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Canadian Border Services can’t be bothered to detain benefit shopping illegal alien invaders anymore

Border agency to announce new alternatives to immigration detention

Canada’s border agency is set to announce changes aimed at releasing more refugee claimants and other foreign nationals safely into the community while their immigration status is being resolved.

An expanded framework for alternatives to detention will provide “risk-based, nationally consistent programming” for individuals deemed suitable for release, according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Agreements with third-party service providers, including the John Howard Society, have been signed to track people released to the community with conditions. Details of the changes are expected to be announced in coming days.


MALCOLM: Enough with the politically correct policing of the border issue

When is it OK to publish a photo of a migrant?

The Conservative Party of Canada released an ad showing a man walking into Canada at an unofficial border crossing. The man, wearing nice clothes and pulling a new suitcase, is shown walking over Prime Minister Trudeau’s infamous “Canada will welcome you” tweet.

If you look closely — I didn’t even notice at first — the man is Haitian.


Bill Blair: Doug Ford’s enemy in the Trudeau cabinet

In appointing Bill Blair, the MP for Scarborough Southwest, as minister of border security and organized crime reduction‬, Justin Trudeau has sent an experienced and controversial player into the political battles leading up to next October’s federal election. But what’s most striking about the new minister is the deep animosity between Blair and the new Ontario premier, Doug Ford.


Justin Trudeau Appoints Border Minister to Handle Wave of ̷”̷A̷s̷y̷l̷u̷m̷ ̷S̷e̷e̷k̷e̷r̷s̷”̷ ̷ benefit shopping illegal alien invaders

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday appointed a Member of Parliament as Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction as the country struggles to handle increased numbers of border-crossing asylum seekers.

Lawmaker Bill Blair of Scarborough Southwest, a former Toronto police chief, will assume the role of “minister responsible for irregular migration.” He is tasked with helping to secure Canada’s porous border, illegally crossed by 30,000 people seeking refugee status since January 2017.

“Irregular migration” – it’s shameful how Liberals abuse the language in their quest to conceal the truth.


Alberta: Disqualified UCP candidate stands behind calling Islam an ‘evil cult’

A now-disqualified United Conservative Party candidate is defending racist and anti-Islam comments he made on social media that prompted his removal from the southern Alberta ballot.

The posts, in which he calls the religion an “evil cult,” came to light only days before party members were set to vote in the district of Brooks-Medicine Hat for their representative to run under the UCP banner in the 2019 Alberta election.

“Did I say harsh words? You’re darn right I did, and I stand behind them,” Todd Beasley said Monday in an interview with CBC News.

The party rejected Beasley as a candidate on the weekend, citing some of his online comments, including several posted to Facebook in 2017.

What did he say that wasn’t true?


Douglas Todd: Trudeau government goes silent on Canada’s 50,000 Syrian refugees

How have things gone for Syrian refugees in Canada in the almost two years since the lone departmental report in December 2016?

No one really knows

But what about all those engineers and doctors!!

“Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada did, to be fair, release a one-year-after report on Syrian refugees in December, 2016. It was moderately helpful, since it showed half the privately sponsored refugees had jobs in Canada. But employment fell to 10 per cent among the larger cohort of “government-assisted” refugees, who are typically less educated and often illiterate.”


Counter-Terrorism: Protected Classes

July 14, 2018: German politicians are under growing pressure from their constituents to reduce the flow of Moslem migrants and more carefully screen those that are let in. Most elected (and unelected) officials have taken the position that allowing large numbers of Moslem refugees (from civil wars, rebellions and religious conflicts in Moslem majority nations) is the humanitarian thing to do. Their constituents point out that many of the politicians are delusional because these officials do not live near the new arrivals and experience the increasing crime and general hostility expressed by so many of the refugees towards non-Moslems (and often each other).

Voters point out that their political leaders tend to live in well protected neighborhoods and have access to taxpayer supplied personal security. To make matters worse there are a growing number of instants were local (or national) officials deliberately conceal the data on criminal activity by Moslem migrants.


Irregular or illegal? The fight over what to call the thousands of migrants streaming into Canada

On Monday, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen publicly rebuked Ontario’s new government for using the term “illegal border crossers” in a press release.

“I’m very concerned by Premier (Doug) Ford and (provincial) minister (Lisa) MacLeod really making statements that are difficult to understand when it comes to how they’re describing asylum seekers,” Hussen told reporters in Halifax.

Read the whole thread.


WOLFE: House illegal U.S. migrants in community centres of Toronto Liberal MPs

In May of this year, Mayor John Tory sounded the alarm that Toronto has nearly 2,700 illegal migrants using 40% of all available beds.

As a temporary measure, 800 illegal migrants were housed over the summer in two community college residences — Centennial College in Scarborough and Humber College in Etobicoke.


Feds don’t have ‘clear plan’ on handling asylum seekers: poll

About 70% of Canadians don’t believe the federal government has a clear plan to deal with thousands of individuals who make asylum claims after crossing illegally into Canada, according to a new DART poll.

They have a plan – it involves spending your money to pay for their virtue signaling.

A majority — or 57% — also don’t believe the federal government is providing adequate resources for communities to deal with these border crossings. On Thursday, Premier Doug Ford blamed the federal government’s policies for putting a strain on local and provincial government, saying the administration has encouraged people to cross into the country illegally.


It really is time to kick Canada’s $2.6-billion dairy habit

Canadian politicians of all stripes have been rallying behind supply management since ending it became the United States’ price for renewing NAFTA. Maxime Bernier even lost his position on the Conservative front bench for describing supply management as a cartel.

Supply management is a cartel. Although lawful, it operates like any price-fixing scheme hatched in a smoky back room. What is more, it imposes costs on Canadian consumers that far exceed the costs of all other price fixing combined.


A good start: Ford government is ending cooperation with Ottawa on resettlement of asylum seekers

The new Progressive Conservative government is withdrawing Ontario’s cooperation with Ottawa on resettling asylum seekers, the Star has learned.

Ontario Children, Community and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod told federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen that Queen’s Park is stepping back from the migration crisis.

MacLeod advised Hussen and Toronto Mayor John Tory of the move at Wednesday night’s meeting of the ad hoc intergovernmental task force on irregular migration.

Sources said she told her federal counterparts that it was up to Ottawa and municipalities such as Toronto to come up with a solution.

No worries, Tory will make sure Toronto is flooded.


Trudeau Government Giving $23 Million To Groups With Potential Links To Islamist Extremism

About a week ago, Iqra Khalid – the Liberal MP behind M-103 – announced that $23 million taxpayer dollars would be going towards the National Council of Canadian Muslims, and the Islamic Relief ‘charity’.

See also – Muslim “Charity” Islamic Relief Is A Cog In A Dangerous Machine


Mr. Trudeau’s ‘negative interaction’

Selective amnesia can be handy. When confronted with some awkward incident, you can always claim you don’t remember. Memory loss enables you to cast doubt on whether the incident happened at all, without having to actually lie about it. It allows you to evade responsibility for circumstances you really do not want to explain.

But sometimes it’s not all that convincing.