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Amid cries of ‘traitor,’ Canada’s Trudeau set for ugly election

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who swept to power on a wave of optimism in 2015, is set for an ugly reelection campaign this October, judging by exchanges with voters in public town halls this month where he was grilled on topics ranging from immigration to housing affordability.


Canada has limited foreign policy options… you mean prancing about the globe babbling about feminism hasn’t worked?

When the Liberal government came to power, it did away with the approach to foreign policy practiced by its Conservative predecessors and replaced it with something a bit more “idealistic.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau embarked on an international media tour during which he repeatedly declared himself a feminist. The foreign service, all the way up to Minister Chrystia Freeland, began to loudly champion environmental and human rights causes in other countries.


Trudeau racks up the travel tab with pointless selfie stop in Mali

Trudeau insists Canadian presence in Mali making a difference

Canada’s presence in Mali, under the banner of the United Nations, is helping the war-torn country get back on it feet at a faster pace, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted during a highly secret, whirlwind visit on Saturday.

He made the remarks while defending the limited duration of Canada’s deployment of helicopters to the West African nation in support of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

The country has been struggling to implement a 2015 peace agreement against a rising tide of tribal and Islamic extremist violence.

How could anyone still be buying the excrement that Justin’s 24/7 PR machine is spewing?

Mali is a sinkhole and Canada should not be there. Unless rape and corruption are your thing nothing good comes from involvement with UN “Peacekeeping” Missions, they are a waste of time, money and lives. Canada has no interests and no business being there. Justin’s pal Macron may think France does, let him send in the Foreign Legion to protect French interests.

Despite the best efforts by the MSM it’s painfully obvious that Justin is no statesman and given the latest bust up between the USA and China it’s evident that Trudeau’s Canada is at best considered a doormat by the rest of the world.

You can thank PM Vacant Stare for that.

Recall when he gave Castro a blow job in his casket? He was laughed at world wide.

China gave Gender Boy the bum’s rush when he tried to include cross dresser rights in their trade talks.

India thinks he is an absolute asshat and deservedly so given his schoolboy drama class costume routine.

When Saudi Arabia bitch slapped the Liberal Party no one came to Canada’s defense.

In the NAFTA negotiations Mexico went it alone leaving Justin and his Super Friends scrambling for an invite to the Big Boy table.

I honestly believe that once out of power a lot of very nasty accounts will emerge detailing how poorly PM Jerks Off To Pictures Of Himself is regarded by other heads of state.

Canada is back alright, back of the bus thanks to PM Idiot.


In Canada, the term ‘nationalism’ doesn’t seem to have a bad rap. Here’s why.

On a historic Remembrance Day, a century after the end of the First World War, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a Paris crowd that decaying trust in public institutions will lead citizens to look for easy answers “in populism, in nationalism, in closing borders, in shutting down trade, in xenophobia.”

The implication was clear: if nations turn in on themselves and treat outsiders as threats, we might again find ourselves in a bloody conflict with fronts all over the world.


Justin Trudeau mum on what he’ll do to protect LGBTQ2+ provision in USMCA

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t saying what he is willing to do to keep a provision protecting labour rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer workers inside a renewed North American free trade pact.

More than 40 Republican lawmakers wrote U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday demanding the removal of language in the agreement pledging all three countries to support “policies that protect workers against employment discrimination on the basis of sex, including with regard to pregnancy, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, gender identity.”


Alex Trebek believes Trudeau keeps a “buzzer” under his shirt to contact his assistants

Trebek, 78, is a Canadian-American who was born in Ontario. A host of the popular game show Jeopardy, he’s become a familiar face with millions of viewers.

His popularity in the entertainment industry landed him a visit with Justin Trudeau. Trebek however, picked up on a variety of clues that he used to construct a hypothesis about the Canadian Prime Minister, according to the National Post reports.


Refugee report reveals clues why India’s Modi government is at odds with Trudeau

John Ivison: How a trickle of Sikhs fleeing India for Canada became a torrent

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau’s visit to the sub-continent earlier this year has become a political punch-line, even among Liberals.

“India? We didn’t go to India,” is the response when the subject is raised internally.

But Trudeau did — and there were substantive reasons why the visit went so badly.


Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, Trudeau says

Trudeau was deliberately posed on the far left (ha!) so he can be cropped out easily.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a press freedom event in Paris Sunday that one of the bulwarks protecting democratic governments from being undermined is also an institution under stress — a free-thinking, robust media.

Being in France, he must have been referring to the Charlie Hebdo attack, right?