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Feds could tell you when to drive if carbon price law stands, court told

TORONTO — The federal government will end up with the power to regulate almost every facet of life — such as when you can drive or where you can live — if its law aimed at curbing harmful greenhouse gas emissions is allowed to stand, Ontario’s top court heard Monday.

Ottawa’s climate-change law is so broad, a lawyer for the province told the start of a four-day Appeal Court hearing, that it would give the federal government powers that would be destabilizing to Canada in the name of curbing the cumulative effects of global-warming emissions.

“They could regulate where you live. How often you drive your car,” Josh Hunter told the five-justice panel. “It would unbalance the federation.”


Hillary Redux: Trudeau road tests campaign attacks that lump Scheer and Doug Ford with the alt-right

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau road tested his campaign strategy Friday, lumping Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer with Ontario Premier Doug Ford and other right-of-centre politicians who deny climate change, vilify immigrants and tolerate white nationalists.

In a 25-minute speech to supporters in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga that mentioned Ford as much as it did Scheer, Trudeau criticized the recently released Ontario budget and warned how it could be reflected on the federal stage.


Trudeau, Scheer Tangle In Heated Exchange About White Supremacy

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer traded heated barbs in the House of Commons Wednesday on the scourge of white supremacy.

Trudeau called on the Conservative leader to denounce white supremacists by name after a Tory senator’s remarks about racism. Scheer accused the prime minister of using “typical Liberal smear tactics” to avoid talking about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

A simple “F&ck Off Justin you’re a lowlife race baiter” would do.


Is Trudeau trying to get Scheer elected? Or is he just a stupid thug?

Of all the stupid things that Justin Trudeau has done in his mishandling of the SNC-Lavalin scandal that he created, his threatened libel lawsuit against Conservative leader Andrew Scheer might just take the cake.

Does the prime minister still not get that the most politically damaging aspect of this whole controversy of his own making is in how it has made him look like a bully?


Scheer says imbecile Trudeau threatened him with libel suit over SNC-Lavalin affair

OTTAWA — Andrew Scheer is challenging Justin Trudeau to follow through on a threat to sue him over his assertion that the prime minister politically interfered with the criminal prosecution of Montreal engineering giant SNC-Lavlin.

The Conservative leader revealed Sunday that he received a letter on March 31 from Trudeau’s lawyer, Julian Porter, threatening a libel suit.

“If Mr. Trudeau believes he has a case against me, I urge him to follow through on his threat immediately,” Scheer said in a statement.

h/t lolwut


Wilson-Raybould set conditions, wanted PM apology over course of SNC-Lavalin affair

Over the course of the SNC-Lavalin scandal, former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould laid out conditions for ending the controversy that has dogged the Liberal government for nearly two months. And now, she says that blowback from the affair could have been entirely avoided had Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized for what she says was political interference in a prosecution.


Excuse No. 766: Relations between Trudeau, Wilson-Raybould began to fray over her Supreme Court pick: Sources

Relations between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and then-Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould first began to fray in 2017 over concerns about her choice to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court of Canada.

A year before cabinet discussions about a plea deal for Quebec engineering company SNC-Lavalin, Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould disagreed about her recommendation of Manitoba Justice Glenn D. Joyal, sources familiar with the matter tell CTV News.

Trudeau was concerned that Joyal wasn’t committed to protecting rights that have flown out of interpretation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, particularly LGBTQ2 rights and even abortion access, neither of which are specifically enshrined in the Charter.

Famed jurist Justin Trudeau voiced misgivings? No. Justin is a pig. The LPC lied outright, the judge withdrew from consideration because his wife was suffering breast cancer.


Trudeau’s carbon footprint

While the government is punishing Canadians for driving kids to hockey practice and heating their homes, our jet-flying Prime Minister isn’t even trying to reduce his carbon footprint.

On the taxpayers’ dime, Trudeau flew from Ottawa to Florida on Monday, back to Ottawa on Tuesday for apparently no reason, and then back to Florida again.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to shuffle cabinet Monday: sources

Three government sources — speaking to CBC News on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly — have confirmed the prime minister will announce changes to his cabinet on Monday to fill the gap left by Philpott, who last served as Treasury Board president.


Pierre emerges

Ever since his entry into politics, people have observed how different Justin Trudeau is from his father. Pierre Trudeau was one of the greatest Québec intellectuals of his generation and a university professor. Justin managed to obtain degrees in literature and teaching, but abandoned later studies in engineering and geography. Pierre was cool and reserved. Justin is emotional and demonstrative. Pierre was short, bald and pockmarked. Justin has been photographed for Vogue magazine with his equally pretty wife. Pierre did not believe in apologies for historic wrongs. Justin seems to deliver one every three months.