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Parents ban children from playing outside after learning Muslim rape gang groomer fighting deportation is visiting his family nearby

Abdul Rauf – Muslim Rape Gang Groomer

Parents in Rochdale are angry that one of the town’s infamous sex abuse gang is back on their streets after being freed from prison.

Abdul Rauf was handed a six-year sentence in 2012 after a court heard he had sex with one of the gang’s victims up to 30 times.

His conviction meant he was due to be deported back to Pakistan – but he is fighting that with the help of publicly-funded legal aid.

Britain needs a PM who will put a stop to this nonsense for good.


Real-life ‘Three Girls’ Rochdale victim claims police and social workers ignored horrifying abuse because they were ‘too politically correct’ to admit sex gang members were Asian

Muslim not “Asian”.

Police and social workers ignored the Rochdale sex abuse scandal – depicted in BBC drama Three Girls – because of political correctness, a victim has claimed.

The woman, who was named Holly in the drama and played by Molly Windsor, said authorities ‘knew exactly what was going on’, but turned a blind eye.

Known as Girl A when the horrific case went to court, the young woman – who cannot be identified for legal reasons – was repeatedly raped by ringleader Shabir Ahmed from the age of 14.

Her comments came days after another woman, identified as ‘Lily’, said she was ignored and came to believe the abuse was normal.


Parents’ anger as ‘Three Girls’ paedophiles return to Rochdale and are back on the streets where they groomed their victims

The paedophile gang exposed by the Three Girls TV drama have been released from prison and are roaming the same streets where they preyed on their young victims, it has been revealed.

Parents in Rochdale, Manchester, were horrified to discover that all but two of the evil perverts were freed early after completing only a portion of their sentences.

It has sparked a furious backlash with an angry mob of locals confronting one of the men just hours after an episode of the harrowing drama aired on BBC1.


No Parachute Required…

Rochdale sex gang leader known as ‘Daddy’ launches a new taxpayer-funded legal battle against being deported to Pakistan

The ringleader of the Rochdale child sex ring is continuing to fight his extradition to Pakistan at taxpayer expense.

Shabir Ahmed – who told his victims to call him ‘daddy’ – was the head of the gang portrayed in the shocking BBC drama Three Girls this week.

As the programme shone a further spotlight on the scandal, it emerged that Ahmed – who was jailed in 2012 – is still trying to stay in Britain.


Three Girls: who is Sara Rowbotham? The sexual health worker hero behind the Rochdale scandal

Three Girls, a powerful new true crime drama based on the 2012 Rochdale sex abuse scandal, has earned rave reviews from the critics. The BBC One show stars Maxine Peake as a sexual health worker whose warnings about the exploitation of young girls in the area repeatedly fell on deaf ears. But who was the real whistleblower who inspired Peake’s character?

Who is Sara Rowbotham?

More… ‘Made redundant? She should’ve been bloody knighted!’: Viewers of BBC’s Rochdale abuse drama Three Girls explode in anger when they learn hero social worker played by Maxine Peake loses job


Shabir Ahmed: the Rochdale sex gang ringleader who blamed white community for not looking after girls

He began the cycle of sexual abuse by plying his 15-year-old victim with vodka and then raping her above a takeaway restaurant in Heywood, Rochdale.

“It’s part of the deal,” he told her. “I bought you vodka, you have to give me something”.

He once threatened to have the teenager killed unless she got into his car, and on another occasion forced her to have sex with another man as a “treat”.


Three Girls: how poor white girls were sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism

What is the worst moment in Three Girls, the new BBC One three-part drama based on the Rochdale child-grooming scandal?

Is it when Holly realises that “Daddy”, a gross, 59-year-old Pakistani brute she met in a kebab shop, is expecting sex in return for all the chips and vodka he’s given her? “It’s part of the deal,” he explains, as he hauls himself onto the child’s cringing body. By the time he’s finished, Holly’s face has aged a thousand years.

