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NRA Lobbyist Sues Male Gun Controllers for Targeting Her with ‘Hate, Vitriol‘

Former NRA president and current NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer filed state and federal lawsuits alleging five male gun control supporters have targeted her with “hate and vitriol.”

Hammer says the alleged harassment began in the aftermath of the February 14, 2018, shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. That shooting was carried out by a 19-year-old who legally purchased his rifle, then shot and killed 17 people in a the gun-free school zone.


Inventor Wins Free Speech Battle with DOJ to Distribute 3D-Printed Gun Designs

Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed and Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) reached a settlement with the Department of Justice allowing unfettered publication of 3D gun files and other information in a case centered on free speech.

Breitbart News reported that SAF filed a suit on behalf of Defense Distributed on May 6, 2015, seeking to free Wilson from a federal mandate that he not post blueprints for The Liberator pistol online.


Legally Armed Teachers Explain Why They Carry Guns in Their Schools

‘Why do teachers have to die protecting their students? Why can’t we live protecting our students?’

In the weeks and months since the school shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas, the debate over whether teachers should be able to carry firearms in schools has received a great deal of attention. A number of states have allowed teachers to carry firearms in schools for years and provide some insight into how such programs work in practice and what motivates teachers who want to be armed.


Liberals run “sham” consultation for latest gun control law

It seems the Liberal government is running sham consultations for its latest gun control law, Bill C-71.

The new law resurrects the long gun registry in another form, now requiring gun retailers to keep records of sales as opposed to the federal government, and revives ATT requirements for restricted firearms. The new law will also arbitrarily prohibit the CZ 858 and the Swiss Arms green carbine for reasons the liberals have never even hinted at revealing.


Illinois Counties Declare Themselves ‘Gun Sanctuaries’; Oregon Voters Could be Next

David Campbell is one of the people who started the gun sanctuary movement that is moving into Oregon after sweeping through the rural counties of Illinois.

Campbell, a member of the Effingham County Board in rural Illinois, wasn’t happy to learn the state’s General Assembly was working on gun-control legislation that he considered to be unconstitutional. Campbell decided to do what county board members do best.


‘We have good kids to protect’: the Texan schools where staff carry guns

For the past 18 months, the British photojournalist Spike Johnson has been touring Texan high schools, talking to the armed superintendents who work there and who believe passionately that civilians have a greater role to play in protecting American children. At least 10 states across the US now allow school staff access to firearms, kept in lock boxes or inside vehicles, in a scheme known as the school marshal programme. In Texas, though, more than 170 schools go a step further, allowing employees to carry weapons under a shirt or in an ankle holster.


‘No apologies’: College grad makes her point, stands her ground after firestorm over campus gun photo

A Kent State University graduate has “no apologies” for her now-viral graduation photos which featured her carrying a rifle on campus.

Kaitlin Bennett became the target of liberal backlash as she celebrated her college graduation with a challenge and a nod to the past, posting a photo of herself walking on school grounds with an AR-10 rifle strapped to her back.


Police find high-powered rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a Hawaii hotel room of man who claimed to be a federal agent in a string of disturbing social media posts

The police found a high-powered rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and an array of other weapons, however the 28-year-old man staying in the room was not arrested, Hawaii News Now reported.

The weapons were legally registered to the man, and he was also legally allowed to have them in his room.


Why Science and Experience Command That You Buy an “Assault Rifle”

It must be nice walking through life believing that the paradise the founders built here in North America is the natural state of man, and that we can therefore forgo the difficult and dangerous tasks associated with defending it. But some of us don’t have the luxury of illusions. We know that peace and civilization are not the natural state of man, and that the black swan events that we have somehow convinced ourselves could never happen do happen with startling regularity. And this is why you should buy guns and ammunition.


Dallas restaurant owner picks fight with NRA using special receipts. Now, he’s eating ‘vile, racist, moronic’ words

One Dallas restaurant learned the hard way this week why businesses should keep their noses out of politics and just stick to serving their customers.

Ellen’s, a restaurant that serves brunch all day, brought scorn and rebuke to its tables when it injected itself into the ongoing debate between gun control zealots and Second Amendment supporters.


Trump Labels UK Hospitals ‘War Zones’ in Heated Pro-2nd Amendment Speech

“They don’t have guns. They have knives and instead there’s blood all over the floors of this hospital,” Trump said, CNN reported. “They say it’s as bad as a military war zone hospital. Knives, knives, knives. London hasn’t been used to that. They’re getting used to it. Pretty tough.”

France condemns Trump’s statements at the NRA

The French government joined survivors of the 2015 extremist attacks in Paris in condemning remarks by US President Donald Trump, who said the tragedy would have ended differently if people had been carrying firearms.


Donald Trump says London hospital ‘like a war zone for stabbing wounds’ as he defends US gun laws

Donald Trump defended US gun laws on Friday night by saying that London was “like a war zone” because of knife crime.

Addressing the annual convention of the National Rifle Association in Dallas, Texas, the US president said: “I recently read a story that, in London, which has unbelievably tough gun laws, a once very prestigious hospital, right in the middle, is like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds.

“Yes, that’s right, they don’t have guns, they have knives, and instead there’s blood all over the floors of this hospital. They say it’s as bad as a military war zone hospital. Knives, knives, knives… London hasn’t been used to that, they’re getting used to it, pretty tough.”


Trump Cites Longtime Texas Slogan In Vow to Protect Gun Rights: Come And Take It

Dallas, Texas— Cruising through his first term, you’d think President Trump would be a bit more sluggish, a bit more tired, maybe a dash lower on the energy gauge. That’s not the case. In Dallas, the president addressed a packed crowd of Second Amendment supporters at the NRA’s annual meeting. In a wide-ranging speech, the president voiced his support for the Second Amendment, law enforcement, border security, the enforcement of our federal immigration laws, and torched the Russia investigation as a witch-hunt.