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SJW Train-wreck Ahead: Canada Wants a New Nafta to Include Gender and Indigenous Rights

TORONTO — Canada’s idea of a fair trade deal seems very different from President Trump’s.

Just two days before heading into the first round of negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally laid out its core objectives, and second on the list was to make the 23-year-old pact “more progressive.”

We are governed by SJW Idiots.


Trudeau’s unhidden agenda – He doesn’t believe in a ‘Canadian’ identity


The federal Liberals always used to talk about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “hidden agenda” to remake Canada in his image.

So today, let’s discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s open agenda to remake Canada in his.

The first hint came when Trudeau told The New York Times Magazine in December, 2015, that, “there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” which makes us “the first postnational state.”


That guy Trudeau put in charge of immigration says he’s not worried about illegal alien invasion

Illegal border crossings could create ‘urgent need’ to revisit policy, Ahmed Hussen was warned in March

Diversity sucks, like Justin.

But in an interview with CBC Radio’s The House, Hussen said the flow of migrants crossing illegally into Canada has not reached a crisis level that would demand significant policy change.

“What we are dealing with is definitely a very high, steady increase in numbers, and it is obviously taxing our agencies and our borders, but we are able to redeploy resources and personnel as needed and are able to deal with the situation as it unfolds,” Hussen told David Cochrane, guest host of The House.

Our traitor class at work…


Cable giants step up piracy battle by interrogating Montreal software developer and searching his home

Canadian cable companies have ratcheted up their war on piracy by launching a new legal battle. The effort has already seen Bell, Rogers and Quebecor’s Videotron search a Montreal software developer’s home and interrogate him for more than nine hours.

“The whole experience was horrifying,” says Adam Lackman, founder of TVAddons and defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit launched by the television giants. “It felt like the kind of thing you would have expected to have happened in the Soviet Union.”

Telecoms and content creators Bell, Rogers and Videotron began their piracy battle last year by filing a lawsuit against Canadian dealers who sell “free TV” Android boxes — devices that can be used to stream pirated content.

Cell phones, TV, Canadians are hosed.


Liberals, stop the pearl-clutching

It’s time the Liberals ended their pearl-clutching about Conservatives criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $10.5 million deal with Omar Khadr in the U.S. media.

This based on allegations by Liberals like Trudeau Principal Secretary Gerald Butts and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna.

They argue that by appearing in American media criticizing the Trudeau/Khadr settlement, Conservative MPs like Peter Kent (Wall Street Journal) and Michelle Rempel (Fox News) risk undermining Canada’s NAFTA negotiations with the U.S.


The Precedent Has Been Set

And one is familiar with who set it:

The oldest are probably just toddlers, innocents born into one of the most reviled terrorist movements in the world.

And very soon, they could be the responsibility of the federal government.

The children of Canadian members of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant form part of a potentially explosive dilemma confronting federal officials. As ISIL teeters on the brink of military defeat, what should the government do when and if Canadian members of ISIL are captured?

Some experts say Ottawa has no choice but to try to repatriate and prosecute in Canada any detained members, ensuring they aren’t tortured or otherwise mistreated by local forces. As for those ISIL children, if they have one Canadian parent, they would be citizens and, lawyers say, deserve help.

“The government has absolutely no choice but to protect the Charter rights of these Canadians,” said Lorne Dawson, a University of Waterloo professor who has extensively studied radicalized youth.


Liberals: Wasting your money to promote “social cohesion” in Lebanon

How Canada is fighting Daesh with friendship

“ZAHLE, LEBANON—Far from the front lines of the battle against Daesh in Iraq and Syria, a Canadian-funded initiative to counter the jihadist group in the Middle East is quietly playing out deep in the rugged countryside of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

So quietly, some experts question whether its impact is even measurable.”

That sounds like a very typical Liberal “plan”, maybe Sophie could sing them a song.


Canada’s egregious multimillion dollar payout to American-killing jihadist

Omar Khadr Filthy Muslim Terrorist

Omar Khadr, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who pleaded guilty to killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, was just given a multimillion dollar apology payout from Canada.

What a face-slap to the widow and other family and friends of the now-deceased U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer.

But this is Justin Trudeau’s world, the one where cold-blooded killers receive more sympathy than the victims they kill.

A quick sketch of Omar Khadr’s Filthy Muslim Terrorist family


Rex Murphy: Trudeau skips the theme socks for his scheming Khadr apology

Three things mark the Khadr announcement. The government didn’t want to be associated with it. They wanted it done swiftly. And they didn’t want Trudeau on the same continent when the news broke


Trudeau treating Khadr with kid gloves

Make no mistake, the decision to give convicted terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5 million and an official apology was a political decision made by the Trudeau government.

While Trudeau officials insist this payout was the result of a case that went to the Supreme Court and ruled in favour of Khadr, nothing in that ruling said Khadr was entitled to cash.

In fact, the Supreme Court decision said it was up to “the government to decide how best to respond to this judgement.”

Kid Gloves? More like Trudeau gave the bastard a Blowjob.


John Ivison: Khadr apology likely to unite Canadians, but not how Liberals hoped

Awarding Khadr $10.5M has made Conservatives incandescent, and many Liberals uncomfortable. It could have a far-reaching impact on the political landscape

The Omar Khadr case has left Canadians deeply divided, said public safety minister Ralph Goodale as he made a statement of apology Friday to the former child soldier.

He might have had a point in 2015, after Khadr’s release from prison — one Angus Reid Institute poll at the time said 55 per cent of Canadians agreed Khadr “remains a potential radicalized threat,” while 52 per cent agreed he had “served his time.”

But voters are likely to be more united by the news that Khadr has received an official apology — and not in the way the government might wish.


No arrests as anti-Islam demonstrators clash with counter-protesters at Calgary city hall

Justin Trudeau he’s our useful idiot


Despite some heated moments, no arrests were made at an anti-Islam rally at Calgary City Hall Sunday afternoon.

The anti-Islam protest was originally scheduled for Saturday but the group organizing it, the World Coalition Against Islam (WCAI), had their permit pulled by the city. They vowed to continue with their demonstration on Sunday instead.

Justin Trudeau’s “Canada” at work: Note that this is the gathering that “Wild Bill” was scheduled to attend. He tells the truth about Islam so  was denied entry to Canada, but Holocaust Denier Kevin Barrett was allowed entry to Canada this past weekend to attend the Jew Hate festival of Al Quds Day. 


Wild Bill speaks out about his “arrest” in Canada…

Interesting coffee cup under the circumstances.

Interesting, Justin’s Canada allowed entry to Holocaust denier Kevin Barrett this weekend, so he could speak at the Al Quds Day hate-fest, but refused entry to Wild Bill who speaks out against Islam.

PM Useful Idiot’s socks say it all.