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Where Ontario can make cuts: Stop giving welfare to refugees who should be deported

Late last year, Ontario auditor general Bonnie Lysyk raised a number of concerns about the province’s $10-billion-per-year welfare system. She noted that the province was owed $790 million in overpayments and wasn’t doing much to try to get them back. She also flagged that, rather than addressing fraud tips in the 30 days required by the ministry’s own rules, managers were taking nearly a year on average to investigate. Most appallingly, Lysyk highlighted that managers were sometimes failing to ask the most basic questions about eligibility. Does the recipient live in Canada? Is he or she allowed to live in Canada?

Canada’s public service union predator class at work.

h/t Ontario John


Christie Blatchford: An ignominious finale for country’s top civil servant

A week after news of the SNC-Lavalin imbroglio broke, Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick gave a speech.

It was about a week before he testified for the first time at the House of Commons justice committee, where his opening remarks seemed unduly lurid for the country’s top civil servant.

In particular, I refer to his fear that “the rising tides of incitements to violence” online could see “somebody … shot in this country this year, during the political campaign.”


Canada only getting more polarized between haves and have-nots, survey shows

VANCOUVER—Canadians are becoming more polarized, as the gap in trust levels between the haves and the have-nots is now among the largest in the world, according to a global survey by Edelman.

Respondents who were “college-educated” and whose household income ranked within the top 25 per cent are much more trusting of the government, big business, the media and non-governmental organizations, according to Edelman’s annual Trust Barometer Survey.

Well shit happens when your political class – the government, media and their crony capitalist buddies – actively despise and undermine society.

Bob Rae – a perfect example of why term limits are necessary.


Canada’s largest union sides with maligned Venezuela president over Canadian government

OTTAWA — Canada’s largest union is lining up behind Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro even as Canada, the United States and other allies recognize his rival, Juan Guaidó, as the country’s president.

“The Canadian government was one of the first governments in the world to declare support for Juan Guaidó. In doing so, they have chosen to side with a self-declared leader over President Nicolas Maduro, who was duly elected by the people of Venezuela,” the Canadian Union of Public Employees said in a recent statement. “They have also chosen to side with Donald Trump and U.S. foreign policy.”


For showing up to work on 5 consecutive days I award thee the Medal Of Heroic Endurance…

The Liberal government wants to pin more medals on bureaucrats

The Liberal government wants to see more medals pinned on the chests of public servants, and so has established a kind of quota system to make sure they’re nominated more frequently.

Michael Wernick, clerk of the Privy Council and Canada’s top public servant, has pressed all federal departments to submit the names of at least five of their employees each year to the Governor General’s office for various awards.

The political class, your friendly neighborhood predator.


You’re paying for the Trudeau government’s globalist immigration agenda propaganda campaign

Federal government launches campaign to boost support for immigration

With immigration shaping up to become a wedge issue in next year’s federal election, the Liberal government is trying to promote the upside of immigration to Canada.

Amid the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in Canada and abroad, Ottawa is hoping its new online initiative can spark a constructive conversation on immigration that is based on facts and personal stories.

Cui Bono?

The liberals are destroying the oil and manufacturing sectors driving jobs and investment out of the country yet they want to import record numbers of immigrants.

Corporate Canada benefits  through a bloated labour pool that enables them to depress wages while shortages such as in housing assist to line their pockets.

The Liberal party hopes in turn to cultivate a fearful divided populace dependent on government largesse and secure new voters from the immigrant pool.

Divide and conquer.


Majority of Canadians oppose StatCan’s plan to access bank data: Nanos survey

New polling finds that about three-quarters of those surveyed aren’t on board with Statistics Canada’s temporarily-shelved plan to access the financial transaction data and personal details of 500,000 Canadians without their permission.

The Nanos Research survey of 1,000 adult Canadians conducted between Nov. 3 and Nov. 7 found that 55 per cent of those surveyed oppose the idea, 19 per cent somewhat oppose it, nine per cent are supportive, 14 per cent are somewhat supportive and three per cent are unsure.


Statscan’s personal data grab is for a “new institutional personal information bank” 

For government use. From my article at Mind Matters:

Further investigation showed that the government agency has already been harvesting information from a credit bureau about, potentially, millions of Canadians for fifteen years, without anyone knowing. It plans to build “with the real-time financial transaction data  of hundreds of thousands of Canadians.” The goal is to develop “new institutional personal information bank” for government use. This comes on the heels of reports of China adopting mass surveillance and instruction of other governments in internet control, though the Canadian data grab appears to be independent.

In response to Conservative opposition questions in the House of Commons, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau* justified the secret data grab on the grounds that “High quality and timely data are critical to ensuring that government programs remain relevant and effective for Canadians.” He blames the previous Conservative government for abandoning the mandatory long-form census which was unpopular in many quarters. It asked one in four respondents about ethnicity, religion, disability, and how much they pay for housing. Many Canadians are either unsure or would rather not say. Trudeau has now restored the mandatory long-form census.

The Prime Minister reassured the public that “the anonymized data will be used for statistical purposes only.”

Former chief statistician Wayne Smith quit over an earlier issue involving government treating citizen’s data as government property: More.

Reality check: It makes sense that smaller governments will begin to welcome partnerships with big data and social media companies too for these purposes, to better control the citizens who don’t ever love or trust them enough.

