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CNN’s ‘Venezuelan army defectors’ not in army, not defectors & don’t live in Venezuela

Closer inspection of the uniforms worn by two self-proclaimed Venezuelan army defectors interviewed on CNN earlier this week has revealed that they are not who they say they are, and probably should not be given guns.

“As Venezuelan soldiers, we are making a request to the US to support us, in logistical terms, with communication, with weapons, so we can realize Venezuelan freedom,” one of the alleged defectors told CNN.


The British press arrives in Alberta’s oilsands — armed with ignorance and fake news

So where did The Economist get it wrong? Let’s start with how in its December attack on energy extraction in Canada (“Justin Trudeau’s climate plans are stuck in Alberta’s tar sands”), the magazine claimed Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is “demanding that the federal government speed up construction of a new pipeline to the west coast.” This was in reference to the proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.


‘Fake news’ filter NewsGuard grilled for having links to PR firm that peddled Saudi propaganda

A new app claiming to serve as a bulwark against “disinformation” by adding “trust rankings” to news websites has links to a PR firm that received nearly $15 million to push pro-Saudi spin in US media, Breitbart reports.

NewsGuard and its shady advisory board – consisting of truth-lovers such as Tom Ridge, the first-ever homeland security chief, and former CIA director Michael Hayden – came under scrutiny after Microsoft announced that the app would be built into its mobile browsers. A closer examination of the company’s publicly listed investors, however, has revealed new reasons to be suspicious of this self-declared crusader against propaganda. As Breitbart discovered, NewsGuard’s third-largest investor, Publicis Groupe, owns a PR firm that has repeatedly airbrushed Saudi Arabia.


How Exactly Did CNN Get Footage Of Roger Stone’s Arrest?

CNN was the only news outlet to capture footage of Trump-confidant Roger Stone’s arrest Friday morning, raising allegations that they were tipped off to the impending raid by the FBI or the grand jury handling the case.

Fake news network makes fake news!


Nolte: Four Massive Media Hoaxes in First Three Weeks of 2019

We are only three weeks into 2019, a mere 22 days, and already the establishment media have hit us with four massive hoaxes, four flaming piles of fake news.

Led primarily by CNN, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, NBC News, and the New York Times — the same media that have spent two years crybabying about being labeled fake news — have already run these cons on the American people with a full week still left in the first month of this new year.


Devastating new video montage shows just how irresponsible the CNN, MSNBC was over Buzzfeed ‘BOMBSHELL’ story on Trump

What makes this breathless reporting so egregious is that neither of these news agencies were able to verify the reporting. NOT ONE! And nor did anyone else like the NY Times or the Washington Post for that matter. Yet both CNN and MSNBC (and others) still ran with this ‘bombshell’ story like it was true.


Racist school bullying has risen in areas that voted for Trump in presidential election, study finds

The study, which focused on voting patterns and bullying incidents in the state of Virginia, found that 18 per cent more seventh and eighth grade students experienced some form of bullying in districts where support was given to Mr Trump rather than Hillary Clinton.


Fake News and Race

When Fake News becomes deadly.

Though many people, particularly the opponents of Donald Trump, would prefer not to remember this, the truth is that it is they, the President’s enemies, who first coined the term, “Fake News.” And they used it to refer to pro-Trump social media coverage.

To repeat, it is not Trump or any of his supporters who manufactured this nomenclature.

Brilliantly, the President commandeered the label and slapped it on the left-leaning press, forever ensconcing within the popular imagination the identification of Fake News with what conservatives formerly called “the liberal media.” But “Fake News” isn’t merely an effective piece of rhetoric. It’s also an accurate assignation for an endemic phenomenon. Fake News is real—and it long predates the political rise of Donald Trump.


Deceased doctor’s daughter offers zero evidence, claims dad lied about Trump’s bone spurs as favor to keep him out of Vietnam

The daughters of a deceased New York podiatrist have revealed some of President Donald Trump’s alleged medical information to the media in what appears to be a bid to damage his reputation.

According to Dr. Elysa Braunstein, 56, in 1968 her father, Dr. Larry Braunstein, diagnosed Trump, then 22, with bone spurs as a favor for the current president’s dad.

She claimed that her dad rented his office from Trump’s father, Fred C. Trump, and that by diagnosing the current president with bone spurs, he gained “access to Fred Trump.”


Here Are The Most Egregious Fake News Stories Of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to review the year’s worst cases of media misquotes, misleading narratives, major corrections and straight-up fake news.

While last year’s fake reporting largely occurred during the media’s relentless pursuit to prove Russian collusion, this year’s list is much more varied. However, some themes emerged: stories about then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the U.S. border were routinely flagged for misinformation.