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Lawrence Solomon: Trump’s detractors are convinced he’s a buffoon. So why does he keep winning?

President Trump’s detractors consider him a buffoon who can’t get anything done. They do so at their peril. In just five months in office, Trump has racked up a jaw-dropping string of accomplishments. This “buffoon” is buffaloing his critics, most of whom are too blind to see how effectively he’s implementing his agenda.

Trump is delivering in spades on one of his most publicized campaign promises — keeping illegal immigrants out of the United States and deporting the worst of those who made it into the country. Even without building his wall, illegal immigration is down 67 per cent over last year’s levels, mostly on the strength of Trump’s tough talk and tough action.


Israel, American Jewry and Trump’s GOP

“…For years, the Obama administration quietly encouraged the Europeans to fund these anti-semitic NGO’s and to ratchet up their anti-Israel positions. Doing so, the former administration believed, would coerce Israel to make concessions to the PLO.

But now, Trump and his advisers are delivering the opposite message. And, as the actions by Denmark, Norway and Switzerland show, the new message is beginning to be received.”


Hooray! Supreme Court Allows Trump Travel Ban To Take Effect

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will review lower court rulings blocking enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugee and migrant entry, and stayed injunctions barring the order’s enforcement.

The announcement is a major victory for the president, whose signature immigration policy has been stymied repeatedly by the federal courts.


‘We’re 5 and 0!’ Trump mocks the media during campaign-style rally in Iowa

President Donald Trump couldn’t help but brag about a set of Republican special election victories as he appeared at a White House event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Wednesday evening, and a campaign-style rally.

Republican congressional candidates Karen Handel and Ralph Norman won close races in Georgia and South Carolina, respectively, on Tuesday night.
‘We’re 5 and 0 in special elections, and I watched the faces on those newscasters, in many cases, and they were going, “Oh this is going to be a big night, this will be great humiliation for

President Trump if she doesn’t make it,” ‘ the president said at the event.


Green Weenie of the Century: The Global Climate Treaties

As I have mentioned before, the most satisfying thing about Trump withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord is not that he did it, but that he did it in a way that maximized the outrage from the climatistas and their media toadies. It was a dial-it-to-eleven reprise of the outrage of when President George W. Bush took us out of the Kyoto Protocol, which was the previous treaty that would have saved the world if we hadn’t bailed on it.


Conrad Black: This summer’s most maddening pests are on the climate-crusading, Trump-hating, culture-censoring left

It being the verge of summer, it is time to be ready to repel insects and philistines. One current infestation of philistines has raised the fatuous roar of lamentation over the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Donald Trump had promised throughout his campaign to do this and it should not have come as a surprise. The treaty consisted of every country pledging whatever its political class was prepared to claim as a goal. Such promises are rarely kept but even if they had been, the Paris treaty would have had no appreciable impact on climate or temperature, though immense amounts of money were pledged to be spent. One of the costlier items was a pledge of US$100 billion a year in climate aid for the developing world. This was just a sophistical exercise in universal deception — any government, democratic or otherwise, that sought to deliver any significant part of such a boondoggle would be promptly evicted from office.


Why Trump Fired Comey

At last, at least for your humble correspondent, this week’s big hearing brought clarity. I now believe President Donald Trump fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey because he believes Comey intentionally misled the public into believing Trump was under investigation by the FBI. There is enough support for this theory that, had the president been forthright in explaining it when he dismissed Comey on May 9, there might have been considerably less uproar. Instead, Trump dissembled, as he seems hardwired to do. He thus bought himself a debilitating special-counsel investigation, despite its being increasingly patent that there is no crime to investigate.


How Trump overturned the gameboard in Paris on the corporate climate swamp

In the U.S. this year, corporate spending on “cause sponsorship” will hit a new record of US$2.06 billion, more than double the amount spent on business sponsorships for festivals, fairs, annual events and the arts, according to estimates by the IEG Sponsorship Report. Cause sponsorship — think of Bell publicly aligning its brand with mental health awareness — has been one of the hottest growth areas for marketers in the last few years.


James Comey’s Prepared Remarks Ahead Of His Testimony Tomorrow

Former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee at 10 a.m. Thursday in an open session before doing the same in a closed session that afternoon. It will be the first time that Comey has spoken publicly since he was fired by President Trump in early May.

Following are his prepared remarks.

“…The President then returned to the topic of Mike Flynn, saying, “He is a good guy and has been through a lot.” He repeated that Flynn hadn’t done anything wrong on his calls with the Russians, but had misled the Vice President. He then said, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” I replied only that “he is a good guy.” (In fact, I had a positive experience dealing with Mike Flynn when he was a colleague as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the beginning of my term at FBI.) I did not say I would “let this go.”

More… Comey’s prepared testimony says Trump demanded ‘patronage,’ asked for end to Flynn probe


May Refuses to Condemn Trump For Totally Calling It

Oh, PM May … :

Theresa May has dodged calls for her to criticise Donald Trump after he accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of suggesting that people should not be “alarmed” by terror attacks on the capital.

In a series of tweets on Sunday after the London Bridge atrocity, Mr Trump said it was time to “stop being politically correct”, adding: “At least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’”

Taking questions after a central London election campaign speech, Mrs May tried to sidestep questions about Mr Trump by choosing to praise Mr Khan’s response.

Asked if Mr Trump was wrong about his assessment of Mr Khan, the Prime Minister told reporters: “I think Sadiq Khan is doing a good job and it’s wrong to say anything else – he’s doing a good job.”

Mrs May was also asked if she wanted a period of silence from Mr Trump.

She replied: “I’m very clear that Sadiq is doing a good job as Mayor of London. …

Mayors who do fine jobs do not tell people to adjust to terrorism or plead for calm with armed officers in the streets after yet another attack.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Khan made clear that he was advising Londoners and visitors not to be concerned by the presence of additional armed police officers on the streets of the capital in the days to come, and not playing down anxieties about the attack itself.

“My message to Londoners and visitors to our great city is to be calm and vigilant today,” Mr Khan said.

“You will see an increased police presence today, including armed officers and uniformed officers. There is no reason to be alarmed by this.”

In response, Mr Trump tweeted: “We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse.”

He then tweeted a few minutes later: “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and

Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’”

And he took an opportunity to defend his own resistance to gun control in the US, saying: “Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!”

Oh, because getting run down and stabbed is a way better way to die than being shot.

What a maroon.


The Plutocrats vs. the People: Trump’s Paris Climate Decision Exposes the Latest Battle in the Class War

1. The Latest Battle in the Class War, Blue Dots vs. Red Heartland

On Thursday, President Trump announced that the U.S. would be withdrawing from the United Nations Framework on Climate Change.  Speaking of the deal, which had been signed by President Obama in 2015 but never submitted to the Senate for ratification, Trump said:

The Paris Climate Accord is simply the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit of other countries, leaving American workers . . . and taxpayers to absorb the cost in terms of lost jobs, lower wages, shuttered factories, and vastly diminished economic production.

At the White House, the audience applauded, and it’s a cinch that across the country, folks in the red states of Trump Nation, too, were pleased.


Trump told the truth: His description of the Paris climate treaty he just killed is accurate

While there will be predictable hysteria about U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate treaty Thursday, what he said about it was true.

It was also consistent with his pledge during the U.S. presidential election campaign to withdraw from the global climate treaty.

Simply put, he has done what he said he would do.

Trump was correct when he said Barack Obama’s endorsement of the United Nations’ treaty represented a loss of U.S. sovereignty over its own energy policy.

That’s also true for Canada, which remains committed to the Paris treaty under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.