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Conservatives urge crack down on Justin’s illegal alien invasion

As ministers from the Quebec government prepare for a meeting with federal officials Wednesday over fears of a spring spike in illegal migrant border crossings, the Conservatives are doubling down in their call for the Liberals to crack down and put an end to the flow.

Justin’s handlers seek to make Canada a 3rd world nation, the illegal alien invasion isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. 


Rift exposed between Quebec, federal government over handling of asylum seekers

The Premier of Quebec and the federal Immigration Minister have each accused the other level of government of ducking responsibility for an anticipated summertime surge of asylum seekers from the United States, cracking the united front they presented in last summer’s migration crisis.

The rift was exposed as officials from the provinces were set to meet with the federal government Wednesday evening to discuss their strategy for coping with an influx of irregular border crossers, particularly in Quebec. Some 25,000 asylum seekers arrived in the province last year, 75 per cent of whom walked across the border. Quebec normally receives about 3,500 claimants.

Quebec raised the alarm this week, saying the number of people crossing at a makeshift border post between New York State and Quebec is already at 6,074 for the year – three times greater than last year’s pace.


Bureaucrats to Trudeau, hide the immigration numbers

…Effectively, top bureaucrats are warning the government, not to tell the public the real immigration numbers lest support for immigration fall. In other words, lie to the public to keep them onside.

I wonder how the public would feel if they knew the real total intake for 2016 was 848,000 people and not 260,000 as the poll claims.


MALCOLM: Canada’s border crisis? It’s still happening in 2018

The problem of illegal immigration into Canada is getting worse.

You wouldn’t know it from watching the evening news or reading a national newspaper, but a steady stream of illegal migrants continues to sneak across unpatrolled sections of our southern border. Liberal journalists may feel uncomfortable telling the story, but the numbers don’t lie.


Minister, union head disagree on how to deal with illegal alien invasion of Canada

The minister of immigration and the head of Canada’s Customs and Immigration Union are at odds over what they see as the right approach to handling a spike in irregular border crossings from the U.S.

It’s a question that has — so far — defied solutions. How can the government best respond to increased numbers of illegal migrants walking into Canada?

While Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is emphasizing education and outreach, union head Jean-Pierre Fortin is pleading for more resources at the border.

The Liberals are serious about One Thing only: Making Canada a dumping ground for economically motivated illegal alien invaders.


MALCOLM: If only Trudeau’s immigration strategy was about what’s best for Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is giving up Canada’s natural advantages when it comes to immigration, and he’s doing it to score cheap political points.

Instead of being smart and strategic about who we let into our country, the Trudeau government seems to prefer selecting failed asylum seekers from other Western democracies.


Canada’s Immigration & Refugee Numbers Should Be Decided In A National Referendum

With Bob Rae recommending that Canada grant refugee status to the Rohingya in Myanmar, and the Trudeau government having apparently agreed to bring in rejected asylum claimants from Israel, the debate over Canada’s immigration refugee policies is set to continue.


F@CK YOU: Canada should welcome more African migrants from Israel, UN refugee agency says

Jean-Nicolas Beuze, the UNHCR representative in Ottawa, called on Canada to open its door to more African migrants from Israel.​

Canada has not yet made any formal commitment, but “this is being discussed,” Beuze said. In addition to increasing the number of privately sponsored spots, the government could also sponsor some vulnerable refugees such as LGBT or those with medical needs.


Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Toronto-based Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said there is an urgent need to increase resources at the Canadian Embassy in Israel to speed up processing to bring more asylum seekers here, and that many groups and organizations stand ready to help.


WTF? Canada will resettle nearly 2,000 alleged “asylum seekers” from Israel

Canada will resettle nearly 2,000 asylum seekers from Israel despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to freeze an agreement with the UN refugee agency to relocate thousands of Africans to Western countries.

Hours after he announced a plan on Monday to resettle about half of the approximately 39,000 African asylum seekers to countries including Canada, the Israeli leader put the deal on hold because of a political backlash.

But Canadian and Israeli officials told The Globe and Mail that the Prime Minister’s decision will not affect the resettlement of asylum seekers in Israel who have requested to immigrate to Canada.

No money for veterans but a bunch of economic migrants? Hey no problem!


Dear Bob Rae, The Answer Is No. Stop making Canada a dumping ground for Liberal party virtue signaling.

Canada should show willingness to take in Rohingya refugees: Rae report

Ottawa’s special envoy to Myanmar will release a report Tuesday urging Canada to express willingness to welcome Rohingya refugees and implement sanctions against those responsible for the ongoing humanitarian crisis, according to people familiar with the document.

Those sources also say that that the special envoy’s report addresses “strong signals” that crimes against humanity have been committed in the country.

Let Muslim states look after their own. Myanmar has a right to protect itself from Muslim insurgency.