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‘Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make Malibu Great!’: Artists prank California town’s residents with ‘Official Sanctuary City’ signs

The elite enclave of Malibu, California appears to have been the target of a ring-wing prank.

Official-looking signs were set up at the city limits on Tuesday, boasting about the town’s new status as an ‘OFFICIAL SANCTUARY CITY’. But drivers who looked closer saw that not all was as it seemed.

5 must-have apps for undocumented immigrants

President Trump’s efforts to crack down on immigration have left millions of undocumented immigrants with an uncertain future in America. In response, digital entrepreneurs are using technology to help support this community.

These five apps and tools arm undocumented immigrants with knowledge, safety and moral support without compromising privacy.

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Asylum seeker’s future in limbo after near-fatal border crossing in Quebec

It has been two weeks since Mamadou left the refugee detention centre, three weeks since he left the hospital, and a month since he was found collapsed in the snow, too frozen to move.

His feet, damaged by frostbite, are slowly healing, though his toes are still blue in some places and peeling in others, and they still hurt too much to wear shoes.

And so, in sandals and sports socks, Mamadou makes the two-block walk from the YMCA residence where he lives to a bustling shopping centre at the west end of downtown Montreal.

How the Safe Third Country Agreement is changing lives on both sides of the border

An RCMP officer takes a last drag of his cigarette. There’s word someone is coming.

Standing on a muddy mound on the Canadian stretch of a rural road that’s become a freeway for people seeking refuge in Canada, the officer and two of his colleagues adjust their positions as a cab drives into view.

Three men step out.

“We have issues over here and we want a safe place to live,” the apparent leader of the group mumbles to a CBC crew on the American side.

After waving aside the stern warnings from the Mounties that they’ll be arrested with simple “yeah, yeah,” the three men leap over a ditch, landing in Canada.

Canada: No plans to clamp down at border to deter migrants

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the issue had not risen to a scale that required hindering the flow of goods and people moving across the world’s longest undefended border.

Hundreds of people, mainly from Africa and the Middle East, have defied winter conditions and walked across the border, seeking asylum. They are fleeing President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, migrants and refugee agencies say.

Hundreds of Criminal Aliens Released Onto Streets by Arizona’s New Sheriff

The citizens of Maricopa County, Arizona, decided to replace their tough and effective sheriff with one who is “married” to the progressive — and politically correct — policy of providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants. The new sheriff’s policy includes criminal aliens who’ve committed acts of violence will not be turned over to federal law enforcement.

Canadian Federal Cabinet to meet over illegal border-crossers

Federal cabinet ministers are set for an in-depth discussion of the practical and political pressures being placed on the Liberal government by a rising number people seeking asylum in Canada.

Hundreds of people have crossed illegally from the U.S. in recent months, a phenomenon some link to the election of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Mexico opens legal aid centres to fight US deportations

Mexico has opened legal aid centres at consulates in 50 US cities, in a move designed to protect its citizens from tougher immigration enforcement.

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray reaffirmed concerns about the human rights of Mexicans in the US.

But migrant defence centres would not “promote illegality,” he said.

Mexico is worried about the impact that guidelines issued last month by President Donald Trump will have on the lives of its citizens.