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After being shamed into doing the right thing, Trudeau owes some apologies

It’s been about a month and a half since we first learned that Terri-Lynne McClintic had been transferred to an Indigenous healing lodge in Saskatchewan, less than a decade removed from her first-degree murder conviction stemming from the brutal rape and murder of the eight-year-old child. It was clearly the wrong setting for such an offender, all the more so given that we subsequently learned that McClintic is not even Indigenous.


BONOKOSKI: On our 11th hour of the 11th day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will likely be asleep

One should not visit the sins of the father upon the son, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now off to Vietnam, flying there in the slipstream of U.S. President Donald Trump’s own trip.

This means Trudeau will not be at the War Memorial in Ottawa on Saturday, or placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, when our world stops for a few brief moments on Remembrance Day to honour the sacrifices made by past and present generations to ensure the freedoms we enjoy today.

This troubles me to no end.


Encana founder Gwyn Morgan blames ‘disastrous’ Trudeau policies for Newfield deal, shift to U.S. focus

Encana Corp.’s founder and former Chief Executive Officer Gwyn Morgan said he’s disappointed by the driller’s US$5.5 billion purchase of Newfield Exploration Co., which moves focus to the U.S. and dashes his hopes that the company would represent Canada on the world stage.


Canada’s feminist foreign aid policy isn’t making much progress on a gender equal world

When Canadians saw photos of Justin Trudeau holding a baby during a 2017 visit to the Philippines, many saw a clichéd photo-op. Others saw a symbol of Ottawa’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy. But few anticipated the battles slowing the implementation of a plan that sees Canada increasingly alone on the world stage in promoting comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights in aid programming.


Trudeau Cabinet Ministers & PMO Massively Increasing Their Office & Travel Spending At Taxpayer Expense

While the Trudeau government tells Canadians to tighten our belts and imposes a hated carbon tax that takes money out of our pockets, Justin’s cabinet ministers are massively increasing their office spending far above the rate of inflation.


Canadians Give Trudeau Bad Marks On Handling Of USMCA

52% say they are “disappointed,” while 37% say they are “pleased.”

Notably, only 41% are disappointed with Canada’s negotiators overall, while 43% are pleased – reflecting the fact that negotiators can only really do what they are ordered to from the top.


Article: “Feds dead set against ‘ridiculous’ quotas to replace steel, aluminum tariffs”

Good luck with that, Justin:

Canada is not about to agree to quotas or other limits on its exports in order to get the United States to lift punishing tariffs on steel and aluminum, says a source close to the ongoing talks to resolve the lingering tit-for-tat trade standoff.

Where the two sides ultimately end up remains to be seen, but the Canadian source — speaking on condition of anonymity in order to discuss sensitive negotiations — described the idea of a quota system as a non-starter and a concession that Canada is not prepared to make.

“They’re trying to get us to agree to a quota system, which we’re not going to do, because it’s ridiculous,” said the source.