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(Nearly) Free Oil, Anyone? Oilsands Product Sells At Bargain-Basement $16 A Barrel

Canadian oil can’t get to the world, and the world won’t pay for what it can’t have. The result? Canadian crude was trading at a 77-per-cent discount to benchmark North American oil at the end of this week.

Prices have fallen for much of the past two weeks, with Western Canadian Select (WCS) — the benchmark price for product from the oilsands — dropping to US$16 a barrel on Friday. That pretty much ties for the lowest prices in records going back to 2009, and it’s down nearly 37 per cent since its close on Monday.


Government funding of terrorism, Request for Investigation @JustinTrudeau

9 October 2018
Brenda Lucki, Commissioner
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCMP National Headquarters
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa ON K1A 0R2

Dear Commissioner Lucki,

This is a formal statement of complaint and I am willing to testify in court to the material contained in this report. The first twenty pages of this document contains the complaint itself and the direct relevant information. The remainder of the document contains supporting, explanatory or supplementary information.

The complaint is that Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada are using their official positions to channel taxpayers’ money to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). The IRC is a federally registered charity, so the taxpayer is subsidizing this activity. IRC in turn is sending millions of dollars to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). Seven independent and reliable sources have gone on the public record and stated that IRW uses charitable funds to provide material support to terrorism. In most cases, this means Hamas, an organization which is listed as a terrorist entity by the Government of Canada.

Funding terrorism is a criminal act according the Criminal Code of Canada.

I am a court expert in terrorism in both the Federal and criminal courts. I have spent years working in the military and intelligence communities, including several years spent at the RCMP (A-INSET). I was working for the RCMP in a national security intelligence role during the Momin Khawaja investigation when I was first qualified as a court expert. At other times, I have worked for the Canadian Armed Forces, the Privy Council Office (Intelligence Assessment Secretariat) and I have been a Senior Fellow at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Military service overseas involved time spent in Croatia and Bosnia during the Yugoslav War.

As you will note, all the sources of information here are public. Most footnotes have been individually rated for source reliability and information credulity and are marked as such (I.E. A2 or B1). The system behind rating the source material can be seen at Annex 18.

Best Regards,



Tahir Gora – The Canadian Thinkers Forum and TAG-TV
Raheel Raza and Sohail Raza – Muslims Facing Tomorrow
Benjamin Dichter

The full report is available here.

The Podcast discussing the report is here.


If Ralph Goodale told the truth: “We need more time to frame opposition to the return of our ISIS members as “Islamophobia”

Ralph Goodale mum on what Ottawa will do with returning Canadian ISIS fighters

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale offered few details on what to do with followers of the so-called Islamic State and their family members who want to return to Canada following a report by Global News, revealing at least a dozen Canadians being held in northern Syria for suspected ties to ISIS.

“The first priority of the government of Canada is to collect the evidence and to make sure that where criminal charges can and should be laid, they are in fact laid,” Goodale said in Saskatchewan Tuesday.

They joined ISIS, the only decisions that need be made concern ballistics.


Dear Kurds, Canadians would be delighted if ISIS bastard Muhammad Ali was made to disappear…

That is real Canadians would be delighted, not the Islamist apologist pissants in the Liberal Party.

‘I just want to go back’: Canadian ISIS fighter captured in northern Syria speaks out

Muhammed Ali sat on the couch in the prison commander’s office, still wearing the T-shirt and sweatpants he had on four months ago when he was captured by Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria.

Four years ago, the Canadian was a defiant voice of the so-called Islamic State, using his social media accounts to spread beheading photos, threats and incitement messages to an English-speaking audience.

But now he looked defeated.


That guy who says your Un-Canadian for not supporting LPC immigration policy reveals UN plan to further burden Canadians with alleged refugees

Why Canada will lead the charge on the UN’s global refugee plan

Op-ed: The UN’s global compact on refugees could be a game-changer—and Canada is well-placed to help make it a reality, say two cabinet ministers and a UN official

Why does the MSM give this Canadian hater a platform?


John Ivison: A sign the government is looking for an off-ramp for the governor general?

Events that, at first glance, appear unrelated may offer a clue into how the Trudeau government intends to solve a problem entirely of its own star-struck making.

