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The legal gun owner responsible must be found and punished!


Data shows Toronto’s gun ‘surge’ never happened

Earlier this summer — a summer that has seen Toronto wracked by gun violence — a report came out that suggested lawful Canadian gun owners were to blame for at least some of the violence. The article was originally published by the Canadian Press, and was widely republished elsewhere, including at the CBC, the National Post, a dozen local newspapers, CTV News, and, yes, here at Global News. Since then, it has been widely cited in other news stories covering the issue, including in The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. The report was everywhere.

Here’s the problem. Newly released stats show clearly that it was wrong.

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Handgun ban would have ‘no impact,’ police union head warns

Toronto and Montreal city councils have called for it, Toronto’s mayor has demanded it, the federal government is examining it, but the head of Toronto’s police union says a handgun ban won’t stop shootings.

After a string of gun-related deaths and injuries in Toronto this summer, the city called on Ottawa to ban the sale of handguns in the city and asked the province to halt the sale of handgun ammunition. Montreal made a similar plea soon after, calling for a nationwide end to private ownership of handguns and assault weapons.


GUNTER: National handgun ban won’t improve public safety

Since the devastating and deadly shooting Muslim terror attack on Toronto’s trendy Danforth Ave. in late July, Toronto city council has voted overwhelmingly to ask Ottawa for the power to ban handgun sales within city limits. Meanwhile, Montreal city council has voted unanimously to ask for a nationwide ban on handguns.

Then this past week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked his minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction — former Toronto police chief Bill Blair — to investigate the kind of ban Montreal politicians are requesting.


Canada gun facts: Here are the latest stats on firearm deaths, injuries and crime

Guns have been thrust back into the national discourse recently, in the wake of the mass shooting in downtown Toronto and the federal government’s plans to explore a potential “full ban” on handguns and assault weapons.

But is gun crime actually on the rise?

130 handgun homicides in Canada in 2016, that’s like a long weekend in Chicago.


Liberals to look at ‘full ban’ on handguns, assault weapons

The federal government plans to study a full ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada.

A mandate letter to Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sets the minister to the task of working with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on policy, regulations or legislation on gun control.

“You should lead an examination of a full ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada, while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians,” the mandate letter reads.

This is good news, one more nail in the LPC coffin come 2019.


If Amazon Can Ban My Best-Selling Gun-Blueprint Book, It Can Ban Anything

The left is now arguing we may have a right to buy guns and a right to free speech, but we have no right to talk about how to make guns.

Today, for a fee, you can purchase some of the most dangerous books known to man on

For $3, you can buy Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto,” a book that indirectly led to the deaths of upwards of 100 million people worldwide. You can also purchase a copy of the “U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook,” which promises “step-by-step instructions on how to assemble weapons and explosives from common and readily available materials.” Amazon sells hundreds of books teaching readers how to build guns (and the website even sells many of the tools necessary to do it).

Seeing this precedent, I uploaded a 3D printable gun file to Amazon … as a book.


Leftist Celebrities Are Quick to Politicize Jacksonville Shooting

Many people were quick to take to social media to react to the Sunday shooting at a gaming event in Jacksonville, Florida.

While many public figures offered thoughts and prayers and expressed their sadness at the day’s events, some leftists were quick to politicize the event.

The gaming event was a “Madden NFL 19” tournament.


Deadly weekend puts city on pace for nearly twice as many homicides as last year

Toronto endured another violent weekend as three slayings — one shooting and two stabbings — pushed the city’s homicide toll to 63 for the year.

That’s just three fewer than were recorded all of last year and nearly twice the number seen by this point in 2017. The Yonge St. van attack in April accounted for 10 of this year’s homicides, but shooting and stabbing deaths are both on the rise compared to recent years, putting the city on pace for its most homicides since 2007, when 86 people were killed.

One is too many and all that but Toronto remains a relatively safe city by any standard. The Star, John Tory and their fellow travelers are shamelessly using this “panic” to push gun control in an election year.