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The SAT Is Adding An ‘Adversity Score’ To Judge Students On ‘Social And Economic’ Background

The “adversity score” will take into account the social and economic backgrounds of SAT takers, and will be awarded based on a 15-factor analysis, the Wall Street Journal reports. Students will be judged on “the crime rate and poverty levels of the student’s high school and neighborhood,” the student’s “housing environment,” the student’s parents’ income and education levels, and whether the student had access to higher-level and advanced placement (AP) classes.


Same libtards who claim climate change science is a “consensus” now claim transgender delusions are also “scientific”

According to Teen Vogue editors and allies, biological sex, as defined by X and Y chromosomes in a person’s DNA, is a completely made-up concept and “social construct” that exists solely to discriminate against people who identify as LGBTQ.


Vegan Feminist Cafe That Imposed 18% “Gender Surcharge” on Men Closes Down

The Handsome Her cafe, which only opened a few years ago and was located in inner city Melbourne, described itself as “by women, for women”.

The venue attracted headlines in 2017 for challenging the “gender pay gap” (which doesn’t exist) by charging men extra.

At the time, the cafe’s management claimed the attention left them “jam-packed with customers showing their support”.

Not anymore.


The Latest: Short-circuit ‘likely caused’ Notre Dame fire

The official, who spoke anonymously about the ongoing investigation, said investigators still don’t have the green light to work in the cathedral and search in the rubble for safety reasons. He told The Associated Press the monument is still being consolidated with wooden planks to support some fragile parts of the walls.

So they’re just making up excuses from a comfy office?


Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building

Technicians did not have protective clothing, so they purchased dish-washing and gardening gloves from a general store. They then used a broken mop handle to lift the contaminated buckets into a truck.

Stephenson said the containers were stored next to a taxidermy exhibit, where children on tours sometimes stopped for presentations, sitting next to uranium for 30 minutes or more. By his calculation, those children could have received radiation dosages in excess of federal safety standards within three seconds, and adults could have suffered dangerous exposure in less than a half-minute.


Adidas pulls all-white Black History Month sneaker after social media backlash

Adidas is pulling a shoe it designed to commemorate Black History Month after customers and social media users expressed confusion and disappointment in the design. The running shoe is an all-white edition of their existing Ultraboost Uncaged collection. And while the website doesn’t specify what materials were used to make the shoe, one Twitter user said a store employee told her they were made of cotton.

h/t RM


Dozens arrested after climate protest blocks five London bridges

Protesters, including families and pensioners, began massing on five of London’s main bridges from 10am on Saturday. An hour later, all the crossings had been blocked in one of the biggest acts of peaceful civil disobedience in the UK in decades. Some people locked themselves together, while others linked arms and sang songs.