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More UN Chicanery

  • The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — which seeks to criminalize criticism of migration — is nothing more or less than a dangerous effort to weaken national borders, to normalize mass migration, to blur the line between legal and illegal immigration, and to bolster the idea that people claiming to be refugees enjoy a panoply of rights in countries where they have never before set foot.
  • One thing about the agreement, in any event, is irrefutable: almost nobody in the Western world has been clamoring for this. It is, quite simply, a project of the globalist elites. It is a UN power-grab.
  • It is something else, too: it is an effort to enhance the clout of the UN’s largest and most influential power bloc — namely, the Arab and Muslim states. Briefly put, whatever this deal is or is not, it is definitely not good news for the West, for freedom, or for national identity and security.

Alberta yellow vest protests lack violence seen in Paris, but anti-immigration anger simmers

Dogs hate Trudeau. Dogs are smart.

Four people were killed, hundreds injured and streets were littered with flaming cars and broken glass as thousands clad in yellow vests partook in violent protests in France in recent weeks against a planned increase to the fuel tax.

The protest movement has now spread across the globe, but in Alberta, which may be Canada’s centre of anti-carbon-tax discontent, the yellow vest protests Saturday were free from physical violence.

“We are Canadian, we’re not anywhere close to that kind of radical,” said Allison Prentice, who was clad in a yellow vest at the Calgary protest. “I’m proud to be here and represent people who care about Canadians first.”

9 arrested during protest against UN migration pact on Parliament Hill

Nine people were arrested at an anti-migration protest on Parliament Hill Saturday afternoon.

Protesters from various groups, including Quebec far-right group La Meute, held a rally in front of Centre Block, site of the House of Commons and Peace Tower, to protest against a United Nations international migration pact, which Canada is set to adopt.

Counter-protesters also attended the demonstrations in opposition, and more than 400 people attended the protest and counter-protest.

ANTIFA violence breaks out at Ottawa protest against Global Compact for Migration


MacDougall: Our ‘sunny ways’ PM has turned into Trudeau the Divider

With the forces now being applied to politics pushing populations further apart, leaders face a choice: be a bridge builder or a ditch digger.

For his part, Justin Trudeau is happily toting a spade.

That’s right. Mr. Sunny Ways, the brightest symbol of global liberalism, is a divider, not a uniter, to put it in terms Trudeau wouldn’t understand, so unfamiliar is he with the cannon of the centre-right.

To be sure, Trudeau certainly speaks like a bridge builder — indeed, he does little else — and he probably even thinks he’s a builder, but the record is one of ditch and division.


The following is a paid message from the usual government shills: Academics call out Tories for spreading misinformation about UN migration pact

Canadian academics and refugee advocates are calling out the federal Conservatives for spreading misinformation about the implications of a United Nations migration agreement, which Canada will join in Morocco next week.

International law and global affairs professors from the University of Toronto and McGill University held a video conference with reporters Friday to explain the Global Compact for Migration and rebut Conservative Party claims that the agreement will force Canada to give up control over its borders and immigration policies. The first-of-its-kind agreement has become the subject of a contentious political debate in Ottawa, with the Tories urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government not to sign the pact.


Move along… Nothing to do with Jodi Butts… PETA threatens to sue Toronto, Astral Media over removal of anti-Canada Goose ads

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is threatening to sue the city of Toronto and Astral Media for removing anti-Canada Goose ads.

The animal rights group said Friday that it will commence legal action against the city and Astral, if they do not repost ads the group paid to put up in September that criticized the Toronto-based luxury jacket maker for using goose down and coyote fur in its jackets.

Now I’m sure that this has nothing to do with the fact Gerry’s wife Jodi sits on the Canada Goose board or that Bell, owner of Astral Media swills from the government’s paid media trough. Am I right?


Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Push Finds Critics on All Sides

ESTEVAN, Saskatchewan — Crews are hard at work these days on the oil rigs that rise above the horizon in southeastern Saskatchewan. At least for now.

Dylan Gilliss, the owner of a company that provides workers and equipment for drilling, sees plans by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada to impose carbon taxes on the province as a threat to his business — and to those jobs — as well as a cash grab for the government.

“It’s going to come on the backs of the men, that’s who’s going to take the brunt of it,” Mr. Gilliss said while driving his white pickup truck along a gravel road lined with pump jacks.

“We’ll do layoffs or we’ll do wage cuts,” he said. “If none of that works, we’ll close the doors. That’s the sad and simple truth.”


The following is a paid political message: Canada’s UN refugee-agency rep condemns ‘xenophobic’ views of asylum seekers

Canada’s representative with the UN’s refugee agency says increasingly antagonistic rhetoric directed at asylum seekers in the country is becoming “concerning,” and that politicians and news media need to provide more appropriate context when reporting on refugee claimants in order to combat misinformation.

Jean-Nicolas Beuze said there’s been a “deterioration” in public discussions of migrants and refugees in recent months in Canada, with populist appeals to shared values and emotion overriding evidence and “rational thinking.” Better context for the numbers of migrants seeking asylum in Canada, and information on contributions made by refugees, could help defuse tensions, he said.

The UN, The Star and the Liberals – Canada’s Tone Police – paid for with your tax dollars.