Is it when Holly (played by the wonderful Molly Windsor) goes to the police seeking protection from Daddy (“Look, you’re my bitch now – if you cross me, I’ll kill you”) and the detective yawns extravagantly before pointing out that, if Holly had been raped, as she claims: “You don’t go back for more, do you?”


First Episode of BBC’s Muslim Rape Gang Drama Skirts Religion Issue

The first episode of the BBC’s drama on Muslim rape gangs in Rochdale, Three Girls, has been broadcast to widespread critical acclaim in the mainstream media. References to key themes in the case identified during the subsequent investigation such as the role of religion were so far notably absent, however.


BBC Makes Drama About Muslim Rape Gang, Doesn’t Mention Islam

Speaking to The Guardian, the series writer Nicole Taylor, insisted: “There was no religious basis for this, but a wider discussion about why this was, and is, a distinct pattern would be welcome.”

She said she “didn’t want to give these people [the English Defence League] an opportunity”, by telling the story, adding: “But that’s not a reason to do the drama.”


Muslim child rape gang are facing deportation to Pakistan after immigration judges rejected their plea not to strip them of British citizenship

Four members of a child sex grooming gang are facing deportation to Pakistan after immigration judges rejected their appeals against their British citizenship being revoked.

Ringleader Shabir Ahmed, Adil Khan, Abdul Rauf and Abdul Aziz, all from Rochdale, had their cases thrown out.

The men had appealed against moves by the Government to strip them of their British citizenship.


Rochdale Horror: Judge slams lawyers for obstructing Muslim child rape gang deportations

Convicted Muslim Child Rape Gang Members Face Deportation

Lawyers are helping a child sex grooming gang avoid attempts to deport them by obstructing the courts and “weakening the rule of law”, Britain’s most senior immigration judge has warned.

Mr Justice Bernard McCloskey accused taxpayer funded lawyers representing the gang of treating the immigration tribunal, which will decide whether they should be allowed to remain in Britain, with “sustained and marked disrespect”.

The case has raised fears that convicted criminals are adopting a strategy of timewasting and obstructing the courts in an attempt to put off any possible deportation from the UK as long as possible.


Iranian workers at Chelmsford pizza shop accused of drugging and raping underage teen girls

A gang of Iranian men sexually exploited and groomed vulnerable girls by supplying them with drugs and offering them free pizza, a court heard.

All three victims, who were as young as 16, were allegedly targeted by the group of takeaway workers who “farmed them out like cattle” to other men.

The group’s ring leaders were allegedly Mohammed Rostami, 37, Mehdi Zare, 32, and Amin Kaveh, 35, all of whom had links to pizza shops in Chelmsford.

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Sageer, Mohammed, Ishtiaq, Waleed, Asif, Masoued, Basharat and Naeem all have something in common…

They like to rape children.

‘All white girls are good for is sex. They’re just sl*gs’: Eight members of ‘openly racist’ violent Asian sex gang raped and ‘sexually degraded’ three teenage girls in Rotherham 

Muslim Pedophiles and Rape Gang Members - Sageer Hussain, Mohammed Whied, Ishtiaq Khaliq, Waleed Ali, Asif Ali, Masoued Malik, Basharat Hussain and Naeem Rafiq

Muslim Pedophiles and Rape Gang Members – Sageer Hussain, Mohammed Whied, Ishtiaq Khaliq, Waleed Ali, Asif Ali, Masoued Malik, Basharat Hussain and Naeem Rafiq


‘Easy Meat.’ Britain’s Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up

“…Former Home Secretary and parliament member Jack Straw once said, “There’s a particular problem involving Pakistani heritage men who target young, vulnerable, white English girls.” He also said these Pakistani heritage men view white English girls as “easy meat.”

This is when some shout ‘racism,’ but here are the facts: calculations based on convictions show that a British Muslim male is 170 times more likely to be a part of sex grooming gang than a non-Muslim. And there are no recorded instances of non-Muslims doing this to Muslim girls as part of a criminal enterprise. In one local jurisdiction, it was estimated that six out of seven Muslim males either knew about, or were part of, a grooming gang.”