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‘Liberty or Death’ gun-rights rally draws counter-protesters, forcing police to keep the peace

A demonstration in support of Second Amendment gun rights drew left-wing counter-protesters Saturday in Seattle, forcing dozens of police to keep the two sides separated.

Antifa unmasked..


Donald Joseph MacLeod who attacked Sun photographer at leftist hate rally arrested

A man accused of assaulting a Toronto Sun photographer at an anti-racism rally in Nathan Phillips Square last weekend has been arrested.

Toronto Police confirm the suspect, Donald Joseph MacLeod, was taken into custody in 52 Division on Saturday — one day a before his 29th birthday.

“He did not turn himself in,” Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said.


HASSAN: What the Antifa herd mentality doesn’t understand about liberalism

Antifa has adopted the ways of the jihadis by resorting to intimidation and violence. A participant in an August 11 “anti-hate” rally displayed what must be called raw hatred toward Toronto Sun photographer Stan Behal, who was simply doing his job.

Antifa of course represents the worst in the ultra-liberal left, having justified its actions — including its violence — with the argument that racist violence can be countered only with violence


MALCOLM: Antifa, encouraged by the media, grows by spreading fear and paranoia

There is a pattern of violence coming from Leftist activists, particularly those affiliated with the group that calls itself Antifa.

Antifa stands for “anti-fascists” — ironic, considering these thugs wear black masks, they don’t respect freedom of speech or private property, and they actively call for violence against their opposition.


̷A̷n̷t̷i̷-̷F̷a̷s̷c̷i̷s̷t̷s̷ Antifa say police post mugshots on Twitter to ‘intimidate and silence’

Cuz it’s Antifa’s job to ‘intimidate and silence’

Michelle Higgins was protesting a high-profile police killing in St Louis when the officers grabbed her.

The activist’s arrest for “failure to disperse” on 15 September 2017 wasn’t the only punishment she faced for marching. When she was released a day later, she learned that the police department had posted her name, age and address on Twitter, alongside 32 others arrested during the chaotic demonstrations sparked by the acquittal of an officer.


Toronto police launch investigation into attack on photojournalist at hateful anti-hate rally

The language from the hate rally organizers is Orwellian…

…Rachel Epstein, executive director of the United Jewish People’s Order, which was involved in organizing the counter-protest, said the point of the whole event was “saying there is no place for hate in our city.”

“It was really about love and about unity,” she said.

“Violence, in my view, is just out of the question,” said Bernie Farber, chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, which was also involved in the event.

“We have to be better than that,” he said. “I think the police are absolutely correct to look into it.”


End the Double Standards in Reporting Political Violence

Let’s take a short walk down memory lane. Not long ago, on January 2, 2016, a small group of armed protesters seized an unoccupied federal building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is located in a relatively isolated area in eastern Oregon, and the occupied building itself was far from any populated area. The protests were related to a long-running land dispute between the federal government and Steve and Dwight Hammond — a dispute that culminated in a vindictive prosecution against the Hammonds, under the federal Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, for two “burns” that caused a trifling amount of damage (less than $1,000) to public lands.

The occupation created a media firestorm.


GOLDSTEIN: Antifa thugs attacking journalists is nothing new

The unprovoked assault on my Toronto Sun colleague, photographer Stan Behal, at an “anti-fascist” rally on Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday is nothing new for so-called “Antifa” thugs.

A day after the attack on Behal by a lone thug, the Washington Post reported on similar attacks on U.S. media at a Sunday, Washington, D.C. Antifa rally.


A Canadian journalist was physically attacked for doing his job. That should be huge news: Robyn Urback

A member of the news media was assaulted by a protester in Toronto this past weekend.

The altercation happened on camera, in front of police, with dozens of people standing by. The incident in which a journalist was struck by an activist — ironically, at an anti-hate rally — seemed entirely unprovoked: a pathetic attack on someone who was just there to do his job.

Now I ask you, could this lack of coverage have anything to do with the fact our liberal-left media sympathizes with Antifa and their fellow travelers? They have shown time and again that they are willing to give these thugs a pass while focusing on their Neo-Nazi White Supremacist straw-man. Telling the truth disrupts the narrative after all.


‘Do Him Like Gaddafi’ — Antifa Protesters Caught On Video Threatening To Kill The President

One year ago, President Trump told the American people that there was “violence on both sides” during the Charlottesville riots.

Those riots pitted neo-Nazis marching in the city against Antifa and other progressive groups. The powder keg was lit and both sides committed acts of violence against each other. The riots left many injured and one activist lost her life when awhite supremacists rammed his car into a crowd. Trump was attacked for the “both sides” comment in the wake of the violence.


FUREY: Antifa went after journalists and hardly anyone mainstream is speaking out

This past weekend they were gunning for a fight. All the misfits, the rebels looking for a cause, the angry young women and men who sign up for the fringe protest movements of the day.

On one side you’ve got the neo-Nazis and white nationalists. On the other, the leftist Antifa lunatics.

There was one problem, though, this time around.


LEVY — Unprovoked attack on media by protester new reality

We’d been interviewing, or at least trying to interview a few of the protesters from behind their scarves and were enduring shouts of “Sue-Ann Levy is a racist,” and the like from the mob. We were just trying to do our jobs.

A tall well-muscled man suddenly pushed through the crowd and lunged at Behal, hitting, grabbing his arm then snatching his hat off his head, as my colleague struggled to hold onto his camera equipment.

I watched — almost next to Behal — as at least 12 cops looked on and did nothing. I repeat, they did nothing.