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Remembrance Day ad gets mixed reviews for making test audience ‘feel guilty’

“While it packed an emotional wallop for those who know John McCrae’s 1915 poem, “at least half the participants in the English sessions did not recognize In Flanders Fields, nor did any of the Montreal participants.”

It will also make many want to puke. ( Ad screenshot below)


Hillel Neuer ROASTS Justin Trudeau, calls apology to dead Jews cheap

Justin Trudeau might be apologizing to the Jewish community a little too late for Hillel Neuer’s taste. Check out how the Prime Minister got burned by the UN watchdog.

And who could ignore little Omar’s efforts to equate today’s benefit shopping illegal alien invaders with Jews fleeing Nazi Germany…


“Secret” memo reveals Canada sought Europe’s Syrian refugee “rejects”

The majority of Syrian migrants that Canada was receiving were what immigration officials called “urban refugees.” Rather than taking refugees from camps holding those in the most dire situations, Canada was taking claimants already living safely in places like Turkey or Lebanon, settled in cities and living in apartments.


Tory senator pokes holes in Khalid’s claim she didn’t know constituent was alleged anti-Semite

Conservative Sen. Linda Frum says she isn’t satisfied with Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s apology for giving an award to an alleged anti-Semite — saying Khalid’s professed ignorance of the man’s association with anti-Jewish causes is disingenuous given she’s called him her “rock” and “brother” in the past.

The elephant in the room… Amin El Maoued’s “views” are not considered “extremist” by Muslims. They are widely held within the community. Our political class likes to pretend that the Muslims they imported are magically different from the rest. They’re lying, not least to themselves. Justin Trudeau calls this lie diversity. Any political party that courts the Muslim vote will inevitably find themselves confronting widespread Islamist anti-semitism within their ranks. The rot is well advanced in the LPC and NDP and nascent within the CPC, look no further than Britain’s Labour Party or America’s Democrat Party for a glimpse of what’s to come.


Ottawa to declare federal holiday for something or other that employers will resent and everyone else will just use to sleep in

Ottawa to declare federal holiday to mark legacy of residential school system

The Liberal government will declare a federal statutory holiday to mark the tragic legacy of the residential school system, fulfilling a recommendation made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

In a statement, a spokesperson for Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said the department is working with Indigenous peoples to determine the best date for this sort of commemoration.


FATAH: Canada has no space for Sir John A, but plenty for Jinnah

On Sunday evening, Quebec MP Maxime Bernier posted a six-tweet thread on ‘extreme multiculturalism’ that has set off a political maelstrom in Canada, a country that seems no longer accustomed to hearing the truth from its political leaders.


FUREY: Relax, there’s nothing wrong about debating multiculturalism – in fact, it’s healthy

Just like that, with the snap of a finger, a moral panic washed over the chattering classes. Someone said something about diversity and multiculturalism. And it was something that didn’t entirely fall within the officially sanctioned boundaries of how we’re supposed to talk about those issues.

Sound the alarm! Man the ramparts! Wrongthink brigade, attack!