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Rotherham grooming gangs may have abused more than 1,500 victims, investigators reveal

More than 1,500 people may have been abused by grooming gangs in Rotherham, according to officials leading the biggest investigation of its kind in the UK.

Around 100 more potential victims have been discovered in the wake of Alexis Jay’s damning report on how authorities had ignored sexual exploitation in the South Yorkshire town for more than a decade.

The National Crime Agency (NCA), which is investigating grooming activity between 1997 and 2013, said some had come forward themselves and others had been identified by other survivors or through analysis of a local youth project and social care files.



A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “As a result of a complaint, we can confirm we looked into a number of comments posted on the force’s Facebook page.

“Following an investigation, which has now concluded, we spoke to two males as voluntary attenders and visited a further four people in their homes, and provided them with words of advice.

“All expressed their remorse and stated that the intention of their comments was not to cause concern or to be offensive and have acknowledged the words of advice provided.”


Revealed: 84% of men convicted of grooming young white girls are A̶s̶i̶a̶n̶ Muslim & see them as ‘easy targets’ for sex

The vast majority of men convicted of grooming young white girls – 84 per cent – are of Asian origin, according to a report to be published this week.

The study by the renowned counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam says that of these, seven in ten are believed to be of Pakistani-Muslim heritage.

Asian gangs have deliberately abused white girls because they hold entrenched racist attitudes towards them as being ‘easy targets’ for sex, according to the report, which is based on the testimonies of convicted Asian men during court hearings.


Row erupts at Rotherham child sex abuse hearing as guards confiscate phones from people filming 12 Muslim men in the dock

Amjal Rafiq and Aftab Hussain raped children.

A row erupted in court today as 12 men charged in the investigation into child sex abuse in Rotherham appeared in court.

The group of Asian men are facing a total of 44 offences with 10 men pleading not guilty to a range of charges at Sheffield Crown Court.

But the hearing was interrupted when some of the defendants pointed towards three men in the public gallery and claimed they were being filmed.


Muslim child rape gangs the real victims claim Birmingham Mohammedans

Birmingham Muslims Say British Society ‘Encourages’ Abusers

Pakistani Muslims in Birmingham have told ITV News their community is not to blame for the child sex grooming epidemic, saying the crimes are caused by conditions in British society.

“It is our responsibility? It is not!” declares one man, clearly indignant.

“The crimes are committed in this country; these grooming crimes are not committed in Pakistan. They are committed in this society, and it is the conditions of this society that are encouraging people to commit crimes like that,” he asserts confidently.


Victims of Rotherham grooming gang tell of sickening impact of years of abuse

Victims of the Rotherham grooming gang have told how their lives have been devastated by the abuse.

Linzi Williams and Natalie Fuller have been best friends since childhood, but their lives were both torn apart at the hands of the notorious Hussain brothers, who were jailed for a combined total of 79 years in 2016 for abusing 15 teenagers.

But despite their attackers being behind bars, the pair find themselves struggling to move on, and say they still see grooming gangs roaming their town’s streets.


12 Muslims appear at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court accused of 44 child sex offences

12 men appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court this morning, accused of 44 sexual offences that are alleged to have taken place between 1998 and 2003.

The men, all aged between 33 and 38 appeared in court charged with 44 child sexual abuse offences including rape, indecent assault, supply of controlled drugs and false imprisonment as part of the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) Operation Stovewood.

Below is a list of the defendants, and the charges they face:

Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 38, of Tudor Close, Darnall, Sheffield: rape of a girl aged under 16.

Mohammed Ashan, 33, of Leyland, Lancashire: two counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; two of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

Mohammed Imran Akhtar, 36, of East Road, Rotherham: four counts of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16, supplying a Class B drug, rape of a girl aged under 16, aiding and abetting rape of a girl aged under 16, sexual touching of a girl aged 13 or over, and procuring a female under 21 for unlawful sexual intercourse.

Tanweer Ali, 36, of Godstone Road, Rotherham: two counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; two of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16, one of false imprisonment.

Aftab Hussain, 38, of York Road, Rotherham: three counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; two of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16; one of detaining a child to keep her from a person having lawful control.

Sharaz Hussain, 33, of Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham: indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

Nabeel Kurshid, 34, of Warwick Street, Rotherham: two counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; one of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

Masaeud Malik: indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

Amjal Rafiq, 38, of Warwick Street, Rotherham: indecent assault of a girl aged under 16 and false imprisonment.

Abid Saddiq, 36, of Walter Street, Rotherham : four counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; five of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

Iqlak Yousaf, 33, of Tooker Road, Rotherham: two counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; one of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

Waseem Khaliq, 33, of Wetherby: rape of a girl aged under 16.

The offences relate to the sexual abuse of eight girls under the age of 16, in the Rotherham area, over a five year period which runs from 1998 to 2003. Nine of the men, all from the Rotherham area, appeared before Sheffield District Judge Naomi Redhouse and were granted bail.



