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Putin Summit May Prove to Be Trump’s Finest Hour

What? Did you just read that headline correctly?

Yes, you did. Writing it I assumed people’s heads would explode. It’s about as far as you can can get from today’s conventional wisdom (i.e. what David Gergen thinks). Virtually every member of the smart set from Pelosi to McCain to some ninety-five percent of the media, including several cowards on Fox News, to, alas, Lindsey Graham (who should know better) are going out of their minds excoriating Trump for being soft on Putin, even for being “owned” by the neo-Soviet strongman. John Brennan — once a communist himself, so he should know — accused Trump of treason.


Once Again, President Trump Is Magnificently Right—This Time About Russia

President Trump offended the entire political spectrum with a tweet this morning blaming the U.S. for poor relations with Russia. “Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity,” the president said, and he is entirely correct. By this I do not mean to say that Russia is a beneficent actor in world affairs or that President Putin is an admirable world leader. Nonetheless, the president displayed both perspicacity and political courage when he pointed the finger at the United States for mismanaging the relationship with Russia.


Donald Trump hopes for ‘extraordinary relationship’ with Vladimir Putin as two leaders meet for key US-Russia summit

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shook hands ahead of the crunch talks in Finland.

Talking briefly to the media ahead of a private conversation inside the Finnish Presidential Palace, the US President hoped for an “extraordinary relationship” between America and Russia having earlier claimed relationships have “never been worse”.

Before the show of mutual respect, the US President congratulated his Russian counterpart on the success of the FIFA World Cup and said: “The world wants to see us getting along – we’re two great nuclear powers.

The Telegraph link above is offering “Live Updates” and the Liberal-Left is going insane on Twitter – see “#TreasonSummit”

The BBC is offering live coverage.


Trump in Europe — American and unbowed

Later they kissed and made up. But before that, at that NATO summit in Brussels, President Trump let them know who’s boss.

No more rolling over…and while he was respectful to the Queen, and contrary to the habits of his predecessor, he did not bow.

He focused on Angela Merkel, since she represents them all. He schooled her for double-dealing – that pipeline to Russia that puts Germany at the mercy of Putin who can turn off the energy spigot any time he wants, and then who ya gonna call? The United States, of course, which will have to come to the rescue, as usual.


Why Trump Makes Sense Regarding NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was conceived as a mutual defense pact against possible Soviet aggression in Europe following WWII, and the U.S., under President Harry Truman’s initiative, became one of the original twelve members in 1949. The unwillingness of the USSR to withdraw from various Eastern European countries at the end of WWII (which countries were then referred to by Winston Churchill as “behind the Iron Curtain”) gave considerable credibility to the idea that a mutual defense pact was needed in Europe. Such a pact would only make sense with U.S. membership since our infrastructure and economy had not been devastated by the War, and in fact in many ways had flourished


Trump’s ambassador lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson

LONDON (Reuters) – Sam Brownback, the U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, complained to the British ambassador in Washington D.C. about the treatment of an English right-wing activist who is in jail for disrupting a trial, according to three sources familiar with the discussion.

Below – ‘Welcome Trump’ Rally to Join ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ Demo in London

Justin will likely be directed to offer citizenship to the Muslims who shiv Tommy.


Britain is ‘losing its culture’ because of immigration and ‘it’s never going to be what it was’ if politicians don’t ‘act soon’ says Trump

President Donald Trump has warned Britain that it is ‘losing its culture’ by allowing ‘millions and millions’ of people to move to the continent.

He said that mass migration has changed Europe in a negative way – and that without quick action, it will never be the same again.

It comes after the continent’s migration crisis has made headlines yet again this year as hundreds of thousands of people – mostly from Africa and the Middle East – make dangerous journeys to reach Europe illegally.


Donald Trump ‘fine’ with protests as UK visit begins

Mr Trump and his wife Melania landed at Stansted on Air Force One at 13:50 BST before a helicopter took them to the US ambassador’s residence in London.

He is due to meet Theresa May, who is seeking a post-Brexit trade deal – days after he said the UK was in “turmoil”.

Extra security is in place to police a number of protests but Mr Trump said he thought Britons “like me a lot”.


Donald Trump refuses to deny threatening to pull out of Nato, but says organisation ‘much stronger than it was two days ago’

Donald Trump has said that the United States’ commitment to Nato “remains very strong”, after member countries agreed to his demands to increase funding for defence.

Mr Trump refused to deny that he had threatened to pull the US out of the organisation, and said the atmosphere in the meeting was “a little tough for a little while,” but cordial after the spending commitments went up “like a rocket ship”.

Despite this Justin will still give our money to unaccountable 3rd world crap holes.


Trump at Nato: President accuses Germany of being ‘a captive of Russia’ in blistering attack

Donald Trump has accused Germany of being “captive” to Russia and questioned why America should continue to fund Nato in a blistering attack at the gathering.

The US president used opening remarks in a meeting with Jens Stoltenberg, the Nato general secretary, in Brussels to criticise other alliance members over defence spending.

Mr Trump said it was “very inappropriate” for Germany to be supporting the proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline between its country and Russia.

He questioned why America should be spending billions of dollars on Nato to counter the Kremlin only for European countries to hands billions back to Russia in energy deals.

This is great – Twitter exploding.

Better video at the link but this will give you the gist.


Trudeau won’t double defence budget despite calls from Trump

RIGA, LATVIA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will not double Canada’s defence budget, despite continued calls from U.S. President Donald Trump for all NATO countries to meet agreed-upon targets for defence spending.

Trudeau calls the military spending target — two per cent of GDP, agreed to by all NATO allies at the 2014 summit in Wales — “an easy shorthand” but a “limited tool” to measure a country’s commitment to the alliance.


The Young White Men Who Back Trump

As he drives along a rural Ohio road where cell phone service can be spotty, Rylee Cupp, 21, reflects on how he overcame reservations about Donald Trump to emerge as a strong supporter of the president.

“Looking now, after everything I see that Trump has done,” he says, “and the positives that have happened to the country, with the booming economy, a great pick for the Supreme Court, and of course now, denuclearization talks with North Korea, I can confidently say that I would happily vote for Donald Trump in 2020.”

After Trump’s surprise win in the 2016 presidential election, disaffected, middle-aged, working-class white men were credited with one of the biggest political upsets in American presidential politics.