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Venezuela’s hyperinflation soars to 24,571 percent

The opposition-dominated Venezuelan parliament issued fresh economic data on Monday, showing that inflation for the month of May spiked 110.1 percent compared with April, and sending annual inflation to a staggering 24,571 percent.

With daily inflation running at 2.4 percent, the country’s currency, the bolivar, plunged about 98 percent in the course of the past 12 months alone.

“It’s a tragedy that we are experiencing every day,” said the parliament’s finance commission spokesman Rafael Guzman as he revealed the latest figures.


Nicaragua’s Sandinista stronghold is a city ‘at war’ with the president

The graffiti that covers signs and billboards on the road to the cradle of Sandinismo offer once unimaginable snubs to the movement’s most celebrated comandante: ‘Despot!’ ‘Murderer!’ ‘Get out Daniel!’ ‘Ortega you are dead!’

Masked rebels with homemade mortars guard more than a dozen roadblocks that now separate Nicaragua’s capital from Masaya, a storied revolutionary stronghold just 26km (16 miles) south, from which guerrillas launched their final assault on the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza in 1979.

Almost four decades on from that momentous triumph, and with Nicaragua seemingly in the midst of another epochal upheaval, Masaya now has Daniel Ortega in its crosshairs.

How can it be? Another socialist paradise descending into chaos?


MALCOLM: Beware – today’s NDP is more radical than ever

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath puts a smiling face on an evil ideology.

On the surface, for those ignorant of history and global affairs, socialism may seem compassionate. It’s sold as a remedy for inequality and a vehicle to help the least well-off among us.

But socialism’s methods — giving more power and control to the government, at the expense of individuals — has a track record that has led to plunder, poverty, starvation and death, wherever it’s been tried.


Piracy returns to Caribbean as Venezuela turmoil spurs rise in attacks on yachts

Luxury yacht owners have been warned of a surge in piracy in the southern Caribbean, as Venezuela’s economic collapse spurs its penniless fishermen into banditry.

According to a new global survey of global maritime security, 71 piracy incidents took place in the region last year, compared to just 21 the year before.

Researchers for the charity Oceans Beyond Piracy, which compiled the survey, said that a majority of the attacks had been off the coast of Venezuela, which is currently engulfed by political turmoil and hyperinflation.

After a couple of years of NDP rule that headline will read “Piracy Returns to the Great Lakes” due to Ontario’s economic collapse


Surprise Venezuela election result: Maduro wins in landslide! Socialism Triumphs! Free wheelbarrows of money for everyone!

Venezuela’s leftist leader Nicolas Maduro won a new six-year term on Sunday, but his main rivals disavowed the election alleging massive irregularities in a process critics decried as a farce propping up a dictatorship.

Victory for the 55-year-old former bus driver, who replaced Hugo Chavez after his death from cancer in 2013, may trigger a new round of western sanctions against the socialist government as it grapples with a ruinous economic crisis.

US President Donald Trump’s administration is threatening moves against Venezuela’s already reeling oil sector.


Celebrating 200 Years of Communism

It would have been better if Karl Marx had never been born.

Anniversaries are a traditional opportunity for reflection. Two centuries ago Karl Marx was born. Considering the consequences of his life I wonder if I should reconsider my opposition to abortion. He wasn’t a very nice person, as Paul Johnson detailed in his book The Intellectuals. Nor was Marx much of an intellectual. Worse, the consequences of Marx’s ideas were disastrous.


How Americans Got Hoodwinked

“It gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” When he said this, Hitler could have been speaking about America today. The “secret” in Nazi Germany and democratic America is that minds were and are getting washed with propaganda from government and “official” channels of information and news. By mid-century, the American press was virtually a branch of government, and it was a secret only to uninformed citizens that the public was being hoodwinked.


The Poisoned Gift: Wu Weishan’s Statue of Marx in Trier

May 5: the unveiling of a Chinese statue in the birthplace of Karl Marx on the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Standing amidst the bustle of Trier’s central Hauptmarkt, one soon senses the immense weight of history that exerts itself upon the environs. To the north squats the forbidding Porta Nigra, with its roughly hammer-hewn ironstone, while to the south looms the Aula Palatina, a gargantuan late-antique basilica “which probably never had the least beauty,” as the 19thcentury visitor George Waring, Jr. rightly put it. Towering even higher to the east is the Cathedral of Trier, a marvel from without and within, given its variegated facade, its store of prized relics, which include the skull of Saint Helena and the Seamless Robe of Jesus, and the incomparable stucco-work that graces the west-end choir. The Judenpforte that leads into the Judengasse is likewise visible from the Hauptmarkt, a haunting reminder of a community that weathered massacres in 1096 and 1348, expulsions in 1351 and 1418, riots in 1675, the Pogromnacht of November 9, 1938, and the subsequent Shoah. But it is possible that none of these venerable structures have cast so long a shadow as that of the delicate three-story Baroque townhouse located at Brückenstraße 10 (formerly Brückengasse 664), just a five-minute walk away down the Fleischstraße, where on the fifth of May, 1818 a son was born to Herr Heinrich and Frau Henrietta Marx, and was given the name of Karl.