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Patriot Prayer rally in Portland turns bloody; American flag saved from flames, Antifa Stomped

Members of opposing groups violently clashed in downtown Portland, Ore., on Saturday night during an event that was billed as a march for “law and order.”

Participants with the conservative Patriot Prayer group and counter-demonstrators with Antifa got into a bloody melee outside a popular bar where members on both sides used bear spray, fists and batons to beat each other, the Oregonian reported.


The Left’s Religious War Against America

69% of progressives are ashamed to be Americans, but 63% are proud of their political ideology instead. The majority don’t attend religious services, but 73% list politics as their preoccupation.

Religiously unaffiliated voters are the most excited about attending political rallies and marches.

Numbers from one poll showed that, “religiously unaffiliated Democrats were more than twice as likely to have attended a rally within the past 12 months compared with their religious peers” and were “significantly more likely to have contacted an elected official or to have donated to a candidate or cause” or “bought or boycotted a product for political reasons or posted political opinions online”.


Anti-fascist Fascists block route of Democratic Football Lads Alliance London march

Anti-racist Nazi protesters have attempted to block the route of a planned march through central London by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, leaving hundreds of the rightwing group’s supporters stuck in Pall Mall, as police formed a barrier between the crowds.

The march, which began on Park Lane, soon descended into violence, with some of the DFLA supporters trying to push through police escorts and fighting with officers.


Witches Plan To Gather In Brooklyn To Curse Kavanaugh And The Patriarchy

Occultists in Brooklyn are inviting practitioners of witchcraft to place a hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the patriarchy.

Catland, an establishment that describes itself as “Brooklyn’s premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space,” recently issued an invitation on Facebook which read, “Please join us for a public hex on Brett Kavanaugh, upon all rapists and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them.”


Newspaper Launches Anti-Multiculturalism ‘Patriotic Fairy Tale‘ Contest

Leftists have attacked a conservative newspaper for launching a creative writing competition where authors are invited to write a “patriotic Slovenian fairy tale” for children depicting the dangers of multiculturalism, progressivism, and illegal mass migration.

The centre-right Demokracija advertised the competition last week for established and amateur authors to write a child’s fairy tale intended to instil in them the “right values” and ensure “they love Slovenia”.


Great Hulking Beast Known As “The Skwarkonator” Under Investigation For Assault On Pro-Lifer At Ryerson

Toronto Police is investigating an anti-abortion demonstration turned violent at Ryerson University earlier this month.

Officers were called to Gould St. around 2:10 p.m. on Oct. 1 after a woman with the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective allegedly assaulted another woman, who was protesting with the Toronto Against Abortion group.

Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective?? If there were reproductive justice there would be no Skwarkonator!


The Ideology of White-Hatred

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.” Fifty-five years after Martin Luther King’s plea to end racial discrimination a new kind of prejudice has become quite the fashion. At the recent announcement of a Mugabe-style initiative in South Africa to seize properties owned by white farmers, a chorus of Western media sites, from the Atlantic to our Sydney Morning Herald, condemned the president—not of South Africa but the United States. Donald Trump’s alarm about state-sponsored racial discrimination was denounced as an adoption of “a white nationalist narrative”. Not even when the leader of South Africa’s so-called Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, spoke of “cutting the throat of whiteness” did our commentariat seem bothered. White-hatred, according to the pseudo-science of contemporary left-wing theory, is nothing more than a demand for social justice.

h/t Marvin


Canadian Profs Claim STEM Promotes ‘Eurocentrism’ and ‘White Supremacy’

Three Canadian professors recently penned an editorial in an influential academic journal arguing that teaching students STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) helps perpetuate “patriarchy,” “heteronormativity,” and other social ills.

Led by University of Alberta professor Marc Higgins, the research editorial “Displacing Methodologies in STEM Education: Theory for Eco-Social Justice” argues that STEM education practices, called “methodologies,” reinforce a variety of social ills.


Politics lecturer, 32, at Southampton University is suspended for likening abortion to NECROPHILIA on social media

A university lecturer has been suspended after likening abortion to necrophilia on social media then responding ‘it’s a great tweet’ following a furious backlash.

Dr Justin Murphy, from the University of Southampton, was blasted by students after a string of ‘hateful’ tweets including one where he used the slur ‘retard’.

‘If you’re pro-choice in the abortion debate, I find it very difficult to see how you could possibly have ethical objections to necrophilia,’ the politics lecturer tweeted.


MSM Decries the Use of the Word ‘Mob’ to Describe Left-Wing Protesters

The optics of angry Democrat mobs banging on the doors of the Supreme Court, chasing Republicans out of restaurants, and bullying drivers on busy streets are not helpful ones for Democrats seeking votes from mainstream Americans ahead of the midterm elections, so the Democrat media complex is doing what it always does when the facts don’t line up with their agenda — they’re telling you not to believe your lying eyes.

CNN spent much of the day Tuesday recasting what looks to most eyes like political mob intimidation tactics against Republicans as patriotic Americans practicing their First Amendment rights.


Greece: Majority Rejects Institutions of the Far-Left

Greece is a deeply divided country. It has two camps. One is the “institutional camp,” which is presented to the global community and the international press. The other is what can be called the “people’s camp,” which considers the existing political regime a “Corpus Separatum” — a separate entity.

The institutional camp consists of the corrupt political system, the oligarchs, the academic community and the media — all soldiers in an army of globalization and multiculturalism. It is a system that feeds on the Greek populace, and, for its political and economic survival, depends on a strategic alliance with the Islamic countries of the Persian Gulf.

The people’s camp, which the international community and media ignore, has a totally different view of — and strategic approach to — Greece’s geopolitical present and future.