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Facebook enlists conservative help to resist privacy rules

Facebook asked conservative groups for help last week in heading off European-style privacy rules, just as CEO Mark Zuckerberg prepared to apologize to Congress for his company’s data scandal.

The company’s outreach comes as the European Union is preparing to enforce strict new privacy rules that take effect in late May. Among other things, the EU’s rules allow regulators to impose fines as high as 4 percent of a company’s global revenues for serious violations.

The emailed invitation to a sit-down to discuss the policy, obtained by POLITICO, also shows how Facebook is seeking an unlikely alliance with conservatives, who frequently accuse the the social network of bias against their views but oppose most forms of government regulation. The email did not disclose the recipients but came from Facebook’s liaison to conservative organizations.


Help CBC News investigate political ads on Facebook

CBC is asking readers to help it track political ads on Facebook by installing a browser extension created by ProPublica, a non-profit, investigative news organization based in the U.S.. Facebook Political Ad Collector allows users to flag the ads they see in their feeds as political and submit them to a database that CBC News will use to research stories.


Facebook’s facial recognition tool faces class action suit over mishandling biometric data

Facebook’s misuse of their users’ biometric information could potentially amount to billions of dollars in damages after a federal judge greenlighted an Illinois class action suit against the firm’s facial recognition feature.

Facebook violated an Illinois state law by improperly using their photo-scanning and facial recognition technologies and storing biometric data without their users’ consent, a federal judge in California ruled on Monday, after reviewing a 2015 claim made against Facebook by three Illinois plaintiffs.


AI is an excuse for Facebook to keep messing up

Artificial intelligence is not a solution for shortsightedness and lack of transparency

Over the course of an accumulated 10 hours spread out over two days of hearings, Mark Zuckerberg dodged question after question by citing the power of artificial intelligence.

Moderating hate speech? AI will fix it. Terrorist content and recruitment? AI again. Fake accounts? AI. Russian misinformation? AI. Racially discriminatory ads? AI. Security? AI.

It’s not even entirely clear what Zuckerberg means by “AI” here. He repeatedly brought up how Facebook’s detection systems automatically take down 99 percent of “terrorist content” before any kind of flagging.


Facebook Is Breaking A Promise, And Now Conservatives Are Paying The Price

According to a report from The Outline, conservative and right wing outlets are hit the hardest, while the engagement numbers of most predominantly liberal publishers remain unaffected. Liberal or left-leaning outlets made up nine of the top ten performing publishers on Facebook in March 2018, with only Fox News representing conservatives.


So much for President Zuck: The week a stuttering and squeaky voiced Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg saw his political ambitions crash and burn

As creator and controlling force behind Facebook, with the intimate data of more than two billion users at his fingertips and a net worth estimated at £50 billion, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is one of the richest and most powerful human beings in history.

Having reached this lofty status at just 33, he was, until recently, widely regarded as a genius capable of shaping tomorrow’s world in his own image — a man of such rare talent that only a fool would bet against him one day ascending to the office of U.S. President.


Harjit Sajjan orders crackdown as Canadian Forces Facebook page features racist, vulgar comments

Though the Forces have a team of dedicated social media staffers, the comments have become so toxic at times that one member of the public observed the “comment section around here reads like a Sons of Odin chat room,” a reference to a far-right, anti-immigration group.


Democrat Says More Black Facebook Employees Would Have Stopped Russian Trolls

The exalted wizard of Silicon Valley and controller of what has become a freaking veritable Death Star that is just ticking down the days until advanced Artificial Intelligence programs can like Skynet, become self-aware and police the nebulous “hate speech” has been harassed by racist Democrats who are in the process of hijacking the whole, shitting shebang for their own racial grievances.

Sheer poetry. You’d think Kathy Shaidle had written that sentence.


FIERY Diamond & Silk Call Out Zuckerberg: Facebook Becoming Dems’ ‘Political Playground’

Facebook’s alleged censorship of social media stars Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson took center stage on Capitol Hill on Tuesday as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress.


Only in America?

There were many interesting moments in Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress – starting with the gazillionaire child-man’s decision to follow Larry Kudlow’s advice and eschew his usual garb for a suit and tie. “I’m tired of that t-shirt, hoodie stuff,” remarked Larry. “The guy’s running one of the largest corporations of the world, for heaven’s sake.” This was reported by the leftie lads at ThinkProgress under the headline “Trump official rants about Zuckerberg’s clothes“.

I’m with Larry on this one. One of the reasons my old boss Conrad Black was resented by large sections of the proletariat (and, eventually, a decisive sliver of his Chicago jury) was that he looked like the masses’ idea of a rich man, bespoke and luxuriously upholstered.


Ominous Antitrust Rumblings at Senate Facebook Hearing

Republican senators hinted at a hearing about Facebook data usage on Tuesday that they may be considering antitrust charges against the world’s largest social media platform.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) surely struck fear in the heart of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by noting that “this is the most intense public scrutiny I’ve seen for a tech-related hearing since the Microsoft hearing I shared in the 1990s.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges Silicon Valley left-wing bias