See also: Chilling snippet from mass surveillance in China China is helping other countries restrict their citizens’ internet, while shunning the U.S.

Would Google be happier if America were run more like China?

Google branches out into politics

Google powering China’s snoop culture


Senior Google scientist quits over Google’s censorship in China


GUNTER: Legal and illegal immigration are different and that matters

There is nothing racist about opposing illegal immigration.

Indeed, while polls show most Canadians are opposed to the stream of illegal immigrants flooding across our borders in Quebec — over 15,000 so far this year — it is the illegal part they oppose, not the immigrant part.

I’m guessing there will be far less opposition to the announcement this week by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen that Canada will admit 350,000 immigrants annually by 2021 (up from 310,000 now).

Actually Lorne many people are upset at the Liberal effort at population replacement. They may not tell pollsters that, but the anger is there. Mass immigration is an anti-Canadian policy designed solely to benefit the corporate and political class. A Ponzi scheme that will reduce access to scarce public resources, depress wages and destroy the very welfare state they pretend it will prop up. Ever heard of automation Lorne?


Rempel says Trudeau has ‘no credibility’ on immigration

One day after the Liberal government unveiled plans to ramp up immigration levels to 350,000 people by 2021, the Conservative immigration critic won’t say what she believes the figure should be.

The number is not the point, according to Michelle Rempel.

“Justin Trudeau has no credibility to set Canada’s immigration levels,” she said Thursday at a news conference.

Do read this, the Liberals are swamping Canada with unwanted and unnecessary levels of immigration and ramping up the “Temporary Foreign Workers” scam.

This is immigration policy designed solely for corporate and political gain, you are collateral damage.

Depressed wages, contrived shortages  and increased costs of everything – you name it you’ll suffer it with a carbon tax on top.


“Diversity Champion” appointed to Senate by Justin calls Canadians “Xenophobes” for objecting to illegal alien invasion

Asylum seekers are not causing a crisis for Canada by Ratty Omidvar

…With a population of 36 million people. Canada is positioned well to deal with these numbers. And although they are crossing informally, it’s not that there is just an open border for them. The RCMP has done a good job processing the migrants and ensuring safety and security.

The only thing that is a looming crisis is the rhetoric that is picking up. More and more voices are using populist tones to their criticisms. The opposition dedicated a day last week in the House of Commons to score political points on the backs of asylum seekers. And a Quebec political leader even called for a wall to be built along the Chemin Roxham. I wonder where he got that idea.

This is dangerous. What can be looked at as legitimate questions can easily turn nasty into a wave of dangerous populism.

Let’s be honest. The common thread of today’s populism is anti-immigration. This populism legitimizes xenophobia and encourage the separation of people into “us” and “them”. It creates a politics that sees the other not simply as different, but as different and therefor dangerous. Adversaries become enemies.

Dangerous populism? Heaven forbid the peasants start thinking for themselves.


Canada will soon have more illegal border crossers than Syrian refugees

There are so many Mounties needed to process illegal border crossings in rural Quebec that the federal government is now spending $250,000 to build an unofficial police station on the U.S. border. In Toronto last week, Mayor John Tory announced that the number of refugee claimants in the city’s shelter system has quadrupled from 459 per night in 2016 to an average of 2,351 in 2018. And at least one Quebec politician is calling for a border fence with the U.S.

This is deliberate. As England’s Labour Party did Trudeau’s handlers are flooding the country with “diversity”.

Labour has always justified immigration on economic grounds and denied it was using it to foster multiculturalism.

But suspicions of a secret agenda rose when Andrew Neather, a former government adviser and speech writer for Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said the aim of Labour’s immigration strategy was to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.

More… Was Mass Immigration a Conspiracy?

The strongest evidence for conspiracy comes from one of Labour’s own. Andrew Neather, a previously unheard-of speechwriter for Blair, Straw and Blunkett, popped up with an article in the Evening Standard in October 2009 which gave the game away.

Immigration, he wrote, ‘didn’t just happen; the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000…was to open up the UK to mass immigration’.

He was at the heart of policy in September 2001, drafting the landmark speech by the then Immigration Minister Barbara Roche, and he reported ‘coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.


The political debate over migrants hasn’t turned ugly yet – but it could

The Liberals want the Conservatives to watch their words. The Conservatives want a plan. They’re both right.

No. They’re not.

All our political parties serve the same masters and it isn’t you and it isn’t me. All believe in open door immigration and neither cares where that comes from so long as the “economy” read a surplus of cheap labour is maintained and ethnic vote whoring is built in to the election process.

We no longer need mass immigration and certainly not from backward nations with toxic ideologies. The lies of multiculturalism and diversity shield and prevent politicians from honestly addressing the subject and the toll it takes on society in the form of contrived shortages in housing, suppressed wages, and the strain on public services. The divide and conquer Balkinization of our nation is deliberate because you must be silenced. Public dissent is demonized as racism or white supremacism or simply hate as the political class will stop at nothing to prevent lifting the veil on the great replacement.


Bureaucrats to Trudeau, hide the immigration numbers

…Effectively, top bureaucrats are warning the government, not to tell the public the real immigration numbers lest support for immigration fall. In other words, lie to the public to keep them onside.

I wonder how the public would feel if they knew the real total intake for 2016 was 848,000 people and not 260,000 as the poll claims.