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Petty, Vindictive Trudeau Punishes Citizens In Provinces Opposed To Liberal Carbon Tax Scam With Higher Gas Prices

‘Completely inconsistent’: Carbon taxes applied unequally between provinces, new report says

OTTAWA — Carbon taxes have been applied unequally in different provinces, a new report from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is pointing out, with some Canadians paying as little as half a cent more per litre of gas than they were before carbon pricing came into effect.

The federal carbon tax, which was rolled out in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick on April 1, has added about 4.4 cents to the price of a litre of gasoline. The tax was applied to those four provinces because they refused to develop their own carbon prices, and is supposed to increase to 11 cents per litre by 2022.

He should never have been elected.


Trudeau Government Shamelessly Dedicates Canadian Forces Afghan Memorial In Virtual Secrecy – Hall Never To Be Opened To Public

Canadian Forces Afghan memorial dedicated in ceremony three days ago – officials decided to limit publicity

The Canadian Forces confirmed Thursday evening on Facebook that it had held a dedication service at the new Afghanistan Memorial Hall at the National Defence Headquarters (Carling) in the west end of Ottawa. But that happened three days earlier on May 13. “The event was attended by senior Canadian military leadership and Department management,” according to the Facebook posting.

No press release was issued. The decision was made by officials to keep the event quiet and only to release the news via Twitter and Facebook at a later date. Families of the fallen were not invited to the dedication ceremony.

Why would a war memorial be closed to the public? Oh Yea. I forgot.


Fact check: Has every single refugee claimant in Canada been screened?

OTTAWA — “We have made sure that every single person crossing our borders, whether legally or illegally, gets processed according to all our rules. We have seen over the past years all around the world an increase in migration and in asylum seekers happening everywhere, and Canada is not immune to that. However, we have a strong immigration system that continues to apply all its steps to everyone crossing the border.” — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in question period, May 7, 2019

The lying bastard.


Habitual Liar Trudeau announces ‘digital charter,’ tells social media companies to fight fake news or be fined

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said social platforms were “failing their users” on Thursday, while speaking at the Viva Technology conference in Paris.

He said his government would hold companies to account for fake news, and that they had to make major improvements to their means of dealing with the issue or there would be “meaningful financial consequences.”


Trudeau Liberal Party To List Approved LPC Friendly News Media

Federal agencies will publish an A-list of newspapers and websites deemed reliable under a multi-million dollar subsidy program, the Department of Finance yesterday told the Senate national finance committee. Subsidies to federally-approved news media invite government meddling in a free press, cautioned one senator.

“Look For The Trudeau Label”

“The rules themselves allow for the publication of a list of qualifying journalism organizations,” said Trevor McGowan, director general of tax legislation: “It would allow for, say, the Canada Revenue Agency to have a list saying here are the organizations that qualify for the digital tax credits. You could go to that list.”



LILLEY: Trudeau blames Harper for Vice-Admiral Norman charges

For a man that has apologized more than many Canadians would like him to, Justin Trudeau had a hard time saying sorry to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman on Tuesday.

Trudeau refused to apologize when asked directly to do so by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.


Trudeau Invited “Go Getter” Asylum seeker only here a month sentenced for sexually assaulting patient in Montreal psych ward

A man from Nigeria who was claiming asylum in Canada has been sentenced to 52 months in prison for sexually assaulting a woman in a psychiatric ward at a Montreal hospital.

Quebec court Judge Dennis Galiatsatos sentenced 40 year-old Owolabi Adejojo in March, calling his behaviour “despicable.”

The assaults took place in February 2018, one month after Adejojo entered Canada from the U.S. and filed a refugee claim.


Kelly McParland: Mark Norman fiasco brutally lays bare Ottawa’s incompetence

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m feeling distinctly concerned about the shoddy performance levels at some of our most important institutions.

Incompetence is not unknown in official Ottawa, but the case of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is something else again. That the country’s most senior naval officer could be treated so badly over so long a period by so many levels of authority, over an allegation that, in the end, didn’t amount to a hill of beans, has to leave even the most blasé Canadian wondering who’s in charge in the country’s capital. The Marx Brothers?


POILIEVRE: Justice system became Justin system in Norman case

As the truth comes out about the government’s persecution of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, a chilling suspicion emerges with it: Justin Trudeau used the legal system to punish somebody he considered a political ‘enemy.’

Norman of course, is no enemy to Canada. He is a distinguished naval officer who has honourably served the country for 30 years.


LILLEY: Trudeau wants Norman affair to disappear, but it won’t

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals really don’t want to talk about the Mark Norman trial and they are doing what they can to stop the media from talking about it as well.

At the start of Question Period on Monday the Conservatives asked six questions in English on the Norman trial and the fiasco that surrounds it and had five of those questions answered in French.


Canada finds itself in a difficult spot — accused of pandering to both India and Sikhs over terror threat

Canada ‘takes Sikh extremism seriously’ memo to Freeland said before India trip

Mollifying India over its persistent concerns about “Sikh extremism” was top of mind for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation during their visit to South Asia last year, declassified records show, even as the government now acknowledges the use of the term unfairly maligns an entire community.

Canada finds itself in a difficult spot — accused of pandering to both sides, said Anil Varughese, a professor of public policy at Carleton University. On the one hand, it wants to show support for India and its concerns about territorial integrity. On the other hand, there’s an “electorally significant minority” of Sikhs back home whose interests it also can’t ignore.


Opposition MPs call for emergency committee meeting on Liberal conduct in Norman case

Conservative and NDP members of the House of Commons national defence committee want an emergency meeting to examine the government’s conduct in the case of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.

The Crown stayed a breach of trust charge last week against the former second-in-command of the Canadian Forces, but the government has faced heated questions about its role in the case since Norman was first removed from his position without explanation in January 2017.


Norman case another blow to Canada’s justice system

Another year, yet another unsuccessful highly public prosecution.

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors announced a stay of charges against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, ending a four-year circus that took an untold toll on the reputation, finances and family of a career public servant with an otherwise unblemished reputation.


LILLEY: Trudeau had a really bad week

If you think you’re coming off a bad week, consider poor Justin Trudeau over the past seven days.

The PM has been called out by powerhouse lawyer Marie Henein over his fake feminism, the Norman trial blew up in his face and in the media and the auditor general issued a report showing his government failed to properly handle the border crisis.