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Facebook Stops Swedish Liberals’ Ad With Two Bearded Men Kissing

Facebook has stopped the promotion of Swedish Liberals’ new ad, which is part of their EU election campaign. Its contents, meant to display “classical liberal values” such as freedom, openness and tolerance”, feature a display of male homoerotic love and have been deemed “sexually suggestive”.

Facebook’s rules for sexually suggestive content outlaw nudity or implied nudity, images of visible skin or cleavage or images that focus on certain body parts.

“It feels like a democratic defeat”, Emanuel Norén, vice group leader for the Liberals in Karlshamn, told the local daily newspaper Sydöstran. “There is all possible s**t on Facebook, a little beautiful love from a same-sex couple is obviously taboo”, he added.


Facebook Targets Michelle Malkin: Gives Pass to Antifa

And there they go again.

Facebook has censored Michelle Malkin — for protesting censorship. Meanwhile, as noted in this space just last week, Facebook has no problem with the pro-fascist and deliberately misnamed Antifa— the pro-fascist group that pretends its use of hooded faces and clubs is somehow “anti-fascist.” Here is the link to AntifaUSA and their masked faces as they appear on Facebook. Take a good look at Antifa’s favored appearance of black ski masks and recall another leftist group — this one that historians describe as the “terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.”


Facebook Stops Ad Promoting Hunting Posted By Swedish Political Party

A rifle in a Christian Democrats’ EU election video which defends hunting as a traditional pastime has made Facebook see red and stop the ad.

The ad, which features MEP candidate Ella Bohlin wearing an orange cap, strolling through the forest with a gun and dog on a leash, makes the case for hunting, which, it claims, is under attack from Brussels.

“Hunting is freedom. A time to be in nature,” Bolin, herself a licensed hunter, says in the film, warning of EU rules that will make life difficult for Swedish hunters and severely limit competition shooting.

The Christian Democrats are a “mainstream” party. FB is evil doing the evil bidding of the EU.


Facebook Shuts Down Populist Italian Pages Before EU Elections

Facebook has shut down 23 major populist Italian pages with 2.5 million followers just two weeks before the European elections.

According to Italian media, the majority of the pages supported the populist parties La Lega (The League) and the 5-Star Movement (M5S) — who currently govern Italy in a temporary coalition.

Facebook has justified its dramatic move by claiming that the sites shared fake news, so-called “hate speech”, and “divisive content” regarding immigrants, vaccines, and Jewish people.


If Facebook Were Actually Concerned With Violent And Dangerous People On Its Platform…

It would honestly deal with the question: “Dangerous to whom?”

If Facebook were actually concerned with violent and dangerous people on its platform. . .

It would be targeting and banning Muslims who, more than any other group, threaten to murder people on their platform. None on Facebook, or in the world, are more violent than Muslims, and they habitually threaten to rape and murder on Facebook without paying a price for it.

And I’m well aware that I have no right to be on Facebook, but unlike those who state that fact as if that’s the end all and be all, I have the right to criticize Facebook for its fraudulent practices.


Facebook is STILL allowing anti-Christian fanatics to peddle extremism

Pakistani cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi

Facebook is allowing anti-Christian extremists freedom to peddle hate despite closing down accounts of far-right and anti-Semitic leaders, MailOnline can reveal.

The social media giant this week said it had shut down profiles belonging to Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos were thrown off Facebook, along with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and the white nationalist Paul Nehlen, saying they had violated its policies against dangerous individuals and organizations.

But the company was today accused of hypocrisy when hordes of anti-Christian fanatics and anti-Semites are allowed to function freely on the site despite a raft complaints.


‘Nothing to do with hate speech’: Gavin McIness slams ‘un-American’ Facebook censorship

Facebook’s recent crackdown on right-wing figures is “un-American,” and “has nothing to do with hate speech,” Vice Media co-founder and Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes told RT.

The social media giant purged a raft of accounts from its own platform and from Instagram on Thursday, calling them “extremists” and “dangerous.” For three of the accounts, InfoWars’ Alex Jones, gay conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and activist Laura Loomer, their association with McInnes was used as evidence for the ban.


LILLEY: Facebook privacy rules are under fire, but who’s casting the stones?

There was a grand reveal of a long awaited investigation into the problems of Facebook and privacy in Canada on Thursday.

It showed, according to the federal and BC privacy commissioners, that Facebook didn’t respect users privacy, failed to obtain consent before sharing information and failed to protect user information.

This bizarrely all stemmed from the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


The Federal Trade Commission Is Coming After Facebook to the Tune of $3-5 Billion

No matter how much Mark Zuckerberg may bluster otherwise, Facebook doesn’t care about protecting its users’ privacy. Thankfully, though, that breach of trust is going to cost the social media behemoth, and it’s going to cost them a bundle. Reporting on Facebook’s Q1 2019 earnings report, Daniel Howley of Yahoo Finance News reveals that the company is expecting to be levied a fine by the Federal Trade Commission somewhere between $3 and $5 billion.


Facebook’s New ‘Click-Gap’ Is Anti-Free Speech

If you are wondering what a click-gap is, then join the crowd. Facebook invented the term, so we are all trying to catch up. Put simply, Facebook is trying to demote domains in its news feed that are getting disproportionately more clicks from inside Facebook than outside of it.

For example, if a website gets a large portion of its pageview traffic from Facebook, but get a small amount from outside of Facebook, then the click-gap signal will now cause Facebook to penalize that website.


Facebook bans far-right groups including BNP, EDL and Britain First

Facebook has permanently banned a number of far-right organisations and individuals including the British National party (BNP), the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First under its “dangerous individuals and organisations” policy.

The ban, which came into effect at midday on Thursday, extends beyond the groups and individuals specifically cited as hate organisations: posts and other content that “expresses praise or support” for them will also be banned, as will users who coordinate support for the groups.


Facebook are ‘morally bankrupt liars’ says New Zealand’s privacy commissioner

New Zealand’s privacy commissioner has lashed out at social media giant Facebook in the wake of the Christchurch attacks, calling the company “morally bankrupt pathological liars”.

The commissioner used his personal Twitter page to lambast the social network, which has also drawn the ire of prime minister Jacinda Ardern for hosting a livestream of the attacks that left 50 dead, which was then copied and shared all over the internet.

“Facebook cannot be trusted,” wrote Edwards.


Facebook bans Faith Goldy and ‘dangerous’ alt-right groups

Facebook is banning far-right political commentator Faith Goldy, white nationalist crusader Kevin Goudreau and various extremist groups, the social media company said Monday.

The company said it has longstanding policies on extremist content and organized hate groups and is barring the individuals and organizations under its “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” community standards policy.