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Iran’s first champion female boxer cancels return home after arrest warrant issued

The first Iranian woman to contest an official boxing bout has cancelled plans to return home after an arrest warrant was issued for her in Tehran.

Sadaf Khadem beat a French boxer, Anne Chauvin, in the match, which took place in France on Saturday.

Her representative told Reuters that authorities had issued arrest warrants against her and fight organiser Mahyar Monshipour.


Mother Of Rape Victim Says Her Family Is Being Forced To Undertake Honor Killing

Mother of rape victim Zahra Navidpour says her family have been threatened by the regime’s agents to undertake her daughter’s murder, by posting a video clip on the internet.

Zahra Navidpour was found dead at her mother’s home on Sunday, January 6, 2018. Her death was initially announced as suicide, but there were suspicions that she had been killed by agents of the member of parliament accused of raping her.

Zahra Navidpour, 28, had been repeatedly raped over 4 years by Salman Khodadadi, the so-called representative of East Azerbaijan Province in the mullahs’ parliament.


EU’s Collusion with Iran

On January 31, Britain, France and Germany announced a new payment mechanism known as the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX). It was designed to preserve the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal, after the US left the deal in May 2018 and reinstated — as well as broadened — US sanctions on the country in November 2018. The main purpose of INSTEX is to ensure that Europe — and potentially third countries – can continue doing business with the mullahs in Iran without risking US penalties for contravening US sanctions.


Iran Designates US Military a Terrorist Organisation – Reports

“As a retaliatory measure to the US illegal decision [to recognize the IRGC as a terrorist organization], Iran declares the US regime a ‘state that supports terrorism’ and the CENTCOM and forces that are linked to it a ‘terrorist group’,” the security council’s statement, quoted by the Islamic Republic of Iranian Broadcasting state media outlet, read.


When Will Iran’s Regime Finally Cave In?

Despite its economic crisis, Iran continues to provide hundreds of millions of dollars every year to terrorists. ” When you throw in the money provided to other terrorists, the total comes close to one billion dollars. Let’s pause to consider that, because it bears repeating:The Iranian regime spends nearly a billion dollars a year just to support terrorism”. — Nathan A. Sales, U.S. State Department Ambassador-at-Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism.


Iran to place US Army on ‘terror list’ if Washington does the same with Revolutionary Guards

The US Army will land in the company of jihadists on Iran’s list of terrorist organizations, should Washington declare the nation’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist group, Iranian lawmakers warned.

Any US attack against the IRGC will be met with strong “reciprocal measures,” 255 of the 290 Iranian lawmakers said in a statement issued on Sunday, local media reported. The MPs warned that the response will make the “the leaders of America, who themselves are the creators and supporters of the terrorist groups in the region, regret their foolish actions.”

Reports that Washington is preparing to officially designate Iran’s elite military unit as a ‘terrorist organization’ appeared earlier this week.


Dearborn Islamic School Linked to Iran, Hezbollah Propagandists

Clarion Project has discovered that a private Islamic school in Dearborn, Michigan is linked to diehard supporters of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime. The school teaches students from kindergarten through 9th grade.

Great Revelations Academy was founded in 2015 by open supporters of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. By their own admission, the school’s founders are dedicated to spreading his message.

Fadlallah was a supporter of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and is considered to be a key inspirer of Hezbollah. Some go so far as to describe him as the terrorist group’s “spiritual leader.”


Iran responsible for deaths of 608 American troops in Iraq

The U.S. military has revealed it believes Iran has helped kill 608 U.S. troops in Iraq since 2003, according to newly revealed and formerly-classified numbers.

“In Iraq, I can announce today, based on declassified U.S. military reports, that Iran is responsible for the deaths of at least 608 American service members,” Brian Hook, U.S. Special Representative for Iran, said during a State Department briefing Tuesday.

“This accounts for 17 percent of all deaths of U.S. personnel in Iraq from 2003 to 2011. This death toll is in addition to the many thousands of Iraqis killed by the IRGC’s proxies.” Since 2003, more than 4,400 U.S. service members have been killed in Iraq.