Rotherham inquiry: 12 Islamist rape gang members charged with child abuse offences

Twelve men from the Rotherham area are due to appear in court charged with 44 child sexual abuse offences, police have said.

The men, aged between 33 and 38, were arrested as part of the National Crime Agency’s Operation Stovewood, an investigation into non-familial child sexual exploitation and abuse in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 1997 and 2013.

The 12 men are: Amjal Rafiq, 38; Nabeel Kurshid, 34; Iqlak Yousaf, 33; Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, 36; Tanweer Ali, 36; Aftab Hussain, 38; Abid Saddiq, 36; Sharaz Hussain, 33; and Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 38, who have been charged with a total of 39 offences, and Mohammed Ashan, 33; Masaeud Malik, 33; and Waseem Khaliq, 33.


‘White girls are filthy’: Wives of Muslim child rape gang members blame the victims

“…I encountered Suju, the wife of another jailed groomer. She was afraid of him but she, too, thinks white girls are: ‘Filthy. How they dress. They have no shame, no fear of Allah.’
Was it OK to hurt them the way the men did?, I asked. ‘No. You can’t hurt people. Allah does not want that,’ she replied. ‘But it is the girls who should be careful. They did something to him, maybe bad magic. I am now alone, no money, no life.’


Halifax grooming gang victim speaks out

The brave young woman at the centre of the Halifax grooming gang scandal has waived her right to lifelong anonymity to reveal for the first time the full scale of the nightmare she endured at the hands of her sick abusers.

In a wide-ranging, three-part interview with Shy Society, fearless Georgia speaks out about the horrific two-year ordeal she suffered at the hands of up to 100 mainly Muslim men and breaks her silence about the pattern emerging in all four corners of Britain, as well as condemning the reaction from the political establishment.

The then schoolgirl was just 12-years-old in 2011 when groups of Pakistani Asian men started preying on her and taking advantage of a vulnerability which was heightened when her mother passed away through illness and her father left her and her sister to fend for themselves in the family home. In June 2016 at Leeds Crown Court, 15 men were jailed for a total of 160 years for the appalling sexual abuse which saw her trafficked between around 100 men in Halifax, Bradford and Manchester.


Rotherham child sex grooming gang victim was denied compensation because officials said she ‘consented’ – even though she was 14 at the time

A survivor of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham has described her shock at being turned down for full compensation for what she suffered because authorities deemed she had consented to the abuse.

Sammy Woodhouse, who waived her entitlement to lifelong anonymity so she can campaign against sexual exploitation, said the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)’s letter concluded: ‘I am not satisfied that you were a victim of sexual activity to which you did not in fact consent.’

This conclusion was reached despite Ms Woodhouse’s abuser being convicted and sentenced to a substantial prison sentence.

She was just 14 when she fell under the spell of 24-year-old abuser Arshid Hussain and suffered years of appalling treatment.

She became pregnant by him and had an abortion, and later gave birth to his son at 15 despite being under the protection of social services.

Miss Woodhouse, who now campaigns for abuse victims after waiving her right to anonymity, was told in a letter from CICA she would receive £11,000 for a single rape but nothing for the other sexual abuse.

Her claim for five years of ‘intimidation, threats and harassment’ was rejected outright due to ‘insufficient evidence’. The letter reveals the apparent continuing refusal by officials to treat people such as Miss Woodhouse as genuine and deserving victims.


Rotherham Muslim rape gang scandal: Compensation body told abuse victim she ‘consented’

A woman who was sexually abused as a child by a Rotherham grooming gang was refused compensation by a government body that claimed she consented to it.

Sammy Woodhouse was told by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) that she was not “manipulated” despite her evidence helping to convict a ringleader of the gang last year.

She said: “If an adult can privately think that it’s a child’s fault for being abused, beaten, raped, abducted, I think you’re in the wrong job.”

Woodhouse, one of the most prominent survivors of the Rotherham sex-grooming scandal, is one of nearly 700 child victims of sexual abuse who have been refused payments by CICA.


Grooming gang victim sleeps next to knife and is losing hair after rape ordeal

Newcastle grooming gang victims have relived the horrendous ordeals they were subjected to as teenagers when members of a gang abused and repeatedly raped them.

Victims of the 17-man and one-woman gang who forced vulnerable teenagers into sex and prostitution have told a court how their abusers ruined their lives – as they are sent to prison.

One woman spoke of how she sleeps with a knife by her bedside, suffers from a personality disorder and is on constant suicide watch, even now years have passed since her ordeal.


Why is no one to blame for the Rotherham scandal?

WHILE senior figures at Rotherham council blindly ignored the truth about the sex scandal engulfing their town – or in some cases allegedly covered it up – 1,400 girls were abused, mainly by men from Pakistani backgrounds.

Even that went unspoken for fear of being seen as racist or politically incorrect.

Official reports published yesterday reveal that the appalling child exploitation went unchecked for 16 years as council executives failed to do their jobs properly.