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No arrests as anti-Islam demonstrators clash with counter-protesters at Calgary city hall

Justin Trudeau he’s our useful idiot


Despite some heated moments, no arrests were made at an anti-Islam rally at Calgary City Hall Sunday afternoon.

The anti-Islam protest was originally scheduled for Saturday but the group organizing it, the World Coalition Against Islam (WCAI), had their permit pulled by the city. They vowed to continue with their demonstration on Sunday instead.

Justin Trudeau’s “Canada” at work: Note that this is the gathering that “Wild Bill” was scheduled to attend. He tells the truth about Islam so  was denied entry to Canada, but Holocaust Denier Kevin Barrett was allowed entry to Canada this past weekend to attend the Jew Hate festival of Al Quds Day. 


Wild Bill speaks out about his “arrest” in Canada…

Interesting coffee cup under the circumstances.

Interesting, Justin’s Canada allowed entry to Holocaust denier Kevin Barrett this weekend, so he could speak at the Al Quds Day hate-fest, but refused entry to Wild Bill who speaks out against Islam.

PM Useful Idiot’s socks say it all.


Electric-vehicle subsidies: little bang, lots of bucks

Ontario and Quebec each have plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to convince drivers to go electric. The measures in place are certainly interesting for buyers of electric vehicles. The problem is that they’re insignificant from an environmental point of view.


Honest talk on immigration needed

There is a deliberate attempt to stifle debate and silence dissenting voices in today’s political climate. Nowhere is this unfortunate trend more evident than in discussions about immigration and integration.

In Canada, elites in Liberal party circles and the mainstream media are so worried about a “backlash” against the Trudeau government’s open-border agenda, they’re willing to cover up the news and spread false information to protect Trudeau.


Trudeau like a ‘crazy cat lady’ when it comes to refugees

The aphorism about the road to hell being paved with good intentions is dramatically illustrated today by the Trudeau Liberals’ commitment to aggressive refugee settlement in Canada with no fiduciary forethought.

The direct result is another screwing of taxpayers.

According to a documents obtained by the Canadian Press through Access to Information, the flood of asylum claims – through legal refugee channels and queue-jumping at unmanned border crossings – could eventually create an 11-year wait for claimant processing and almost $3 billion in federal social support.

This is unconscionable.


The unbearable smugness of Chrystia Freeland

Properly funding our military is a legitimate goal of the federal government.

So why do the Trudeau Liberals feel the need to dress it up in the form of smug criticism of President Donald Trump and our American neighbours, as they did last week?

When are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Co. going to grow up and act like the leaders of a confident, independent, sovereign nation, that doesn’t define itself by taking cheap shots at the U.S.?


Refugee background checks may have been flawed: Memo

Justin Trudeau’s fast-tracked Syrian refugee program may not have conducted proper background checks in some cases, a government memo obtained by the Toronto Sun reveals.

The memo — dated November 2015 and compiled by civil servants in the department of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) — raises serious questions about the screening and vetting Syrian refugees received before coming to Canada.


Canadian foreign minister: Defending abortion, LGBT is ‘at the core of our foreign policy’

OTTAWA, June 8, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Global abortion access and “sexual reproductive rights” are “at the core” of Liberal foreign policy under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s minister of foreign affairs told the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Canadian values include “feminism and the promotion of the rights of women and girls,” Chrystia Freeland said in an address laying out Trudeau’s vision for Canada’s international role.

And when more nations adopt those values, the world will be “safer and more prosperous,” she added.

That’s why they’re flooding the country with Muslims.


Terry Glavin: Chrystia Freeland was mistaken to put the blame for the shattered world order strictly on Trump

As an exercise in eloquently sugarcoating the facts of the shattered world order and Canada’s precarious place within the ruins, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday was a masterwork of tact and sobriety. Running in excess of 4,000 words, here’s the short version: We’ve had a good run. Everything we’ve taken for granted for the past 70 years is gone. Don’t panic.

Mr. Glavin hates Trump but he’s right that Obama started America’s withdrawal from the world stage.  A petulant Liberal government is reduced to histrionics because PM Useful Idiot may have to hold up our nation’s end of the deal and actually spend on Canada’s military. That must gall the hosiery fetishist who only wants to give our money away to 3rd world hell holes in order to puff-up his ludicrously inflated self-regard.


Liberals Gag Public Servants

But … but … transparency!

