-clowned diversity hire

It’s a curious bit of trivia to note that while Pierre Elliott Trudeau created the Status of Women Canada office, the first three people he appointed to the post were men.

He certainly had an excuse the first time around, when the position was formed in 1971 in response to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women. There was only one female MP that term and she was with the NDP. That wasn’t the case, however, when Trudeau Sr. appointed men to it in two subsequent parliaments.

Trudeau’s cheap talk on climate change

If you want to understand the impact of climate change polices on ordinary Canadians and how detached our political leaders are from what they are doing by imposing them, think of this every time they say “carbon pricing.”

Think of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flying in on the Aga Khan’s helicopter to the billionaire’s private island in the Bahamas, part of his greenhouse-gas spewing winter holiday with his family and Liberal friends.

Then think of him returning to Canada to hear a tearful mother and grandmother on his “meet the people” damage control tour in Peterborough Friday tell him her skyrocketing electricity and fuel bills have driven her into energy poverty.

Look, PM Trudeau – ‘This is a real Canadian’

Justin Trudeau Asswipe

She’s disabled and works 15 hours a day as a personal support worker.

She’s also a single mom with four kids and three grandchildren.

By the end of every two weeks, Kathy Katula has only a mere $65 left after paying her $900 mortgage and $1,200 hydro bill. She’s now struggling to keep a roof over her head.

She’s your average Canadian and she wasn’t afraid of putting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his place.