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The Media Hatred Of America Has Infected Young Americans Into Thinking Old Glory Is A Sign Of ‘Intolerance And Hatred’

The majority of young Americans, defined as ages 14-37 believe that the United States is a sexist country (53%) and a racist country (54%). Those numbers increase among those defined as Millennials, aged 22-37, to six in 10, which is 60 percent. One in five Millennials see the U.S. flag, Old Glory, as a “sign of intolerance and hatred.”


Canadian Club sends notice barring reporters from Stephen Harper speech

During his near decade in power, Harper’s office had an acrimonious relationship with the national media. He distrusted reporters’ motives and his office tightly controlled access to his ministers, foreign diplomats and senior public servants.

Harper’s book argues that the forces that propelled Trump to power can’t be ignored by political leaders, and that conservatives need to find practical ways to bridge the disconnect and distrust separating working people and those who govern them.


The Child Separation Scam Is A Reminder That The Media Are Nothing More Than Propagandists For The Democrat Party

Lies, distortions and trickery — these are the weapons that the mainstream propaganda media employ daily to hoodwink millions of unsuspecting Americans into consuming and ultimately adopting the Democrat Party’s agenda every time they turn on the news, pick up a newspaper or glance through headlines.


Confirmed: Americans See Media Bias Everywhere–And They’re Angry

These results from recent public surveys are not just bad news for the news business, struggling through a now-chronic financial crisis. They’re bad news for our form of democracy, which requires informed participation by voters relying on accurate news to cast their ballots. Misinformation can easily result in mistaken choices, or none at all.


What He Meant to Say Was …

Let the Great Cover-Up begin:

CBC News has learned a Canadian man who says he spent time in Syria with ISIS and committed violent acts was interviewed by the RCMP this week.

He was neither arrested nor charged with any offences, and was allowed to return home.

There were angry questions in the House of Commons earlier this month, when Conservative House leader Candice Bergen asked the Trudeau government why the man is freely being allowed to live here.

“This guy is apparently in Toronto. Canadians deserve more answers from this government,” she said. “Why aren’t they doing something about this despicable animal that’s walking around the country?” 

The man is known publicly as Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi (Abu Huzaifa the Canadian). Details of his story have been a study in contradictions — not only for police but for the journalists covering him.

He says he travelled to Syria in 2014 to join ISIS, and fled months later in disillusionment with their violent tactics. And, depending on who he’s talking to, he either witnessed killings in the name of jihad, or carried them out himself.

The man gave two very different accounts of his time with ISIS to CBC News and the New York Times. The contradictions only came to light after both news organizations published their stories.


CNN Fights to Keep Editorial Guidelines Secret amid Lawsuit over Ethical Breach

CNN is at the center of a lawsuit involving their ethics and standards. In 2015, the network aired a report investigating the mortality rate of babies at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Florida. The piece eviscerated the pediatric cardiac surgery program at the hospital, which terminated the program shortly afterward.

What’s interesting is that CNN only released some of its guidelines, and then only to the attorneys. Even the plaintiff cannot get his eyes on the network’s ethical standards — the guardrails that allowed CNN to destroy his career. In fact, CNN argues that Florida court precedent upholds their right to keep their practices from the public.


MercatorNet: “Dangerous”: Milo Yiannopoulos delights to provoke

The book by the gay conservative provocateur is not nearly as Dangerous as the social media world he exposes.

Like Donald Trump (whom he calls “Daddy”), Milo says whatever he wants and ignores the pushback: “The most hated man on the Internet” (The Nation) “Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t have feelings” (New York Times Magazine) “The ultimate troll… terrifying” (Fusion)  He betters it. He calls himself the “Ken doll from the underworld” and says, “My motto is laughter and war.”

Milo  has a clear political philosophy. However you may disapprove his lifestyle and communication methods, I say, maybe listen. If more people had paid attention when controversial 1960s political philosophers turned the big guns against intellectual freedom at universities, campuses would not be so severely oppressive today.

His revelations in Dangerous as to how social media control news are worth knowing. For example:

According to Gizmodo, Facebook’s “news curators” were “told to select articles from a list of preferred media outlets that included sites like The New York Times, Time, Variety, and other liberal mainstream outlets. They would regularly avoid sites like World Star Hip Hop, The Blaze, and Breitbart, but were never explicitly told to suppress those outlets.” He adds, “Silicon Valley companies don’t have to institute policies of bias against conservatives— all they have to do is give minimal oversight to their overwhelmingly left-leaning employees, and turn a blind eye to the inevitable consequences.”

After some controversy, the humans were replaced by an algorithm. But …More.


Snopes in danger of closing doors?

From Chelsea Schilling at World News Daily:

The financial situation has apparently become so dire that Snopes owner David Mikkelson launched a crowd-funding website to solicit donations, according to London’s Daily Mail. Readers contributed more than $500,000 in just the first 24 hours.

As WND has reported,, a website that’s been around since 1995, is sometimes cited by other “fact-checking” sites to support their claims. Facebook has even indicated it plans to use Snopes as one of its arbiters of “fake news.” But WND revealed the site has been criticized by conservatives for a left-leaning bias and admits it has no standard procedure for fact-checking.

 Divorce and lawsuits involved.

Reality check: Genuine fact-checking is always risky. On the other hand, the real-time collapse of standards at legacy media make it a promising field, if safe.

See also: Snopes, surprisingly, debunks fake news about Donald Trump


Left-wing site Media Matters on Trump’s war on the media

From Pam Vogel at

As Columbia Journalism Review Editor-in-Chief Kyle Pope noted this morning, reporters “aren’t obligated to cede the media agenda to this or any other administration.” While documenting Trump’s frequent (and disturbing) attacks on the press is important, it can be counterproductive when the attention devoted to the president’s temper tantrums completely overwhelms reporting on vitally important policy issues. One way journalists can help fight back is to make sure Trump can’t count on his attacks on the press to drown out coverage of the implications of his policy priorities, like the Republicans’ health care bill. More.

Reality check: Take a shower. Trump is playing these vapid post-media for the idiots that they are. Obama complained that they had given Trump hundreds of million of dollars of free publicity (true) in their tantrum over his refusal to live according to their rules.

Trump is reaching out beyond them. His agenda will succeed or fail on his ability to connect with people who do not care what talk show hosts are melting down over.

Just possibly, some people who think boring stuff like jobs, public safety, and national security are important.

Which just proves how right-wing we all are and how much we need fixing.

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