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Liberal government writes off $1.1B US loan to Chrysler, plus interest, docs show

The Liberal government has quietly written off a $2.6-billion auto-sector loan that was cobbled together to save Chrysler during the 2009 global economic meltdown.

The write-off, among the largest ever for a taxpayer-funded bailout, is buried in a volume of the 2018 Public Accounts of Canada, tabled in Parliament on Friday.

The reference contains no explanation for the write-off, identifying neither the business that received the loan nor the sector of the economy.


GUNTER: Canada is quickly losing its economic advantages

Justin Trudeau is an economic disaster. But that doesn’t necessarily make him unique. Most of Canada’s provincial premiers are economic disasters, too.

The most obvious exceptions at the moment are Doug Ford in Ontario and Scott Moe in Saskatchewan. Unfortunately for Ontario and the rest of the country, Ontario had 15 years of continuous Liberal mismanagement before Ford.


Shorter Toronto Star: Liberals Scared Shitless Ford May Actually Salvage Something From NAFTA Disaster

Ottawa worried Ford’s Washington visit could impact NAFTA talks

…But privately, there is some nervousness within the Trudeau government about what Ford hopes to accomplish with his flying visit into the U.S. capital — especially as Donald Trump and prominent Republicans are ramping up the rhetoric this week against Canada.

Any suggestion that Canada doesn’t speak with one voice, or that it’s anxious for a deal at any cost could work against this country at the negotiating table, one federal source close to the talks said on Tuesday.


Zero Dollars for Veterans: Trudeau Government Drops $43 Billion In Summer Spending Blitz Aimed Mostly At Liberal Ridings

OTTAWA — The federal government spent the summer making $43 billion worth of funding announcements — aimed primarily at Liberal ridings in Eastern Canada.

Lots for corporate welfare bums, none for Vets or Southern Ontario. Well so long as Justin’s friends got paid.

h/t RM


MORICI: Canada’s embrace of protectionist policies

…The mythology around the dairy provisions, cultural exclusions, and Chapter 19 are reliable vote-getters for Canadian politicians.

Ms. Freeland says she won’t sign a deal that doesn’t benefit Canadians. It seems, however, she is most interested in benefiting Canada’s political class.


William Watson: Canada’s ‘chummy’ capitalism isn’t much better than Third World crony capitalism

The World Bank has a new study out about crony capitalism in Egypt, written by three staff economists whom I’m guessing may never see the Pyramids again. Their paper’s title takes the form of a question: “Do Politically Connected Firms Innovate, Contributing to Long-Term Economic Growth?”

Their answer? “No!”


Do Freeland & Trudeau Hope Going “The Full Kathy Griffin” Will Be An Election Winner?

John Ivison: Liberals eye potential electoral gains from ‘taking on the tyrant’ Trump

Has Chrystia Freeland given up hope of a renegotiated NAFTA deal and resolved instead to use opposition to Donald Trump in Canada to ramp up domestic support for the Liberals ahead of next year’s general election?

How else to explain her appearance at Monday’s Women in the World summit in Toronto, on a panel entitled Taking on the Tyrant?

Freeland continues to pay lip-service to the prospect of a deal — that it can be done, with good will and flexibility on all sides.

We’ve been speculating for some time that Team Trudeau considers the destruction of our economy to be the “progressive” thing to do, so sabotaging NAFTA makes sense to them. No more horrible oil drilling or auto manufacturing for Canada, Justin is above all that. Think of all the unemployed it will create who can then go on to satisfying careers in the Good Green Jobs economy, like Dumpster Diving.

And what better way to achieve these goals than by taking full advantage of the mentally unstable who suffer Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Mr. “Canada has no core identity” Trudeau says no NAFTA deal without “cultural exemptions” for the broadcasting/media cartel to protect our “identity”

Giving up the exemptions for Canada’s cultural industries would be tantamount to giving up Canadian sovereignty and identity, Trudeau said in Vancouver

…The prime minister also said his government won’t sign an updated free trade accord with the U.S. and Mexico if the deal doesn’t continue exemptions for Canada’s cultural industries, which aims to protect Canada’s publishing and broadcast industries.

