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CBS Drama ‘The Good Fight‘ Tweet with ’Assassinate Trump‘ Sparks Calls for Secret Service Investigation

CBS crime drama The Good Fight tweeted an image on Friday from a recent episode, entitled, “The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance.” The imaged showed a character pointing to a list of “target words” that included the phrases “Assassinate President Trump” and “Eliminate Mar-a-Lago.” The tweet, which has since been deleted, sparked backlash among Twitter users, many of who reported CBS to the Secret Service.


Barbra Streisand, Pedophilia, and the Left’s Slippery Slope of Sexual Deviancy

When I saw Barbra Streisand trending on Twitter, I assumed that she had died. Babs, of course, is still alive. It’s her career that is dead. The once-revered-but-now-hated pop culture icon made the mistake of expressing culturally unacceptable beliefs about Michael Jackson and his alleged sexual fondness for children. As I read tweet after tweet condemning Streisand, I couldn’t help but wonder how the tweets will age. Watching our society slide into moral degradation, few conservative Christians doubt that the day is coming when pedophilia will be a culturally acceptable practice. Because of that, the left may want to hold off on tearing any Barbra Streisand statues down and save themselves the embarrassment of having to rebuild them in the near future.


People… who abuse little people: Barbara Streisand rains on Michael Jackson victims parade – says they were the luckiest people

Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson’s accusers were ‘thrilled to be there’ and his ‘sexual needs were his sexual needs’

Hollywood: More perverse than we can imagine

Barbra Streisand is under fire for comments she made about two men accusing Michael Jackson of sexually assaulting them as children.

The legendary singer and actress said that Wade Robson and James Safechuck — whose allegations against the late King of Pop resurfaced in the recent documentary “Leaving Neverland” — “were thrilled to be there” and that what allegedly happened to them “didn’t kill them.”

Streisand, 76, made the strange comments to British newspaper The Times in a piece out Friday, in which she also said that Jackson’s “sexual needs were his sexual needs.”



These Hollywood Celebrities Fantasized About Robert Mueller Indicting Donald Trump

Hollywood celebrities spent nearly two years incessantly fantasizing about special counsel Robert Mueller indicting President Donald Trump over so-called Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election. But on Friday, Mueller produced his report on possible collusion to Attorney General William Barr and recommended no further indictments against Trump campaign associates.


Harvard investigates ‘trauma’ among students after law professor agrees to represent Harvey Weinstein

Harvard University has launched an investigation into law professor Ronald Sullivan after he agreed to represent Harvey Weinstein in court.

Mr Sullivan, the university’s first African American faculty dean, joined Mr Weinstein’s legal team in January, ahead of the June trial for rape.

Mr Weinstein himself was spotted on Wednesday meeting a private investigator, Herman Weisberg, who he has hired to assist in his case. The two men met at a Cipriani Dolci restaurant in Grand Central station, with Mr Weinstein attempting to disguise his appearance with a black baseball cap and dark glasses.


TV Viewers Are Tired of Saturday Night Live’s Political Obsession

As the weekly target of Saturday Night Live’s “humor,” President Trump’s disgruntlement with the show is understandable. According to a new poll conducted by The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult, however, it isn’t just him who has grown weary of SNL’s shtick.

The poll found that 39 percent of the respondents feel that SNL is now “too political.”


‘I know hoes when I see them’: Roseanne Barr takes on #MeToo on the Candace Owens show

Roseanne Barr has launched a verbal attack on the #MeToo movement.

Barr, who was fired from ABC’s Roseanne for a racist tweet in May 2018, sat down with far-right commentator, Candace Owens, for an interview published on Sunday.

‘They were there in the room because they thought they were going to get a job 15 years ago. Cuz they’re hoes,’ Barr told Owens as they discussed their views on the #MeToo movement.


Increase in Oscar viewers may mean last night’s Hate-In only 2nd or 3rd most poorly rated ever

Early numbers (that can change) show that the ratings for Sunday’s hostless Academy Awards jumped 14.3 percent over last year, which was the lowest in history.
The divisive, far-left Jimmy Kimmel hosted the previous two Oscars telecasts and drove the ratings into the dirt.

Last year, only 26.5 million tuned in, a number that was unthinkable a decade ago.

This year’s 14.3 percent improvement is nothing to write home about. The Academy is still looking at a dismal number of around 30 million viewers, which will mean second or third worst in history.


15 Celebrities Who Blamed Trump, Deplorables for Hoax Attack on Jussie Smollett

Left-wing Hollywood wasted no time in politicizing and blaming President Donald Trump and his supporters for an alleged hate crime attack on Empire actor Jussie Smollett — an encounter that police now reportedly believe to have been staged.


Liam Neeson reveals he walked the streets looking for a ‘black b******’ to kill after a loved one ‘was raped’ as he is branded a ‘racist’ who ‘should be banned from Oscars’

Liam Neeson was branded a racist who should be banned from the Oscars after speaking for the first time about his extreme reaction when he learned a loved one had allegedly been raped while he was overseas.

During an interview with the Independent to promote his new film Cold Pursuit, the actor, 66, described how he walked the streets looking for a ‘black b*****d’ to kill in a misguided attempt at revenge.

He was subsequently branded a ‘racist’ on Twitter who ‘should be banned from the Oscars.’

Gotta luv it when the left eats its own.