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British public would accept three-minute social media delay to tackle extremist content

In an extensive survey on the future of technology, Demos asked their 2,003 respondents how long of a delay – if any -they would be prepared to put up with between pressing “send” and their post appearing online if it meant technology companies such as Twitter and Facebook were able to better police the content uploaded to their sites.


Woman, 32, is left with a horrific head wound after three Asian thugs beat her in the street in a ‘racially aggravated’ attack

Nikki Hurst, 32, was assaulted by three Asian men as she walked down in Lady Ann Road in Batley, West Yorkshire.

Police described the attack, which began when the trio approached Ms Hurst and launched verbal abuse before pushing and kicking her, as ‘racially aggravated’.

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Please RT: Nikki Hurst was assaulted by Muslim men in a racially motivated attack. However, Batley’s Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf doesn’t appear to be planning to investigate. See ‘s interview w/ Nikki & sign the petition


Border union chief makes astonishing admission that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants will never be kicked out of Britain

It is impossible to track down the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants working on the black market in the UK, a border workers’ union boss has warned.
Swingeing cuts to the immigration enforcement workforce has left the country vulnerable, it is claimed.

And there will be no way of enforcing new rules on EU nationals once the Government’s post-Brexit immigration strategy is eventually finalised.