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Hollywood’s Masculinity Deficit

Actress Emma Thompson says the Harvey Weinstein scandal is part of a “crisis in extreme masculinity.” Not the way I see it. I think Hollywood is suffering from an excess of feminism and nowhere near enough masculinity.

Just to be clear, the Weinstein phenomenon is not caused by any one thing. Unless I miss my guess, there will always be Harvey Weinsteins. Hollywood in particular is a town full of powerful men and attractive, insecure young women desperate to salve their insecurities by winning the love of millions onscreen. Put powerful men and pretty, insecure, desperate women together and you’ll get abuses. And by the way, this trick works with gay people too. Remember when Corey Feldman spoke out about widespread homosexual predation on young actors? I do. Remember the thorough investigation that followed, resulting in exposure, scandal and arrests? Neither do I.


New NBC Media Editor Ignores Network’s Role in Story on Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Normal by Hollywood standards

NBC’s new senior media editor Claire Atkinson penned a piece today updating readers on the ever-growing story of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct.

Her article featured shocking stories from former starlets about sexual harassment in the Golden Age of Hollywood, the new total number of women who have came forward against Weinstein, and a list of notable figures who have used their platform to condemn the Hollywood mogul’s actions — and yet, there was no mention of NBC’s controversial role in this story.


Take Back Your Diamonds, Take Back Your Pearls, What Makes You Think I Was One of Weinstein’s Girls?

Jimmy Kimmel says he’s laid off the Harvey Weinstein jokes because he’s not the “moral conscience of America” (there’s also a video of him asking young women to guess what’s in his crotch. And suggesting they feel it and put their mouths on it).

Famously, NBC is  playing shy  about the scandal, having refused to broadcast the detailed exposé by Ronan Farrow, who took it to the New Yorker which did publish it.

The story has laid bare the hypocrisy of the media giants, Democratic biggies, and the Hollywood virtue signalers.


2016: Corey Feldman said he’d love to name names on Hollywood pedophilia

Tell him not to bother. From Seth Abramovitch (May 2016) at Hollywood Reporter:

A recent interview with Elijah Wood has reignited the conversation on pedophilia in the entertainment business. The Lord of the Rings star later clarified, first to The Hollywood Reporter and then on his personal Twitter account, that his comments about “something major … going on in Hollywood” were based not on his own experiences and observations but rather on news reports and the 2015 documentary film An Open Secret.

But another former child actor — Corey Feldman, star of such iconic 1980s movies as The Goonies, Stand by Me and The Lost Boys — was not so lucky. In past interviews, his A&E reality series The Two Coreys and his 2013 memoir, Coreyography, Feldman has detailed how he was preyed upon by men in the industry. His own experiences were not as nightmarish as what befell his Two Coreys co-star, the late Canadian actor Corey Haim. Haim was just 11 when, Feldman says, a man raped him on a movie set. (Haim died in 2010 at age 38 after years of drug addiction.)More.

Reality check: Why not just assume that there are Harvey Weinsteins in Tinseltown who happen to prey on kids? Actually, why not assume that the whole barrel of apples is bad? Must we sort through every one?

And if anyone brings up a moral opinion any typical Hollywood person has, quietly change the subject. Changing one’s viewing habits would make even more difference. Learning what those people had to be willing to do in order to get a chance to entertain us should feel like watching a dogfight while knowing how awful a life it is for the dog.

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What Weinstein cost Hollywood is the right to self-righteous posturing


We won’t give back a cent of Harvey Weinstein’s tainted $250,000 says the Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation told it will not return as much as $250,000 in donations from Harvey Weinstein, saying on Sunday the money had already been spent on the organization’s programs and used for charitable purposes.

The foundation’s decision comes as politicians and philanthropic groups grapple with whether to return donations they have received from Weinstein, after numerous women stepped forward this month to accuse the movie mogul of sexual assault, harassment and rape.

Over a dozen Democratic politicians have said they will give back or donate Weinstein’s campaign contributions to charity.


Three times as many Academy Award winners thanked Weinstein as thanked God

From Christine Rousselle at Townhall:

Well here’s a rather telling fact about Hollywood, courtesy of CNN’s religion editor Daniel Burke. Over the last 20 years, 30 Academy Award winners have explicitly thanked Harvey Weinstein during their speeches. During that same period, a mere seven thanked God.More.

Reality check: That shows that the winners have their own priorities right. They want what Weinstein can do for them far more than they want what God can do for them.

But what about the people who are disturbed by the predation but choose to listen to the unhinged moralistic rants as if they were more significant than jailhouse rap? Never mind what’s the matter with Hollywood. What’s the matter withthe audience.

See also: What Weinstein cost Hollywood is the right to self-righteous posturing


What Weinstein cost Hollywood is the right to self-righteous posturing

Glenn Harland Reynolds (Instapundit) asks at USA Today,

If people realize the system is exploitative and inhuman, will they still watch movies?:

They aren’t turning on Weinstein because they suddenly found out what he was like. They always knew. They’re turning on Weinstein because America found out what he was like, and they’re hoping to distract people before they draw the correct conclusion about what Hollywood in general is like. More.

Reality check: Why would anyone take Hollywood has-beens’ faux outrage about, say, Trump’s jock talk from years ago now that we have had more than a snootful of Weinstein?

Is it getting to the point that people who take Hollywood seriously are, um, Not Cool? Has it come to this?

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I can’t wait for Roman Polanski’s Harvey Weinstein Endorsement…

Woody Allen reveals sadness for ‘messed up’ Harvey Weinstein

Woody Allen has defended Harvery Weinstein over dozens of allegations of sexual abuse and rape, describing the situation as ‘sad’.

The director, who worked with Weinstein a number of times, said he was upset ‘for everyone involved’ and lamented the fact that Weinstein’s life ‘is so messed up.’

While he hoped the investigation into alleged abuse would provide some respite to victims, he added that he worries about a witch hunt against men.


Harvey Weinstein: More women accuse Hollywood producer of rape

Two more women have accused Harvey Weinstein of raping them as the top Hollywood producer finds himself increasingly shunned by his peers.

British actress Lysette Anthony says he attacked her at her London home in the late 1980s while another, unidentified woman says she was raped in 1992.

The organisation behind the Oscars has voted to expel Weinstein and his own brother called him “sick and depraved”.

Weinstein, 65, insists sexual relations he had were consensual.

No one knew? Courtney Love went public in 2005!


Harvey got exposed because he’s not profitable anymore

A collective jaw dropped this week as Asia ArgentoGwyneth Paltrow, Angelina JolieMira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette and a host of other women joined Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan in speaking publicly about being harassed, mauled and even allegedly raped by Hollywood’s heavyweight gorilla, Harvey Weinstein.

Media outlets ironically wrung their hands and asked in big, bold block letters: How could this have gone on for so long? If everyone knew, why didn’t anyone say anything? And the inevitable: What can be done?


Academy Expels Harvey Weinstein

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has expelled disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein from its ranks.

The Academy’s 54-member board of governors — which includes such Hollywood luminaries as Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg and Kathleen Kennedy — held an emergency meeting at the organization’s Beverly Hills headquarters today and voted to strip away Weinstein’s lifetime membership.