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Latest CBC Tragedy: City of St. John’s won’t pay infrastructure costs for new Mosque! The Horror!

Coun. Danny Breen, who represents the neighbourhood on St. John’s city council, said the application was rejected because the area has no water and sewer service, and the road is too narrow for emergency vehicles. The Muslim Association would have to pay for both before it could build on the land.

“I wouldn’t be able to guess, but it’s a significant dollar value,” Breen said. “And the city’s requirement is that’s done by the developers of the property. It’s difficult to go outside of that because once you make one exception, you certainly set a precedent for others.”


Whatever you do don’t mention Islam!

Remember! Even mentioning Islam puts the detonator in your hands!

Is deradicalization the answer in fight against terrorism?

“…There is so much more to know about this, such as how many people are participating in this program, how many graduated and if there are people from Toronto involved.

One thing I did notice on the website was no mention of Islamist radicalization.

Under “types of radicalization” there are categories: Right-wing extremism, politico-religious extremism, left-wing extremism, single-issue extremism.”

God forbid an alleged “de-radicalization” centre mentions Islam. Wouldn’t want to trigger the Muslims!


A Slap in the Face to Democracy: Canada’s “Anti-Islamophobia” Motion

Growing concern in Canada over liberal policies benefitting Muslim extremists sheds light on why an “anti-Islamophobia” bill — proposed in the wake of the deadly January 17 Quebec City mosque attack and approved by parliament on March 23 — spurred such heated controversy there.

Motion 103, tabled by Liberal Party MP Iqra Khalid, a Muslim representing Mississauga-Erin Mills, calls on the Canadian government to “develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.” Because the bill makes no mention of any other religious group targeted by bigots, it was opposed by most Conservative Party politicians and a majority of the public.


M-103: Petition to enable recall referendums in Canada

From David Nitkin at Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms here:

This may be the most important official Parliamentary Petition you and I will sign with the power to affect the Trudeau Liberals and shake their support for M-103. MPs jobs will be on the line if they go forward with M-103. It is a Parliamentary E-Motion which carries much more weight than a public petition. Please consider signing it immediately and promoting it today to every like-minded citizen you know. You must sign before 26 July 2017. More.

Reality check: The prospect of getting rid of them before 2019 is invigorating even if nothing happens.

See also: Claim: Canadian public doesn’t want sharia law (?) If that’s true, why hasn’t Justin! Justin! been forced to resign?  Why is his party in power?


Greenhouse gas emission promises should be linked to past practice

Talk about fake news.

Based on three decades of broken promises, whenever a Canadian government pledges to lower industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change, it’s best to take any commitment with a grain of salt.

If for no other reason than the best indicator of future performance by any federal government – Liberal or Conservative – is past practice.

Today, let’s review the history of those promises and what actually happened after they were made.


Claim: Canadian public doesn’t want sharia law (?)

From David Nitkin at Camadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms:

1. The Canadian Public Is Arising From Slumber
Our group is purpose-built to combat M-103. Just two months old, we are growing at 30 new members a week. Motion M-103 (Islamophobia) has the potential to become the biggest citizens revolt since the Quebec Referendum. 800,000 Canadians signed petitions to MPs about it in just three months. Yet most Canadians still are not aware of the threat to Canadian laws and freedom of expression. Just before M-103 passed Parliament in April, only 12-14% of Canadians polled agreed it was a good idea. Talk to your friends. Ask them to join us. Have them ask to appear as a witness at the Standing Committee on Heritage. For info about us, see More.

Reality check: If that’s true, why hasn’t Justin! Justin! been forced to resign?  Why is his party in power? Why do we hear next to nothing from Conservatives?

See also: Isn’t Macron the French Justin?


Age increased to 22 for “dependent child”: Immigration Canada

“Raising the age of dependants lets more families stay together. This will bring economic and social gains to our country as it enhances our attractiveness as a destination of choice for immigrants and refugees,” said Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.


Canadian passport will have new marker for transgender travellers, justice minister says

Transgender travellers will soon have another option to tick off on their passport other than “male” or “female.”

A sex field is mandatory for travel documents under International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules. ICAO allows one of three markers: F for female, M for male or X for “unspecified.”

  1. Isn’t using ‘X’ appropriating cisgender chromosome labels?
  2. Everybody check unspecified! That’ll put a burr under their saddle.

Human Rights “Justice” in Ontario

The Toronto Sun’s Michele Mandel recounts the sad, sad tale of a man who rented out part of his home to difficult tenants, and who is being forced to pay them big bucks out his own pocket following their complaint to the local “human rights” constabulary…


Iran’s Forward Operating Base against the U.S.

Iran and its Islamist regime is currently making a major effort to expand its footprint in Canada. Their aim is to use American’s northern neighbour as a “forward operating base” for influence operations against the American government. In a recent video, Hassan Abbasi, a leadership figure in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), was boasting about a “guerilla movement of Iranian agents living and working in the United States.” Iran, he says, is leading a clandestine army of potential martyrs within the US.

This does not seem to be an isolated event. Iranian diplomat Hamid Mohammadi said in 2012 there were many Iranian-Canadians “working in influential government positions” and called on others to “occupy high-level and key positions.

Given Iran’s history of exporting violence and terrorism, that Iranians on both sides of the border are discussing how they are infiltrating North America should be of concern.

This article mentions the Jaffari Centre’s East End Madrassah, whose curriculum text compared Jews to Nazis. This blog broke that story which resulted in a pantomime “Hate Crime” investigation. BCF also broke the story of the centre’s Imam Rizvi and his belief that marrying 9 year old girls is just dandy. Just sayin. It’s not like I get paid to do this.


Useful Idiot Trudeau tells world media alternative facts about Canada’s ‘headscarf bans’

Yet the Prime Minister also walks back #WelcomeToCanada remarks

Once again, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has misrepresented Canadian policy on the world stage.

In the cover story of the most recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, Trudeau claims the former Conservative government advocated “headscarf bans”. It’s simply not true.

The PM tells the influential American magazine that in the last election he “was up against a government than ran on snitch lines against Muslims and headscarf bans and a fear-filled narrative that Canadians chose to reject”.