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Have a very Intolerant Day

How are we ever going to make that common humanity espoused by UNESCO happen without repressing everyone who disagrees?

November 16 was National Button Day, National Fast Food Day and International Tolerance Day: if you’ve never heard of International Tolerance Day, that just shows how intolerant you are.

International Tolerance Day was celebrated at the World Tolerance Summit at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. A photo of the event shows three Arab Muslim men in burnooses sitting under the Summit’s subtitle, “Prospering from Pluralism: Embracing Diversity through Innovation and Collaboration.”

The UAE is an Arab Muslim entity. Good luck obtaining citizenship if you aren’t an Arab Muslim. Leaving Islam is forbidden, but the government has a special site encouraging infidels to convert to Islam.


Sad Radicals

When I became an anarchist I was 18, depressed, anxious, and ready to save the world. I moved in with other anarchists and worked at a vegetarian co-op cafe. I protested against student tuition, prison privatization, and pipeline extensions. I had lawyer’s numbers sharpied on my ankle and I assisted friends who were pepper-sprayed at demos. I tabled zines, lived with my “chosen family,” and performed slam poems about the end of the world. While my radical community was deconstructing gender, monogamy, and mental health, we lived and breathed concepts and tools like call-outs, intersectionality, cultural appropriation, trigger warnings, safe spaces, privilege theory, and rape culture.


Germany: AfD’s ‘white men’ advent calendar sparks controversy and ridicule

The AfD of the Berlin parliament drew criticism for a new Christmas campaign honoring notable white men every day in the month of December, in the tradition of the advent calendar. The far-right populists announced their controversial move with a message on Twitter, using the hashtag “yes to white men” (#JaZuWeißenMännern).

“At the most beautiful time of the year, every day we introduce you to a person who has significantly influenced our Western civilization. ‘White men’ have become an insult to some in recent years. Not to us.”

Bearing in mind that DW is the Teutonic CBC.


Two Women’s March Leaders Shared Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories At First Leadership Meeting in 2016

Two leaders of the Women’s March shared anti-Semitic conspiracy theories at the first meeting of the organization’s leadership in November 2016.

Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez “allegedly first asserted that Jewish people bore a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people—and even, according to a close secondhand source, claimed that Jews were proven to have been leaders of the American slave trade,” Tablet magazine reportsTablet noted that these theories are “canards popularized by The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jewsa book published by Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.”

Mallory denied making the comments.


White Privilege and Illegal Immigration

White privilege is a crime, according to Leftists. Consequently, young people are drilled into believing that they are criminal because of their melanin levels.  On the “Teaching Tolerance” site, students are told by author Cory Collins that they “can imagine [white privilege]  as something of a whiteness water cycle, wherein racism is the rain. That rain populates the earth, giving some areas more access to life and resources than others. The evaporation is white privilege — an invisible phenomenon that is both a result of the rain and the reason it keeps going.”

But if white privilege is so awful, wouldn’t it be hypocritical to come to a country that is predominantly white and then partake of the wealth and power that white privilege provides?  After all, benefiting from an evil system does not seem ethical.  And leftists always claim the moral high ground — don’t they? 


‘Racist Pseudoscience’: 280 Academics Slam Cambridge Researcher in Open Letter

Over 280 academics from around the globe have signed an open letter condemning a Cambridge University research fellow for publishing work investigating the link between race, criminality and IQ.

The letter, which blasts the work of Dr Noah Carl, a 28-year-old sociology PhD graduate as “racist pseudoscience,” has been signed by about 75 Cambridge academics as well as those from institutions around the world, including Princeton in the United States.

…According to Cambridge’s student newspaper, Varsity, Dr Carl wrote in one of his papers that it “seems plausible” that the more Muslims immigrate to a given country, “the greater the share of citizens susceptible to Islamist radicalisation, and therefore the larger the fraction of the population that the security services should need to monitor.”

Goodness that is damning! You can’t go round telling the truth willy nilly like that!


Kevin Hart Missed A Big Opportunity To Stare Down The Outrage Mob

Kevin Hart should be hosting the Oscars. But now he won’t, because of homosexuality-related jokes he made a decade ago.

Kevin Hart was supposed to host the Oscars. The comedian was tapped by the Academy on Tuesday to preside over February’s ceremony. The gig lasted less than three days.

As is customary in this genre of controversy, it all comes down to insufficient wokeness. Hart, as it turns out, made a few gay jokes on Twitter earlier this decade. “Yo if my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay,’” he tweeted in 2011. In 2009, Hart referred to someone as a “fat faced fag.” In 2010, he said someone’s profile picture resembled “a gay bill board for AIDS.”


Antifa Went To Protest Fascists. They Targeted The Wrong Group — And Threatened To Kill Me.

“Nazi go home! Nazi go home!” a woman led a crowd into chanting at me as I was cornered against a barrier. A line of police officers stood watching a few feet away. Aiming a bullhorn at my face, the woman continued screaming while others pushed me.

Why did I receive this welcome in downtown Seattle? Because I dared to take a camera into an Antifa protest.


School principal ‘steals’ Christmas with ban on Santa, candy canes, red & green colors

A principal of an elementary school in Nebraska has gone full-on Grinch, imposing a blanket ban on anything remotely related to Christmas for the sake of “inclusivity.” Snowflakes, however, were allowed.

Jennifer Sinclair, the newly-appointed principal of Manchester Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska, unleashed a crackdown on Christmas-related music, activities, sweets and decorations in a 3-page memo she penned to teachers.


German artists launch doxing campaign against far-right Chemnitz protesters

A group of political artists has called on the public to name right-wingers who took part in violent anti-immigrant protests in eastern Germany earlier this year.

As part of its “Special Commission Chemnitz” campaign, artists at the Center for Political Beauty (ZPS) said they would offer a cash reward for anyone who reveals the identity of some 7,000 protesters and their employers using pictures uploaded to the group’s website.

“Denounce your work colleagues, neighbors or acquaintances today and collect instant cash,” the group said. “Help us to remove these problem Germans from the economy and public office.” Rewards currently range from around €30 to €120 ($34 – $136), though users have the opportunity to increase rewards by donating money.

Looks like the Global Compact on Migration has inspired “grassroots” support.


NetRoots Hosts Panels on ‘White Supremacy’ in the Progressive Movement

On Saturday, the NetRoots Nation conference hosted a panel on “white supremacy” in the progressive movement. From reports on Twitter, it seemed more focused on letting people of color on stage in Democratic activism rather than a deep discussion about the Progressive movement’s racist history — or the targeting of black women for abortion.

Lucia Martínez, digital campaign manager at Free Press, tweeted thanks to “everyone who joined our session on white progressive f*ckery


5 Locke Street ‘Ungovernable’ vandals plead guilty

A group of people who were part of a vandalism spree on Locke Street back in March have pleaded guilty for their roles in the flurry of mischief.

Local anarchist and activist Cedar Hopperton pleaded guilty before the Ontario Court of Justice in Hamilton Thursday morning to one count of mischief over $5,000 and one count of counseling to commit mischief.

His lawyer and the Crown submitted a joint sentencing submission of one year in custody, followed by a year of probation.


Liberals And Their Lackies Hate You And Want You Silenced

They aren’t even pretending anymore – the left and their pathetic, craven Fredocon Renfields hate us, and they are giddy at the idea that they can shut us up and make us serfs in our own country.

But they can’t do it. And if they weren’t so in love with the thrill of temporary success in banning people from Twitter and lying to our faces on 95% of the channels, they would understand the dangerous and hopeless game they are playing.