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Gang-rape victim ‘is raped by police officer’ after going to station to give details of the crime in Pakistan

A woman who was gang-raped in Pakistan has accused a police officer of raping her in a further attack when she went to report the crime.

The woman, from the city of Uch Sharif in Pakistan, claims the officer took her to a house on the pretext of wanting to interview her, and then attacked her.

She also alleges that the police officer filmed the attack and threatened her if she reported it to anyone.


Asia Bibi: Still a ‘prisoner’ in Pakistan?

Devout Pakistani Muslim and future Canadian Immigration Minister calls for death of Asia Bibi.

In January, Pakistan’s highest court upheld its October 2018 ruling to acquit Asia Bibi , an impoverished Catholic woman, of blasphemy charges. Bibi, a mother of five, was arrested in June 2009, after her neighbors complained she had made derogatory remarks about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. A year later, Bibi was sentenced to death despite strong opposition from national and international human rights groups.

After the Supreme Court’s ruling, Asia Bibi should have been a free person. She is not in jail, as there is no case against her. The blasphemy allegations against her have been proven wrong. Should she choose to leave the country for Canada, where her daughters are reportedly staying, she has every right to depart.

But it’s been more than two months since Bibi’s acquittal, and not many people in Pakistan know where she is. It’s been reported that Bibi has been kept in “protective custody” in an unknown location.


Pakistan cracks down on extremist groups, but is it for real this time?… Pakistan is an extremist group

Mohammad Rafi is certain who is to blame for his school being taken under government control and his organisation banned. His sprawling Hudaibiah education complex three weeks ago became one of nearly 300 seminaries, schools, hospitals and dispensaries taken over for links to outlawed groups.

“It’s propaganda. Indian and US propaganda. Two or three times this has happened to us and then we go to court,” the school principal predicted confidently last week.

The school principal has for 17 years been a member of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) which operates an estimated 300 madrassahs as well as a fleet of ambulances.


Husband ‘strips his wife, beats her with a pipe and shaves off her hair after she refuses to dance for his friends’ in Pakistan

A Pakistani husband has been arrested for allegedly torturing his wife by stripping her naked, beating her and shaving her head after she refused to dance for his friends.

The disturbing incident came to the attention of the authorities after a woman covered in bruises appeared in a video on social media, identifying herself as Asma Aziz and begging the public for help.

Hubby sounds like a good fit for Justin’s immigration goals.


Pakistan: Mentally Disabled Christians Charged with Blasphemy

“A mentally ill Pakistani Christian man has been charged with blasphemy,” the Pakistan Christian Post reported a few days ago. Stephen Masih was arrested after Muhammad Rafiq and Muhammad Imran told Muhammad Mudassar — a renowned hafiz (one who has memorized the entire Koran) —that the Christian “had made derogatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”

This man may be murdered for having “offended” a death cult’s idol. Take your Islamophobia and shove it where the sun don’t shine.


Rampant Islamophobia! Liberals in Pakistan fear hate crimes following lynching victim Mashal Khan’s death for committing blasphemy against Islam

Twenty three-year-old Mashal Khan was a student of Mass Communications at the Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. He was beaten and shot to death by an angry mob on April 13, 2017 after being accused of blasphemy. The lynching took place within the premises of the university. Soon after, a video of the incident was shared on social media.


Indian planes bomb Pakistan as Kashmir tensions escalate

Indian warplanes dropped bombs inside Pakistan early on Tuesday, both sides said, as military tensions between the nuclear arch rivals escalated dramatically following last week’s Kashmir suicide attack.

India said aircraft had destroyed a terrorist training camp where militants were training to carry out an imminent attack, in its first airstrikes against Pakistan since their 1971 war. But the Pakistani military said the aircraft had caused no damage after dropping their payload early when repulsed by defending forces.


Google searches ‘hijacked’ to link Pakistan flag to toilet paper

Google searches for “best toilet paper in the world” appear to have been manipulated to return images of the Pakistan national flag.

The results are believed to be the work of protesters acting in response to an attack in Indian-administered Kashmir that left at least 40 soldiers dead.