Liberals blacklisting conservative journalists from UN migration conference

Today I sent an urgent letter to Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Immigration Minister. He has been attacking me in Parliament for my reporting on the UN Global Compact for Migration.

I normally would regard being attacked by Liberals as a badge of honour, but this time it’s different. Because right as that was happening, the United Nations refused to grant me and my cameraman journalistic accreditation to go to the UN conference on this Global Compact for Migration, next week in Morocco.


CBC runs cover for Liberals as they pretend to remove anti-abortion test for summer jobs funding

Liberals drop contentious anti-abortion test for summer jobs funding

Contentious wording in Ottawa’s summer jobs program that tied pro-choice beliefs on abortion to funding eligibility is being dropped after a backlash to what was styled last year as a values test.

Instead, the federal Liberals have retooled the 2019 version of the Canada Summer Jobs program to require applicants to declare they don’t work to infringe on any Canadian’s legal rights.

Wording on the application for the 2018 version of the program required groups to say neither their core mandate nor the jobs being funded actively worked to undermine constitutional, human and reproductive rights.

This is bullshit. The intent to deny funding for those who hold dissenting views remains, especially for those who disagree with the Liberal party’s love of killing babies. Now the bureaucrats will do the screening rather than have applicants self-implicate.


Danielle Smith: UN Migration Pact part of the plan to extinguish Canadian identity

…After reading the UN pact, I’m beginning to realize that Trudeau’s ill-considered “Welcome to Canada” tweet to the world was likely deliberate, as well as the language he uses to normalize illegal crossings. The pact seeks to make migration — for any reason — a recognized right. As for the rights of the receiving nation to object to having their borders overrun? Well, now you’re just being racist.

Rally against The UN’s Global Migration pact scheduled for Ottawa Saturday Sept. 8

I wish them well but hold little hope that the Liberals will be persuaded to refrain from signing the pact and really it is among the least of our worries, the rot is already too deep.

Immigration is the 3rd rail in Canadian politics. Canadians are afraid to speak “unpopular” opinions about immigration policy knowing they will be bludgeoned as racist by the government and their media lackeys. Our mainstream political parties are terminally corrupted by their pursuit of ethnic vote blocs, not one can be trusted. This divide and conquer splintering of the electorate has been made possible by the toxic lies of diversity and multiculturalism. The result is Canada has been turned into a mass immigration Ponzi Scheme that benefits the corporate and political class, your fate is mere collateral damage.

When Canada is ruined and gone where will our mass immigration globalists emigrate to?


Dairy Cartel Awarded Near Exclusive Import Rights Over Foreign Dairy Products

While the dairy industry was warning about concessions forced upon Canada in the new North American free trade deal text last week, the federal government quietly awarded Canadian dairy processors almost exclusive rights to import nearly all of the dairy products set to arrive soon from countries like New Zealand under the new Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership.

That means that in a few weeks, when Canadian consumers have the option to purchase more foreign dairy products, Canada’s dairy industry could still get a cut of the profits — at least temporarily — as it imports and then markets foreign dairy alongside products made with Canadian milk.


You’re paying for the Trudeau government’s globalist immigration agenda propaganda campaign

Federal government launches campaign to boost support for immigration

With immigration shaping up to become a wedge issue in next year’s federal election, the Liberal government is trying to promote the upside of immigration to Canada.

Amid the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in Canada and abroad, Ottawa is hoping its new online initiative can spark a constructive conversation on immigration that is based on facts and personal stories.

Cui Bono?

The liberals are destroying the oil and manufacturing sectors driving jobs and investment out of the country yet they want to import record numbers of immigrants.

Corporate Canada benefits  through a bloated labour pool that enables them to depress wages while shortages such as in housing assist to line their pockets.

The Liberal party hopes in turn to cultivate a fearful divided populace dependent on government largesse and secure new voters from the immigrant pool.

Divide and conquer.


President Of Liberal Party’s Journalist Union Tells Ford F-U

Unifor president says ‘F*** You’ to Premier Ford in televised speech

The leader of Canada’s largest private sector union ratcheted up tensions with Ontario Premier Doug Ford Saturday as concerns about the future of auto manufacturing in Oshawa continue to fester, telling Ford “F*** you” in a televised speech.

“You know Doug, F*** you,”Unifor President Jerry Dias said after dismissing Ford’s complaint that he shared the premier’s personal cell number to his members, who then inundated Ford’s phone with calls and messages.


Feds ponder troubling cure for fake news

Lawmakers from nine countries gathered in London, England this week to grill Facebook execs, among other things, about concerns over fake news.

The committee is probing fake news on Facebook in the wake of scandals that saw personal data from millions of Facebook profiles used for political purposes and Russia’s suspected involvement in using Facebook’s platform to spread fake news during the 2016 Brexit vote.


Trudeau’s Illegal alien invader border processing costs alone to exceed $1 billion, PBO report

The combined costs to process the aspiring refugees crossing illegally into Canada via Roxham Road and elsewhere over a three year period will exceed $1.1 billion next year, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

The non-partisan federal watchdog’s latest report released on Thursday adds up what it costs to process three years’ worth of cohorts of asylum claimants beginning in 2017 – when the border crisis first flared up.