The Liberal government has been expanding the number of public servants subject to lifetime gag orders, placing them under threat of hefty prison sentences should they spill any secrets before they die.

Since December, the Privy Council Office has designated at least 94 individuals, some of whom no longer work for the federal government, as “persons permanently bound to secrecy” or PPBS — a binding legal order intended to enforce their silence.

The group all had access to confidential, security-related information while working at the Privy Council Office or the Prime Minister’s Office, and some were served with official notice of the gag order after they had left their jobs.

Each of them was individually identified by their boss or former boss as knowing secrets about national security, and therefore requiring a gag order that is retroactive — preventing them from talking about their work before the gag order was issued. 

Each was also presented with a three-page notice to sign and return, many using a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope that was enclosed.




Column: “Pride an embarrassment”

I’ll say:

I want you to work with me to ensure that Toronto maintains its reputation as a place of inclusion and leadership on LGBTQ issues,” he told those who gathered on the City Hall rooftop podium.

Pride co-chairman Alica Hall actually had the audacity to tell us that what happened at last year’s Pride parade (when Black Lives Matter — Toronto hijacked the parade for 30 minutes) was a “catalyst” for conversations.

Those conversations were about — get this — “belonging” and “inclusion,” she said with a straight face (while new Pride executive director Olivia Nuamah hid out at the back of the crowd).

Lesbian leftist Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam — and self-appointed activist for the Toronto’s LGBTQ community — also talked repeatedly about “togetherness,” along with her favorite buzzwords, “hyper-diversity” and “intersectionality.”

In fact, she used her lefty-speak more than once, I guess, to pound us over the head that there are some LGBTQ groups that are more oppressed than others. Or something like that. Not that she or Hall dared mention BLM, the group that has forced the edict that the Toronto Police (and by extension police forces all over Ontario) are not allowed to march in uniform in the June 25 Pride parade.

“Pride is political … Pride is intersectional,” she said.

(For those who are not familiar with the latest leftist-speak on campuses and among the fringe element, intersectionality is about intersecting social identities who share systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination.)

The (mostly leftist) hypocrites on council (a much smaller crowd than in years gone by) who voted not to defund Pride all smiled and cheered, happy in the knowledge that they are “intersectionally-aware” while throwing the Toronto police under the bus (until they need them, of course.)

Councillor Janet Davis even kissed Wong-Tam after the flag-raising to show her support, or something like that.

Inclusion, what inclusion? How do any of them have the unmitigated gall to mention the word when they’ve excluded Toronto’s police force — both gay and straight officers — and by extension, all police forces with gay officers and who support LGBTQ issues around Ontario.

Either out of sheer arrogance or hypocrisy or gall or blatant disregard for doing what’s right, these pathetic excuses for allegedly tolerant gays and their supporters have turned this year’s Pride into a sham — a circus and one that is sure to embarrass Toronto around the world. How could it not, with our cops ready to take New York City up on its offer to have them march in uniform on the same day as our parade?


Any parade that extolls one’s choice of sexual lifestyle should never be entertained, period.

Having said that, let this train wreck happen. Don’t take sides. Let the intersectioned whiny-pants duke it out in their own perverse way. They couldn’t get any more ridiculous.

And when (not if) a lone wolf plows through their festive group-hug of inclusivity, they will further shove their craniums into a particular orifice rather than admit that they were ever self-absorbed and wrong.


Mulcair Ponders Forgiveness for Karla Homolka

Say what?

As reported by the Canadian Press, Mulcair feels Homolka has “paid her debt” and suggests it’s time to leave her alone.

“If you’re ensuring the safety of the kids, beyond our revulsion at the horror of the crime, is there any room for atonement and forgiveness?” Mulcair questioned.

Forgiveness is not the question of the day. What is, is the safety of the kids.

But for those who remember this horrific case well, when it comes to forgiving Homolka for helping lure French into the car or being at home with imprisoned girls, or offering her own sister to her husband for Christmas, there will be no forgiveness.

She did not pay her debt to society.

“I saw those tapes and I saw the look in her eyes when she came out of court years later,” Tim Danson, the French and Mahaffy families’ lawyer, said. “The eyes were the same.”

The veteran lawyer feels she is “still dangerous” and a “psychopath.”

She is not somebody who has fully paid for her crimes and her role in her husband’s crimes, as Mulcair suggests.

Karla Homolka got away with murder. Three times.

Sorry, Mulcair, there is no forgiving that.