On Saturday in Montreal, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Canada will create an ambassadorial position dedicated to women, peace and security. She made the announcement at a meeting of female foreign affairs ministers. There were few details on offer, beside the commitment to spend $25 million to fund initiatives aimed at combatting gender-based violence and promoting women’s participation in peace processes.


Police document shows entire Canadian political class lied about Toronto mass shooter

Last month a Muslim man named Faisal Hussain walked down Toronto’s Greektown neighbourhood, down the popular Danforth Avenue, shooting everyone he met. He murdered two women — an 18 year old named Rees Fallon, and a ten year old girl named Juliana Kozis, and wounded a dozen more.

Now, I just said Faisal Hussain walked down the street shooting everyone he met. That’s not accurate. He ran into a man named Jaspal Singh, a Sikh. And he told that Sikh man, who obviously has brown skin, and could appear to be Muslim, I suppose, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to shoot you.”

But Hussain “stood on top of a woman and shot her four times.”


Conrad Black: Trudeau’s high-tax, high-deficit, low-growth plan is doomed

Canada’s tax policy is in shambles and its fiscal condition is deteriorating. In the 2015 election campaign, the NDP leader, Thomas Mulcair, tried to debunk the tradition that New Democratic governments are extravagant and fiscally irresponsible and promised a balanced budget, albeit with some tax changes favouring lower-income earners. The Conservatives, under Stephen Harper, were steady on course, and the Liberals said they would run a short-term deficit to cover job-creating infrastructure investments. They also said they would lose $3 billion by cutting the second tax bracket, on incomes between $45,283 and $90,563, from 22 per cent to 20.5 per cent, and gain it all back entirely by increasing the top rate.


That Trudeau Touch… Failure to launch: Inside Julie Payette’s turbulent first year as Governor General

In the third week of June, with parliamentarians on the verge of departing for the summer, the federal government was scrambling to organize a public ceremony where royal assent would be granted to a bill fulfilling one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s landmark election promises, the legalization of marijuana. There was, however, a problem: according to sources who spoke with the National Post, Gov. Gen. Julie Payette, whose signature was required to pass the bill into law, did not want to preside over the ceremony.


Canada unmoved as White House adviser says U.S. ‘very, very close’ to bilateral trade deal with Mexico

“I’m a little surprised that the Canadians haven’t signed up yet,” Mr. Hassett said.

“I worry that politics in Canada is trumping common sense because there’s a very good deal that was designed by Mexico and the U.S. to appeal to Canada. And they’re not signing up and it’s got everybody over here a little bit puzzled.”


We’re 75,000 workers speaking up in support of Teck’s new oilsands project

The ongoing debate over Canada’s energy resources has delayed or deferred development and has introduced more uncertainty than ever over the future of this important sector of our economy. Lost in this discussion has been the fact that these delays have a very real and direct effect on the people and communities who depend on the jobs energy development creates.

Related… ‘Nail in the coffin’: Oilpatch boosters demand Ottawa overhaul ‘terrible’ Bill C-69

Proponents of Canada’s energy sector are raising the alarm about Ottawa’s move to overhaul the environmental assessment process for major resource projects — warning that Bill C-69 could devastate an industry already grappling with constrained pipeline capacity and depressed commodity prices.

And as the Senate begins to dig into the lengthy 340-page bill, oilpatch boosters are flooding the offices of individual senators with letters demanding that members of the upper house either defeat the legislation or force a major rewrite.


With Congressional deadline looming, Freeland pushes back against calls for swift NAFTA deal

Asked why the negotiations on a revamped NAFTA were taking so long, Freeland insisted that negotiators were taking the time they need to hammer out a fair deal.

“For an agreement of this scale, 13 months for a very deep modernization of the kind we’re working on is absolutely normal,” she said. “Trade agreements do take some time both to negotiate and to update because the economy is complicated and trade agreements are complicated.”

TranslationWe really fucked up but we’ll wear asinine T-Shirts to show we’re part of the “Resistance” and just blame Trump.


LILLEY: White House not amused with Freeland’s “Tyrant” antics

According to two independent Canadian sources, people who have been in communication with the White House in recent days, Freeland’s appearance on the Taking on the Tyrant panel is well-known in the West Wing and it is not popular.

“Everyone knows about it and they aren’t happy,” one source who asked not to be identified told me.

“They are pissed.”