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The migrant scene: Our American friend writes from Florence

From our American friend, John Gilmore, at alphanews,

In the last several years, I’ve revisited places in Western Europe that I have been to before when I was younger. It’s not so much the passage of time, though in part of course it is that, so much as wanting to see Europe once more while it still exists. Mass migration and elite self-hatred of their own cultural patrimony is changing Europe into something unrecognizable, something deformed, something suicidal.

When the brittle, wholly artificial “European Union” set about to draft its constitution, Pope John Paul II lamented that it refused to give even a glancing recognition to the debt owed Christianity by Europe as a whole. No Christianity, no Europe. Naturally, the final draft of the constitution resolutely said nothing about the single greatest force that shaped it throughout history.

Early this year Somali migrants stormed government offices in Sesto Florence (a suburb of sorts) after a fire in a shelter killed one of them. The mayor pleaded with other Italian cities to “help us.” I’m struck by people from failed countries with nothing to offer their host countries demanding even more state largesse. More.

Reality check: What the Somali migrants are offering is dangerous neediness, which is a drug to people in power who need free citizens less and less.

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Hillary Clinton doubling down on her “deplorables” comment was an unforced error

Not a good sign for her political future, or her party’s, if she continues to represent them.

I wrote in response to a Mark Steyn column, Hillary goes looking for the real killers:

Some of Hillary’s errors appear forced and others unforced. Forced error: Her entire political spectrum now largely consists, by its own choice, of identity groups, featuring entitlement, grievance, and demands for apologies and reparations. That is all that she – and they – can do. It is what they know and increasingly, all they know. Blaming her team for her defeat is just an episode of progressives experiencing their existential drama internally.

The backlash from this forced error won’t do the same harm to progressive group unity that it would do the unity of a traditional group. Progressives can easily get over their hurt feelings by turning jointly to attack a new target in their ever-widening circle of outgroups.

Unforced error: Most Americans are still members of outgroups. In that context, defending her “deplorables” comment was a mistake. A more traditional person than Hillary would simply have said, “I was hearing bad news, got carried away, and said some things I shouldn’t. Who doesn’t? I am sorry. What I said isn’t really true.”

Yes, there would still be a flurry of condemnation among outgroup activists. But how many of the activists would want to be judged by the standard they would then be using? And be seen to be using, resulting in hypocrisy charges later when one of them slips. So the story would slowly recede.

Doubling down on the “deplorables” comment was an unforced error in the sense that Hillary could have apologized properly, in her own interests. But by not doing so, she is being honest: She really does believe that non-progressives are deplorable. So anyone who votes for her candidates in the future must realize that they are voting to save themselves from the second- (or worse) class status they wish on their neighbours.

Another commenter replied,

Nice post, I must take exception to a minor point: “Progressive can easily get over their hurt feelings…” Turning to “their ever-widening circle of outgroups” (great term, by the way!) does not help them get over their hurt feelings. Rather it assures them a constant supply of hurt feelings because without them, they don’t know how to navigate or function. Hurt feelings are the oxygen to their breathing, no oxygen = death by asphyxiation.

What do readers think? Can Hillary resurrect her political career?

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The course is called Western Civ because that’s what it is…

If it were intended to be SJW Thug Civ, it would definitely teach different stuff. From Bruce Bawer at PJ Media,

In an article published last fall in the college magazine, Reed alumnus Chris Lydgate recalled how much he’d loved the course when he took it three decades ago, but noted that students were now tagging it as “an example of institutional racism” that “conveys the surreptitious message that white men are the authentic source of thought and civilization.”

Claiming that the works taught in the course have played a role “in colonialism, racism, and slavery,” these students were demanding that the course be revised to “include a history of the Western canon as racist and anti-black.”

Lydgate described last fall’s debate about Hum 110 as “spirited” but civil and respectful. During the succeeding months, however, as reported earlier this month in both Reason and The Economist, student agitators showed up for every single Hum 110 lecture and sat in the front of the auditorium, brandishing protest signs and “sometimes taping their mouths in protest at the absence of non-white voices in the syllabus.”

