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Mark Steyn mocks Trudeau for Philippines garbage: “These are adult diapers and he’s still on child size”

Canadian author and commentator Mark Steyn has slammed Canada’s failure to take back tons of trash it shipped to the Philippines in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Canada and the Philippines are at loggerheads over the waste, which was sent to the country’s capital Manila in 103 containers between 2013 and 2014. Philippine officials say that a private firm falsely claimed that the containers only included recyclable plastic, but instead the garbage consists of all sorts of waste, including plastic bags and adult diapers.


Tucker Carlson says Canada sending trash to Philippines is “garbage colonialism”

Speaking on his Fox News show on Wednesday, Carlson suggested that Trudeau—who he branded “a buffoon” and “fraudulent”—was at fault.

“I was shocked that he would send his garbage to the Philippines—a struggling third-world country needs more Canadian garbage?” the host asked, speaking with Stephen LeDrew who previously served as the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, now led by Trudeau.

“I mean it just seems so insensitive, and that seemed like…a form of colonialism, garbage colonialism,” Carlson said. “Why is he sending his hair gel bottles to Manila?” he joked. “It just seems like white privilege to me, I’m just throwing that out there.”


“Let’s fight Canada. I will declare war against them.”

Rodrigo Duterte: Philippines not a ‘dump site’ for Canadian waste

President Duterte has criticised Canada over the long-running diplomatic issue, saying it is turning his nation into a “dump site”.

“For Canada’s garbage, I want a boat prepared,” he said on Monday, adding: “They better pull that thing out or I will set sail to Canada and dump their garbage there.

“Let’s fight Canada. I will declare war against them.”


What Australians are hearing about Justin Trudeau

From John Robson at MercatorNet:

Justin Trudeau is embroiled in an ethical scandal which has tarnished his feminist credentials …
“Ethical considerations couldn’t have been further from his mind if they’d been on Ganymede. Which if he had his way they probably would be. As for practical ones, Lord Melbourne famously if not upliftingly once told his cabinet something to the effect that “I don’t care what d**ned lie we must tell; but not a man of you shall leave this room until we have all agreed to tell the same d**ned lie.”

Trudeau hasn’t even got that much cunning let alone character… or a cheat sheet reminding him what lies he already told. But he has so much conceit he actually thinks he doesn’t need it, and can commit any misdeed he likes and excuse it with any fiction he fancies at any given moment.

It’s not working. The populace at large, and engaged people across the political spectrum, think he’s been bending the law if not breaking it, bullying people and lying. And they think it’s wrong. And they care.” More.

Reality check: We’ll see if people care. If we tune out Trudeau’s soon-to-be “welfare media,” we have a chance at caring.

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How a tangled and deadly web of global corruption spreading out from Gaddafi’s Libya threatens to topple Justin Trudeau

During the final years of Muammar Gaddafi’s rule, a steady stream of businesspeople and senior former officials like Tony Blair jetted in and out of Tripoli. They hobnobbed with Libyan officials or even the main man himself inside his tent at the Bab al-Aziziya compound, from where he ran the oil-rich country.

Over small talk and copious servings of tea, they cut potentially questionable deals, handing over consultancy fees or other monies to grease the wheels of Libyan bureaucracy in what amounted to alleged graft, kickbacks and other scheming that tested or transgressed the limits of their own nations’ anti-corruption laws.


Can Trudeau Spin the SNC-Lavalin Affair to His Benefit? Just Watch Him

Three and a half years ago, in the bowels of Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth hotel, Justin Trudeau put down a nearly empty bottle of Molson Export and ascended to a nearby stage in his first public appearance as Canada’s twenty-third prime minister. The ensuing twenty-three-minute speech, in which Trudeau spun Wilfrid Laurier’s “sunny ways” catchphrase into a harbinger for his imminent tenure, was a particularly ebullient variation of what you’d expect from a man who ran and won on his own conspicuous optimism. Hyperpartisans in the room became visibly verklempt at his words; many journalists rolled their eyes as they shovelled quotes into their copy.


Public Prosecution Service lashes back after Trudeau’s non-statement on SNC-Lavalin

Shortly after Justin Trudeau addressed the nation on the month-old SNC-Lavalin accusations, Canada’s Public Prosecution Service took to Twitter with a message likely intended for our Prime Minister.

In their tweet, they claimed that prosecutors in Canada must be “free from improper influence”.


Conservatives better hope Trudeau doesn’t resign

Now, by no means is this an endorsement of Justin Trudeau, a man I believe I once labelled the “Cryminister of Peoplekind” in this very publication. I am simply saying that Trudeau’s brand is so toxic that it represents the best, and possibly only path to a Conservative government going forward.


Amid cries of ‘traitor,’ Canada’s Trudeau set for ugly election

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who swept to power on a wave of optimism in 2015, is set for an ugly reelection campaign this October, judging by exchanges with voters in public town halls this month where he was grilled on topics ranging from immigration to housing affordability.


Canada has limited foreign policy options… you mean prancing about the globe babbling about feminism hasn’t worked?

When the Liberal government came to power, it did away with the approach to foreign policy practiced by its Conservative predecessors and replaced it with something a bit more “idealistic.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau embarked on an international media tour during which he repeatedly declared himself a feminist. The foreign service, all the way up to Minister Chrystia Freeland, began to loudly champion environmental and human rights causes in other countries.