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Amnesty Advocates Help Illegal Immigrants Get College Scholarships While 44.7 Million Americans Saddled with Student Debt

A growing movement of progressives is helping illegal immigrants get into college and white-collar jobs, giving them an advantage over many young Americans who are struggling to get into good colleges and to pay their college tuition and student loan debt.


Texas Finds 95,000 Non-US Citizens Registered To Vote — 58,000 Have Actually Voted In Recent Elections

According to a press release issued by the Attorney General’s office, while non-US citizens are legally allowed to obtain driver’s licenses and other forms of ID, “only citizens are eligible to vote.” Furthermore, the Sec. of State’s office notes that “Voting in an election in which the person knows he or she is not eligible to vote is a second-degree felony in the State of Texas. “


Texas Couple’s Nativity Scene Places Baby Jesus Inside ‘ICE Cage’ To Protest Trump’s Immigration Policies

Katie Naranjo told KTBC they have the cage display in front of their home in Austin, Texas, to represent the immigrant children who were separated from their families. The display features Jesus’s parents, Mary and Joseph, outside of the cage with baby Jesus inside of a cage. Inside the cage behind baby Jesus is the acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).


Electronic Barriers

While the nation squabbles over a border wall, technology could help cut off the supply of jobs to illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump was elected president because a large segment of the American public was fed up with the government’s failure to stop mass illegal immigration. Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. drew an ecstatic response from his supporters, long scorned for their belief that the decision regarding who enters the country belongs to Americans, not to foreign nationals living outside the country. But the wall has not been built, and the fight over its funding has sucked political capital from the pursuit of other, and arguably better, means to deter illegal immigrants.


Number of ‘anchor babies’ born in Canada far greater than official estimates, study shows

The number of so-called “anchor babies” — children born to non-residents for the purpose of gaining citizenship — is at least five times higher than Canadian officials had estimated, new research suggests.

Birth tourism in Canada, where women late in pregnancy fly in to deliver their babies here, is controversial because the newborns are automatically Canadian citizens and enjoy full citizenship rights such as free education and lower university fees, even though their foreign parents aren’t taxpayers.

The Star blames Harper for not closing the loophole, as if Justin will.


Sweden’s Left Party wants immigrants to have the right to vote

The Left Party argued that voting and choosing their representatives through elections is a fundamental right in a democracy. In the bill, the Left Party members argue that foreign-born residents of Sweden who currently lack Swedish citizenship should also be able to influence the governance of the constitutional monarchy.


Watch–Trump: ‘Tidal Wave’ of Illegal Immigration, Crime Coming If Democrats Win Midterms

“If the Democrats’ bill ever becomes law, a tidal wave of drugs and crime would pour into our nation like never, ever before,” Trump continued. “Democrats also support deadly sanctuary cities that release violent predators and blood-thirsty killers like MS-13 into our communities.”