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‘Urgent probe’ needed after woman jailed over London July 21 bomb plot given high-profile council job

Mulumebet Girma, 33, rose through the ranks and was even put on the cover of a council magazine after failing to disclose her criminal past when applying for the position.

The Ethiopian former model was jailed in 2008 for 10 years for helping brother-in-law Hussain Osman flee after his plot to kill Tube passengers, two weeks after the July 7 attacks killed 52 people.


Rise in Islamophobic attacks against mosques in Greater Manchester

Islamophobic attacks against mosques in Greater Manchester have risen dramatically post Manchester Arena attack, according to official figures released by Greater Manchester Police. Nine attacks on mosques were reported to police between March and June this year compared with none during the same period in 2016.

Many Muslims living in Greater Manchester have reported to the police and other online organisations a rise in assaults, abuse and attacks on property in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack.


Father of two who hurled anti-Semitic abuse at Jews and told them ‘we will wipe you out’ as they made their way to synagogue is SPARED jail

Glenn Okafor confronted members of the Jewish community in Stamford Hill, east London on March 4, shouting ‘f*** you Jewish people’ and told the group ‘you lot should go back to your own country’.

The 32-year-old also told worshippers: ‘We will sort you out. I have friends. I’ll be back tomorrow. We will wipe you out.’


Two neo-Nazi groups added to banned list

“By extending the proscription of National Action, we are halting the spread of a poisonous ideology and stopping its membership from growing – protecting those who could be at risk of radicalisation,” Ms Rudd said.

The move was welcomed by the head of UK counter-terrorism policing, Mark Rowley, who said it would help “disrupt and tackle the growing threat from the extreme right-wing”.

Every terror law purportedly to protect society from Islamists is instead used against the Right, while tens of thousands of known jihadists walk free in Britain alone.


UK: Police Will Not Be Taking Shoes Off When Raiding Mosques

After the film circulated last week, of officers trying to keep order in a brawl being obstructed by worshippers more concerned about uniform shoes than the fighting within and without, some of us predicted that the result would be diversity training for the junior officers and grovelling apologies from the senior officers. However, during the inevitable ‘meeting with community leaders’ I get the impression that the opposite happened. This is the BBC, an organ which will always uphold diversity and PC against English custom and common sense.


Richard Littlejohn: So Who Did Plant The London Tube Bomb?

As the investigation into the Parsons Green Tube bombing enters its second week, police are still trying to establish who was behind this latest terror attack.

No, it wasn’t those pesky Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists again, or Far Right extremists, or the provisional wing of Ukip, trying to stir up hatred against immigrants after the Brexit vote.

So who was it? Go on, have a guess.


Hijab part of uniform at nearly half of Islamic schools in England

Some 59 of 142 (42%) Islamic schools, including 27 primary schools, have a uniform policy which states a head-covering is compulsory, the National Secular Society (NSS) said.

The body has written to Education Secretary Justine Greening to express its concern over the figures, which also showed eight of the secondary schools and three of the primary schools were state-funded.


Police have thwarted seven attacks since March – London mayor

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said police had thwarted seven attacks by militants since March this year, describing the increase in the number as a shift rather than a spike.

Speaking at the annual conference of his opposition Labour Party, Khan also said the police needed more spending to help them counter such attacks and that Internet companies must do more to crackdown on extremist content.