It is the deadliest militant attack on Indian forces in Kashmir since the insurgency against Indian rule began.

Pakistan-based Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammad said it was behind the attack.


Information Warfare: Pakistan Tames Twitter And Facebook

Pakistan appears to have come out ahead in its long battle with Internet social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. These were the last “media” in Pakistan where reports of military violence (including kidnapping and murder) of critics could be reported. Now these Twitter and Facebook have agreed to accept government control over who can post what with regard to the Pakistani military. The Pakistanis did this by weaponizing blasphemy laws to deliberately take on critics outside Pakistan reporting criminal activity in Pakistan. The military, which now basically controls the government (without a coup), had the government make thousands of complaints to social media outlets demanding that hateful messages be deleted. As bad as that is most Pakistanis recognize that the blasphemy laws are no longer about religion but have been turned into a legal method of using mob violence and murder to silence or kill anyone who is seen as opposed to the Pakistani military or local Islamic terror groups. Any politicians or senior officials who back blasphemy law reform are fair game for death threats and even assassination.


Asia Bibi case: Christian woman jailed for blasphemy allegedly free to leave Pakistan after supreme court ruling – on way to Canada?

Pakistan’s supreme court has upheld its decision to acquit Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who spent eight years on death row over blasphemy charges, meaning she is now free to leave the country and seek asylum in Canada.

Ms Bibi’s case became a totemic cause for fundamentalist preachers in Pakistan, after she was accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad during an argument with two Muslim women. She strongly denied the allegation.

Her conviction and death sentence were thrown out by the supreme court in October, which cited a complete lack of evidence. The decision sparked protests across the country.

If she makes it to Canada it will be one of the few decent things done by the Liberal government. Now she only has to worry about the Islamists imported to Canada.


Muslims will continue to torture Asia Bibi – Pakistan court to hear appeal against blasphemy acquittal

Pakistan’s supreme court is to consider a petition on Tuesday against the acquittal of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman whose blasphemy conviction was overturned in October.

Bibi, who spent eight years on death row, has been held at a secret location since her death sentence was quashed after hardline Islamists threatened to kill her if she was freed.

Her lawyer, Saiful Malook, has said he is confident the court will reject the petition. If so, she is likely to be flown out of the country within hours.

It emerged last week that Bibi’s daughters had already left Pakistan for Canada, one of several countries to have offered sanctuary to the farm worker and her family.


Asia Bibi still living ‘like a prisoner,’ warns ministry

An international Christian ministry is expressing alarm and concern that a Pakistani woman acquitted of blasphemy by her nation’s Supreme Court still is living “like a prisoner,” months after the court ruling.

It is Asia Bibi, who spent years on death row in Pakistan after a confrontation with her Muslim co-workers, who still remains in danger, according to a new report from International Christian Concern.

Her status remains unchanged “almost three months after her acquittal by the Supreme Court,” the organization reported this week


Unconfirmed report says daughters of Asia Bibi who avoided death sentence for blasphemy are in Canada

The daughters of a Pakistani Christian woman who narrowly avoided a death sentence for blasphemy have been given asylum in Canada, says an international media report, but the government won’t say if the report is true.

Asia Bibi, who was acquitted in October by the Pakistani Supreme Court, remains in protective custody in Pakistan — an appeal of her case is pending — and continues to be the subject of violent protests and threats against her life.


Christmas spirit lights up poor Christian ‘colonies’ in Muslim-majority Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The floor was hard and the night was growing cold, but the magic of the Christmas pageant — livened by comic scenes and peppy music — kept the audience members spellbound as they huddled in an outdoor church tent.

Mothers craned their necks to see which preschool angel was theirs. People cheered the exotic-looking wise men and booed the swaggering King Herod. They clapped along with “Jingle Bells,” hushed in wait for the manger scene and burst into applause when Mary held up her swaddled baby.

The message of Christmas had special resonance this season among Pakistani Christians, an old but often persecuted minority of about 3 million in a country of 208 million that is 95 percent Muslim. Many labor at low-level jobs and reside in self-contained “colonies” anchored by small churches.