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FUREY: Loblaw’s $12 million was the pork barrel spending that pushed us over the edge

It’s hard to believe nobody saw this immense blowback coming. And maybe they did.

Maybe Loblaw’s was more than happy to learn the Liberal government would be giving them $12 million of taxpayer dollars to convert their refrigeration systems in 370 of their stores. After all, who doesn’t like free money?


Terence Corcoran: The Liberals manipulate a climate report to justify handouts to Loblaws

In a huge coincidence last week, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna leaked — to the CBC — her department’s latest official climate change report on the very same day her government’s new carbon-tax regime came into effect in four provinces.

The government-owned flagship news program, The National, sprang to attention. Host Rosemary Barton kicked off the Monday night show by cranking up the volume on “Canada’s Changing Climate Report” from Environment Canada scientists…


Fighting climate change, one refrigerator subsidy at a time

If a family has to buy a new refrigerator because the carbon tax makes the power bill more expensive, that’s success in Ottawa’s view, even if it’s tough for that family.

But the rules are different for big business.

On Apr. 1, the federal carbon tax kicked in for Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan. The tax will add 4.4 cents per litre to the price of gasoline – rising to 11 cents by 2022 – and drive up the cost of everything from home heating to groceries.


WARMINGTON: $12M Loblaw climate-change grant offensive #cdnpoli

It is safe to say the climate is heating up in Ottawa — and there’s no debate about that.

Just one day after Loblaw Companies Ltd. received a commitment from the Liberal government for up to $12 million to make it’s refrigeration systems more climate-friendly, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is urging the grocery giant not to accept it.


Liberal party whores gonna Liberal party whore


Former SNC-Lavalin CEO rejects allegations firm paid bribes with EDC money… they found it in a paper bag, in the freezer

The former CEO of SNC-Lavalin has lashed out at allegations made by an unnamed company insider, denying taxpayer-backed loans from Canada were ever used to pay bribes under his watch.

“People who talk behind the scenes — they are just chicken,” said Jacques Lamarre in an interview with CBC News.

CBC News is not naming the SNC-Lavalin insider, who worked on numerous EDC-backed projects, as he fears for his job.


Why Is Justin Trudeau Protecting These Crooks? SNC-Lavalin May Have Used Tax Payer Money For Bribes

SNC-Lavalin insider’s bribery allegations spark probe by Crown agency that loaned the firm billions

Export Development Canada has hired outside legal counsel to review some of its dealings with SNC-Lavalin. The review comes after a company insider told CBC News the engineering giant secured billions in loans from the Crown agency over the years, some of which he alleges was intended to pay bribes.

If true, it could mean taxpayers have unwittingly backed illegal payments.

Export Development Canada is a federal agency that provides financing and insurance to Canadian businesses operating abroad.


Bombardier’s Crappy Mexican Streetcars Update: TTC internal emails flag sharp drop in reliability of new streetcars

…Under the terms of the $1-billion deal the TTC inked with Bombardier in 2009, the agency’s new low-floor streetcars are supposed to travel 35,000 km before experiencing a significant failure that delays service for five minutes or more.

In the first month of 2019 the cars travelled a mean distance of just 7,577 km before exhibiting a problem that delayed service, according to statistics recently published by the TTC. That was almost one-fifth of the target, and roughly half the distance the cars ran in December before experiencing failures.

Bombardier, SNC-Lavalin – what do they have in common…


An Exemplar Of Liberal Party Values: SNC-Lavalin made threats of U.S. move, slashing workforce if no plea deal, documents show

SNC- Lavalin Executives

Newly obtained documents show SNC-Lavalin warned federal prosecutors last fall about a possible plan to split the company in two, move its offices to the United States and eliminate its Canadian workforce if it didn’t get a deal to avoid criminal prosecution.

The documents, a collection of slides described as a confidential presentation prepared for the federal government, were obtained by The Canadian Press.

They describe “Plan B” — what Montreal-based SNC might have to do if it couldn’t convince the government to grant a so-called remediation agreement to avoid criminal proceedings in a fraud and corruption case related to projects in Libya.


Canadian Politics Aren’t Cute. They’re Corrupt.

The scandal surrounding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows just how cozy the country’s elite really is.

CALGARY, Alberta — There is a particularly quaint element to Canada — our smallness, our politeness, our insularity — that makes many people, including many Canadians, assume the best about our country and ourselves. As if these qualities make us inherently purer than other, more populous countries.

It’s true that Canadians are a trusting, generous lot who generally believe in the greater good, institutions and the rule of law. Consequently, the country is prone to imagining itself more bound by a mythology of its own goodness than it actually is. But there’s a darker side to Canada’s smallness. Our tiny network of political, business and intellectual elite is insular and concentrated.


Rex Murphy: Sorry Liberals – the ‘jobs’ excuse for the SNC-Lavalin debacle won’t fly

Whoever is masterminding the Liberal response to the SNC-Lavalin scandal is confusing the anchor and the life jacket. To be clear, the life jacket is the one that keeps you afloat … the anchor is the heavy thing.

The justice committee Liberals — who are obviously not mariners — met Wednesday only to shut the committee down for a week, to stall on allowing Jody Wilson-Raybould back to complete her testimony, giving every indication possible that they weren’t really very interested in hearing from her at all anymore.


Jody Wilson-Raybould tells constituents she’s sticking with the Liberals for 2019 vote, sticks it to Trudeau at same time

OTTAWA — Jody Wilson-Raybould, the former cabinet minister who accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of trying to influence her decision in a criminal case against engineering firm SNC-Lavalin, has confirmed she intends to run as a Liberal in the next federal election.

In a letter to constituents posted to her website Friday, Wilson-Raybould said the explosive political saga has been a “wake-up call” for Canadians about the “culture of conflict, empty partisanship and cynical games” that exists in Ottawa.

That’s gonna leave a mark.


SNC-Lavalin scandal a window in Ottawa’s power culture

Last November, SNC-Lavalin held a massive schmoozefest in Ottawa featuring Liberal cabinet ministers as guest speakers. The firm was the marquee sponsor for the 26th Annual Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Conference. This event has become a who’s-who for companies looking to get into the feeding frenzy of privatized infrastructure and service contracts under the Trudeau government.

The fact that this was happening as the government was trying to pressure former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould into cutting a deal for SNC shows that the Trudeau government treated the approaching corruption trial as an annoyance to be managed.