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They won’t admit it in Stockholm, but Donald Trump is right about immigration in Sweden

I was in Stockholm last Friday, an eyewitness on the great night that nothing happened. Donald Trump gave a speech in Florida the next day, asking his audience to look at what had occurred “last night in Sweden”. Something appalling, apparently, involving asylum seekers. The Swedes “took in large numbers,” he said. And now “they’re having problems like they never thought possible”. But he was wrong: nothing of note had happened that night. His mistake was used by much of the Swedish media (and politicians) to slate him, as if he concocted the whole idea of an immigration problem.

The mockery lasted for days: what event could he have been referring to? Were some meatballs burned in Uppsala? Did an Ikea run out of Billy bookshelves? “What has he been smoking?” asked Carl Bildt, a former prime minister. He could almost have asked: Crisis? What crisis?

Trump slays’ em at CPAC: “I’m not representing the globe. I’m representing your country”

During his speech, the president vowed to keep his campaign promises, specifically a repeal and replace of Obamacare, building the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, building a wall on the southern border, restoring military funding.

“We have to, to turn things around. The era of empty talk is over,” he said. “It’s over. Now is the time for action.”

Trump also promised to restore the greatness of the American economy and bring back manufacturing jobs to the country.

“The GOP, from now on, will be the party of the American worker,” he said.

What a novel concept!

Unlike PM Useful Idiot who gives our money away world wide in order to buff up his virtue signalling cred.

New York Times in Full Panic Mode Over Reports Trump May Designate Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

TEL AVIV – The New York Times this week continued its month-long campaign against designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization amid reports the Trump administration is debating the possibility of issuing an executive order making such a designation.

Declaring the Brotherhood a terrorist organization would add the U.S. to the growing list of nations to do so, including Muslim countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Trump may have garbled the message but Sweden IS experiencing a migrant crime wave

Donald Trump’s confusing remarks about immigration in Sweden at his Florida rally on Saturday may have a grain of truth in them after all.

Trump was initially thought to be talking about terrorism when he warned of ‘what’s happening last night in Sweden’.

But he later claimed he was talking about an edition of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight about immigrant crime in the Scandinavian country.

And if the experiences of a veteran officer in the Swedish city of Orebro are any guide there is indeed problem there, Fox News has reported. 

Poll: Majority Want Fewer Refugees, Support Donald Trump’s Migration Cuts

Another poll shows a majority of voters support President Donald Trump’s executive order curbing travelers from seven terror-exporting countries, and shows that a majority want fewer refugees imported into American communities overall.

Pollsters found that 51 percent of respondents want the U.S. to accept fewer refugees than the 100,000 per year President Barack Obama wanted to import. Trump’s new White House plan trims that number to 50,000 per year.

Filmmaker Confirms Numbers on Refugees And Crime in Sweden

During his rally in Florida this weekend, Trump brought up the problems some countries in Europe and elsewhere are having with refugees. He singled out Sweden and the left, including many people in media, jumped on it.

It turns out, Trump was basing his claims on a segment from the Tucker Carlson show in which filmmaker Ami Horowitz described a documentary project on the subject. Ami returned to the show last night and after Tucker replayed the clip, Horowitz backed up his project with numbers directly from the Swedish government.

Trump vs. confederacy of hecklers – the press

Beginning with King David and throughout our Literature we’re advised not to sit in the “council of the wicked,” nor to share the same room with a company of scoffers…or else we’re asking for trouble. But that is precisely where an Orthodox Jewish reporter found himself during President Trump’s press conference of a few days ago.

Jake Turx, a respected journalist from Ami Magazine, asked a simple question that concerns many of us – what’s to be done about the wave of anti-Semitism now sweeping our country most prominently on campus? Too bad the wording and the timing were all wrong.

Donald Trump vs. the Deep State

I’ve made no secret of my objections to Donald Trump, and I haven’t hidden my impatience with those who are willing to support him in anything even at the expense of truth and principle. But in any major conflict involving the fate of the nation, there comes a point when you have to choose sides. No sophistry can get you around this binary responsibility. When one of two forces is going to win, if there’s any moral difference between them at all, you have to stand for the better. That’s why I overcame my objections and voted for The Donald when the choice came down to him and a corrupt leftist who would surely have imperiled the American experiment at every level of government. It was a painful decision but not a difficult one.

There’s a similar choice to be made now. The President or the Deep State.

Donald Trump’s Top 10 Accomplishments in His First Month in Office

Despite all the hysteria you’re seeing from the Left, the mainstream media and from some Republicans who still at this late date can’t get over the fact that he won the primaries, Trump has actually had a dynamite first month in office. Trump may not fare so well if you judge him on his tweeting habits or his willingness to play nice with the media, but the agenda he’s pursued has been a conservative dream.

While I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of stories based on anonymous leaks and wild speculation, how many people have taken stock of what Trump’s actually been doing? Not what he’s tweeting, not what he might do some day, but what he’s actually done. There may be a lot more that needs doing, but if you’re a conservative, the proper reaction to his agenda is “so far, so good.”

That’s Entertainment! Trump’s 75-Minute Tour de Force

Donald Trump, giving press conferences as president, is like a cross between Fidel Castro’s long-windedness and machismo and Christopher Walken’s theatrical presence — and nobody else in the room can compete with that.

This was on display Thursday, when after a week’s worth of his administration being buffeted by a hurricane of negative media coverage — some of it deserved, some much less so — the president turned himself loose in the East Room.

An hour and 15 minutes later, he walked out of what could be described as a smoldering ruin.

Most Americans Support Trump’s Immigration Order, And They’re Not All Racists

As Trump considers fighting the courts or drafting another executive order, it’s important to remember many Americans view things very differently from the so-called mainstream.

Last week, the Ninth U.S Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision to halt President Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration. The decision, which many have pointed out as legally precarious, follows weeks of protests, celebrity calls for action (see Tribe Called Quest’s call to “resist” at the Grammys on Sunday), and endless stories of families detained or turned away at airports.

Many Americans have expressed deep distress over an order they feel goes against the shared values of a country made up of immigrants. But as Trump considers fighting the courts or drafting another executive order, it’s important to remember that there’s another America out there that views things very differently from the so-called mainstream. And they aren’t racists or radicals. They are our friends, our family members, our co-workers.

Justin Trudeau meets Donald Trump at the White House: ‘America is deeply fortunate to have a neighbour like Canada’

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump struck an amiable, conciliatory note after face-to-face meetings Monday, acknowledging the unique nature of the Canada-U.S. relationship and the need to keep trade moving across a shared, secure border.

Prior to their joint news conference, the two sides issued a joint statement on shared priorities that seemed to suggest the first in-person encounters between the prime minister and the U.S. president had gone well.

“America is deeply fortunate to have a neighbour like Canada,” Trump said.