That too was entrenched in the original Canada-U.S. free trade deal that preceded NAFTA. Giving up the exemptions would be tantamount to giving up Canadian sovereignty and identity, Trudeau said.

“It is inconceivable to Canadians that an American network might buy Canadian media affiliates, whether it’s newspapers or TV stations or TV networks,” he said.

“So we’ve made it very clear that defending that cultural exemption is something that is fundamental to Canadians.”

The Liberal government is negotiating NAFTA for its friends, not for you and I. First it was the Dairy cartel now its “Cultural exemptions”, code dressed up as patriotism for protecting the broadcasters and media cartel from competition. This will ensure the press continues to fellate Justin.

Personally I believe the media is now working to ease the impact of Team Trudeau’s anticipated failure to negotiate a deal.


Full text: The dairy lobby briefing binder found on the floor of the Conservative convention

The dairy lobby repeatedly claims that they speak for Canadian voters

A major pillar of the strategy outlined in the binder is that, without uncompromising support for supply management, the Tories are throwing away their electoral chances. Had the Conservatives approved a resolution to phase out supply management, dairy delegates were instructed to say “as we prepare for the next federal election, Canadians will remember the position taken by Conservatives today.” To bolster this point, the binder includes a DFC-commissioned Nanos poll claiming that “nearly three quarters of Canadians” support supply management. It would be fair to say that the study is a little biased, given that it called up people to ask them their opinions on a system by which farmers “work to ensure a stable supply of their products, lessening price fluctuations, while ensuring a stable income for Canadian farmers.” Notably, when the Angus Reid Institute polled Canadians about supply management last year, only 29 per cent said it was worth keeping in a trade dispute.


Irregular or illegal? The fight over what to call the thousands of migrants streaming into Canada

On Monday, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen publicly rebuked Ontario’s new government for using the term “illegal border crossers” in a press release.

“I’m very concerned by Premier (Doug) Ford and (provincial) minister (Lisa) MacLeod really making statements that are difficult to understand when it comes to how they’re describing asylum seekers,” Hussen told reporters in Halifax.

Read the whole thread.


It really is time to kick Canada’s $2.6-billion dairy habit

Canadian politicians of all stripes have been rallying behind supply management since ending it became the United States’ price for renewing NAFTA. Maxime Bernier even lost his position on the Conservative front bench for describing supply management as a cartel.

Supply management is a cartel. Although lawful, it operates like any price-fixing scheme hatched in a smoky back room. What is more, it imposes costs on Canadian consumers that far exceed the costs of all other price fixing combined.


We’re finally told what Trudeau’s carbon tax will cost us. Are you sitting down?

It took some poking and prodding and (finally) committee testimony, but now we know what the bill will be for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax. In a report to the Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources, University of Calgary economics professor Jennifer Winter revealed the bottom line of the Trudeau Carbon Price.

Using energy-consumption data from Statistics Canada, and imputing prices from average household expenditure on transportation fuels and provincial gasoline prices, Winter calculated the impact of the carbon tax on a typical Canadian household across different provinces. Far from being painless as advertised, the costs to households will be significant.


Canadian dairy Saputo criticizes supply management system, siding with U.S. in ongoing dispute

Saputo Inc, one of Canada’s largest dairies, supports ending a domestic milk ingredient pricing system that has angered the United States, Chief Executive Lino Saputo Jr. said on Monday, showing a rare crack in solidarity among processors and the country’s sheltered dairy farmers.


Trudeau and Wynne announce huge corporate welfare payout to Toyota

Toyota investing $1.4B in Ontario manufacturing plants

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne were in Cambridge, Ont., on Friday at a Toyota plant for the announcement of a $1.4-billion a shot in the arm for Ontario’s auto manufacturing sector.

Trudeau said the governments of Canada and Ontario are each kicking in $110 million.

Trudeau said the investment will help secure 8,000 existing jobs and the addition of 450 new jobs. He said the funding will also help keep Canada’s auto sector competitive.

We’ll never know if these “new jobs” ever materialize, no one follows up on these things at the end of the day it’s just smoke and mirrors and you’ll pay big-time for it.  This is corporate welfare plain and simple.