Stop Iran From Going Nuclear

Advocates of Iran’s nuclear deal are conspicuously ignoring the Iranian government’s nuclear activities, even though they jeopardize global security as much as Israel’s security. Advocates of Iran are also rushing to criticize the Trump administration in the United States for tightening its sanctions in response to Iran’s illegal defiance.

In a recent interview with Iran’s state-owned Channel 2 in the Persian language, Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, made it clear that the flimsy “nuclear deal” initiated by then US President Barack Obama has done nothing to stop Iran from making advances in its nuclear program.


Stockholm-based Iraqi newspaper reporter arrested for ‘operating as an Iranian spy’

Swedish police have arrested a prominent Iraqi journalist on suspicion of operating as an Iranian spy, the latest in a series of police actions against alleged Iranian plots in Western Europe.

Raghdan al-Khazali, a journalist based in Stockholm, is suspected of spying on members of an Ahwazi opposition group which has been repeatedly targeted by Iranian assassins in Europe.

The Ahwazi are an Arab minority from western Iran and one of their main dissident groups, the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA), has been the subject of a coordinated Iranian killing campaign.


‘Your faith is half-hearted’: Second Iranian Christian had asylum application rejected by the Home Office after saying ‘Jesus could not protect her from the Iranian regime’, lawyer claims

The Home Office is facing more questions about its attitude towards Christian asylum seekers amid claims it rejected an Iranian woman’s application to move to Britain by telling her, ‘your belief in Jesus is half-hearted’.

There was outrage this week after it emerged a convert was refused asylum in 2016 because an official said his conversion from Islam was ‘inconsistent’ with his suggestion Christianity was a peaceful religion – by highlighting violent passages from the Bible.

Now immigration caseworker Nathan Stevens, who exposed the first case, has said another Iranian he worked with had her application rejected after an official criticised her for admitting Jesus could not protect her from his country’s tyrannical regime.


Britain and EU at risk of Iranian terror attacks at home, US counter-terrorism chief warns

Britain and other European nations are at risk from Iranian terror attacks on home soil and must do more to deter the regime, America’s counter-terrorism coordinator has warned.

Nathan Sales said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that Iran has carried out a slew of assassination plots in Europe in recent years and could do so again.

He praised the UK government for recently designating Hezbollah, the Shia Islamist group backed by Iran, as a terrorist organisation and urged other EU countries to match the move.


Videos Shed Light On ‘Violent Assaults’ On Iranian Women Over Dress Code

Videos shared on social media recently have demonstrated the “shocking levels of abuse” women in Iran face from morality police and pro-government “thugs” seeking to enforce the country’s strict dress code, Amnesty International says.

“Iran’s forced hijab laws are not only deeply degrading and discriminatory, they are also being used to justify violent assaults on women and girls in the streets,” Philip Luther, the London-based human rights watchdog’s Middle East and North Africa research and advocacy director, said in a statement on March 12.

The statement said that women in Iran were “routinely stopped in the street at random by morality police, who insult and threaten them, order them to pull their head scarves forward to hide strands of hair, or give them tissues to wipe off their make-up.”


Mullahs Pushed Off the Gravy Train

…People, especially the younger generation, are not interested in the shopworn anti-American discourse seasoned with empty pseudo-Islamic slogans. The anti-American discourse sounds even more hollow when the Islamic Majlis publishes claims that some 15,000 children of senior Islamic Republic officials, including many mullahs, are in the United States for further studies and that hundreds of top Khomeinist officials are either US citizens or hold American “Green Cards” (permanent residence documents.) Reports of top officials and mullahs or their families traveling to the West for holidays, medical services and shopping further contribute to the falseness of official Friday sermons.


Iranian couple arrested over public marriage proposal

An Iranian couple have been arrested after they got engaged in front of a cheering crowd at a shopping centre.

Video of the public proposal in the northern city of Arak was shared on social media and shows the pair standing in a ring of rose petals.

After the woman says yes, she can be seen hugging her partner as the crowd celebrates.

But they were soon arrested after police said they had contravened Islamic principles.