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How Trump Can Save the West from Itself

Europe owes everything to the beneficence of America, which was even prepared to sign up for mutually-assured destruction in its protection. When Trump accuses such generosity’s recipients of ingratitude the only surprise is that the complaint was so long in coming

Out of despair, insight. A comment from a despairing American friend of mine suddenly helped me to understand Donald Trump and his context. “If Thomas Jefferson had foreseen Donald Trump,” he said, “he would have told his fellow revolutionaries that they must stop fighting immediately and make peace terms with George III.” There was further gloom. “Trouble is, and despite Jefferson, the Enlightenment only had shallow roots in the United States.” Thus an intellectual blue-stater, more influenced by Hollywood than he would ever acknowledge, looks down on the plain people of middle America: the Donald Trump electorate.

Forgetting Donald Trump for a moment, my friend was right, more so than he realises, about the long-term failure of the Enlightenment. Which, in turn, was partly responsible for the thirty-year failure of Western policy which threatens us with decline. If the West’s will to power and ability to exercise power are gone beyond recall, then anarchy and destruction loom over the entire planet.

Trump supporters don’t have buyer’s remorse but some Clinton voters do: Poll

Anecdotal stories about disillusioned supporters of Donald Trump are overdone. The fact is that, on a broad scale, Trump supporters say they aren’t disappointed. In fact, a poll showed they were more pleased than disappointed, by about 5 to 1:

“…The Pew Research Center released a poll showing very little buyer’s remorse among Trump voters. The poll showed just 7% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say Trump has performed worse than they expected him to. Fully 38% – five times as many – say he has performed better.”

Trump opens the door to military action in Syria after branding sarin massacre an ‘affront to humanity’

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that it is now his responsibility to resolve the humanitarian and political crisis in Syria as he opened the door to military action in the country.

Trump upped the ante in a Rose Garden press conference after having said earlier in the day that the the chemical weapons attack is a ‘terrible affront to humanity.’

‘My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much,’ Trump declared, suggesting with the statement that he may be reconsidering his directive to US diplomats to take their focus off removing Bashar al-Assad from power.

Here’s Why Nunes’ Obama Spying Revelations Are Such A Big Deal

House Intel Chief Devin Nunes revealed Obama’s intelligence agencies may have been improperly spreading significant information about Trump’s transition.

In the last three months of the Obama presidency, significant personal information from and about the Trump transition was collected and widely disseminated at intelligence agencies, according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

Dozens of intelligence reports provided to Nunes by an unnamed whistleblower were floating around during the sensitive transition period following the election, he said. The information collection itself may have technically been legal, but the failure to properly mask the information “alarmed” the California congressman, who notified the White House of the surveillance and dissemination of information on Wednesday afternoon.

House Intel Chair: Trump’s Personal Communications May Have Been Captured In Sweep

President Trump’s personal communications may have been incidentally captured as part of a surveillance sweep conducted by the Obama administration, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes revealed on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, Nunes said that there have been “significant developments” in his committee’s investigation into any Obama administration surveillance of the Trump team.

“I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition,” Nunes said.

“Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value, were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.”

Erdogan, Angela, & Chuck — Can Trump Save Europe?

Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his unrelenting quest to be permanent dictator of his country and who knows where else, is accusing Dutch officials of Nazism for denying his proxies the ability to campaign for him among Holland’s sizable Turkish population  Almost simultaneously, a group of Senate Democrats is proffering legislation to overturn President Trump’s temporary travel ban on six Muslim majority countries.

These two events seem unrelated — NATO member Turkey is not one of the six — but in actuality they are tied closely together because they highlight a growing dilemma that is approaching catastrophe.  Trump’s travel ban may be of some use, even necessary, in the short run, but it is only a temporary bandaid for what confronts us.

Trump wants UN funds cut more than 50 percent: report

President Trump’s administration has told the State Department to cut more than 50 percent of U.S. funding to United Nations programs, Foreign Policy reported.

The push for the drastic reductions comes as the White House is scheduled to release its 2018 topline budget proposal Thursday, which is expected to include a 37 percent cut to the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development budgets.

It’s not clear if Trump’s budget plan, from the Office of Management and Budget, would reflect the full extent of Trump’s proposed cuts to the U.N. 

Trump’s Budget Plan Expected To Include Cuts Of Historic Proportions

The budget that Donald Trump is expected to send to Congress this week will include cuts to the federal government that the country hasn’t seen in 70 years.

The president’s budget for the fiscal 2018 year, set for release on Thursday, reportedly calls for a significant reduction in spending for environmental and public housing agencies while reducing the number of federal employees and adding millions to the defense spending.

Trump Tackles The ‘Outsourcing Visa’ While PM Useful Idiot Encourages Business To Exploit Cheap Foreign Labour

A tale of two leaders… OK Justin is not actually a leader, more a hand puppet.

Trump tackles the ‘outsourcing visa’

Last month, there was a national “Day Without a Latino.” This week, the demonstration du jour shutting down schools and shops is “A Day Without a Woman.” Here’s my question for all the virtue-signaling protesters who pay lip service to better jobs and wages:

Where’s your awareness-raising event for untold thousands of America’s high-skilled men and women victimized by H-1B visa havoc? Thanks to cheap labor-hungry big businesses and money-grubbing politicians in both parties, every day has become a “Day Without American Tech Workers.”

Our own best and brightest are vanishing in plain sight. It has been going on for decades — and it’s all legal. Several court challenges to the corporate abuse of the program have failed.

Meanwhile PM Useful Idiot continues to suck up to special interests at your expense…

Canada to make skilled-worker permits easier to get in wake of U.S. delays

From a commenter at the Globe;

That HR departments go out looking for ‘Purple Squirrels’ is a well known technique for justifying foreign worker recruitment. (They actually use the term ‘Purple Squirrel’ BTW.)
So what they do is put out job ads that no human in Canada could ever fulfill such as very specific technical knowledge combined with many years of experience, or impossible combinations of experience and credentials. This allows the firms to reject every Canadian applicant and then whine to the government about the ‘skills shortage’ and the fact that there are “lots of Purple Squirrels in Elbonia”.

Of course Elbonia doesn’t have any purple squirrels either, but they do have people willing to work cheaper than Canadians, and the government never checks back to verify if the purple squirrel actually does have the credentials.

Mission accomplished.