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What I will be doing…

This. Shortly.

Work has taken me out of town and on graveyard shift this past week, likely the next as well.

Thank the Gang for keeping the home fires burning.

But I will comment on a current story before heading to sleep. Last night Ontario’s PC Party announced a private members bill that would strip returning ISIS members of provincial privileges such as healthcare coverage and driver’s licenses etc – Ontario bill aims to strip returning terrorists of provincial privileges

Needless to say it made quite a splash on social media with even Doug Ford touting it on twitter.

As a PR exercise the announcement accomplishes a couple of things.

  1. It’s a nice jab at Trudeau and his affinity for Muslim terrorists and you can never go wrong doing that.
  2.  It’s red meat for a large segment of the PCPO base who likely won’t see it for what it is,  a cynical exercise in pandering

Will it ever become law?

Possibly though not likely and even if it did pass the inevitable “Charter Challenges” would likely kill it off, who knows Justin might be so triggered he’ll trigger the “Notwithstanding” clause.

By focusing on “ISIS members” the PCPO hopes to avoid the taint of “islamophobia”. It won’t work in the long term, and once that squeaky wheel of Islamic victimhood gets revved up I suspect this “Bill” will die a quiet unremarked death. All without dirtying Ford’s hands because it was just a private member’s bill and not official party policy. Harrumph Harrumph..

After all this would be the same Doug Ford who booted Tanya Granic Allen from the party for not being his kind of nice to Muslims.

Doug Ford has accomplished a great deal but on the Islam file I do not trust him. At its heart it all smacks of Trudeauesque posing. Nothing more than empty words.


Joe Murphy was the Red Wings’ No. 1 pick. Then he became homeless.

KENORA, Ontario – Joe Murphy hunches over, unable to speak, unable to respond.

His eyes float to the back of his head. His forehead creases with wrinkles. Frozen in place.

Still strong and athletic, the muscles in his arms tense. His hands contort, his fingers curl and lock in place, becoming rigid as a brick.

Down the right side of his neck, there is an old scar, near the jugular, where he says he was knifed.

Murphy, who was the No. 1 overall pick by the Detroit Red Wings in 1986, starts mumbling under his breath and rocks back and forth.

h/t RM


Journey’s End…

This is our last night on board the Rotterdam. Tomorrow morning we disembark in Boston.

Today we had a stop over in Bar Harbor, easily my favourite port of call. It is a beautiful spot.

Yes it is touristy, in fact I doubt I have ever encountered so intense a concentration of shops, restaurants, galleries and B&B’s. But where else will you find homemade Blueberry Ice-Cream? Sugar free no less. Yes it was delicious.

But there are beautiful homes to ogle as you stroll the streets and much natural beauty nearby. This is St Saviors church.

How many churches sport stained glass windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany? Yup, that’s Jesus in a rain slicker.

One drawback? Very “Resistance”.

We’ll be in Boston for a few days. The Steyn-at-Sea Cruise has been fun and informative. I highly recommend it.


Sailing along…

Hi All, just sorting out the internet situation on board so bear with me.

Below is a shot of the Queen Mary 2 as we made port in Quebec City at 6 am this morning.

K and I got an early start and hit the pavement by 7:30 AM. A wise decision as it turns out as by noon lower town was packed. We headed to the citadel first off and worked our way down. I was in QC in the late 70’s, it was touristy then but now it’s in overdrive.

Still it is lovely to stroll.

I will post more as I can but now am off to a seminar.


Sea Cruise…


K and I will be away through October 9 on the Mark Steyn Cruise courtesy of Mark Steyn. Stops include Quebec City, PEI, Halifax, Bar Harbor then ending in Boston. Looks like a fun week ahead with a terrific line-up of speakers and events.

I’ll be blogging a bit while on-board time and wife permitting but Sarcasticat, Black Mamba, Osumashi, Denyse, DB Cooper and Frau Katze will be keeping the home fires burning. I’ll have internet access of an as yet unknown quality while we sail but we have been advised to turn our cell phones off entirely as roaming charges are many dollars per minute. When we make land in a US port normal charges will apply.

My brother is looking after Sainted Irish Mother and Pip. His wife, who will remain at their home with their 5 cats notes, “everybody gets a break, it’s win, win, win.”

We’ll be taking a couple of days to see Boston for the 1st time and K is busy cataloging our tentative itinerary. We’ll keep you posted!


Conrad Black: The West is a mess … but Europe is where the real troubles are

It is high summer and vacation time, including for me, as this will be my last column here until Labour Day. It is hard not to wonder what the political geography of the West will be like when we are all back at our workplaces like happy little elves in September. The other Western G7 countries, apart from Canada, are in the midst of fraught political landscapes and events.


The prophetic Tom Wolfe

What Wolfe didn’t anticipate at the time – though many other people did, who weren’t literary or journalistic legends – was how quickly this culture of easy, apparently consequence-free sex among young people would sour. The hookup quickly led to the consent code, to charges that college campuses were fostering a “culture of rape,” and ultimately to the #MeToo moment when that generation of women who lived through the campus hookup arrived in the post-collegiate world to discover that powerful men had come to assume that their sexual acquiescence was a given, especially if they aspired to maintaining or escalating their position or status.


Input needed… Cannabis based alternatives to opioids for Arthritis

Hi All,

Me Sainted Irish Mother is slowly being crippled by arthritis, its reached the point now where her sleep is severely disrupted and even cutting her own meat at dinner is too difficult.

