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MercatorNet: “Dangerous”: Milo Yiannopoulos delights to provoke

The book by the gay conservative provocateur is not nearly as Dangerous as the social media world he exposes.

Like Donald Trump (whom he calls “Daddy”), Milo says whatever he wants and ignores the pushback: “The most hated man on the Internet” (The Nation) “Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t have feelings” (New York Times Magazine) “The ultimate troll… terrifying” (Fusion)  He betters it. He calls himself the “Ken doll from the underworld” and says, “My motto is laughter and war.”

Milo  has a clear political philosophy. However you may disapprove his lifestyle and communication methods, I say, maybe listen. If more people had paid attention when controversial 1960s political philosophers turned the big guns against intellectual freedom at universities, campuses would not be so severely oppressive today.

His revelations in Dangerous as to how social media control news are worth knowing. For example:

According to Gizmodo, Facebook’s “news curators” were “told to select articles from a list of preferred media outlets that included sites like The New York Times, Time, Variety, and other liberal mainstream outlets. They would regularly avoid sites like World Star Hip Hop, The Blaze, and Breitbart, but were never explicitly told to suppress those outlets.” He adds, “Silicon Valley companies don’t have to institute policies of bias against conservatives— all they have to do is give minimal oversight to their overwhelmingly left-leaning employees, and turn a blind eye to the inevitable consequences.”

After some controversy, the humans were replaced by an algorithm. But …More.


Snopes in danger of closing doors?

From Chelsea Schilling at World News Daily:

The financial situation has apparently become so dire that Snopes owner David Mikkelson launched a crowd-funding website to solicit donations, according to London’s Daily Mail. Readers contributed more than $500,000 in just the first 24 hours.

As WND has reported,, a website that’s been around since 1995, is sometimes cited by other “fact-checking” sites to support their claims. Facebook has even indicated it plans to use Snopes as one of its arbiters of “fake news.” But WND revealed the site has been criticized by conservatives for a left-leaning bias and admits it has no standard procedure for fact-checking.

 Divorce and lawsuits involved.

Reality check: Genuine fact-checking is always risky. On the other hand, the real-time collapse of standards at legacy media make it a promising field, if safe.

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Left-wing site Media Matters on Trump’s war on the media

From Pam Vogel at

As Columbia Journalism Review Editor-in-Chief Kyle Pope noted this morning, reporters “aren’t obligated to cede the media agenda to this or any other administration.” While documenting Trump’s frequent (and disturbing) attacks on the press is important, it can be counterproductive when the attention devoted to the president’s temper tantrums completely overwhelms reporting on vitally important policy issues. One way journalists can help fight back is to make sure Trump can’t count on his attacks on the press to drown out coverage of the implications of his policy priorities, like the Republicans’ health care bill. More.

Reality check: Take a shower. Trump is playing these vapid post-media for the idiots that they are. Obama complained that they had given Trump hundreds of million of dollars of free publicity (true) in their tantrum over his refusal to live according to their rules.

Trump is reaching out beyond them. His agenda will succeed or fail on his ability to connect with people who do not care what talk show hosts are melting down over.

Just possibly, some people who think boring stuff like jobs, public safety, and national security are important.

Which just proves how right-wing we all are and how much we need fixing.

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Trump and Morning Joke

Perhaps there is no better window on the awfulness of the self-appointed New York-to-DC ruling class than MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The show revolves around a collection of chattering-class bores who devote the start of their day to seconding each other’s shallow and smug criticisms of Trump. The women make faces; the men roll their eyes.


Grenfell Towers narrative: Muslims saved the day!

Indeed. Ramadan was designed to keep people up all night stuffing their faces on the off chance that the building they live in caught on fire so they could go bang on doors. Yay Ramadan!


The Political Scandal The Media is Missing

Everyone is so caught up with their discussion of President Trump around the firing of FBI Director James Comey that they are completely overlooking the most explosive scandal in the history of congress.

This scandal, if exposed, should remove, or at least censure: Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Burr, Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner.

The absence of their accountability shows the depth of corruption within Washington DC.


NY Times Publishes Op-Ed by Palestinian ‘Political Prisoner’, Doesn’t Mention He’s a Convicted Terrorist

What the author, and the New York Times, fails to mention is that Barghouti was sentenced in 2004 to five consecutive life sentences for coordinating a series of terrorist attacks on Israeli law enforcement and civilians, including a failed suicide attack that only killed the attacker.


Obit: Man died peacefully after falsely told Trump was impeached

“Mike ran out of family long ago and is survived by his ex-wife and best friend, Teresa Elliott,” the obituary read. “Though their marriage ran aground, their friendship only grew stronger and hers was the last voice Mike heard. And the last thing she said to him was ‘Donald Trump has been impeached.’ Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded.”

h/t Todd