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Rex Murphy: Trudeau is Captain Canada to our threatened steel workers. Our oil workers? Silence

Steel and oil. Strength and energy. The world is built on both. They are both major Canadian industries.


President Donald Trump hints or bluffs of tariffs on steel (and then defers it) and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delays a vacation (DEFCON 1 at Sussex Drive) to do a reassurance tour of Canada’s steel cities. He’s “got their backs,” he tells steel workers. And good for him! That’s what a prime minister should do for a Canadian industry and the people who work in it.


Trudeau does a Modi skips meeting Belgian royalty, business delegation


OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is raising diplomatic eyebrows for not meeting with Belgian royalty and business leaders during their week-long visit to Canada.

Trudeau has no plans to meet with the Belgian royal couple, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, or their delegation of 150 business leaders, academics and political leaders, who arrived Sunday.

And… Belgian royals greeted in Canada with German flag


Corbella: What do women want? Don’t ask Morneau, he hasn’t got a clue

Sigmund Freud once famously asked: “What do women want?”

I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t want to be told what I want by millionaire men in suits.

According to calculations made by a few enterprising reporters, gender was mentioned 358 times in the 367-page federal budget document that was released on Feb. 27.

This fiscal focus on the fairer sex is designed to make us females feel forever beholden to Canada’s Panderer-in-Chief, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is constantly reminding us that he’s a feminist, and his Deputy Panderer-in-Chief, Finance Minister Bill Morneau.


Poll shows Trudeau is not unbeatable

Yes it’s only one poll, and yes it’s only halfway through the mandate, but Liberals should be worried by last week’s Ipsos survey, for two reasons:

First, the Conservative coalition that sustained Stephen Harper’s governments appears to be realigning.

Second, the agenda may be shifting away from social issues and toward economic management, which is good for Conservatives and bad for Liberals.


Guessing Justin’s mental age

Not to brag, but I was embarrassed by Justin Trudeau before he went to India.

The Good Book instructs that whoever says to his brother, “You fool!” shall be in danger of hellfire, so let me address this a gentler way.

In assessing others, particularly political leaders, we tend toward familiar terms to gauge their qualities — experience, intelligence, wisdom, honesty, and so on.