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Residents of the Syrian city Deir al-Zour survived a three-year siege by the Islamic State

TWELVE-YEAR-OLD MUSTAFA GRINNED as he bit into an apple, munching away excitedly. Only a month ago, he sunk his teeth into a piece of fresh fruit for the first time in three years. Mustafa, along with his family, survived a siege.

Mustafa’s mother, Sara, her face gaunt like that of her teenage daughter, described how they made it. “We would have to buy tomato paste by the gram,” said Sara, whose family name The Intercept is withholding for security reasons. “Our daily food consisted of rice or lentils. Get meat, fruit, or vegetables out of your head, they didn’t exist. Forget the fridge, there was never any power to keep it running. Forget everything.” Pointing to Mustafa, she asked, “Look at him. Does he look like a normal 12-year-old? Look at the girls. Do they look healthy?”


The Chinese Jihadist Separatists Fighting in Syria

Last month, on an empty stretch of road somewhere in northwestern Syria, tens of military vehicles slowly drove single-file in a parade led by a little-known jihadist group.

In a time when many armed groups are struggling to stay alive and are under constant threat of bombardment by Syrian, Iranian, Russian or U.S. warplanes, it is becoming increasingly rare to see such outward and ostentatious displays of strength in Syria.

But what is especially surprising about this particular parade is exactly who did it: it was not Syrians or even Arabs, but Chinese separatist fighters.


Screaming ISIS fighters panic and desperately try to escape in makeshift tank before being blown up in Syria in dramatic Go-pro footage

Explosive footage captures the final moments of a group of ISIS combatants as they desperately fled a battle scene in defeat.

Having watched their comrades being gunned down by soldiers from Hezbollah and the Syrian Army, the ISIS fighter tried escape in a makeshift tank, before being blown up by oncoming missiles.

Flanked on both sides and unable to find respite, the panicked terrorists were obliterated by a direct hit from an anti-tank missile.


ISIS Targeting U.S. Children As Revenge For Syrian Airstrikes

The message was posted in a pro-ISIS Telegram channel on Monday and spread across a variety of pro-ISIS chat groups.

“I wish that I could travel to Europe or America or Australia and, by Allah, burn their children with oil in place of their men and women,” read the message, which referenced the death of Muslim families in Albu Kamal in Eastern Syria.


Decline of ISIS means Syrians should return and rebuild their country

Mosul was the greatest prize of ISIS and they lost control of it just a couple months ago when we were in Iraq! This week, ISIS’s official capital city Raqqa was recaptured by the Syrian Defense Forces.

Syria is safer thanks to these victories and the migrants can return to rebuild the country, but Toronto is considering spending $20 million for the migrants to stay in hotels over the winter.


ISIS moral police ‘whipped, beat & jailed’ defiant Al-Mayadeen residents

Islamic State terrorists’ efforts to whip, beat and torture people into submission for the tiniest violations of their perverted laws failed, locals in recently-liberated Al-Mayadeen in Syria told RT, recalling their disturbing experiences.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists captured the city of Al-Mayadeen, located just 45km southeast of Deir ez-Zor, in July 2013. Raising their black standard, the Salafi jihadist group went on to impose a fundamentalist, Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam, violations of which were punished under Sharia law.


With Assad’s fate secure, Russia sets its sights on Isis fighters in Syria

The head of the Russian army in Syria has said the defeat of Islamic State in the country is imminent during a visit to a strategically located town recently recaptured from Isis by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad.

“All the conditions are in place for the final stage of defeating Isis in Syria,” said Lt Gen Alexander Lapin, standing amid heavy security outside the building of a former Isis sharia court, adorned with the extremist group’s black-and-white logo. “I can promise you that no Isis terrorist will ever set foot in this town again.”