In November, at a Hum 110 lecture on Sappho, they called the lecturer, Lucia Martinez Valdivia, a “race traitor,” “anti-black,” and an “ableist,” eventually driving her to tears.More.

Reality check: Valdivia should sue, like Bret Weinstein did. Her employer has inflicted this mob of yobs on her.

Meanwhile, readers, what should SJW Thug Civ teach besides bullying, mouth-taping, protest sign-painting and concealing weapons?

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Oberlin: Elite, expensive snow machine is not turning out so many lethal snowflakes now


This just in: Evergreen U settles with biology prof over threat of harm due to non-PC stance


Prof apologizes for calling for sex molestation of US education head, resigns

From Eric Owens at

The taxpayer-funded professor who decided it would be a good idea to spout that he would “be ok if” U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos “was sexually assaulted” has now resigned from his teaching job — after resigning from another job — and also apologized profusely.

The professor is Robert Ranco. Until his resignation, he served as a paralegal studies adjunct professor at Austin Community College.

Another Ranco tweet said: “I certainly don’t deserve your forgiveness for what I said. I know I would have a hard time forgiving someone who directed something like that at a member of my own family.” More.

Reality check: Figures he’d be teaching paralegal. Lucky he isn’t in jail. Advocating a crime is itself a crime.

He need not deserve our forgiveness. He needs to smarten up, start talking and acting like something other than a street hood, and stay away from education until he does.

Progressivism is more dangerous to many users than crack cocaine.

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This just in: Evergreen U settles with biology prof over threat of harm due to non-PC stance


Oberlin: Elite, expensive snow machine is not turning out so many lethal snowflakes now

From Eric Owens at Daily Caller:

Yet another American college is suffering an “unexpected” plunge in enrollment and a massive budget deficit after a series of outbursts by radical fringe protesters and professors.

This time, the school is Oberlin College, a private, 2,900-student enclave of progressivism in small-town Ohio where the cost for a single year of tuition, fees and room and board is $69,372.

Oberlin is facing a $5 million budget shortfall for the 2017–2018 academic year due to lower student enrollment and a related drop in revenue, reports The Oberlin Review, the student newspaper.

The school is most famous because Obama-loving leftist student Dylan Bleier and his sidekick Matt Alden allegedly circulated virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus “for the shock value,” according to Bleier. Former Oberlin president Marvin Krislov called off school for a day and made a huge fuss, despite apparently knowing full well it was all a hoax. More.

Reality check: We can all be lied to and hoaxed much more cheaply.

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This just in: Evergreen U settles with biology prof over threat of harm due to non-PC stance

From Ian Miles Cheong at Daily Caller:

Evergreen State College has settled a tort claim with professor Bret Weinstein and his wife Heather Heying for $500,000 in connection to the 2017 “Day of Absence” protests, which saw anarchy spread throughout the campus earlier this year.

“Through a series of decisions made at the highest levels, including to officially support a day of racial segregation, the college has refused to protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence,” their claim stated.

Weinstein alleges that he was frequently called a “racist” by his peers for his refusal to support the so-called “Day of Absence,” which demanded white students and faculty recuse themselves from campus for a day so non-whites could have a powwow about oppression. More.

The faculty at Evergreen should be thanked for their concern for social justice but apprised that there was no need to turn their campus into the type of institution where staff need protection from inmates (prison, secure mental ward, etc.). Let alone to teach their students to model the typical behaviour of such inmates.

Note: Of course, this come-da-revolution is a great racket for certain types of profs to be in. They teach a student to behave in a way that no mentally normal group of human beings on the planet wants to tolerate. He starts to rage against the injustice of it all until… he is a teen soldier in their cause-of-the-month.

Yes, there is injustice here! Students should address the injustice by suing for educational malpractice.

And then please sit down and learn some biology.  Or go away.

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Evergreen biologist files suit

Evergreen biology prof Bret Weinstein’s shocking testimony at You Tube


Flawed forensics: DNA analysis is NOT The Truth, as in endless cop show reruns

File:DNA simple.svg And much harm follows from believing so. From Shawna Williams at The Scientist:

Cutting-edge DNA identification techniques used by the office of New York City’s chief medical examiner were less reliable than claimed, some experts say. …

“I’m 100 percent convinced that there are many people who are incarcerated who were convicted with DNA evidence who are innocent,” Bicka Barlow, a lawyer with a background in genetics and molecular biology, tells the Times.

