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John Ivison: U.S. cites Trudeau’s progressive trade agenda as barrier to progress on NAFTA

Justin Trudeau’s “progressive” trade agenda — the insistence on including gender parity and Aboriginal issues in trade negotiations with the United States — is being cited as a barrier to progress by senior figures in the U.S. administration, according to people familiar with the matter.

Donald Trump’s top dealmakers are said to be complaining that Canada is not negotiating and that, in the event of a collapse of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a bilateral deal with Mexico might be easier than one with Canada because it is willing to be flexible on U.S. content requirements.


BONOKOSKI: Screwing the middle class with faux Trudeau promises

The mantra of our prime minister, the majority of his continuing holidays spent in the non-middle-class-affordability of Lake Louise and Revelstoke, is that his government is fighting to better the middle class.

This runs counter to his own personal life, of course, but what can one do if born of silver spoon and trust-fund comfort, and just happen to get elected as prime minister of your country?

The leopard has its spots; Justin Trudeau has his own markings.


Revelations from an intelligence expert who met #boyle before his “hike”

My theory- Justin Trudeau saw this meeting with Boyle as just another way to insult Canadians, it’s an established pattern. Justin is a narcissistic sociopath, the laws do not apply to him, witness his dealings with the Mohammedan con man the Aga Khan. Justin makes every effort to call us Islamophobic for daring to question Muslim immigration as he trumpets a one way version of “diversity” that means the destruction of our society and its heritage and values. The Morneau scandal speaks volumes of his arrogant sense of entitlement and his latest “Christmas attire” photo revelation tells us everything we need know of his contempt for Christianity. His meeting with Boyle was just the latest effort to slap Canadians in the face for not being on board with his globalist friends in their effort to remake Canada into an impoverished 3rd world state.


GUNTER: Trudeau’s not a ‘details’ guy. That’s bad

On first reading, Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson’s report on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s two family vacations to the Aga Khan’s private Bahamian island paints a portrait of a man with little understanding of government conflict-of-interest rules — and little interest in learning them.

How could it be that Trudeau didn’t recognize immediately that it would appear fishy for him to accept a free, tropical vacation from a billionaire who has lobbied several previous federal governments for grants to help his charitable projects in Canada and elsewhere?


Trudeau government to give 10-year grants to First Nations, with less reporting on how money is spent

First Nations with good financial track records will no longer be required to account to Ottawa for every dollar of federal money they spend on things such as health-care, education and social services under a new program being proposed by the Trudeau government.

The plan to guarantee long-term funding with a minimum of bureaucratic oversight for 100 First Nations communities by April, 2019 is the first concrete step in what Jane Philpott, the Minister of Indigenous Services, says will be a new fiscal relationship with Canada’s Indigenous people.

It is also a significant shift from the policies of former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper who raised the ire of chiefs by passing legislation that required First Nations to submit their audited consolidated financial statements and information about salaries and expenses to the government for posting on the Indigenous Affairs website. The Liberal government repealed that law shortly after taking office in 2015.


Aga Khan could face lobbying probe for Trudeau trip

Democracy Watch sent a letter to the Commissioner of Lobbying late Wednesday, urging her to investigate whether Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan IV “violated the Lobbyists Code by giving Prime Minister Trudeau and Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan the gifts of trips to his island home.”