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In Hollywood, being open-minded about Trump is worse than rape

If any celebrity is a profile in political courage these days, it sure isn’t Lena Dunham, Alec Baldwin or Lady Gaga. It’s Nicole Kidman.

Kidman, who allows that she isn’t particularly politics-minded (how refreshing), said matter-of-factly, “[Trump is] now elected and we, as a country, need to support whoever is the president,” in a BBC 2 interview posted Jan. 10. “That is what the country is based on. And however that happened, it happened, and let’s go.”

Asshley Judd at Washington women’s march: Trump is Hitler & has ‘wet dreams’ about daughter Ivanka ‘his favourite sex symbol’

Ashley Judd Celebrity Idiot – still not getting why Trump won.

As hundreds of thousands of Americans filled the streets of the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington, actress Ashley Judd read a poem that compared Donald Trump to Hitler.

Judd was reciting a poem written by a 19-year-old from Tennessee when she read the line: ‘I feel Hitler in these streets, a mustache traded for a toupee.’

The poem was a celebration of ‘nasty women’, as Trump so famously called Hillary Clinton during a debate before the presidential election.

What If China’s Money Stream Stops Flowing to Hollywood?

Beijing begins monitoring “irrational” investments in entertainment companies (even while Alibaba pledges $7.2 billion) as one deal falls apart and all eyes focus on Trump.

Chinese companies poured record amounts of capital into Hollywood in 2016 — a trend eagerly embraced by the U.S. film industry. Among the deals: Dalian Wanda Group acquired Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion and Dick Clark Productions for $1 billion; Alibaba made a major investment in Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment; and Beijing-based Perfect World Pictures put $500 million into 50 films from Universal.

h/t Xavier

PR Disaster: Meryl Streep Set Back the Film Industry to the Michael Moore-Era

The late-aughts were disastrous for the movie industry, a disaster Hollywood was just starting to recover from when a shrill Meryl Streep came along Sunday night to lie about Donald Trump, and did so in front of the whole world at the Golden Globe Awards. Streep is now the Face of Hollywood, and many of those peer-pressured into applauding and defending her, did so with a sick feeling in their gut: Oh, no, not another decade of this crap.

Meryl Streep Repeats Leftist Lie Trump Mocked Reporter’s Disability

During her speech last night at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep repeated the tired lie Donald Trump mocked a reporter because of his disability.

“There was one performance this year that stunned me,” Streep said. “It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good. There was nothing good about it. But it was effective and it did its job.”

Is Islamic Cash Keeping Daniel Silva’s Books Out of Hollywood?

Daniel Silva is among the finest and most compelling writers in the suspense/intrigue/espionage/thriller genre in modern fiction, which has its share of brilliant or engaging practitioners—Ian Fleming (of course), John LeCarré, David Baldacci, Jo Nesbo, James Rollins, Kathy Reichs, Steve Berry, Donna Leon, Tom Clancy, Jonathan Kellerman, Mons Kallentoft, Louise Penny, P.D. James, Michael Gruber, John Burdett, Trevor Ferguson (aka John Farrow) and, yes, Dan Brown, to name a few of the most prominent. Silva is a charter member of this elect fraternity, one of the genre’s best-selling authors, whose area of expertise is the Middle East, the Palestinian terror machine, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the Russian involvement in the region, the ambitions of Islamic jihad around the globe, and, of course, the efforts of Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, to counter these manifold threats.

Actors Appeal to the Presidential Electors to Vote Against Trump

On Monday the 538 Presidential electors will meet in their home states to cast their vote for President. Trump has 306 of those votes but some Democrats are still hoping to persuade 37 Republican electors to resign, not vote, or vote for Hillary, denying Trump the 270 votes he needs to be elected President. They are hoping to throw the election to Congress to choose the next President.

Hollywood Ponders America’s Hatred of Muslims

On Dec. 4, the second Sunday of Advent on the Christian calendar, Fox’s “Family Guy” mocked two-thirds of the Holy Trinity as only Fox can. In atheist Seth MacFarlane’s gag, Jesus Christ had a human son who he mocked for being bullied at school, comparing that to the horror of the Crucifixion. When his son called him a “dick,” he suggested that God the Father was a bigger “dick” for sending him to his death.

On that same day, The New York Times ran an enormous article that sprawled over three pages of the Arts & Leisure section with the headline “Can TV Be Fair to Muslims?”

Hollywood’s Back to Torture Us With More Progressive Activism!


Variety says that Hollywood is doubling down and preparing for a new wave of activism. They are still mourning the loss of Hillary and Bernie but they are “soul-searching” and have a “renewed sense of commitment”. You will be glad to know they are organizing protests, forming action groups, creating websites, collecting money, working with far-left organizations like the ACLU, harnessing social media as a megaphone to rally all of us to progressive causes.

Syfy’s ‘Incorporated’ Creates Anti-Business Global Warming Fantasy World


“The year is 2074. Climate change has ravaged the planet, causing widespread famine and bankrupting governments. In their place, multinational corporations have risen in power and now control 90% of the globe. These corporations fight a covert war for market share and dwindling natural resources. Those who work for them live protected behind the walls of the Green Zones. Those who don’t are left to fend for themselves in the slums of the Red Zones.”

Writer of ‘Taxi Driver,’ ‘Raging Bull’ Pens Post-Election ‘Call to Violence’


“I have spent the last five days meditating on Trump’s election,” wrote Schrader. “Upon consideration, I believe this is a call to violence. I felt the call to violence in the 60’s and I feel it now again. This attack on liberty and tolerance will not be solved by appeasement.”

“We should finance those who support violence resistance. We should be willing to take arms,” Schrader continued. “Like Old John Brown, I am willing to battle with my children. Alt right nut jobs swagger violence. It’s time to actualize that violence, Like by [sic] Civil War Michigan predecessors I choose to stand with the black, the brown and the oppressed.”

Rapid fall in big network TV ratings

From James Hibberd at Entertainment

Here’s how the networks themselves are faring overall compared to this point last year in the adult demo:



Some analysts blame the fall on indie broadcasting (on cable and streaming networks), others blame it on the election cycle, “drawing attention away from entertainment products.”

Reality check: Indie broadcasting is cutting deep for sure. But more generally, in the days of the handheld, news and entertainment consumers go wherever they want for whatever they like. That was bound to have an impact on big networks marketing passive TV to the faceless masses.

The big networks are in the position of a person operating a variety store in the age of the mega-mall. There’s still a niche but that’s all it is – in the corner on the way to the subway barns.

As for the election, it probably doesn’t make the difference the networks would like to suppose.

Had the Big 5 been willing to listen to viewers’ concerns more and preach at them less, the election might even have helped their ratings.

Their enterprises are doomed in their present form. A landslide Clinton victory would not bring back a mass audience that has ceased to exist.

On the bright side, they will at least get a chance to ridicule Trump supporters while reshaping their resumes for PR jobs, etc.

See also: Canadian mainstream media free fall continues Unforced errors are a significant part of the problem.

Star Trek Cast Members Set Phasers to Stun on Trump


On Thursday, cast members from the Star Trek franchise set their phasers to stun against Donald Trump. Stars from the various Star Trek shows including liberal activist George Takei joined director J.J. Abrams in signing an open letter against Trump because: “Never has there been a presidential candidate who stands in such complete opposition to the ideals of the Star Trek… His election would take this country backward, perhaps disastrously.”