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‘Racism Simulator’ Chrome Extension Highlights Bigotry in Left-Wing Media

“Ever see articles bashing certain groups and thought to yourself how totally not okay it would be if the groups were replaced with another group?” the extension’s download page asks. “This extension swaps the groups being written about on HuffingtonPost, Salon, Buzzfeed, Jezebel, and Gawker to show how much racism, sexism, and outright nastiness they get away with because they chose to target an ‘oppressor’ group.”

Donald Trump defends start of administration and launches attack on media

US President Donald Trump has mounted a vigorous defence of his presidency and accused America’s news media of being “out of control”.

At a White House news conference on Thursday, he vowed to bypass the media and take his message “straight to the people”.

Twitter: #TrumpPressConference

He has been ripping them to shreds for over an hour. It is glorious.

Left Tries to Diminish Trump and His Appointments With ‘Inexperienced’ Label


Inexperienced. I expect to see and hear this this word more often in the coming weeks. They make it sound as if Trump is placing people in cabinet posts who are fresh out of high school, never mind their numerous qualifications.

Hot Air gets listed as a ‘leftist website’ – their transformation is complete.

Naked and proud: Media tripling down on blatant anti-Trump sentiment


It was an election season where journalists openly and defiantly declared that objectivity could be thrown out the window in the name of stopping a dangerous candidate. Neutrality was no longer an option. Judgement day was coming for anyone not on the take-out-Trump-train.

Journalistic felonies were discovered far and wide during the campaign season. Stories shared in advance with campaigns. Debate questions shared in advance with campaigns. Outright collusion. Blatant cheerleading. Wikileaks exposed what many suspected about the press all along: they’re operatives, not journalists.

CNN’s Amanpour Defends Integrity of Press, Warns Trump ‘A Threat to Our Profession’


On Tuesday evening, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour received an award from the Committee to Protect Journalists and proceeded to warn the audience of the “existential crisis” that journalists are facing because of President-elect Donald Trump.

“I feel we face an existential crisis, a threat to the very relevance and usefulness of our profession,” the veteran journalist said. Amanpour described being “chilled” after reading Trump’s first post-election tweet which stated that “professional protesters [were] incited by the media.”