At issue in the letter are techniques called “high-sensitivity testing,” or low copy number analysis, which detects trace amounts of DNA, and the Forensic Statistical Tool (FST), a software program to calculate whether a given person’s genetic material is likely present in a sample of mixed DNA. More.

Science promotes superstition as readily as does any other intellectual exercise because the key driver of superstition is the attempt to use knowledge as a form of control rather than understanding. That leads inevitably to slackness and corruption, which means that what is exalted as the Truth falls short of ordinary truths and ends up becoming discredited.

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Forensic DNA evidence in doubt? (low copy analysis)


Is forensics really a science.? Yes, and it suffers from the same problems as any other.


How American Anarchy Parallels China’s Cultural Revolution

America is clearly undergoing a Cultural Revolution that is eerily similar to Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which took place in China in the 1960s. Maybe Karl Marx was right after all when he declared that “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”…,

China’s Cultural Revolution was triggered by a group of students at Beijing University, the most elitist college in China. They called themselves the Red Guards because they worshiped China’s communist dictator Mao and his socialist/communist ideology feverishly. In their manifesto, they questioned the usefulness of knowledge, and condemned their professors and university administrators for harboring “intellectual elitism and bourgeois tendencies” and for stalling China’s progress towards a communist utopia…,


Says it all about how U’s are shaping SJWs as ignorant thugs

From Victor Davis Hanson:

I once gave a lecture on a local college campus three weeks after 9/11. Dozens of shouting students, egged on by their professor, screamed that the KKK had toppled the twin towers and demanded that I deny it. I said I would discuss it, if just one of 300 students in the hall either could name the founding racist of the KKK or what the triple-K acronym meant. None could; but all yelled louder.

Two years later I gave a lecture on illegal immigration to congressional staffers on Capitol Hill; an activist who was a liberal California House member’s aide, disrupted it, screaming that because I was a “classicist” I must believe in “classist” privilege and “classist” prejudice—and therefore should not be allowed to continue. Again, arrogance and ignorance are our era’s trademark. More.

Reality check: For SJWs, ignorance is a virtue. They are proud of not knowing, not ashamed of it. They will impose ignorance on everyone once in power. Big social media will be glad to help them.

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ESPN loses money amid attack on hapless jock announcer Robert Lee… for now

From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

Now, ESPN has shown its true colors, which is to say: The people there are idiots. In the wake of the media’s Charlottesville feeding frenzy, it reassigned a college football announcer named Robert Lee away from covering the University of Virginia football game against William and Mary on Sept. 2. Even liberal sports junkies like NBC’s Chuck Todd tweeted: “This is stupid. Sorry. Someone’s PR team is way too sensitive.” As everyone now knows, Robert Lee is Asian-American.

Which means he doesn’t matter. No one is making a living fronting his victimhood.

Taking ESPN to the left can’t look like a wise strategy, as the network’s subscriber base has declined from a peak of 100 million households in 2011 to less than 87 million now. But other liberal networks have shown that their business imperatives are less important than audaciously demonstrating their “courage” and commitment to the “social justice warriors.”More.

Reality check: It will be a very wise strategy indeed if the outcome is CBC-style government funding for Correct Sports, under the next progressive government. Otherwise, ruin.

In short, if people are as stupid as ESPN is gambling they are, it will win.

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Charlottesville’s Statue Burqas Are A Sign Of Liberals’ Panic Over What They’ve Unleashed

Charlottesville’s novel solution to the conflict over Confederate monuments is to drape them in statue burqas meant to shield viewers from temptation.

Charlottesville’s novel solution to the conflict over its monuments to Confederate heroes is to drape them in statue burqas meant to shield viewers from the temptation to either worship or become enraged by the images of men who lost a war 150 years ago. Up until a year ago, of course, no such measures were necessary because nobody reacted that way. But sure, it’s the statues that are the problem, so they need to be covered.