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Indian government criminalizes ‘instant divorce’

India’s government on Wednesday approved a new law that criminalizes Islamic “instant divorce.” The process of “triple talaq,” that is, a husband saying the Arabic word for divorce three times in quick succession to his wife, is now punishable by up to three years in prison.

Although the practice was ruled unconstitutional by India’s Supreme Court last year, Federal Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that this had done little to deter many men. Indeed, his office has seen 201 cases of instant divorce since the court ruling.


Indian Court Drops Case Against Actress Accused of ‘Blasphemy’ for Winking

The Supreme Court of India has quashed an FIR filed against actress Priya Prakash Varrier and the makers of Malayali movie ‘Oru Adar Love’. ‘Somebody in a film sings a song and you have no other job but to file a case’, the SC bench also rebuked the people behind the FIR.

The 30-second video clip in which many young actors were seen had gone viral on social media. The scene where the actress Priya Varrier winks and smiles at the male lead had become immensely popular over social media platforms and made Priya Varrier a household name all across the country.

Soon after the song video went viral, some Muslims in Telangana had filed an FIR in Hyderabad alleging that the song, which mentions the love affair between prophet Mohammad and his first wife Khadija has been represented in a blasphemous way in the video as winking is against Islam.


Two more lynched in India as police struggle to contain WhatsApp rumours of child kidnappers

Police in India’s north-eastern Assam state have arrested 16 people after two tourists were allegedly lynched, after rumours they were child kidnappers circulated on social media.

Monday’s arrests followed violent state-wide protests against the killings of audio engineer Niltopal Das, 29 and digital artist Abijeet Nath, 30, late Friday evening in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district, 117 miles from the state capital Dispur.

Both had gone to a picnic spot in the area to visit a waterfall and were viciously attacked on their return by a mob that accused them of being “child lifters”.



Terror allegations against B.C. man politically motivated, lawyer says

The lawyer for a Surrey, B.C. man who has been accused of terrorism by the Indian government says the allegations are false and politically motivated.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar is only being targeted because he supports a referendum campaign calling for Sikh independence in the state of Punjab, human rights lawyer Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said.

“We will defend Nijjar against any attempt to extradite him to India,” Pannun said in a statement. “Indian authorities often label Sikh activists as terrorists, (when they) are simply trying to raise awareness in Canada about human rights violations.”


Ostracised and fetishised: The perils of travelling as a young black woman

‘However, in Swaziland, I found the people and their activities to be quite familiar- so much so that I often grew bored. Yes, there are cultural differences, including cultural events that are unique to the region, but the day to day life of a Swazi closely mirrors that of those in the Western world.

Swazis are normal people with normal worries – people who think about school, getting to work on time, music, relationships and popular culture like everyone else.

The country, just like the US, is diverse. There are city people and rural people, the affluent and the less fortunate, the good, the bad, the lazy, and the hard-working. More importantly, through it all everyone manages to stay fully clothed and the spears stay tucked away. I wondered why this side of Africa was never shown.

But the biggest surprise was how I was treated. It wasn’t a warm embrace.

The Peace Corps had selected the community I would be staying with and the people there had been told to expect a US volunteer.

“When is the American getting here?” I was asked on arrival.

I am the American, I said. They were shocked. Just like I had images of what a typical African should be, they too had an image of a typical American. And that was not a 22-year-old black woman.

To them, I was a fake American. Some even suggested that I was a spy from an English-speaking African country. This is not an uncommon reaction to volunteers of colour. In addition to black volunteers, Asian, Latino, and Native American volunteers are sometimes greeted by disappointed community members who assumed that they would look different – that they would be white.

I completed my two years of service in Swaziland with the Peace Corps. Despite continual challenges that I faced there due to my race, I stayed – because being there meant that I was continuing to learn more about Swazis, as well as allowing Swazis to learn more about me. Following my time there, I travelled from south to north Africa, mostly overland, to further enhance my knowledge about Africa’s diverse cultures and people.

…I had been travelling around Asia since August 2017. Like many tourists venturing into communities lacking diversity, I’ve been used to being stared at, but the attention I received in India felt different.

The looks didn’t seem like expressions of curiosity. They seemed sinister and unwelcoming. When people (young and old) see someone with black skin they stare, point, laugh, make jokes, clear paths, run as if you are chasing them, and fix their face to display an overall look of disgust. Too many people were rude, incredibly childish and treated me poorly. When not being ostracised, I was fetishised.

One of the most pivotal experiences came when a middle-aged man asked me, innocently, about the sexual prowess of black people.

The whole thing is very interesting. Not necessarily what you’d expect from the title.


Jaspal Atwal says Trudeau govt lying about ‘rogue elements’ in India over dinner controversy

Jaspal Atwal, the man at the centre of a controversy that led to a chill in India-Canada ties, has accused the Justin Trudeau government of “lying” in framing him as an agent planted by “rogue elements” within the Indian establishment to embarrass the Canadian prime minister during his visit to India in February.


