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Son of Finsbury Park van hire company owner says: ‘It’s a shame they don’t hire out tanks’

Richard Gear Evans, who is the son of the van hire company’s boss, responded to messages of support on his Facebook, writing: ‘It’s my dad’s company I don’t get involved, it’s a shame they don’t hire out a steam rollers or tanks could have done a tidy job then.’


Muslim Leader Claims London Jihad Attacks Were Staged By Police

The Islamic Cultural Center in Iceland, the second-largest Muslim community in Iceland, this morning shared on its Facebook page a video stating that the terrorist attack in London had been staged.

The video asserts the conspiracy theory that the various terrorist acts and massacres were staged and actors were made to play the victims — so-called “crisis players.”


The man MI5 didn’t think was dangerous: Killer used gym to radicalise youngsters, worked out with a terror suspect on the FBI watch list and was reported to the security services LAST SUMMER

The London Bridge massacre mastermind was a member of an all-Muslim gym run by a terror suspect on a FBI watchlist and tried to radicalise young people he worked out with, it was revealed today.

Khuram Butt, 27, worked at Ummah Fitness in Ilford with Sajeel Shahid, 41, a member of Anjem Choudary’s al-Muhajiroun network who was accused of helping train the 7/7 bomb ringleader.

Yet Butt was deemed a ‘low priority’ by police and MI5 despite his links to Choudhury, Europe’s most notorious hate preacher.


As Jihadist Threat Increased, UK Government Cut 20,000 Police Jobs.

As I said just yesterday, our leaders need to get tough on terrorism. As much as they claim to be taking it seriously, their actions show otherwise.

We’ve seen that here in Canada, where Justin Trudeau refuses to even say the term “Islamist terrorism,” and has refused to strengthen our defences against the terror threat.

And yet, even in the United Kingdom, the government there has failed miserably in defending their people.


MSNBC’s Richard Lui Worries About Police ‘Overreacting’ After London Terror Attacks

MSNBC’s Richard Lui appears to be testing the limits of irresponsible media coverage of terrorist incidents. Up until now, the press has fretted in the aftermath of such attacks about possible retaliations or “backlash” against Muslims or others not involved in them, even though such misguided revenge-seeking has rarely occurred. Saturday evening, Lui worried about police “overreacting” shortly after terror attacks in London which, as of the time of this post, had taken the lives of seven innocents and injured 48 others, including 21 critically.


London Attacker Appeared In British “The Jihadist Next Door” Terrorism Documentary In 2016

One of the terrorists who attacked London on Saturday, killing seven people and wounding dozens more, had been previously known to police and MI5, the Financial Times reported. Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, had been investigated in 2015, the same year he was filmed praying in front of an ISIS flag at Regent’s Park in 2015, according to the Financial Times.


Over 130 Imams & Religious Leaders from diverse backgrounds refuse to perform the funeral prayer for London attackers in an unprecedented move

Imams and religious leaders from across the country and a range of schools of thought have come together to issue a public statement condemning the recent terror attack in London and conveying their pain at the suffering of the victims and their families.

In an unprecedented move, they have not only refused to perform the traditional Islamic prayer for the terrorist – a ritual that is normally performed for every Muslim regardless of their actions – but also have called on others to do the same.

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The Run, Hide and Tell Policy: Proof the UK Has Surrendered

Is this the country whose leader once pledged “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender”? And that was said when the UK was being faced with daily devastating attacks across the whole of England that killed hundreds by the world’s largest and most effective air force of the time, not just a ragtag bunch of religious zealots wearing tin cans armed with carving knives.

Has it really come to this? How?