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PM’s principal secretary’s ‘Peoplegate’ defence tweets shameful

Since the now infamous ‘Peoplegate’ controversy, an almost endless stream of videos, memes and gags at the expense of Prime Minister Trudeau has been circulating online.

While many of the usual suspects in Canadian politics have been in on the joke, this one was different because of the amount of American and International comment it attracted. From InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson to the U.K.’s Piers Morgan, it seemed like Canada, and our leader, was the centre of attention, and not in a good way.


Sorry Grandma but Liberal voters always gets priority for medical treatment

Ottawa ending policy that rejects immigrants on medical grounds by April, Hussen says

Great, let’s further stress an already overtaxed healthcare system by bringing in people who are unlikely to ever be a net benefit to Canada.

The Trudeau government has always loved to virtue signal with other peoples money and now do so at the expense of citizen’s health.

This is weaponized immigration by a government at war with its own citizens. It is vote whoring. It is the Liberal Party.


MALCOLM: The fight again carbon taxes is the policy fight of our lives

The fight against a national carbon tax is the policy fight of our lifetime. Every taxpayer in the country, and especially every conservative who believes in the principle of limited government, should do everything they can to stop this devastating tax grab.

Make no mistake, the carbon tax initiative is not about protecting the planet. It isn’t designed to lower pollution levels, enable so-called green innovation or even to curb carbon emissions.

The carbon tax is designed to give the government more power, more money and more top-down control over the economy.


John Robson: Stoking fiery division over the Boushie verdict doesn’t show you care

Many prominent Canadians appear to be in a vindictive mood over the tragic shooting of Colten Boushie. It seems terribly divisive and lacking in compassion.

A few, including the prime minister, paid lip service to fair trials. But their passionate extended remarks make publicly clear that they wish farmer Gerald Stanley, acquitted by a jury, had instead been convicted of second-degree murder or manslaughter.


How Canada became an offshore destination for ‘snow washing’

Canada is one the world’s most opaque jurisdictions when it comes to identifying the owners of private companies and trusts, according to anti-corruption campaigners who say that more rigorous checks are required to obtain a library card than to set up a company in the country.

“Anyone can start a company in Canada. It costs about C$200 and the owner of the company can remain completely anonymous,” said lawyer Mora Johnson, who recently authored a report detailing the country’s lax rules around corporate registration.

While publicly traded firms in Canada are required to disclose major shareholders, private companies need only note their directors, allowing those who own, control or benefit from the firm to remain in the shadows.


The Great Replacement: Liberals speed up foreign spouse reunions, tackle application backlog

Weaponized immigration. Make no mistake.

Mass immigration is not a not an economic need in an age of increasing automation and a declining job market. It creates contrived shortages in housing, reduces wages, strains public services and creates a low trust society.


GUNTER: After Boushie case, are we headed for Gladue 2.0?

In the spring of 2016, when the sexual assault trial of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi failed to produce the verdict the Trudeau government wanted, the government decided to change the law to make it even harder for men to defend themselves against rape allegations.

Canada at the time already had one of the toughest “rape shields” in the world – a set of laws and judicial precedents that made it difficult to raise a woman’s past sexual behaviour in court, thereby making it harder for a defendant to establish the alleged victim had given consent.


Trudeau is putting judicial independence at risk with Boushie comments, lawyers say

“Saying anything that amounts to commenting on the correctness of the verdict, to improve your public image or ensure an appropriate approval rating, should be criticized in Canada,” said Michael Lacy, a partner in the criminal law group Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP in Toronto.


Banana Republic 101 – Jody Wilson-Raybould @puglass needs to resign for taking sides in the Boushie trial

The Trudeau government now seeks to impose justice by victim group hierarchy on the judicial system. Both the alleged Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould and PM Asshat have wrongfully taken sides in the Colten Boushie trial and both are now calling for a review of the justice system.

This is Banana Republic 101.


Beware the Liberal thought police

Two years into the Trudeau government’s term and the veneer of the “sunny ways” imagery has started to fade away to reveal a darker undercurrent of dangerous ideological division. We have seen how the steady tax increases by the Liberal government under the guise of taxing the so-called wealthiest 1% have stealthily evolved into attempts to tax the tips of hospitality and service workers. We have seen attempts to eliminate tax relief for families impacted by health challenges, such as diabetes, autism or mental health. Now, we are witnessing this same divisive and ideological movement set federal funding of youth employment in its crosshairs.


Trudeau government weaponizes population replacement: Jacks up acceptance rate for “asylum” seekers to a 27-year high

Evidently Nigeria has the highest number of bisexuals of any population ever.

Add this to the ludicrously high immigration levels the Liberals have established and it’s evident that just as the Labour party did in Great Britain they  are weaponizing immigration. They have declared war on Canadians and seek to turn this country into a diversity shithole.

Note that the majority of source countries are Muslim. Because that’s just what Canada needs, the import of vast numbers of people who like the Liberal party do not share Canadian values.


FUREY: M103 report makes Canada look like cesspool of intolerance

Ignore the M103 committee report at your peril. Sure, it’s over one hundred pages of mostly dull bureaucratic jargon. And it largely doesn’t live up to its hype.

There is no mention, positive or negative, of sharia law — as many of its critics cautioned against. Nor is there the same disproportionate focus on tending to the bruised ego of Sunni Islam, which is the tone that dominated the e-petition that first inspired the government motion that in turn kicked off this heritage committee report that was released the other day. Looks like the lobbying efforts on the part of concerned citizens was in large measure a success.

But what remains is still troubling.


Monsef passport questions resurface following trip to Davos

Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef may have travelled to Switzerland the other week using a passport with false information, the Toronto Sun has learned.

In late November 2017, news broke that Monsef still hadn’t resolved the issues with her citizenship and had yet to receive a new and updated passport. At the time, Monsef’s office did not respond to questions from the Sun about whether the minister had travelled outside of Canada, and, if so, what passport she used.