Crime-predicting A.I. isn’t science fiction. It’s about to roll out in India

Artificial intelligence programs promise to do everything, from predicting the weather to piloting autonomous cars. Now AI is being applied to video surveillance systems, promising to thwart criminal activity not by detecting crimes in progress but by identifying a crime–before it happens. The goal is to prevent violence such as sexual assaults, but could such admirable intentions turn into Minority Report-style pre-crime nightmares?


India says 39 construction workers kidnapped by Isil found in mass grave near Mosul

The bodies of 39 Indian construction workers kidnapped in Iraq in 2014 by Isil have been found in a mass grave, India’s foreign minister said Tuesday.

Sushma Swaraj told the upper house of parliament the workers had been murdered by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

Their bodies had been found in the grave in the village of Badush northwest of the city of Mosul and taken to a local organisation for DNA testing.


FATAH: Oh Canada, who stands on guard for thee?

If there was any doubt Canada’s political discourse has become hostage to small, but highly effective ethno-religious groups, it was evident in how the Opposition Conservative Party buckled under the pressure of Sikh organizations that advocate a break-up of India and the creation of a new religious state for Sikhs called Khalistan.


Queen Sophie Is Shocked! Shocked! By Atwal Trip, Says India Vacation Not A Vacation!

Sophie Trudeau, Canada’s Ersatz Evita.

OTTAWA – Sophie Gregoire Trudeau said it was “shocking” to learn after the fact that she had taken a photo with attempted murderer Jaspal Atwal at an event during the government’s official trip to India in February.

In an interview with Don Martin on CTV’s Power Play, she said the Mumbai reception was the first time she had ever seen Atwal, a B.C. Sikh convicted of trying to kill an Indian cabinet minister in 1986.


Christie Blatchford: More Liberal gaffes uncovered from Trudeau’s not so excellent India visit

There were even more gaffes on that infamous trip to India last month by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau than previously reported.

As if the widely denigrated extended photo-op tour, and the inclusion of a convicted terrorist on some invitation lists wasn’t bad enough, the National Post has learned of a ruckus at the gates of the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence during the tour and further reports of MPs in the prime minister’s entourage posing with a former politician with unsavoury connections. Beyond that, the trip was a complete disappointment from the perspective of some of those keen to make business connections — “just a mess,” says a disappointed businessman who was there.


PARKIN: Trudeau’s India bungle had one cause: Fear of Jagmeet Singh

The official rationale for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent India trip was to promote foreign investment and trade. But it’s real purpose was all domestic politics.

And specifically, the India trip was all about He-Who-Liberals-Must-Not-Name: Jagmeet Singh, who’s working to build NDP support among Indo-Canadian voters.

The Liberals are absolutely obsessed and paranoid about The-Opponent-They-Will-Not-Name.

I think there were any number of reasons for Justin’s little jaunt not the least of which is his imperial narcissism. Let’s not forget that Sophie’s choice played a role…


Rex Murphy: Perhaps Justin Trudeau’s India trip could have been salvaged with some elephants?

There were a number of first-class opportunities missed on the Prime Minister’s costume tour of the great democratic state of India. The merest child, let alone the wizened sages of the PMO, could have told them that there should have been elephants, with Justin and Sophie doing yoga stands inside the howdah. How much more striking is a namaste from the back of a shrieking pachyderm.

Most likely his planners were just careless, or what is the same thing, not up on their Kipling, as they very well should be.

h/t OJ


MALCOLM: New video casts doubt on Trudeau’s version of Atwal scandal

New video footage, uncovered by the Sun, casts doubt on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s explanation about what happened on his disastrous trip to India.

Just hours before news broke that a convicted Khalistani terrorist was part of Trudeau’s entourage in India, Liberal MP Randeep Sarai was interviewed on India Today and can be seen touting the Canada-India security relationship.


Surrey MP Randeep Sarai says he didn’t invite Jaspal Atwal

Surrey MP Randeep Sarai speaks out for the first time since Atwal controversy – ‘I didn’t invite the person,’ he said of Jaspal Atwal

“I didn’t invited the person,” he said of Atwal. “He’s a media personality; he’s associated with Media Waves, the radio, and he’s there for, around everwhere. We did go on his radio pre-election, kind of during the writ period time, afterwards I’ve been on it a couple of times, he’s been around socially in the community here in Surrey for years now. I’ve seen him around but I don’t have anything beyond socially when we see him at media events or at public events, I don’t have any other relationship with him.”

Sarai says he merely provided a list of names of community members who expressed personal interest in attending the events without checking the list over first. Ultimately it was the job of the RCMP/CSIS and the PMO to examine that list. A self serving lie by Sarai? What Liberal doesn’t lie?