She has been offered opioid based pain killers in the past when the bad bouts were a passing rather than ongoing issue but has complained of the constipation caused. ( I am told Miralax is good for this)

We’re off to see her cardiologist (recent halter results showed a very low heart rate) this morning and will ask what if anything we can use that won’t conflict with her heart medications and will follow up with both he and her GP.

I’ve heard 3rd hand that some cannabis based alternatives are very effective. Can anyone let me know of their experience with these?

We’re willing to try anything at this point as her quality of life has been so seriously affected.

Thank you.


Digital Publishing and Why the YouTube Shooter Opened Fire

Nasim Aghdam is a 21st-century Willy Loman, the hapless protagonist of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman.

The eccentric vegan activist who shot up the headquarters of online video giant YouTube epitomized today’s forgotten man – or, perhaps, the forgotten woman, as is the more accurate case.

Not long after Aghdam’s shooting, which left none dead but herself, did her attempted murder spree drop from headlines. At a time when any crime involving a firearm is scrupulously deconstructed to establish a case for curtailing the Second Amendment, Aghdam’s was not. This, despite her easily purchasing a 9mm Smith and Wesson under her own name at a local dealer shortly before her fatal scheme.


Poor children in Britain now fatter than wealthy in dramatic reversal

WWII London Blitz, East End Children

Poor children in Britain are now fatter than wealthy youngsters demonstrating a total reversal in the weight of the two social classes over the past 70 years.

Traditionally, poverty has been associated with malnutrition and thinnness. But a new study by University College London, which compared children today to those born in the 1940s, 50s and 70s, has found a dramatic switch.

In 1957, deprived 11-year-olds were on average 4.4lbs lighter than those from the upper classes as food shortages and gruelling lifestyles took their toll. But in 2015, the poorest children were 4.6lbs heavier than the richest.


WE’RE AT WAR… But we’re not waging it.

“Most people think war is unusual and peace is the norm, but anyone who studies human history knows it’s the other way around. Mostly there’s war and the preparation for war, while peace, which is rare, only happens when someone wins a war and imposes conditions on the loser. Those conditions are usually codified in a “peace treaty,” and the parties resume preparation for the next war.”


World’s biggest franchise: Who profits from the Olympic Games?

As the 23rd Winter Olympics get underway in PyeongChang, South Korea, let’s take a look at what the Romans (big fans of the ancient Olympics themselves) addressed as “Cui bono?” or “who stands to benefit?”

To make it more specific – whose money makes the Olympics roll?

There’s arguably no sleeker money-making machine in the world than the IOC currently is – selling its name & symbols for a major buck.

Can it be any clearer why the Olympics are such a farce? From Dopers to Trannies it’s one big scam.


Is paganism replacing secular humanism?

From A. Castellitto at American Thinker, quoting Peter Jones, a PCA pastor, former professor at Westminster Seminary, and researcher into new age spirituality:

Secular humanism is in decline. We now live in a “post-secular” age which seeks to include in “sophisticated” 21st century thinking the claims of pagan spiritualities that secular intellectuals once considered pure superstition.

The future direction of America and the West in general is towards a so-called “non-binary” egalitarian future utopia, where all distinctions are eliminated and all-is-one “non-binary” peace will reign. This utopian vision involves in particular a decided pagan influence upon both sexuality and spirituality which together express the essence of human existence. In sexuality, every day we hear of the importance of the elimination of the “gender binary,” even taught in our primary schools calling for the elimination of disruptive terms like “boy” and “girl” and normalizing both homosexuality and transgenderism as civil rights and acceptable behavior. This is a “coordinated agenda” because it is possible to speak of the power of “sexual politics” which denies to traditional sexuality any acceptable voice or social place. In the same way, but on a different level, non-dual or non-binary spirituality seeks to eliminate the essential idea of the Creator/creature distinction and our distinction from God our Maker and Redeemer which is the essence of the Christian faith, a faith which is more and more under attack. Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, in particular, was essential in the development of this so-called new spirituality. He espoused a pagan ideology that emphasized the joining of opposites, and thus relativized right and wrong, male and female, and other relationships. More.

Reality check: Jones is onto something there. Secular humanism is hard work. Paganism can simply be crazy until it all collapses. The barista, hopelessly in debt for four years of Victimhood Studies, will be much more attracted to paganism. That’s bad news for rational thinking about civil liberties.

See also: Occult gaining ground among “sciencey liberals”


Does post-modern naturalism lead to a rise in superstition? Millennials are ditching monotheism for witchcraft. But then post-modern naturalism holds that whatever you evolved to believe in is the ultimate Cool for you.

Can science survive long in a post-modern world? It’s not clear.


A Glass Half-Full of Delusion

Our parents’ generation, inferior to that of our grandparents, brought forth ourselves who are more worthless still and are destined to have children yet more corrupt
— Horace, 65 – 8 BC

Clearly Horace was pessimistic about progress. So was Malcolm Muggeridge, who Paul Phillips in Contesting the Moral High Ground quotes from an address to a Catholic assembly. Muggeridge, he wrote, went on, rightly or wrongly, to assume that “no notion of such a ridiculous thing as progress has ever been put in your heads. If it has, dismiss it at once. There are various things that human beings can do; but there is one thing they can’t do, and that is progress.”