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Justin turns on friends… Canada calls for action against Sikh terror groups in joint document with India

In a first, Canada calls for action against Sikh terror groups in joint document with India

India and Canada pulled the visit by Justin Trudeau back from the brink Friday by issuing one of the most strongly worded joint statement on terrorism in recent times. Titled Framework for Cooperation between India and Canada on Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism, the joint document did not just call for action specifically against cross-border and state sponsored terrorism but also name-checked Pakistan based groups like LeT and Jaish.

Perhaps even more significant for India was the mention of Babbar Khalsa and International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) which were clubbed together with not just LeT, Jaish but also other more high-profile international terror groups like Al Qaida, ISIS and the Haqqani Network in the same statement. This is the first time that Canada has agreed to a mention of Sikh terror groups in a joint document with India.


Rex Murphy: What does it take to not be invited to dinner with Trudeau? #TrudeauInIndia

Everyone agrees our prime minister is both elegant and stylish. How well he looks and dresses is the prime well of his confidence. But this week’s Passage Through India was a struggle between self-parody and narcissism in which, alas, both sides won. Mr. Trudeau showed up in India with more costumes than a Vegas chorus line on a 50-state tour.


Justin Trudeau’s India troubles are rooted in Canadian minority politics #trudeauinindia

Justin Trudeau pretends to be holy for votes.

Those accustomed to seeing Canada sit atop international rankings of best-governed nations may be surprised to learn that a significant portion of Canadian democracy still has a decidedly crooked, 19th-century vibe. Since Canadian political parties operate on a “pay-to-play” basis — in which any voter who wishes to help nominate a politician for office must first sign a form and pay a membership fee — one of the most essential skills for any ambitious Canadian politico is an ability to sell large, but carefully targeted, numbers of party memberships to groups whose loyalty can be assured. This ordinarily includes friends, family members, employees, and coworkers. But, more controversially, it often includes religious congregations and immigrant or minority enclaves as well.


MALCOLM: Did Trudeau Liberals lobby India to admit Atwal? #trudeauinindia

As the fallout continues over Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India, the Sun has learned new details about the Indian visa process for the Canadian delegation.

According to multiple sources, the Trudeau government may have lobbied the Indian government to help obtain visas for people who would have otherwise been refused entry to India.

But from India… Jaspal Atwal reformed, off blacklist, engaging with govt for 3 years, say sources

Jaspal Atwal was in India as part of the government’s new approach to engage with such elements, who have not indulged in any separatist and extremist activities in recent years, sources said.


Trudeau to meet with MP “responsible” for ruining his Bollywood theme park vacation #trudeauinindia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will sit down with Liberal MP Randeep Sarai sometime next week to discuss his invitation of a known would-be assassin to two receptions in India.

The Conservative party is pushing for further action, calling for an emergency meeting of the public safety and national security committee to review the Privy Council Office’s screening practices.

Jaspal Atwal, a former member of an illegal Sikh separatist group convicted of attempted murder, attended at least one event tied to the Trudeau visit where he was pictured with Sophie Trudeau and Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi.

Justin is gonna give him a Bhangra Beat Down!


FUREY: The world has all of a sudden revised its take on Justin Trudeau

What an incredible reversal of fortune the past couple months have been for Justin Trudeau.

There were a few hints that this was about to come, that the world was going to turn on him. Or at least revise and downgrade their expectations of the man who was once featured on their glossy front pages. But now, with the multiple screw-ups coming out of his trip to India, we’re very much in the thick of it.


Canadian glamor boy Justin Trudeau finally goes too far with multi-culti costume play, gets lit up by actual Indians

No one likes a suck-up–not even the political correctness crowd.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the object of derision on social media for wearing traditional native dress several days in a row while on his trip to India, with some calling his choice of clothing “tacky.”


Trudeau’s India trip is a total disaster — and he has only himself to blame

How did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the world’s favorite liberal mascot — a feminist man, with movie-star good looks, a 50 percent female cabinet and a political lexicon that has replaced “mankind” with “peoplekind” (making millions swoon) — end up looking silly, diminished and desperate on his trip to India this week?

Trudeau’s eight-day India expedition has been an absolute fiasco.

Trudeau is hoist by his own petard, made a mockery on the world stage by the weaponized identity politics that appealed to his hypocritical base


PMO Bars Indian Magazine From High Commission’s Reception For Trudeau Over Khalistan Coverage #trudeauinindia

‘Liberal’ Canadian Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday withdrew invitation to High Commissioner dinner for Outlook magazine.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau feted the world over as the new face of “liberalism” seem to find it difficult to accommodate critical media coverage. An hour-before the high commissioner’s reception cum for dinner for Trudeau the invitation to Outlook was withdrawn.

An Indian official called up to apologise in withdrawing the invitation at the last minute. But admitted that he was instructed by the Canadian PM’s Office to withdraw the invite because Outlook which had done a cover story on “ Khalistan – II made in Canada” cannot be in guest list to welcome Trudeau.

h/t MH


Justin Trudeau in the real world #trudeauinindia

Paul Wells: The prime minister’s so-called ‘state visit’ trip to India was so tone-deaf, hopeless and unserious he might as well never have gone

…As lots of people pointed out before me, it’s actually not true that a groundswell of affection would greet Angela Merkel if she appeared in Toronto wearing Alberta Boot Company boots and a ceinture fléchée. And if she was still doing it on the sixth day of a visit, some of us might start to wonder whether she was taking the piss.

Perhaps the next time the PM goes over fun wardrobe ideas for a foreign trip, somebody on his staff could ask whether he also plans to bring any project serious enough to counterbalance the elevated likelihood of coming off like a giggling schoolboy. A simpler wardrobe rule might be: “You do you.”

Wells is a well known Trudeauphile.


It’s pretty clear by now that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not having the most productive time in India. His itinerary is unusually light and, according to Indian media, high profile politicians seem to be actively avoiding him.

It’s pretty clear by now that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not having the most productive time in India. His itinerary is unusually light and, according to Indian media, high profile politicians seem to be actively avoiding him.


Convicted felon’s invite to dinner with Trudeau highlights ‘serious gaps’: expert

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Questions around security are being raised after a convicted felon was invited to a dinner with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in India.

As a former member of the International Sikh Youth Federation (a banned terrorist group in Canada and India), Jaspal Atwal was convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian cabinet minister in 1986.

He managed to get on the guest list thanks to Surrey Centre MP Randeep Sarai, who’s since claimed responsibility for his actions and admitted he should have used better judgement.