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Limo Driver Plans Rocket Launch To Prove Earth Is Flat

Hughes has stated, “People are calling me not a flat-Earther. Do I believe the earth is shaped like a Frisbee, or flat, or whatever? I do, because in my months of research I’ve not been able to prove” otherwise. He has other doubts about accepted science, too; he stated, “We’ve only drilled 7 1/2 miles into the Earth. So all the crap we were taught in school about the mantle is all B.S. No one knows.”

High probability of a Darwin Award.


UK: Muslim columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown says Christmas is “Islamophobic”

“Christmas is a time where Christians pick on Muslims in the United Kingdom, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown claimed Friday in the International Business Times”

There is no end to the deception and constant screaming of “Islamophobia” at every turn. What better way to turn the perception of victimhood around? The report below discusses Alibhai-Brown’s “decrying ‘Muslim panic stories,’” but what she wrote was much worse than that. In the International Business Times, she actually compares “Islamic ultra-conservatives” to Westerners attacking Muslims:

“We Muslims can’t win. If we join in, we are interlopers, gate crashers or faith traitors. If we don’t, we imperil the nation, insult its God and identity. The crusade is still with us and playing out under twinkling fairy lights.”

It is astonishing that the International Business Times would actually publish this malarkey. No one has ever decried Muslims or anyone choosing not to celebrate Christmas; however, “Islamic ultra conservatives” certainly harass Muslims who choose to do so.

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Finally, A Brave Liberal Wants To Ban All Cars

Anytime there is a high-profile shooting liberals of every stripe step over the bodies to scream for gun control that wouldn’t have stopped the carnage in the first place. Whenever there is a terrorist attack involving trucks you never hear them calling to restrict access to vehicles. I have often called out this hypocrisy, but it looks like a liberal just stole my sarcasm. This is no bullshit, following the NYC truck terrorist attack, one lefty is actually calling for a complete ban on vehicles in cities.


Can We Stop Terrorist Vehicular Attacks?

It has been two months since Younes Abouyaaqoub rammed a van into a crowd of shoppers in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas tourist area. Hours later, five members of the same terrorist cell drove a car into a crowd of pedestrians in the nearby town of Cambrils. The attacks killed 16 people and injured 137. The Spanish attacks mark a trend that is increasingly common in Europe: Islamist terrorists carrying out attacks by acquiring a truck, van, or car and turning it into a weapon.

If vehicular attacks are stopped, terrorists will switch to bombs. If bombs are stopped, they will change to gun. If guns are not available, they will use acid attacks. If acid attacks are stopped, they will switch to knives. If knives are outlawed, they will use rocks.