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Floor-Crossing MP Leona Alleslev Jabs Trudeau – Leadership is more than just “acting,”

The newest Conservative MP lambasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wednesday as someone who merely plays the part of a leader, even though she heaped praise on his leadership mere weeks ago.

Leona Alleslev, the Toronto-area MP who narrowly won as a Liberal in 2015 and dramatically crossed the floor to Conservatives this week, spoke at the first Tory caucus meeting of the fall session.


TRUDEAU’S TANTRUM: Canadian PM Caught on Camera ‘BERATING’ First Nation Chiefs

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found himself in hot-water with his country’s First Nations leaders this week; openly berating tribal Chiefs over their “poor time management skills” after a high-level meeting unexpectedly ran over-time.


Nafta Crunch Caps a Pretty Dreadful Week for Justin Trudeau

This has not been a good week for Justin Trudeau.

It began with a surprise U.S.-Mexico trade pact that excluded Canada from a Nafta rewrite, sending the prime minister’s negotiating team scrambling to strike a deal ahead of the Trump administration’s deadline. Then a key pipeline he spent billions to nationalize got sideswiped by a court decision, and the most important ally in his climate change plan abandoned him.


Trudeau speaks of intolerance. Is he part of the problem?

When you are the leader of a country, even if you don’t agree with the concerns of all your citizens, it is your job to listen to those concerns and try to assuage their anxieties, be this through the presentation of facts to prove the situation isn’t as it seems, through the implementation of a policy, or at the very least through the assurance that their concerns are being heard and taken into account as the government moves forward.

However, this is not what Trudeau does. His approach is to shame citizens who ask these questions by accusing them of racism, and telling them they have no place here.


Joe Oliver: The cost of the government’s feel-good posturing is out of hand

Justin Trudeau’s words and actions are undermining Canada’s economy on the altar of progressive narcissism

…This unsuccessful attempt to impose selective righteousness on trading partners is naïve idealism crashing against the shoal of realpolitik. So Trudeau is consciously hurting Canada’s national interest for no gain other than to burnish his self-image and cater to a diminishing base of fellow travellers.


Feds poised to beef up bill to prevent foreign election interference

Last spring the government introduced Bill C-76, aimed at preventing foreign interference in elections and regulating third-party advocacy groups, as well as undoing a number of controversial measures passed by the previous Conservative government.

But insiders say the Liberals now want to beef up the bill, which was being studied by the procedure and House affairs committee when Parliament broke for the summer.

Laying the groundwork to claim election tampering when Lil’ Potato loses.


Corbella: Family of jailed Saudi blogger angry over Trudeau government tweets

Canadian family members of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi and his sister Samar Badawi say they are angry over the Twitter comments that have caused diplomatic fallout from Saudi Arabia towards Canada.

It’s impossible to blame them.


‘Perception is reality’: Why we notice when Justin Trudeau jogs, and why that matters

Photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jogging get picked up and go viral nearly every time one surfaces online, and the reaction is instant. With each one of these moments his supporters fawn, celebrating his discipline; and detractors scoff, chalking it up to a distraction.

As these seemingly impromptu images circulate—helping to enhance the image of an engaged and active prime minister—it’s not just critics who question just how staged they might be.