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Rex Murphy: “Trudeau’s desire for global praise comes at the price of Canadian jobs, and Canadian unity”

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In its zeal to be seen as champion for a problem we have minimal capacity to cure, this government has roiled the Canadian political landscape, stirred a current of rage in Alberta, set provinces bitterly at odds with each other, shattered the governing party in Ontario, placed useless taxes on an already depressed industry, and chased billions of dollars of investment money out of the country. Most grievously, it has already indicated to the world that Canada is a very inhospitable place for any projects large in scale that in any way might wander under the eyes and objections of global warming zealots, the politicians who support them, and governments that are their willing partners.

The world has indeed already taken notice that Canada doesn’t have its “act together” and Canada has already learned that it is “getting harder and harder to get its resources to world markets.” It is certainly true of the most cardinal resource of global commerce, our oil.



Palestinians Thank Canada For Not Being Israel’s “Special Friend”


Palestinian diplomats say they welcome the Trudeau government’s decision not to attend the controversial opening of the new American embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

But a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada wasn’t invited.

Canada, along with its major allies, does not support the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem, saying that’s a decision for a future peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Justin’s opinion is important enough for the organised anti-semites to note but not important enough to actively rely on.

Canada is certainly back.


But they do thank Trump:

A full 93 percent of Israeli Jews support the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of them said they support not only moving the embassy, but doing so now. Another 20 percent said they support the move, but disagree with the timing. They suggested Trump should have waited until he unveiled his plan for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Support for the embassy move and the timing ran highest among Israeli Jews who identified as “national religious” (89 percent) as opposed to Haredi (77 percent), traditional (84 percent), or secular (60 percent). Secular Israeli Jews proved most likely to disagree with the timing (30 percent) and most likely to disagree with the move overall (8 percent).


Because why not? :


Trudeau aims for G7 to pick up fight against extreme nationalism

“Many countries and many citizens are questioning the current system, as seen by the emergence of extreme nationalism or right-wing populism, or (voicing opposition) to anti-globalization,” Trudeau said.

“This must be at the center of the discussions we will have at the G7: how to reassure citizens about the future we are building together,” he added in his parliamentary office in Ottawa.

“It is important that we remain vigilant and keep this order, this peace, this stability, this predictability that has helped us to create everything we have today.”


‘Time has run out’ on Trudeau government, says Harper’s ex-chief of staff

Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff has been busy recently, penning a book about the role of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the limits of its power in our political system — but he’s also kept a close eye on Justin Trudeau‘s Liberal government.


Trudeau greeted with Trans Mountain pipeline protest in London

LONDON — The explosive debate around the Trans Mountain pipeline followed Justin Trudeau to Britain’s capital on Wednesday, as environmental activists confronted the prime minister with calls to cancel the contentious project.

The activists from Greenpeace UK sought to make their point with an elaborate protest that included erecting a fake pipeline around the Canadian High Commission next to iconic Trafalgar Square that was labelled “Crudeau Oil.”


Canadians’ love affair with Justin Trudeau is over

OTTAWA — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau no longer looks invincible.

After showing a steady lead in public opinion surveys for more than two years after his surprise October 2015 election victory, Trudeau appears to be politically vulnerable. And that’s despite a buoyant economy, what’s seen as a steady hand in NAFTA trade talks with President Trump, and a weak political opposition.

“All of a sudden, we saw this drop,” said David Coletto, chief executive of Abacus Data, an Ottawa polling firm, referring to his company’s latest poll, completed in early March. “It’s the first time since Trudeau became prime minister that we have results showing the Conservatives slightly ahead.”

He was never invincible. He is every bit as shallow, every bit as incompetent and every bit the embarrassment we knew he would be. Aided in no small part by Canada’s media sycophants a lot of people were snowed.


Russian embassy calls Trudeau’s criticism of Putin ‘confrontational’

Trudeau said on Wednesday during a Toronto press conference that Putin needs to start playing a more positive role in the world on a variety of fronts, from Ukraine, to Syria, to the Arctic, as well as answering for Russia’s role in the nerve gas attack in Britain two weeks ago.


BONOKOSKI: Pixie dust and the costumed roles of Justin Trudeau

No longer is Justin Trudeau the dreamy heartthrob that had jaded bureaucrats swooning like teeny-boppers when he was first elected prime minister, and glossy magazines writing glowing but vacuous pap about him being the new face of world progressiveness.

He has managed in little more than a half a term as head of the Liberal government to become a laughing stock and an embarrassment.


Is Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau the world’s most preposterous politician?

From the gaudy costumes straight out of a Bollywood wedding to the toe-curling burst of Bhangra dancing, it was a state visit India would rather forget.

And when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — the ‘rock star’ of liberal politics — flew home to cold, grey Ottawa after an eight-day tour (longer than the Indian government wanted) last week, he did so not with the applause he’s used to ringing in his ears, but mocking laughter.

Update: The pic is not Justin though it may as well be.