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MALCOLM: If Trudeau’s going to crack down on ‘fake news’, he needs to define the term

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants social media companies to crack down on what he considers “fake news.”

According to a recent media report, Trudeau met with top executives at Facebook and told them to fix their algorithms to prevent the spread of so-called fake news.

He didn’t simply ask Facebook to investigate the supposed problem, he threatened action – including stricter regulations from Ottawa – if the social media giant failed to comply with his demands.


Sixties Scoop adoptees want to scuttle $800M settlement, say ‘it’s just not gonna be enough’

A group of Indigenous Sixties Scoop adoptees is trying to scuttle a proposed $800-million settlement announced last year by the federal government, CBC News has learned.

“Our mission right now is to put a stop to this,” said Priscilla Meeches, one of the Manitoba-based plaintiffs in the national class-action lawsuit.

“We need a better settlement than this because there’s too many of us out there and at the end of the day, it’s just not gonna be enough.”


Trudeau Will Recognize Separate ‘Indigenous Rights’

OTTAWA — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that he intends to recognize “indigenous rights” above and beyond those already guaranteed to every citizen by the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The decision has set social media ablaze with criticism and fury as many accuse Trudeau of dividing the country on racial grounds.

Speaking to the House of Commons, Trudeau vaguely outlined a two-tier justice system that he says will enable Aboriginal people to be “in control of their own destiny.”


Judge lets Muslim nutter walk free: Restrictions rejected for accused ISIS sympathizer Khalid Ibrahim

Everyone agrees Khalid Ahmad Ibrahim is a deeply troubled man.

But is he a potential terrorist — or mentally ill?

A ticking time-bomb — or a misunderstood immigrant with an obsession with Middle Eastern violence and a police file full of unsettling incidents?

A man who deserves to have his liberty restricted for the safety of all — or one who deserves treatment for pretty much the same reason?

The Crown’s case was compelling: Ibrahim had allegedly yelled “Allah Akbar” in public and threatened to stab Canadians. Two former roommates claimed he said he “wanted to kill Canadian people by cutting off their heads and that he wanted to join ISIS.”

A search of his cellphone turned up graphic images of “beheadings and corpses, firearms, bombings and known terrorists.”

Justin will be so happy.


GUNTER: After Boushie case, are we headed for Gladue 2.0?

In the spring of 2016, when the sexual assault trial of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi failed to produce the verdict the Trudeau government wanted, the government decided to change the law to make it even harder for men to defend themselves against rape allegations.

Canada at the time already had one of the toughest “rape shields” in the world – a set of laws and judicial precedents that made it difficult to raise a woman’s past sexual behaviour in court, thereby making it harder for a defendant to establish the alleged victim had given consent.


MALCOLM: Half of prospective Boushie jurors were Aboriginal, opted out or were biased says member of jury pool

Almost half of the prospective jurors in the Colten Boushie case were Aboriginal persons, according to one member of the jury pool.

However, the reason there were no Aboriginal Canadians on the jury in this controversial case is because so many deliberately opted out of the process. Other First Nations prospective jurors, meanwhile, were openly and outwardly biased during the selection process, according to one prospective juror who spoke to the Sun.


‘We have a problem here. It’s not a race problem. It’s a criminal problem’

‘It could have been me’: Some farmers say they are easy targets, donate to Gerald Stanley fund

Mark Pashovitz believes he and other Saskatchewan farmers are easy targets.

They live in rural, isolated areas where it often takes police longer to respond to crimes. And their farm vehicles and equipment are tempting for thieves.

That’s why he said he recently donated $1,000 to an online fundraiser to help pay the legal bills of Gerald Stanley, a white farmer acquitted last week of murder in the 2016 shooting death of a 22-year-old Cree man.


White man speak with virtue signaling tongue… Trudeau to meet with Boushie family

White man speak with virtue signaling tongue… Trudeau to meet with Boushie family after not-guilty verdict prompts wave of anger

The long list of problems Colten Boushie’s family says marred the case…Most of which seem to have no bearing whatsoever on events pertaining to the trial.

Background… If this is true, the native community had best concentrate on cleaning up it’s own act.



BONOKOSKI: Trudeau and his gang have no business in the jury box

One need not read too deeply between the lines to realize our prime minister, our justice minister, and the minister overseeing Indigenous relations believe Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley should have been found guilty of murder and on his way to a federal prison.

Forget that a jury of his peers heard all the evidence first-hand, and then eventually acquitted him.


GUNTER: Boushie didn’t deserve to die, but activist responses aren’t the answer

It’s a shame Colten Boushie is dead. He seemed like a decent kid. He’d trained as a wilderness firefighter and as a short-order cook. He was trying to better himself.

He didn’t deserve to die that day in August 2016 when he and a group of friends drove onto Gerald Stanley’s farm near Biggar, Sask.

But Stanley’s acquittal on second-degree murder charges in a Sask. courtroom on Friday is not a travesty of justice.


Trudeau mocked openly now, internationally?

From the Babylon Bee:

According to Trudeau, anyone caught saying “mankind” instead of the more inclusive “peoplekind” will be apprehended and taken away to an undisclosed location.

“This is 2018,” Trudeau said in a speech, which was politely applauded by hundreds of Canadian citizens. “Any word containing the syllable—trigger warning—’man’ is now illegal under Canadian federal law.” More.

Reality check: I keep seeing instances of non-Canadian media grasping just what Trudeaupia is, and they don’t seem too thrilled for some reason. How many people apart from our media-ites and crats are thrilled?

See also: Canada moves quickly toward forced citizen involvement in abortion